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Divination and Oracles


What Divination Is

What Divination Is Not

Why Divination works (most of the time)


John William Waterhouse"The Crystal Ball" , c.1902

Topics of Divination

Vocabulary for Divination


" Occult"

  • " secret, not divulged," from Latin Occultus "hidden, concealed, secret," pp. Of occulere"cover over, conceal," from ob"over" + a verb related to celare"to hide,"

  • from PIE base *kel- (see cell).

" Shadow"

  • late Old English sceadwian "to protect as with covering wings ".

~QUOTATION from Meister Eckhart = Eckhart Tolle

" There exists only the present instant...

  • a Now which always and without end is itself new.

  • There is no yesterday nor any tomorrow, but only Now,

as it was a thousand years ago and as it will be a thousand years hence."


The Book of Samuel = 1-Samuedhanapati-28

  • Saul visits the Witch of Endor
  • King James Version

1"And it came to pass in those days, that the Philistines gathered their armies together for warfare, to fight with Israel. And Achish said unto David, Know thou assuredly, that thou shalt go out with me to battle, thou and thy men.

2 And David said to Achish, surely thou shalt know what thy servant can do. And Achish said to David, therefore will I make thee keeper of mine head for ever.

3 Now Samuel was dead, and all Israel had lamented him, and buried him in Ramah, even in his own city. And Saul had put away those that had familiar spirits, and the wizards, out of the land.

4 And the Philistines gathered themselves together, and came and pitched in Shunem: and Saul gathered all Israel together, and they pitched in Gilboa.

5 And when Saul saw the host of the Philistines, he was afraid, and his heart greatly trembled.

6 And when Saul enquired of the LORD, the LORD answered him not, naeither by dreams, naor by Urim, naor by prophets.

7 Then said Saul unto his servants, Seek me a woman that hath a familiar spirit, that I may go to her, and enquire of her. And his servants said to him, behold, there is a woman that hath a familiar spirit at Endor.

8 And Saul disguised himself, and put on other raiment, and he went, and two men with him, and they came to the woman by night: and he said, I pray thee, divine unto me by the familiar spirit, and bring me him up, whom I shall name unto thee.

9 And the woman said unto him, behold, thou knowest what Saul hath done, how he hath cut off those that have familiar spirits, and the wizards, out of the land: wherefore then layest thou a snare for my life, to cause me to die?

10 And Saul sware to her by the LORD, saying, as the LORD liveth, there shall no punishment happen to thee for this thing.

11 Then said the woman, whom shall I bring up unto thee? And he said, bring me up Samuel.

12 And when the woman saw Samuel, she cried with a loud voice: and the woman spake to Saul, saying, why hast thou deceived me? for thou art Saul.

13 And the king said unto her, be not afraid: for what sawest thou? And the woman said unto Saul, isaw gods ascending out of the earth.

14 And he said unto her, what form is he of? And she said, an old man cometh up; and he is covered with a mantle. And Saul perceived that it was Samuel, and he stooped with his face to the ground, and bowed himself.

15 And Samuel said to Saul, why hast thou disquieted me, to bring me up? And Saul answered, iam sore distressed; for the Philistines make war against me, and God is departed from me, and answereth me no more, naeither by prophets, naor by dreams: therefore, ihave called thee, that thou mayest make known unto me what I shall do.

16 Then said Samuel, wherefore then dost thou ask of me, seeing the LORD is departed from thee, and is become thine enemy?

17 And the LORD hath done to him, as he spake by me: for the LORD hath rent the kingdom out of thine hand, and given it to thy neighbour, even to David:

18 Because thou obeyedst not the voice of the LORD, naor executedst his fierce wrath upon Amalek, therefore hath the LORD done this thing unto thee this day.

19 Moreover the LORD will also deliver Israel with thee into the hand of the Philistines: and to morrow shalt thou and thy sons be with me: the LORD also shall deliver the host of Israel into the hand of the Philistines.

20 Then Saul fell straightway all along on the earth, and was sore afraid, because of the words of Samuel: and there was no strength in him; for he had eaten no bread all the day, naor all the night.

21 And the woman came unto Saul, and saw that he was sore troubled, and said unto him, behold, thine handmaid hath obeyed thy voice, and I have put my life in my hand, and have hearkened unto thy words which thou spakest unto me.

22 Now therefore, ipray thee, hearken thou also unto the voice of thine handmaid, and let me set a morsel of bread before thee; and eat, that thou mayest have strength, when thou goest on thy way.

23 But he refused, and said, iwill not eat. But his servants, together with the woman, compelled him; and he hearkened unto their voice. So he arose from the earth, and sat upon the bed.

24 And the woman had a fat calf in the house; and she hasted, and killed it, and took flour, and kneaded it, and did bake unleavened bread thereof:

25 And she brought it before Saul, and before his servants; and they did eat. Then they rose up, and went away that night."


Diagram of the Tree of Life

Systematic Inquiry showing organic ratio networks of relationships between objects

Three primary systematic divination toolkits are

  1. astrology (zones and cycles)
  2. Zohar the Splendor (branches and hubs)
  3. tarot system (steps and ratios)

Snapshot: Signs and Omens

There are countless additional divinatory pattern-recognition methods which may, through the display of an echo-image, accurately and effectively DIS-COVER the answer to an immediate question.

  • dice (mo)
  • bibliomancy
  • pendulum
  • dowsing
  • prasna (snapshot Jyotisha)
  • single-card Tarot (snapshot Tarot)
  • reading of bones and entrails
  • direction of water flow
  • flights of birds
  • all phenomena of nature are omens

Communicative Message from Guardian Spirits

  • delicate touch on the skin
  • sudden change of body temperature (chill, flush)
  • pressure behind ear lobe
  • flash of light at the periphery of vision
  • repeating signal numbers
  • small object displaced such as falling from shelf
When the principled, systematic use of techniques of Jyotishashastra = too time-consuming

and the DESIRED an-swer is either




There are alternative divinatory methods to Jyotishashastra which may provide a more satisfying answer to your immediate question.

For a grammatically simple, subject-verb-object question which ideally has an answer in the form of a simple whole number, one of the best divination methods = pendulum .

Although you must train the pendulum to answer you accurately and consistently, questions which have a binary answer - such as yes/no or 2-or3, 3-or-4, 4-or-5 et-cetera -- are very well suited to pendulum work.

Bibliomancy can often also reveal the information when one is seeking an answer in the form of a small whole number.

These divinatory methods work because our over-self * higher consciousness * already knows all the answers to all of the questions in the world.

On-the-spot divinations will not reveal complex patterns and sequences of events in the way that Jyotisha can do.

Yet for answering a yes-no question or getting a small whole number answer, these quicker methods validate the presence of that storehouse of wisdom called higher consciousness, of which we typically use less than 10%.

Divination Process

  1. Formulate a clear, specific Question
  2. Select a Method that is tailored to the availability of patience and awareness
  3. Interpret the Visual Language of symbol meanings

Jyotisha is a set of principles which describe cause-and-effect relationships. The fundamental cause-and-effect relationship =

intangible-expectations -produce-tangible-results.

Clearly formulated question

Usually an English question is most clear when phrased as a subject-very-object sentence plus a specifying time or location prepositional phrase.

Examples of grammatically complete unambiguous questions with a clear material plane referent:

  • " Will I get the job that I applied for last Tuesday?"
  • " Will I pass Econ-101 this term?"
  • " Is my present mate being faithful to our marriage contract?"
  • " Did Prince Dipendra kill his father King Birendra in 2001 in Kathmandu?"
  • How many siblings will my future wife have?
  • Will my insurance reimburse the full cost of my emergency surgery?

Example grammatically complete but quite ambiguous questions with vague definitions and an unclear material plane referent:

  • Will my children be healthy and successful?
  • Will I reach the heights in career?
  • Will my marriage be happy?
  • Does my wife love me?
  • Will I get a promotion at work?
  • Can I get rich?
  • Will I get an inheritance?
  • Will my new film/album/show be popular?

Choose a divinatory method . Options include Tarot, i-Ching, or Vedic-era Jyotisha and others. Pendulum and bibliomancy = well suited to answers in the form of small whole numbers.

Cultivate patience to reflect upon the symbols and abstract vocabulary of most divinatory oracles.

Anxiety and self-doubt are toxic to the divinatory process. These debilitating mental conditions completely block the connection to higher consciousness * overself * which is the vendor of the answers. It is mission-critical to have trust in your spiritual entitlement to receive accurate answers.

When the answer is a number, set a range for reasonable answers and allow the eyes to use visceral sight (at the boundaries of the vision field, not a clear focus) to detect the number.

Ask spirit guides to deliver a message in a spefic form of multiple buzzes, bell-rings, knocks etc.

It takes more time to negotiate the ambiguity of symbols, and more focus to follow the semiotics of visual language in a symbol sequence than it does to read written text.

However, the subconscious works in symbols, so if we want to divine the subconscious we have to go a bit slower.

QUOTATION་ from Chögyam Trungpa,

"State of Mind" in True Perception : The Path of Dharma Art - p. 125THE VISION OF FIRST THOUGHt

"To become an artist, first there has to be a sense of vision taking place in one's mind.

Such vision comes from a state of mind that has no beginning and no end. It is very present, on the spot.

We could call that vision " first thought best thought .

When that happens, there is no struggle."

Q: Dear Barbara,

Thanks a lot for taking time out from your busy schedule, appreciate your guidance and again eternally thankful.

Got delivery of Bepin Behari's book " Fundamentals of Vedic Astrology".

It occurs to me that energy plays a great role in our day to day lives, spiritualism, religion etc. Energy in our body is channelised through Chakras, while we meditate we are guided to sit on a warm blanket thereby ensuring that energy flowing upward from muladhara chakra is pulled back by earths gravitational pull.

Interstellar movie talks about is escaping/ using energy for inter stellar travel. The power/nature of planets is governed by their respective energy levels. Earths gravitational pull being one of the strongest source of energy, is not factored. so the ultimate realisation/purpose of life has something to do with energy. Would you be able to guide on this subject.





Thanks for your nice note. Please accept my encouragement to continue reading and learning for increasing mastery of Jyotisha vidya.

Regarding gravitational " pull" It might be useful to set that idea aside. Gravity is a wave force. Gravity doesn't pull from inside a graha; gravity broadcasts, or pushes outward, from the center (of a system, of a universe, of a galaxy). Indeed each graha-upagraha has a distinctive energy signature and so does every entity from subatomic particle to multiverse.

However our beloved Earth does have a matching-attracting core which attracts human bodies since we are made entirely of Earth particles. The matching-energy meditations which direct one to ground the fleshbody root [Mūla] into Mother Earth's core [Mūla] are often very stabilizing and healing just as a child feels calmed and protected when touching its mother. Perhaps the most important energy for purpose of awakening the Jyotisha intuition is the tiny pinecone-shaped Arka (send-receive radio transmitter) which resides in the corpus callosum (cave of brahma) called pineal gland.

Most of your questions can be answered using this radio, but the pineal gland must be activated by attention and practice.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, success in all of life's endeavors, and continuing engagement in your study of the samayavidya,


Q: I've spend several days composing my questions for the reading. They are heartfelt.

Can you tell me before we begin the reading, whether the questions, as I have carefully composed them, are answerable?

A: Yes - and no.

The answer to any question lies within the question itself. Any question that can be asked, can be answered. However, questions are asked using grammatical language.

The grammar and vocabulary of the sentence convey the meaning. The composition of the question via its syntax and vocabulary demonstrates varying degrees of clarity, maturity, and articulateness in the task of defining *meaning*.

Often layers of unconscious expectation are embedded in a murky question . The murkiness of the question muddies the answer. Thus there can be a great deal of frustration and dissatisfaction in the practice of divination if the questions themselves are unclear or loaded with heavy baggage of inarticulate negative expectation

The Three Red Flags of Divinatory Questions:



Should questions are bound-to-fail. should questions cannot produce useful Jyotisha answers. If the querent insists on asking Should questions, direct them to the correct authoritative expert on all maters of Should -- that is, their Mother!

Grammatically, should, need to indicates advice, suggestion, or moral obligation . should does not communicate a legal obligation such as must, ought to. Nor does it indicate physical consequences.

Moral and ethical are words that refer to"customs of a settled people" . (Tuscan 'more' and Greek 'ethos' are synonyms that found their way into Latin, then into English, via different historical routes.)

Should is a red-flag in divination questions!

Should (and its linguistic moral equivalent in non-Germanic languages) indicates the presence of guilt. Guilt is the lurking, queasy, uneasy, churning, recycling feeling of onerous moral responsibility to use one's own energy to continue someone else's work.

Who is declaring this moral responsibility ? Who establishes these customary behaviors which must be maintained? Mother? Sacred doctrine? She Who Must Be Obeyed?

Jyotisha is a system of principles which define CAUSES and EFFECTS. Causes include people, situations, and intentions.

If Jyotisha were to be able to successfully answer a should question, it would have to be clearly known who - what agent - has issued the should mandate, and to what extent the querent intends obedience to the mandate.

It would have to be a CLEAR question with clear agency and clear intention. Yet few people who"feel" guilt are aware of this potent psychic phenomenon and its mechanics of agency and intent. For most people, guilt is reactive, uninvestigated, frightening, unconscious - and thus a very, very powerful turbulent mud-spatter mess-maker of divinatory questions!

Jyotisha is by nature a morally neutral enterprise that is cross-cultural, cross-civilization - indeed, cosmic in perspective.

" Should" questions are usually not rational, and thus should discourse is not well suited to Jyotisha. In ANY type of divination, murky guilt-driven questions will produce murky guilt-toxic answers. A person who is deeply invested in the guilt experience may be not yet emotionally ready to leave that cinematic drama behind.

of course there are other grammatical uses of 'should' that are quite rational, and those questions are suitable to Jyotisha.

For example, aquestion 'should I plan to be married during my upcoming Ketu bhukti?'. The Jyotisha-principled answer would be a piece of straightforward Jyotisha advice to appreciate that Ketu Bhukti are designed to produce experiences of cutting, abandonment, and metaphorical beheading. Not joining, mutuality, or conception of new life.

However questions lsuch as should I get a divorce or should I take a business loan are often so loaded with fear-of-failure and guilt that they must be unpacked before they can be answered.

Good, bad, right, wrong

Also, guilt-laden value judgments are not suitable. Typically, the morally weighted adjectives are good or bad or right or wrong.

  • It this person a good partner for me?

  • Is now a good time to buy a car?
  • Will my child have a good future?

All of these questions are camouflage for one core question which is am I a good person?

The reason that these questions are likely to yield unsatisfying, frustrating and confusing answers is due to the guilt-charged unpacked values laden into good and bad . This is the language of toddlers.

"Your mind does not give you what you want. You mind gives you what you are."

~~ Toam

The Only Planet of Choice

Better Questions produce Better Answers

Perhaps if the querent can be helped to formulate a more adult question, then a more satisfying answer could be produced using the principles of Jyotisha. For example:

  • " It this person's attitude toward money and sense pleasure [Shukra] similar to mine?
  • " It this person's attitude toward social responsibility and family duty [Shani] similar to mine?
  • " It this person's attitude toward sacred doctrine, prayer, and charity [Guru] similar to mine?
  • " Am I presently in a planetary period that supports material acquisition [Shukra] of a transportation vehicle?" (Mangala engines; Chandra, bandhu-pati, bhava-4 transport)

" What is the nature of my child's

  1. fleshly vitality, appearance
  2. material collections, knowledge
  3. commerce, teamwork and cooperative ventures
  4. property ownership-stewardship , policing, and schooling
  5. political or dramatic centrality, gambling
  6. disease or injury, professional medicine
  7. partnership, career
  8. identity-change, initiation
  9. belief and doctrine,
  10. leadership, public reputation
  11. economic systems, friendships, goals
  12. imaginative or spiritual journeying?"


Also, some of the question-formation challenge is epistemological in nature.

The deep question"how can I know" is a permission question, not a mechanical or methodological question. It means "how am I allowed to know ?" To unpack the permission question, we might ask"who grants your permission to know?"

Many people are raised in strict orthodox belief systems which specify exactly what can be known and what is forbidden.

For example many Americans will chirp self-righteously,"you can't know the future!" . Most mainstream Euro-Americans have been indoctrinated in this rather preposterous truth-claim for centuries. While supposedly a culture that values critical, independent thinking, western culture idolizes this particular tenet.

Authentic critical thinking requires going deeper, to locate the source of agency and intent. Who said so? What do I personally believe? (not what was I told to believe)

Is it authoritative? Who is the authority?

Bottom line: the more authentic the questions, the freer are those questions from the baggage of guilt and cultural custom, the more satisfying will be the Jyotisha answers.

The more honest and accurate the question, the more true and useful the answer.

Jyotishavidya indicators of clairsentient capability
  • Ketu-8
  • Ketu-12
  • Aśvini
  • Magha
  • Mūla
  • Ketu yuti any graha

To easily access the awareness of the subtle and nebulous-looking fine-particle fields which constitute the astral plane, and to"unblock" the second-sight and second-hearing

Ketu the Undefended should occupy a dushthamsha

  • Ketu-8 = the most direct and unimpeded awareness of the Movements of the Turning Wheel of Death and Rebirth

  • or Ketu-12 - but Ketu-3 and Ketu-6 can also indicate accessible, functional clairsentience

  • Ketu-ruled nakshatra in lagna -- especially Magha in lagna

  • Mangala-Aśvini, surya-Magha, and Guru-Mūla are also clairsentient-gifted indicators

Historically in northern Europe (my lineage) some in each generation have the capacity to see into the Wyrd. My inheritance is visible in my Ketu-8 in a rashi of the lagnesha as well as [uchcha-Budha]-12 and Surya-Magha.

  • These have largely been women diviners, and their craft of hearing the dead called"witchcraft" has been severely punished by male religious hierarchies, so most of this clairaudient"hearing" continues in clandestine form even now.

~~ Qi Men Dun Jia and Space-Time

" The power of Qi Men Dun Jia comes from its ability to analyze the quality of Space-Time,

in any given two-hour period, which are called" situations " in QMDJ.

Space-Time has specific qualities that few Westerners understand,

as the usual Western concept of Space-Time assumes that all time is the same and time is a constant factor."

The personality of Time

The first essential concept to master in the arts of Divination = Time is possessed of many different qualities.

Time is not just a boring mathematical constant, sitting there anonymously in space, making clocks spin and turning our hair gray. Time has personality! Time has character. Time has moods. Time has preferences. Time has also of course, regular habits and predictable behaviors.

Time must also interact with other cosmic personalities, and Time is constrained by those other forces and their agendas. Time is only one member of the theatrical cast of actors who together create our lives.

Main influences in ife tend to be the parents, spouses and children, fleshbody, astral-body, mental-body, and Time .

Body and mind, have complex, interesting, fluctuating moods - so does Time.

Graha Shri Shani embodies Timer.

Burning Questions

Q: ( Reply to a person who asked for a) Jyotisha answer to "only one simple question" .

A: Namaste,

Naturally, there is no such thing as one simple question within the complex, orderly, multi-dimensional network of significations which form the Jyotishavidya.

Everything in life, seen through the kaleidoscope lens of Jyotisha, is interconnected. Each nativity presents within several broad pre-incarnationally planned themes, within which parameters all action and reaction occurs. It is necessary to study the nativity for some hours in order to discover a reasonable prediction.

Thus Jyotisha divination cannot be accomplished in such a quick way as, for example, pendulum-swing, dowsing, water-gazing, dice-throwing, tea-leaf-reading, or Tarot-card insights.

For BP Lama Jyotishavidya, individual follow-up questions are available subsequent a full reading. Due to the complexity of Jyotishavidya reading s, individual questions can only be answered after a complete review of the full nativity.

As divination systems go, Jyotisha is relatively complex, and it is not realistic to expect an accurate answer from a quick"one simple question" scan of the nativity. It really does take several hours of reading time to understand a individual Jyotishavidya nativity


So how to address the anxiety of a Burning Question?

Things you can do... To get an answer, in lieu of a Jyotisha answer to your question:

Set a positive attitude -there are no victims

  • To achieve the spiritual clarity and self-determination that are necessary to shape a positive future, it is important to Avoid slipping into a victim state Things you can do wherein one believes that reality is happening to one and the future depends on passive acceptance of external forces.

  • Reality is not an independent external force. Reality is self-generated.

Straightforward, simple-English instructions :

Build your own future on the basis of unshakable faith. As Earth Changes 1877-1945 Edgar Cayce often said,

"Mind is the builder" .

To reduce victim-mind anxiety and replace the fear of external forces with True confidence, it is recommended to complete the steps described in these and similar books

  • The Magic of Believing (1948, claude Bristol)

  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind (1966, Joseph Murphy).

Quick Divinations

Many people find that the pressure of intense, immediate anxiety, regarding a decision that seems tobe controlled by others(will XX marry me? will I win the lottery? will my new business succeed? will I get the job-visa-diploma-permission-prize?) can be relieved by more simple forms of on-the-spot divination.

  • Although the Egyptian-Chaldean lineage imagery of Tarot can provide a systematic life-long perspective (7+7+7+1), quick divinatory methods include reading Tarot cards, throwing dice, or swinging a pendulum.

  • The pendulum in particular benefits instant yes-no answers. A pendulum can easily be made or bought. Tarot cards cost ten dollars.

Bibliomancy from Holy Books

Other forms of quick divination such as bibliomancy can beaccurate and calming. Bibliomancy =opening randomly to a single page in a book of religious scripture (e.g., aVeda or Purana, bible, Qur'an, analects of Confucius, buddhist sutras, or any book of treasured sacred teachings ). Although it was designed to accompany the throwing of yarrow sticks or coins, the Chinese classic divination manual Yi-Jing can also yield accurate results through bibliomancyr.

But first, establish Faith

Faith is the antidote to superstition and the degradation of mind that jealous superstition can cause.

When personal anxiety runs extremely high, no form of divination will work due to the turmoil in the mind.

Interference from the native 's deeper fear of knowing the truth blocks the desired certainty.

  • Therefore, the first step in establishing the confidence necessary to proceed on a positive life path, feeling a deep control over future reality, is to hand over everything that seems to be out of one's control.

  • Give it all to God.

  • Once everything is securely in God's hands, then look at the task with realistic eyes.

  • What is realistically within your power to do?

One thing that is ALWAYS within your power to do is to set POSITIVE EXPECTATIONS and release all forms of blaming .

Blaming gives your power to outsiders. Blaming is erroneous.

Forgiveness is the way to reverse blaming. Whatever those outsiders did wrong,"give it forward" - give it back to them, it's their action, not yours.

Get out of the blaming loop!

  • It is always within one's own power to meditate.

  • It is always within one's own power to visualize oneself receiving the desired results .

The High Importance of Visualization

It is not necessary to wait for the"perfect quiet moment" to visualize. Just close your eyes for a moment.

SEE oneself doing the desired action or receiving the desired object. If one can see the desired scene in full detail, this event will manifest SOON.

  • NOTE: if you are unable to see yourself completing the action or receiving the object, that is your clue! Reflective Work is needed!

  • if you are unable to see yourself completing the action or receiving the object, then the subconscious is NOT READY to produce this event.

  • It will be necessary to do some conscious work on REMOVING negative expectations (fears, anxieties) in order to CLEAR THE PATH to your desired result.

Common blocks to psychic visualization

Family members are the most likely source of resistance to you meeting your goals. Ask yourself the honest question: are there people in your family or very close friends who do NOT want you to take your next step?

For example, aman very much wants a particular work permit which will allow him to develop a career outside his own land.

  • Who are the"usual suspects " that may give lip-service to supporting his career - perhaps they want the money from it - but they might not actually want their beloved son/husband/father to work in a land and culture that hey do not understand and do not trust?

  • Fear is the #1 bondage (psychic glue) that holds together social groups.

  • If your visualization is clear and positive, look around the edges or the"frame" of the picture and look for smeary spots in the picture itself.

  • Do you notice grayish, brownish interference spots? These are nearly always signals of family interference in your path toward your goals.

  • One must solve this psychic interference problem by talking with them or by relentlessly clearly out their interference using psychic tools. After one has done everything in one's own power, he remainder is in God's hands. This is fairly obvious.

  • Don't get stuck in blaming the government or the broken system or supposed outside forces.

  • That is a mental trap.

  • It is within your power to visualize a clear path for yourself.

  • It is not necessary to fix the entire"system" in order to clear one's own successful path through the debris of other people's [akashic memory patterns]!

Responsibility and control

Full responsibility, and full control Over one's future, rests entirely in the partnership between each human and the Divine.

Ultimately, every single thing that happens in one's life is completely within control of the partnership between oneself and the Divine Intelligence. Don't let the other-blaming ego-mind mislead you.

Every single moment of every single day is the product of this core creative relationship. Let it be based on personal accountability, positive expectations, and trust .

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life's endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: Good morning Barbara ~ Namaste

I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are doing well! Without adding all of the preludes I'm going to cut to the chase: I need to ask you this question that I've asked so many times before!

Each time it arises in my mind I feel like this is just the ONE thing I need to know ... That if I can get a clear answer to THIS question then ALL of the other parts of my life will fall into place.

You know it is about this relationship. I just have a burning need to know! Thank you so much and I hope, barbara, that you have a GREAT New Year!!

A: Namaste,

Rescue Remedy is one time-tested recommendation for managing this very common, anxiety-driven approach to getting self-validation.

If there is an anxious and neurotically urgent questions like this frequently repeating query * which has been asked many dozens of times * It is recommended to perform one's own divinations. Every spiritually aspiring person has the inbuilt have the gift for divination. After learning the skill, it becomes a ministry to help others as well.

Tarot cards can be useful for single question inquiries. Here is a website that gives absolutely free Tarot Deck card-turning in several card layouts. The screen also displays a brief, digestible reading text that explains the meaning of each card. In addition on this site you can choose to work with a card deck that suits you artistically.

What another person does or does not do is a result of the projection of one's own expectations, plain and simple. However, since most expectations are subconscious, it is often difficult to get a clear view of them. That is where divinatory devices are useful.

  • For example, tarot cards, tea leaves, water-gazing, dowsing, dice, palm reading, or the prashna divination of Jyotishavidya can provide a mirror-image of the expectation. Then, by careful self-inspection, one can learn of one's own interior matching belief.

Rescue RemedyFor successful divination, it will be necessary to release the anxiety.

Regular use of the Bach flower remedy "Rescue Remedy" can calm the anxious divinatory mind.

Most humans worry about how to obtain lasting and deep emotional security.

In particular, Earth-humans classically worry about the future .

Human love creates a multi-dimensional awareness of the benevolence of the universe, yet Earth-humans fear the transformative changes which attract and sustain love! Within this split mind love/fear, one side is exhilarated by growth and change while the other resents, fears, and resists change. The constant oscillation between the poles of love vs fear, can result in a mental thrashing .

The English word anxiety = related to the lexical words 'anger', 'angst', 'angina' This group of words refer to a tightness, constriction.

Therefore, before settling down to do a reading regarding one's own personal concerns, it is beneficial to release the constriction just a bit. A drop of Rescue Remedy under the tongue, or a sip a clear water after putting a drop of Rescue Remedy into the water container, will do the trick.

RR is made from flower petals. It was created as a homeopathic formulation during the 1800's and has been in continuous use since. RR is not a pharmaceutical medicine and does not conflict with existing physician prescribed heavy metal meds. It is widely available.

  • Professors commonly use Rescue Remedy before lecturing to large audiences. Businesspeople may take a drop before attending an adversarial business meeting. When kids through the nightmare phase age 6-9, one drop of Rescue Remedy under their tongues in the middle of the night can send them right back to sleep. Some homes called RR the scary medicine.

  • Work colleagues use it to manage their anxiety during performance reviews, and during interpersonal conflicts. Marriage counselors often keep a small bottle on hand for their clients to use during emotionally charged discussions.

  • Rescue Remedy is made from distilled flowers. It is widely recommended at college testing centers as a superb, nao-side-effects method of calming student test anxiety. Most USA health food stores do stock it; it's even on the shelf in the organic section of USA supermarkets. It has no side effects and does not interrupt the function of any other medicines.

S elf-empowerment is best!

Peruse and when you can, find a small bottle of homeopathic Rescue Remedy to calm the nerves and clarify the question before proceeding.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life's endeavors,

Sincerely, barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Divinatory Technology

Seeking Divine Instruction in Prophetic Patterns of Psychic Imagery


Recommended divination technologies:

Choose a divination method that is easy and culturally accessible for you. Use the chosen method to answer your most urgent questions immediately!

Yi-Jing (I-Ching)

The ancient Chinese scripture has recently emerged as a high-value divination technology in the West. The Taoist and Confucian values loaded into the I-Ching (Book of Changes) seem to be universally accessible.

Like Jyotishavidya, the Yi-Jing provides a mirror of one's own intuitive thought process. There are numerous excellent resources on the internet that allow push-button divinations - no longer necessary to wait for coins or yarrow stalks to fall!

When asking an anxious question, the diviner must apply the discipline to go * carefully * through the answer provided by the ancient oracle. If one has the discipline to frame the question carefully and inspect the answer in close detail, one will generate a very useful data-set of repeating questions and repeating answers.

Do not confuse the divination with superstitious notions of a spirit being inhabiting the book or the teachings. The book itself knows nothing. The wisdom contained in the book is a blessed reflection of one's own mind .

Great praise to the sages who composed these 64 hexagrams! The 64 hexagrams each have 6 changing lines giving a mirror that can capture several thousand possible thoughts and fixed-combination (yoga) thoughts.

Holy Bible

The Hebrew Bible and the sacred-to-Christians " New Testament" is found not only in designated houses of worship, but also in hotel rooms across the world. Anywhere that the Bible can be found, this honored book can be used as a divinatory tool.

The sacred scriptures of any religious tradition can function similarly.

One should form a sincere and reflective question, in a state of prayer. Praying to any deity or none is OK. The state of mind should be open and willing to receive a clear answer.

Tarot Cards

Although the card images derive from Renaissance Italian court culture, the wisdom of the archetypal drawings and the thought patterns that can be reflected in the card spreads are possibly universal.


tool of choice when seeking direct answers which come in Polarities = yes/no, up/down, in/out, hot/cold, day/nighi

Each person's total-body consists of the physical, mineral, tangible body plus several more subtle energetic bodies. Many folks are familiar with the etheric body which immediately surrounds and interpenetrates the mineral body. (The etheric body has many names within many traditions. After death, the etheric body lingers with the mineral body for three days, then separates. After the third day, the passage is complete.)

The total body also includes a subtle body-image called variously as the astral body, and many other traditional names. The astral body is the body used during dreams and during meditative astral travel. Psychics may read the astral bodies' light-and-shadow patterns.

The total body is vast, containing additional purpose-built layers as well.

Among its many utilities, the total body contains a vast library of knowledge stored in a memory device which is often called the Akashic Record. (Naturally, this

memory bank has many names in many traditions.)

Pendula (hanging weights) reflect the state of balance within one's bodies (plural).

Kinesthetic patterns in the body can also reflect the intentional thought patterns. Intentional thought is not always conscious!

Divination by dowsing or pendulum is extremely accurate once the practitioner has established "yes/no" and learned to frame a starkly clear question!

As with all methods of divination, it is important to refrain from the anxious habit of asking the same question repeatedly, hoping to obtain a "better" answer. Ask the question ONCE. Record the answer.

If there is a second question which is a different topic and is not simply a petulant reframing of the first question, proceed in a mentality of calm acceptance to ask additional questions. Ask each question only once. Record the answer.

Still-water gazing; mirror-gazing; candle gazing

These divinatory methods allow the imagination to project its expectations directly in "movie" form onto the mirror-like surface of still water, glass, or even a flame.

Although vividly accurate, the results may be frightening. Only a skilled practitioner should use these methods.

Lucid dreaming

Unlike still-water gazing, dream results are evaluated after the fact. Most of the emotional charge has gone out of the dream - even a nightmare - by the time one has regained consciousness and begun to write or mentally evaluate it.

The contents of dreams are instructional and validating. However, the native must be attentive to"shape-shifting" which is the mind's permission to use the bodily appearance of familiar people and things to * represent* other less familiar people and things. Therefore dream messages must be carefully reflected upon. The person doing an action or bearing a message in the dream may be only a recognizable stand-in for the real agent.

Jyotisha vidya in context of other Divinations

Jyotisha is a divinatory system of considerable accuracy but also great complexity. The skilled Jyotiṣika must negotiate thousands of factors and eliminate hundreds of logical contradictions en route to the proper prediction.

Many Pranamah to the electro-magnetic devices! Yay computers!

Yet even with the computations now performed quite accurately at the push of a button, the amount of intuition and knowledge base required in Jyotisha is truly daunting.

One may wish to acquire knowledge of the Vidya of Jyotisha over time. Jyotisha really specializes in the predictive "long view" .

The Vimshottari Dasha predicts a pattern involving 120 years with no repeats! That view is highly complex, and that view can only be stabilized with a good deal of patient practice.

The art of prashna = immediate-questions-answered = a practical introduction to the on-the-spot powers of Jyotishavidya. However, even this service does require a knowledge of the characteristic behavior of the planets.


Palmistry is an adjunct method which complements Jyotishavidya. Hasti (palm-reading) can also be used independently. There is a match between the two maps - the map of the sky and the map in the palm (and for gifted readers, include the maps on the soles of the feet).

Palmistry is very useful and easy and accurate regarding matters of career, fame, longevity, marriages, children, etc. General predictions for timing of events are straightforward. More precise timing of events with an accurate month or year are quite impossible. Accurate timing predictions are best gained from the dasha systems of Jyotisha.

On the other hand, the difficult longevity predictions of Jyotisha and matters of multiple marriages can be resolved quickly by a glance at life map on the human palm. (Feet have their own map too.)

Other divinatory methods:

Each cultural has its own traditional divinatory methods.

  • From tea-leaves and river stones to heat-cracked tortoise shells to reading the entrails of slaughtered pigs, all of these methods are perfectly legitimate ways to stimulate the intuition of a skillful diviner.

It is important for the diviner to use a culturally accessible method.

  • Thus I, as a career vegetarian, would probably not function well with the pig entrails. Really, iwouldn't even try!

  • But with my European cultural background, ican use the Tarot card archetypes easily.

  • If you were raised in the Chinese temple culture, joss sticks can be accessible and accurate.

The Taoist priest in his mountain temple will prefer yarrow stalks, ancient coins, or sacred stones. The Tibetan lama may prefer traditional gamblers dice (sho); while the Pashto landsman may see a pattern in strips of Holy Qu'ran verse shaken in a jar of water, or in the movement of newly-shorn, closely herded goats.

The guiding spirits are always willing to utilize the patterns with which the conscious mind is culturally familiar.

Clear and Specific questions:

The predictive power of all forms of divination depends * entirely * upon the specificity of the question.

  • Questions like"what will happen in my relationship with X?"are much too vague!

The question must be precise, such as:

  • "will X and I be married in the coming year?"

  • or "what is the most beneficial thing I can do to support X at this time?"

  • or "will I be the successful candidate for the [specific] job?"

Sincere questions will be answered. The answer must be acknowledged and carefully studied in relation to the question.

Divination = Dialog of Subconsciously Held Beliefs

Observe the patterns in your questions and answers!

  • This question-answer dialog = the mirror-pattern of The mind"talking to itself" .

The chronic uncertainties, doubts, and fears of the mind will expose themselves in the divinatory process of asking and answering.

Keeping records

Keep a record of the divinations!

Keep accurate records of all divinations to see repeating patterns. The repeating patterns expose your subconscious expectations.

The seeds of [akashic memory patterns] are buried in your subconscious expectations.


Helping others with Divination

It may be helpful to provide divinations for others, to get personal practice in precise formulation of the question.

One's own anxiety to get a fast answer to a burning personal question can damage the accuracy of predictions.

  • Helping another person to negotiate the interference caused by anxiety and guiding them to a clearly formulated question can provide useful practical education in the workings of the human mind.

  • Divination technology is very simple but the client's mind is often conflicted and reactive, thus divinatory results may be highly inaccurate.

  • The diviner's own mind must be purely calm at all times.

Caveat: Calm Mind Required

If one offers divinations to others, one becomes responsible for maintaining a calm and reflective conversational environment, free of superstition and fear.

The diviner is simply offering a mirror view of one's own mind. The mirror should be clean. Divinations must always * confirm* one's own intuition.

  • If a divination contradicts one's own intuition, then either the question was too vaguely formulated (cause of 99% of errors)

  • or the native is suffering mental delusions.

  • Severe mental illness such as hallucination or advanced states of the standard DSM-IV personality disorders will show a"crazy mirror" that has no discernable answer. I

Divination is a spiritual practice. It only works when the mind is fairly calm.

Telling the Fortune

Fortune , the predictable path of future events, is not a mystery. Naturally, one's fortune in the future is the result of one's beliefs, thoughts, and actions in present-time.

Why then divination?

Why tea leaves, yarrow stalks for Yi Jing, fire-cracked tortoise shells; patterns of stars, clouds, pig entrails, or the flight path of birds?

Why: mo dice, color patterns in the electrical field around a human body, almanacs, medieval Italian playing cards?

Why pages of Giddeon's Bible, acrystal pendulum poised from the elbow bone?

Why: dreams, omens, astrology, or stock market reports?

Because: despite the future being rather predictably the result of the present - which itself is the natural result of the immediate and distant past - very few people have The least idea Of what One is Actually doing in the present!

The divination is a precious moment during which the Reptile Brain's frenetic survival signals are consciously, temporarily, shut down.

In this brief and precious moment, one gives oneself permission to take a snap-shot of a thought-and-behavior pattern, and observe its consequences.

The miracle of synchronicity and the blessing of permission

It is the miracle of what Carl Jung called synchronicity that such a mirror-reflection "photo" of one's own thought-behavior pattern can be exquisitely captured in a moment of fully-focused, conscious attention to specific phenomena in the outside world " .

  • Humans are part animal and part divine, but the animal brain still "runs the show" for most people.

  • From world leaders to the dumpster divers, the vast majority of human folk are utterly programmed to put their full life forcing into doing "whatever it takes " to Eat, and not Be Eaten.

  • We are simply wired that way, due to the historic fact that the essential spiritual components of the human being are melded upon the base framework of the biological primate chassis.

For a privileged few, however, there comes a light through the clouds. The reptile brain can be calmed, and - if only for a moment - contemplative awareness becomes possible.

  • The intentional moment of conscious divination interrupts the instinctive drive toward more food, more sex, more money, more protection.

  • This moment fills the field of awareness with intuitive knowledge.

Catching the Moment, freeze-Frame seed of the Future

Specifically, this photo moment contains a detailed report on what one is indeed doing , consciously or not (usually not!) in real time, in the real world, which is generating a very specific "fortune" .

That's how it works. Divination just freeze-frames the spinning cosmos for a split second and allows anyone who has permission to look - to look!

It is indeed a miracle that humans are even capable of these brief, intentional seizures during which the attention can be focused on the specific mechanism which drives the creation of one's "fortune" .

  • But in this frozen moment, the diviner (and with luck also the querent) can see one's own thoughts-beliefs-expectations-behaviors in full machine operation . The expectations-machine = working willfully and enthusiastically to create a predictable default result.

Can the result be changed? Yes of course.

But sadly, change is quite unlikely. The reason change is unlikely is that, except for the occasional Ascended Being working incognito on our little Earth, most of us are sleep-walking . The reptile brain is hard to redirect. It's difficult to calm it and quiet its fears.

  • The rare person who does succeed in turning down the volume from the reptile brain, in order to take a look at one's own true behavior,

  • usually has some special life experience of direct contact with death, which reduces their fear of flesh-death.

It is a huge blessing, perhaps the greatest blessing in human life, that even some people have earned the right to claim permission to interrupt the driving survival machine for even a brief moment, to"catch oneself in the act" of creating the future.


Freedom - It's Free

Jyotisha = Easiest or Most Difficult Divination Method ?

Jyotishashastra is in a sense the easiest divination of all, because the movement of the heavens is extremely regular.

It is no longer a burdensome process to prepare the instructional graphics.

  • In the electrical information age, it is possible to determine the positions of the planets with a sharply accurate "snap-shot" for virtually any moment in Earth's history.

  • Just press a computer key in the modern age, and the divinatory image appears on the mental-mirror surface of the computer screen.

Jyotishavidya is in another sense the most difficult divination, because there is such a massive amount of information available in each freeze-frame.

  • The pattern-recognition skills and intuitive competence required to even begin to sort out this "astronomical amount of information" (lit.) is rather hard to achieve in one lifetime!

Still, it is attempted.

Divination in worthy battle against the Reptile Brain

Many humans live tightly imprisoned in the grips of the animal-survival.

Many are unable to notice one's own interactive partnership in the process of creating reality.

The Life Force fuel-tank seems inevitably to be consumed by demands of "work" and "family" .

  • The sum total of all the socialized human survival-drive interaction, in the form of consensus reality, seems to powerfully reinforce all survival and "security" behaviors.

  • Therefore, one who demonstrates a fierce commitment to making money, buying and defending property, getting higher crop yields, fighting off predators, producing children, etc. receives abundant social praise.

  • These are the Winners, the Good Citizens, and the Security Guards who maximize group survival.

Most folks' awareness is completely dedicated to managing the fear of death through a neurotic (but compelling!) life practice of"meeting essential needs " .

However, what one is conscious of is not the neurotic response to rationally unnecessary striving, but rather the"need" for social approval and praise. Virtually all requests for divination are driven by the querent's need to know when and how much social approval they can obtain.

Divinations regarding"success "and"money"

Will this strategy"work" ? Will that relationship"succeed" ? What is meant by"succeed" is, almost always,"will one receive social approval and praise for the outcome?"

  • Particularly the issue of Money-Hoards and affluence = obviously irrational -- and yet so compulsively insane

What is the daily utility of Money in the money-economy? The rational mind would answer that Money (represented by electronic bytes in a computer, or cash papers, or value of merchant trades, or other mode of exchange) is simply a means to an end. The logical ends are food, clothing, and shelter. Logically, when one has enough money to eat well and be sheltered, one should be free to turn one's attention to other things.

But there is not a moment of rest! Even after a good meal in a warm house, the hungry mind cannot rest! The reptile brain keeps signaling. The minute one has enough money, the reptile brain doubles its efforts, signaling aggressively for more, more, more! It becomes impossible to think about anything else! The hunger for more and for the social praise that comes with having money is unbearably intense!

Case Study: a Money reading

A woman in her sixties asked to be told precisely and definitively "when" she might receive the monies she felt were "due" her. After a lifetime of feeling disliked and uncomfortable, she was unshakably certain that The Money would ensure her to finally feel secure .

This woman, aformer nurse, lives in a financially privileged European country. Despite her professional skills training, she does not work. She is supported by the State due to a documented medical condition.

She lives in material comfort, has no family relationships, and - except for petitionary prayer to money-statues - has no religious life. She offers no charitable service. Yet, she was sure that More Money would correct all of her diverse imbalances.

The amount she needed and to which she felt Entitled ? Approx. 10 million Euro.

This amount seemed very reasonable to her, as the proper amount she should receive in just compensation for her efforts in this life.

Why would a person of apparently rather selfish inclinations assert an entitlement (expectation) to a, irrationally huge amount of currency? A normal, happy citizen of an economically advantaged nation can live very comfortably on a modest income.

Why not "enough to buy a house" or "enough to fund my retirement" ?

She was quite clear on the demand that her divinatory question was strictly and solely in regard to whether and when she would receive this fixed count of money. No other information was wanted.

She seemed convinced of this specific numerical quantity of units-of-exchange. She asserted that his amount was a "necessary" and "appropriate" payment for a business scheme that she had devised which was expected to produce rich profits.

Her only divinatory query was "tell me the calendar date on which this payment will arrive."

A cursory look at the Jyotisha chart indicated, not surprisingly, alifetime of Rahu-driven manipulative and fraudulent behaviors.

Bandhu bhava and 4th-from-Chandra (the root-core of life) both showed severe trauma in the childhood home , caused by a never-satisfied [Rahu] emotionally volatile and lashing-out mother.

The native became a profoundly insecure and manipulative adult, seething with vengeful retaliatory anger, and desperately needy for exorbitant levels of compensating social approval.

The nativity displayed traits of deep emotional and financial corruption, which materialized as extravagant spending and seductive, exploitive relationships intended to squeeze the life out of her victims (Aśleṣa).

  • Luckily, most of her victims had untangled themselves from her clutches when they encountered her angry tantrums. The escapees were not eaten [victim].

  • She lived at a level of luxury far beyond her classified "handicapped" disadvantage. She was caught in a cycle of illegal businesses. She was living in a chronic anxiety of discovery by tax authorities, who were clearly on the trail of her well-masked frauds.

  • Her anxiety caused fainting spells, which reinforced her belief that she was terribly ill and "just holding on" .

And her solution to this toxic situation is ... Money?

Yes, that's right.

Because the primitive, fear-driven reptile brain demands cintamani * mani * money. By its exchangeable nature, units-of-currency can be converted into all empowerments, such as food, control, sex, security, protection. The craving for compensation is urgent.

Not honesty. Not service. Not cleansing of old wounds and forgiveness. Not doing the work to heal the horrible childhood trauma that left her feeling victimized and used. Not interrupting the cycle of being exploited by her never-satisfied mother. Not refusing to perpetrate the pattern of trickery to appropriate the treasury and dignity of others.

Not even a sincere puja, asking for help from any one of a pantheon of loving spiritual guides.

Just "money" .

And since she had a *lot* of problems - some very deeply rooted and quite obscene - her internal reptile calculations announced that she needed a huge amount of money to "solve" these problems. Instant, perfect, unquestionable full compensation.

Sadly, the Jyotishavidya nativity showed no evidence of lasting financial wealth via windfall payments. There could be some Rahu-style "flash in the pan" illusion of value-acquisition that might be caused by trickery, but like all things Rahu, such a mirage could not endure because it was not earned.

The nativity suggested little improvement in her static unhappiness would occur unless she got into intensive trauma-recovery therapy and started doing significant charitable work.

  • Rahu-4 + Aśleṣa Chandra-4, mangala-Kanya-6

Receiving this divinatory outcome, the client was angry, and accused the Jyotishika of - you guessed it - Fraud.


divinations must take into consideration that humans are fundamentally programmed for greed. It is a terrible truth. Greed, like fear of death and anger, is a mental illness This is certainly no one's fault, and greed shouldn't be punished as a crime. Rather, it is a mental illness and deserves firm compassion.

  • Greed usually hungers to acquire infinite amounts of money, but it can also hunger to control (possess) a person or a species of social power, such as political office. Greed is separate from ambition to reach a goal, which is basically a healthy process which bring satisfaction upon achievement of the goal.

  • Greed is always driven by the fear of death, and it can never be satisfied. It is a form of insanity. Greed must be checked with positive knowledge of death, before the native destroys himself and others.

Unfortunately greed and other fear-driven reptile anxieties can completely ruin the positive, healing values of a divination by preventing the native from hearing anything more subtle than a"yes/no"answer.

These divinatory situations require attentive psychic management, starting with rigorous grounding and protection of the diviner against the predatory fear agents who feed on the terror of the triggered reptile brain.

A blessed moment of Rest

Divinations are necessary because few people can look accurately into their lives and see the answer plain as day. The answer is always embedded in the question! And it is always "right there" for the diviner, who has permission to see the patterns which express the answer.

  • However, the taboo on self-knowledge (which includes knowledge of the timing and circumstance of death) is quite fierce,

  • and the average person simply cannot see their own stuff.

Due to the historic structure of the human brain, it is really quite a growth-challenge to get a rest from the survival signals. Despite what the rational portions of the brain may be saying, the reptile brain is a 24/7 engine that drives an obsessive cycle of compulsive acquisition.

The Reptile Brain wants to Sleep

The reptile brain is biologically programmed to acquire, and it fiercely resists any type of loss.

therefore, instantly when one acquires a precious resource such as food, cintamani * mani * money , shelter, historical knowledge, asexual partner, etc. -- the reptile brain goes into overtime, planning and scheming for how to acquire more money. There is as my mother used to say,"No rest for the weary."

  • In Survival mind, reality seems to be"there"as some independent, objective creation; almost like another animal with whom one must compete and dominate. Reality can even become a demonic enemy, invested with superior strength, and one's deepest survival fear of annihilation through weakness fuels tremendous fear of death.

  • It is quite difficult to gain a clear view of oneself when the pressures of daily life are so intense. The reptile brain signals constantly, threatening the direst consequences (pain, death, annihilation) if one does not immediately attend to the daily business of survival.

  • The reptile brain lives in a state of emergency. It wants food, sleep, sex, and protection from predators. Its messages of anxious, urgent, desperate need tend to saturate the conscious awareness, so that one simply cannot pause to reflect.

Catching and Holding the Wisdom

When they sit down to meditate on their lives, most students of the School of Earth ་simply fall asleep.

How hard is it to imagine a pattern in one's own mind and let it tell you a message? It's kindergarten simple.

But shutting down the survival brain, into order to create the sacred space for it, is too scary.

The base brain says, if you're not looking for food, you should be asleep.

  • The nice thing about organized religious worship is a feeling of security.

  • The rituals, liturgies, and ceremonies create a safe anchorage for the frightened mind. Some modicum of spiritual consciousness can emerge there, when the anchor brings a feeling of protection through repeating movements, familiar smells, soothing sounds.

In a divination, one anchors into the pattern observed in the chosen phenomena. The recognized pattern is celebrated.

  • But the mind is often terrified, so it is essential for the diviner to understand their priestly role, and to establish the proper psychic grounding in the reading space.

Most of the work in a divination isn't seeing the truth and reporting it.

The main work = managing the psycho-emotional anxiety and resistance that interrupts one's concentration on the pattern.

QUOTATION་from His Holiness the Dalai Lama , tsong-ka-pa, and Jeffrey Hopkins

Deity Yoga in Action and Performance Tantra Tantra by p.39

Talking to Deities་Envisioning Deities: Instructions

" At the beginning of the process of deity meditation and mantra repetition one meditates on emptiness, settling the non-inherent existence of oneself and the deity through a reasoning such as that of dependent-arising - -the fact that both oneself and the deity arise in dependence on their respective bases of designation.

One's own final nature and the final nature of the deity are the same, an emptiness of inherent existence.

To perform deity yoga one does not just withdraw ordinary appearances and then appear as a deity but causes the mind realising emptiness itself to appear as a deity.

  • Thus, it is essential initially to meditate on emptiness, cleansing all appearances in emptiness.

One then uses that wisdom consciousness realising emptiness as the basis of emanation of a divine body.

This must be done at least in imitation of a consciousness actually doing this, for meditation on a truly existent divine body, instead of helping, will only increase adherence to inherent existence.

Meditated properly, the appearance of a divine figure is the sport of the ultimate mind of enlightenment, first in imitation and later in fact."

Q. One school of thought says that a competent astrologer's special intuition and spiritual readings are what really counts - the mechanics of astrology (that is planetary positions and their interactions) are only tools to guide and awaken the intuitive and spiritual power.

Other tools of divination can also work in the same fashion.

If this is true, then can these special powers be awakened from a distance, without the astrologer meeting the patient face-to-face

A. Yes, .

Face-to-face is not only unnecessary, but physical contact is often an impediment to a clear divination.

Unfortunately, clients bring in loads of nervous anxiety to a reading room. I once worked in a psychic school where clients were not allowed to approach the reading room until they had meditated with both feet touching the ground for 30 minutes. That helped somewhat!

But indeed, an anxious or emotionally unstable client (or the spirits who are controlling them) can throw so much disruptive energy at a still-mind divination that the still-minded practitioner inevitably gets disoriented. All of my readings are remote for that reason. I do not even communicate by telephone.

  • One book which explains nicely the method of remote prayers, remote healings, distance reading etc. = "The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" by Joseph Murphy (1966)

  • Murphy clearly describes the no-time, nao-space function of the subconscious mind.

  • That subconscious mind is actually shared when two people tap into it simultaneously. (which is why it"works " to"think of three numbers "as 300 Combinations 1912-1998 Jyotiṣika BV Raman reports)

  • This book is recommended for its clear account of how the connection between Jyotiṣika and client is established, at a distance.

When I look at a Jyotisha chart, which is a map of the person's "default" inherited [akashic memory patterns], consisting of a set of default expectations and beliefs, which then manifest on the material plane on schedule, my conscious mind is looking into their subconscious mind.

The same thing is happening when the Tibetan lama throws Mo dice, or the indigenous shaman reads an oracle in the flight patterns of migrating birds. When a Christian minister prays together with a congregant for a deeper understanding of a Bible passage, they are sharing a subconscious mind . They clear a psychic space in a state of gratitude-prayer, concentrate on the image, and let Providence do the talking.

The two things required in any divination are:

  1. The image

  2. The divinely provided intelligence to interpret the image.

After the question has been asked by the client, the client can be in the same room on in another galaxy - it doesn't matter, because the client is not consciously participating in the reading. In fact, if the client does try to consciously participate in a reading, unless the client has extraordinary awareness (is him/herself a diviner) the interruption/intervention of the client is usually so disruptive the flow of divination will usually stop. Classic cause of interruption is the client's lack of faith/insecurity/anxiety. See above.

  • The image arises, and then the divine intelligence speaks.

  • The diviner has learned to mix a little conscious mind with a big subconscious mind.

  • About 10% rational awareness with about 90% intuitive perception.

  • The Jyotiṣika will interpret or filter the intelligence through the language of Jyotisha, the shaman uses a language of the god's feelings or directions, and the minister will use a language of religious theology.

  • But fundamentally the guidance is the same.

The trick to getting a good and useful reading is to not interrupt the intuitive instructions which constitute the divinatory flow . And IMO the best way to not interrupt the flow is to have the client be somewhere else.

In traditional village settings where the clients have full respect not only for the diviner but also for the ritual process of divination, and clients will accept the judgment without arguing, this psychic interruption by the client problem is not so acute. But in the modern age, most"educated" people are so seriously lacking in faith, that having the client present will force the diviner into a conventional modern"counseling" or"negotiating" role -- and that is NOT divination!

If folks want talk therapy I suggest they go to a therapist. If they want a Jyotishavidya reading , they will need to have some faith in the Jyotiṣika as a middleman, but more importantly they will need to have faith in the divine source of the knowledge and in their own entitlement to receive divine truth.


I am considering using your services; I do have some basic questions. I'm not an expert to say the least, iknow almost nothing about astrology. First off thank you for your knowledge sharing site. It can give a lot of insight for those seeking some answers.

You did mention that people who avail your services may provide you some background and some history which I can totally understand why you ask.

But, how do you answer questions about another person e.g. a mother, ahusband, asibling etc. By just reading your clients chart. Is there not a need to read the focused other persons chart as well. say if I have a question about my husband, can you tell from my chart alone what I need to know?

My questions are of the following nature: will my husband who has chosen to divorce me ever come back? Should I even wait for him? -- can you answer such things by just looking at my chart?

A. Namaste,

Thanks for your note. At the present time there is a very long wait for Jyotishavidya reading s. The readings have become quite popular and due to health concerns I can offer only one reading per week.

It would be recommended that if you are not familiar with the knowledge tradition of Jyotishavidya, that you might not get a high value from a Jyotishavidya reading .

The samayavidya of Jyotisha features a complex set of predictive rules, and deployment of these rules mainly benefits those with an analytical turn of mind who wish to normalize their expectations for the future.

(Normalize = compare expectations to what others have historically experienced during similar Vimshottari Dasha periods, as recorded by the rishi and evidenced by case-study nativities.)

Finding the characteristics of Other Agents in the nativity

It is possible to see the kinship network and the marriages within the Jyotishavidya nativity

(these are established long before the person takes birth). That is the method by which it is possible to answer questions regarding the pre-incarnationally planned relationships of life (boss, spouse, children, parents, siblings, neighbors, co-workers, etc.) without actually seeing the nativity of the Other.

It is always better to be able to confirm any evaluation from the primary chart (the native) with a glance at the nativity for the secondary chart (spouse, child, other). However, if that person or situation is important in the life of the native, the characteristics of the Other agent are usually clear enough to make a judgment about matters such as career, marriage, divorce , childbirth, health, earnings etc.

Formulating CLEAR and PRECISE divinatory questions

You may benefit more from using a different style of divination, such as psychic reading or even bibliomancy. A simple question such as you pose"will my husband who has chosen to divorce me ever come back?" can be answered, but it must be reformulated to be a clear question.

The items "ever"and"come back"are not clear. The spirits do not know what you are asking!

For example, it will yield a much clearer answer if the question is written as

  • "will my husband who has chosen to divorce me return to his duties as a legal mate during the next six months?"
  • "will my husband who has chosen to divorce me return to sexual union during the next calendar year?"
  • "will my husband who has chosen to divorce me ask me for permission to remarry me during the present decade?"
  • "during the remainder of our lifespan, will my husband who has chosen to divorce me return to my home and re-accept all of the spousal duties, financial, sexual, and social?"

With any type of divination it is absolutely essential to be precisely completely specific and clear.

No Quantity Limit on Clear Divinations

There is no limit on the number of queries which the spirits are willing to answer.

The spirits themselves are only"readers " who are reading from the bank of past-present-future information which is permanently existing in each of our souls. All of the information is readily available and any number of clear and specific queries can be made so long as the mind remains fresh.

When unclear answers or blockage in the flow of information occurs, it is because the question is not formulated with adequate specificity.

Time, date, and Performance expectations

We humans are calendar thinkers; we shape the future with timelines that control our belief about reality. Therefore, it is essential to ask specifically about time.

WWe humans are also relationship oriented beings who depend on others for our identity and well-being. Therefore, it is essential to ask about another person by their specific name and social position, and to clearly state the specific performance expectations which one may be holding in regard to the fulfillment of that relationship.

Consider other (more immediate) Divinatory Methods

If you know nothing about Jyotisha and are not intending to learn, and as well the question may be driven by a temporary shortage of psycho-emotional validation, then the complexities of Jyotisha and the long wait time for a reading (from me) suggest that the Jyotisha method of getting your questions answered might not suit you as well as other more immediate divinatory methods.

Good mental health is a prerequisite for good divinations

When a seemingly logical question is burdened with anxiety, fear, or suffering, then it may be helpful - indeed essential - to choose a divinatory method which allows many iterations of the urgent question while the mind continues to clarify the question.

CClarification of one, key, core, seemingly life-defining question can be a long process!

Under psychic pressure to fulfill the unmet needs of others (parents, spouse, society) the discriminating mind needs time to sort out several overlapping sets of expectations: one's own authentic needs and beliefs vs. The parents ego needs for child performance vs. professional protocols or entrenched rhythmic folkways, ancient customs, and established cultural norms.

Only after this proactive sorting process is underway can Jyotisha provide a clear map-and-mirror for the Path.

Methods more suitable to urgent"single questions "

If you are mainly in the urgently reactive, performance-anxiety, "feeling pressured" stage of understanding the structure of the dilemma then Jyotisha may not be adequately responsive to the quick-changing redefinition and re-articulation of"the problem" .

Typically, the"one simple question" is really a"tip of the iceberg" problem that - upon inspection - begins to reveal not just one urgent issue but a repeating pattern of resistance.

The resistance will be found to arise from internal conflicts in the specific performance expectations regarding Self and Others. If at the moment of the query one is still laboring under the assumption that there is just one, single, problem caused by another person or caused by an outside environment, then Jyotisha can feel too tedious, too cosmic, too rational and far too self-responsible.

Therefore you might prefer to use divinatory methods which permit many repetitions, refinements, and permutations of a"single" question. Options include psychic readings, tarot cards, i-Ching, dowsing, pendulum, water-gazing, dice (mo) or bibliomancy to name just a few.

If you want to try the psychic reading method, iwarmly recommend my dear old friend and psychic master teacher John Huddleston in Berkeley California (35 years experience). A psychic reading is typically more direct, more emotionally validating, and much much faster than Jyotisha! John H. is gender-neutral, age-neutral, spirit-positive, and he works by telephone.

(510) 548-4254 * Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life's endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q. I have a hasti question. Is it normal for lines to change – I have seen the third branch of my heart line break but another line appeared to overlap both, strengthening it. ... On my marriage line, there was a small line overlapping underneath, which signified my breaking away. When I reconnected with him, this line was crossed to make an X.

A. Namaste,

Yes, the hasti lines can and do change sometimes very dramatically if the person has given oneself permission to change.

I have seen the life line of a man, who appeared to be on death's doorstep one year, appear two years later with a long and flourishing life line that entered the wrist bracelets. That person was ready to die due to a stifling marriage and living according to grossly outdated cultural rules (he was in a medieval-culture area of Nepal-Tibet). He gave himself permission to fall in love with a new partner, and his will to live rallied quite powerfully.

I have seen a broken, dispersed fame line organize itself into a straight, coherent fame line when a female colleague who was being belittled and intimidated by her narcissistic professor husband finally got into therapy and exorcised some of his damaging energy from her personal space. She went from a mumbling, bumbling incoherent lecturer (where many of her students simply walked out) to a vivid, standing ovation presenter at national professional conferences.

Those were dramatic cases, but they reflect the reality that palm lines. Similarly, the Jyotisha graha and their rays indicate the default conditions of life that are created by the core beliefs carried in to the present embodiment. If the core beliefs are consciously changed, the lines change and the prognosis from the graha also can change. The key is consciousness.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life's endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: I would like to request a (couple of) month, day, time that will yield proper(good)(not failure) results in my educational field according to Jyotisha.

I need to know good times for school program registration, and please tell me the correct day to buy notebooks and textbook for my class. I feel very anxious about these choices because even though I am not yet 20 years old I feel like I have failed so many times.

My parents don't understand the values here (they are from the old world) They say that they want me to finish uni ... but they are starting to "shop" in the marriage markets for me...

I feel so nervous and upset about school. Can you please suggest the best times according to Jyotisha? I want to make it work this time.~~ Manchester

A: Namaste,

Although all best success is wished for your endeavors, in routine administrative matters it is recommended to follow the rational empirical method of making decisions.

If one feels repeatedly a great deal of anxiety about small, detailed items such as the timing of purchase for a school book, then first of all look into getting therapy for OCD or other psychological ailments of fearful fixation upon small things.

It might make sense to seek a perfect astrological timing to make a wedding vow or lay the foundation stone for a great public building. Yet, in the busy modern world, buying a textbook is a minor mental-then-financial which does not require such specific divinatory attention.

To allay ongoing and constantly erupting anxieties which are provoked by underlying self-doubt, iIt is recommended to teach oneself how to use Tarot Cards or pendulum. These easy, quick divinatory technologies allow one to perform one's own quick, on-the-spot divinations.

Because you are so young and sensitive, and still building your social personality, all of these detailed items of daily life and administration may seem crucially important to you. Particulary if one is suffering from low self-worth, then even a trivial action such as purchasing school-supplies may pose another threat of criticism from your parents.

However, the small uncertainties are really just expressions of your divine nature.

There is never any permanently right-or-wrong decision in life. Most decisions get adjusted in mid-course corrections. Each step leads to the next step in personal evolution. The number of steps is infinite and every choice can be changed to reflect improvements in consciousness.

There is no cause for fear within the self.

However, fear of others (such as socially intimidated parents) can sabotage the naturally self-trusting state of the individual soul.

Therefore meditation is essential, to clear the aura of foreign energy from parents, teachers, and other well-meaning "helpers". Anyone who wants to make strong and confident decisions must learn to distinguish between one's own authentic inner "yes" versus the installed inner chatter of the so-called authorities - especially anxious parents.

Choosing an auspicious time for an event cannot improve the state of awareness [i.e., love].

Due to lifetimes of accrual of [akashic memory patterns] the current early-phase ascending dvapara-yuga is a foggy time. Students in the School of Earth have undertaken a curriculum aimed at growing the human understanding. The key tenet of modern consciousness is that it is the self, and not outside forces, which generates reality.

All students in the School of Earth must encounter the reality which they themselves project, and come to the knowledge that indeed one is indeed projecting it! Thus it is extremely important for a sensitive and intelligent person like yourself to avoid superstition.

During the terrifying darkness of Kali Yuga, Jyotishashastra was often appropriated to serve social-control structures. Controling agents used the vidya to reinforce crippling ignorance and superstitious fears.

All reality is generated from seeds within the self. Yet, superstition denies the inner creative empowerments. In English, super-sti-tion means "established outside". Superstitious beliefs attribute ultimate power to outside forces.

Superstition is a huge waste of energy. It belittles people and feeds the reptile survival fears.

Under the iron terror of superstition, lifetimes are wasted in ritual appeasement of supposedly empowered punitive dominating entities. The mind is entrapped into doing battle with something that does not exist.

Searching for the "right" timing to make an ephemeral material decision is often a cover-up for a deeply indoctrinated fear of shame. The insistence of outer right-timing is often a denial of the voice of inner guidance. Placing the decision making authority into any outside force, including Time, is superstitious.

Time is a feature of the School of Earth. Time is not a universal presence. Time is a deity, like any other deity.

It is not recommended to superstitiously worship the god of time.

In traditional families who are still practicing fear-based Kali-Yuga culture, promotion of honor and terror of shame are often the driving dynamics of an inner family hysteria.

The psychic fear and disruption in the mind is likely coming from your parents

They may grant permission for attending uni. At uni you might develop confidence in your own intellectual, self-choice powers. Yet, they are scheming for marriage of a pre-adult daughter, in order to promote their honor.

Within this cognitive dissonance, you believe two contradictory statements. You start uni but you fail - several times. Why is that pattern repeating? It is because of the psychic interference from your loving parents.

Using the principles of Jyotishashastra to find the "right" time to buy your textbook is not going to work, because the underlying volatility of the cultural conflict is creating a tsunami. A small detail like the textbook is like a drop in the ocean. It is tossed by the massive force of the great wave of your parents' obsession with their honor-and-shame.

So, forget the search for an "auspicious" time for this tiny momentary action. Look directly into the jaws of family tension.

Hopes, dreams, wishes, and aspirations are not decisions.

What do you want for yourself? It is essential to learn to distinguish between authentic goals and realizable plans - versus the psychic projections of others.

Loving but unconsciously fearful parents may project their own hysteria upon their children. The unrecognized, unadmitted Kali-Yuga terrors of the parents can sabotage the forward progress of an adult child.

Projected cultural fear of isolation and loneliness is especially prevalent currently in families that have emigrated from deeply traditional communities. In the old days, there were few lifestyle options, and the price for shaming a village was usually a brutal death.

In the ascending Dvapara-Yuga, ewer individualistic pathways are emerging via technology. If you are living in the new world, you have lifestyle and empowerment options that your parents cannot conceive.

Because they love you, they may try to imprison you into the old darkness.

Parental fears [Shani] whether social, financial, mental, emotional can block the self-emergence [Mangala] of offspring. The parents can psychologically imprison their child by inculcating self-doubt.

From a spiritual perspective there is no such thing as failure since each moment is a fully developed learning experience. However, even though there is no cosmic possibility of failure, that claim is often perceived as a meaningless abstraction.

What feels "real" is a feeling of worthlessness, of inferiority, of incompetence, of impending doom - due to pernicious doubt.

Self-doubt is likely being caused by trying to fulfill two mutually incompatible expectations:

  • follow the Old World path of village kinship safety networks that worked during 1200 years of Kali Yuga. In this great darkness, prescriptive teaching about the"nature" of women proclaimed that ladies cannot be satisfied until they marry and bear children,


  • follow the New World paths that are opening in early-phase Dvapara Yuga. Consider the option to place a mentally-disciplined university education first, with marriage and children following later. The new path may be bettersuited to the individualistic technology culture in which you live and work.

You decide. Not others.

Lifestyle choices require constant negotiation of old-vs-new cultural paradigms. Around the School of Earth, it is a time of glorious upheaval.

Because self-approriation of choice-making is foundational to spiritual development, it is much more important to locate your inner choice-maker.

Do not waste precious incarnational time looking for a magical moment to supposedly "ensure" success. A tiny event like registering for uni classes or buying a diary cannot determine your life pathway.

Outer success must be preceded by inner certainty.

Do you see why it is important to distinguish between the forest and the trees?

The habit micro-focusing on small details when there are large, pressing macro-scale decisions to make - and sustain - can become a mental illness.

Self-direct your focus

Self-disempowerment is ensured by dysfunctionally focusing on small details.

Obsession with getting a cheap price, buying the right house, eating the right food, carrying the correct bodyweight, hairstyle, cosmetics, or clothing can become a habitual replacement for setting goals.

If you feel nervous or uncertain about making the best choices, try to close off any outside influences that may be interrupting the clarity of your thought.

  • In particular, eliminate the well-meaning but often invasive emotions of parents Especially, screen out their projected fears about the impending social-failure of their children.
  • Their concerns may be sincere but outdated.
  • Factor out peer pressure from siblings and cohort.
  • Forget the projections of others. The unfinished business of relatives make create a high pressure narrative to fulfill their unsatisfied goals. This pressure feels like what other people want on your behalf.

What do you want?

  • And what is the most rational choice to move you toward your own feels-right, self-validating life goals?

Quick check-in for minor decisions

Divinations by tarot cards, i-Ching, pendulum, bibliomancy and other methods can be very helpful to reduce anxiety

These methods are brief, direct, and can be repeated many times while the anxiety is releasing. It is OK to be compulsive with self-divinations, so long as you are truly looking for a pattern in the range of divinatory answers.

If you find yourself unable to make sense of the answers provided by cards, stones, tea-leaves, or the flight of birds.... Then that is the signal of overwhelming emotional conflict caused by psychic interference from Others.

Divinations done in an "interference space" will produce answers that address the concerns of the interfering agents. They are meddling.

  • Divinations done in a psychically clean, shielded space will be clean, untainted by other people's needs-or-opinions, and directed only to you.

It is also essential to meditate every single day to reinforce your faith and it is essential to know yourself as the child of a loving God.

If the spiritual certainty is grounded in trust and faith, then your authentic choice is always the right choice

In the certainty of inner-guidance, the fear of making a single bad decision will wash away.

Please accept the self-confidence to make rational choices and believe in yourself. Do not fall prey to superstition about good-and-bad dates or times.

Go deeper in your understanding - deeper than these little surface details. Ask for inner guidance during your meditations. The divine voice guides from within .

Divinations are methods of reflecting the inner truth upon the mirror of the outward consciousness.

Learn to perform your own divinations by asking specific, clear questions and respecting the answers. Validation of the best moment-to-moment choiceis confirmable via the cards, the stones, the feelings of touch and temperature. Keep in mind that divination is confirmation of the inner voice and not a substitute for inner knowing.

Most importantly, keep other people and their concerns OUT of your divinatory prayer space. Others must follow their own paths. Your path is only for you.

With all best wishes,

Sincerely, barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Yada [teachers-of-light. com]

" Yada: It is always that way. Like the story of the lion and the hunter. Very interesting story.

The hunter is out in the woods and he sees a lion. So he gets a gun and presses the trigger but the gun does not fire and he starts sweating a little bit. So he tries again and now the lion rushes at him with full force.

Then the hunter misfires again. Now this man had another quality besides being a hunter. He was also a Christian. It demanded of him that he falls to his knees and start praying, because the lion was gaining much on him.

So he falls on his knees and starts praying. Pretty soon he hears the lion beside him, hot breath in his face and he is completely terrorized. But he is a good Christian, so he goes on praying.

Then he peeks out of one eye and sees the lion also in a position of prayer. So he is very pleased and says to the lion: "Oh, iam so glad you are also a Christian." And the lion looked around and said: "I do not know what you are doing, but I am saying grace." (laughter).

And so it is. We never know what life is doing because it is us. We are life and not being aware of it, ithink that life is about to do something to me. "


QUOTATION from Chögyam Trungpa

Glimpses of Mahayana also in The Pocket Chögyam Trungpa, #85.

"Buddha nature is not regarded as a peaceful state of mind or, for that matter, as a disturbed one either.

It is a state of intelligence that questions our life and the meaning of life. It is the foundation of a search.

A lot of things haven't been answered in our life, and we are still searching for the questions. The questioning is buddha nature. It is a state of potential.

The more dissatisfaction, the more questions and more doubts there are, the healthier it is, for we are no longer sucked into ego-oriented situations, but we are constantly woken up."

QUOTATION from H.H. Dalai Lama

The Universe in a Single Atom: Convergence of Science and Spirituality. (2006).

Childhood Epistemology

" I remember most vividly my first lesson on epistemology as a child, when I had to memorize the dictuam

" The definition of the mental is that which is luminous and knowing."

Drawing on earlier Indian sources, tibetan thinkers defined consciousness. It was years later that I realized just how complicated is the philosophical problem hidden behind this simple formulation.

Today, when I see nine-year-old monks confidently citing this definition of consciousness on the debating floor, which is such a central part of Tibetan monastic education, ismile."

Luminosity and Clarity

" These two features--luminosity, or clarity, and knowing, or cognizance

have come to characterize"the mental" in Indo-Tibetan Buddhist thought.

  • Clarity here refers to the ability of mental states to reveal or reflect.

  • Knowing, by contrast, refers to mental states' faculty to perceive or apprehend what appears.

All phenomena possessed of these qualities count as mental.

These features are difficult to conceptualize,

but then we are dealing with phenomena that are subjective and internal

rather than material objects that may be measured in spatiotemporal terms.

Perhaps it is because of these difficulties -- the limits of language in dealing with the subjective --

that many of the early Buddhist texts explain the nature of consciousness in terms of metaphors such as light, or a flowing river."


" As the primary feature of light is to illuminate, so consciousness is said to illuminate its objects.

Just as in light there is no categorical distinction between the illumination and that which illuminates, so in consciousness there is no real difference between the process of knowing or cognition and that which knows or cognizes.

In consciousness, as in light, there is a quality of illumination ."

QUOTATION from Tsong-ka-pa and Tenzing Gyatso.

Deity Yoga in Action and Performance Tantra . Jeffrey Hopkins (Ed.) (1987).

Psycho-Mental Strength via Deity Yoga (Tibetan Tradition)

" The initial period of deity yoga is called prior approximation

because one is accustoming to a deity through becoming closer and closer to its state,

whereupon the deity grants the feat,

either directly or in the sense of bestowing a capacity to the mind.

Actually effecting the achievement of feats is done

by way of carrying out prescribed burnt offerings or repetition of mantra, etc.,

after the approximation has been completed.

These feats are then used for the welfare of others in the third stage, which involves activities of

(1) pacification such as overcoming plague or relieving others of demons,

(2) increase of lifespan, intelligence, wealth, and so forth,

(3) control of resources, persons harmful to others' welfare, etc., and

(4) ferocity, such as expelling or confusing harmful beings."


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