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Nairatmya = the ego-less one

Central Tibet, 1500CE.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

tadyatha om gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha


Jyotishavidya Practice

Psychic Preparation

for a Useful and Accurate Jyotishavidya Reading

Settle your Mind, and prepare well-formulated questions to guide the reading

Q: -- Can't you see my life situation in the charts?

Isn't it like looking at a photograph or watching a movie?

Why do you need background information?

Why does the state of my mind have anything to do with the Jyotishavidya reading?

A: -- Namaste,

Looking at Jyotishavidya charts is somewhat like looking at a photograph, except that the photograph is multi-dimensional. The nativity reveals the personality from many angles and at numerous depths.

Yes the life situation is visible in the charts. Keep in mind that human beings are very complicated and detailed entities . There is a vast amount of information available in the kundali plus all of the varga plus the various dasha timelines. It would probably take five years of non-stop talking to deliver an exhaustive reading for any one person.

In a two-hour reading format, background information along with well-formulated questions is essential to frame the topics of current interest to you.

Jyotishavidya is one of the components of the ancestral Veda. A vidya combines mystical intuition with rational knowledge. Jyotishavidya combines the Jyotiṣika's psychic sensitivity, geometric intelligence, and understanding of time, with a large body of systematic astronomical data and astrological semantics.

Jyotisha readings are not the same as strictly intuitive psychic readings. In psychic aura readings, the reader is looking for color patterns or pictures in the various layers of the aura, In hands-on healing, the reader-healer is actually moving energy swaths around within the aura, or brushing out obstructing subtle patterns from the aura.

Jyotisha readings require not only the profoundly intuitive attention needed in psychic readings, but also rational attention that engages a set of mathematical rhythms.

The Jyotiṣika concentrates on the most prominent patterns - both intuitive and rational - which capture the current interest. However, without guiding questions posed by the querent, it would be easy for the Jyotishi to focus on what is most professionally intriguing about the nativity and possibly skip over the issues that are of strongest concern to you.

Also, preparing for a reading by writing a clear and specific description of your situation can help release the anxiety about the issues of concern, simply by handling the issues as facts rather than inchoate fears.

The situation is similar to going to the physical doctor when one is sick. The patient may want a magical healing of their toxic imbalance. Yet the doctor thinks systematically, and the doctor needs to know as much background as possible to pinpoint which one of multitudes of internal body systems is out of balance.

Similarly, there are multitudes of internal systems within Jyotishavidya. Just as a diagnosing physician cannot possibly guess what is wrong with a patient (unless they have a lucky hit) a Jyotiṣika cannot guess which of the many, many planetary interactions is dominating the person's consciousness. Therefore, specific factual background is essential to zero-in on the important patterns.

Please articulate your situation as fully as possible. It is especially important to define where you are now in the process, and what your desired outcome would be. Obstacles and assets can be evaluated. When the questions use specific vocabulary, it is much likely that the Jyotiṣika can match the situation to the astrological markers within the time allotted.

If another person is intimately involved (spouse, lover, parent, child, business partner, etc.) and you can obtain the birth place, time, and date for that person, that is also very helpful in determining the outcome of a well-defined situation.

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama

Tell Meddling Spirits to Get Lost

Letter to a client requesting a reading regarding a taboo social relationship:

Your romantic situation profiles a very common emotional predicament. It is common, yet it is taboo. This relationship challenges bourgeois moral standards.

Therefore, readings regarding this relationship may generate a psycho-emotional charge that shows the presence of meddling spirits.

If an accurate reading is to be accomplished, it is valuable to prepare the psychic environment.

  • First and foremost, it is essential to have complete and accurate dates, times, and places for you and the other person. The birth data should be known from birth certificates * or clock-time written by a birth attendant.

  • Approximate birth times can produce misleading results. If a birth time is not known to the minute with confidence , please understand that rectification is required before any reading can be undertaken.

Have either of you two been married previously? If so, it is necessary to know the month/year of previous marriages, separations, and divorce. These dates may reveal important relationship patterns.

What is the desired outcome, from your point of view? Best case for your interests? Worst case for your interests? It is possible to zero-in much more accurately on the likelihood of various scenarios, if those hoped-for (or feared) scenarios can be defined in the questions.

From a psychic point of view, it is critically important to clearly state what you honestly want - and also, perhaps, what you dread. Discarnate spirits usually attend divinatory readings. The lower quality of these spirits like to feed on the fearful hiding energy - that surrounds secret relationships. When the inquiry is clearly framed, the hiding energy can be flushed out of its camouflage.

When people come into a divinatory reading space all loaded up with fears and then they demand just tell me what you see, they are going to get either a mirror-reflection of their fears or misleading junk.

This is not the fault of the astrologer/diviner. It is the fault of the person coming for the reading.

Analogously, a person might go to a physician with the same attitude. Doc, just tell me what you see! Unless the physician is a super-psychic with demon-destroying powers (and maybe there are some of these miracle workers but they tend to be saints not working doctors!) the physician will do a superficial symptom assessment which can be quite wrong.

However, if the patient goes to the physician and says, here is a profile of my discomforts, here's when it started and how it feels physically and how I feel about it emotionally ... Then the physician can focus on matching medical phenomena to the patient's self-reported patterns. Their 30 minutes of consultation time can be much more productive. Doctors may have hunches, but they do not follow a wild guess. Patient honesty and objectivity is utterly essential to a correct diagnosis.

It is the same with divinatory readings within the samayavidya. Astrological readings are evaluations of astral patterns - that is, energetic images which surround and interpenetrate the physical shell, which contain codes for experiences and events past, present, and future. Divinations of all types can be very successfully blocked by the fear levels of the person giving and receiving the reading.

People with crippling levels of fear may demand, "Just tell me what you see!" Then immediately they throw an impenetrable dark cloud of fear, mistrust, and uncertainty into their astral space. Psychicly, this no-see energy is like pulling down window-blinds. Especially when the information is scary or overstimulating, such as shame, abandonment, or death, it is absolutely essential to diligently remove the natural fear that attends these scenarios * before * attempting a divinatory reading.

Professional astrologer snormally meditate, and intentionally clear their psychic space before embarking upon a divination. Even a simple prasna requires a preliminary prayer of alignment.

While clearing the space to prepare for a reading, it is helpful to politely welcome the spirits. For example, they like the scent of burning incense. Once welcomed to observe but not meddle, they are apprised of boundaries, and generally there is no unwanted interference.

For reasons of clarity and neutrality, anxiety needs to be released regarding fear of loneliness, abandonment, humiliation, financial or emotional poverty, other terror.

  • The best way for a literate person to clear their psychic space before a reading is to write down one' s true and complete expectations.

How do you think the situation may develop? What do you secretly want, as opposed to what you think you should want?

Humans will always get what one authentically wants - not what someone else believes that you should want (guilt).

Try to be completely honest. By framing one's expectations with the lead-in: "if money were no object and no one else's feelings/opinion really mattered, what would I like to happen?"

Since the subconscious is not concerned with time or money nor with anyone's desires except yours, if you factor out anxiety about self-worth (money) and other people's judgements, you will get a pretty good bead on what is going to happen.

By contrast, the best way to sabotage a Jyotisha reading is to disturb yourself, or disturb the Jyotiṣika, with nervous knee-jerk non-permissions. Objections like "that's not a possible outcome because I can't afford it" or "you (the Jyotiṣika) have to be wrong because you are saying something that my mother/father/spouse/guru doesn't allow me to do/think/have" .

The best way to sort out the permission/non-permission, true desire vs guilt, self-worth vs victim-mind, is to WRITE.

Writing out the situation, and the questions arising from it, is a remarkably helpful psychic preparation for the reading. Writing puts fears into objective words. The act of writing can take much of the fermenting nervous anxiety out of the divinatory setting.

Having cleared out much of the truth-resistance energy by writing honestly, the divinatory outcomes are likely to seem quite logically matched to your true expectations.

Many astrologers have clients come back years later, to say that while they dismissed the reading as preposterous at the time, the outcomes did occur as predicted. Looking back, they can see that they were needing to hold onto a false view of themselves due to fear of social judgment.

Often without acknowledging it, one may be living in psychic slavery to a parent, guru-guide, charismatic preacher, spouse-mate, sibling, or even a manipulative child.

It is also possible to be psycho-emotionally enslaved to a hitch-hiking disembodied spirit dwelling in the lower astral realms. Amongst this variety of manipulative spirit-guides, the usual culprits are deceased relatives who were not able to fulfill their own expectations during their own life-spans and are looking for an employee who can do their bidding.

They sometimes hitchhike parasitically on living relatives who have a similar character to their own, in order to process their own inventory of images - and their own fears - through someone else's body. Parasites are often difficult to detect and perhaps even more difficult to eradicate.

The physical body can experience the subtly draining influence of this sort of free-loading spirit. Whether embodied (a parent, guru, or judging relative) or disembodied (feeding ghosts) their presence can be felt as a heavy sense of life's obligations, nagging background guilt, low back pain. It can become increasingly more challenging to summon enough life-force focus to realize one's own goals. Or one may live with a persistent low-level grief which feels like a cloud of depression.

Similar to a midnight gasoline thief who siphons fuel from the neighbor's cars, predatory spirits can siphon one's psychic fuel.

Typically when someone else's energy is in your space, whether that someone else is living or dead, it feels like a constant nagging criticism marked by an abundance of can't and don't energy. A person who is quite intelligent and well funded may nevertheless feel afraid to travel, scared to try new things, or resistant to making healthy lifestyle changes. That is evidence of a lurking phantom. Often the resistance is not coming from one's own true healthy self but rather from a distressed agent of psychic invasion.

Luckily, this energy-drain situation is easy to fix. In psychic conversation, siting in a chair with one's feet on the floor for grounding, the predators can be told to respect boundaries.

Tell them to get out.

The rule = the person who actually owns the body - who is You - has seniority .

Remember, psychic bondage can force an unconscious human to deny their authentic desires, in order to be someone that the C ontrolling Other wants one to be.

Naturally, family members are cherished. But do be aware that the closer a person is to you, the more privilege they can claim to dumping *their* fears into *your* space.

The reading can be much more successful, validating, and directly useful when the questions are delivered by your own pure bright spirit, unencumbered by the guilt and grief of ancestors and current relatives.


H.H. Dalai Lama and Alexander Berzin. (1997).

The Gelug/Kagyu Tradition of Mahamudra

" We can experience things without confusion and without being tense.

Even the most disturbed, nervous person has moments of clarity and calmness

-- even if only when he or she is peacefully asleep and dreaming pleasant or innocuous dreams.

Furthermore, since confusion limits mind from using its full potentials,

once confusion is gone, a utilization of all potentials can also exist.

Therefore, since we all have a mind, and all minds have the same nature of being able to experience whatever exists,

we can all realize and experience the definitive Three Precious Gems.

In addition, the further we travel in this safe direction through the mahamudra techniques

-- in other words, the more we realize the nature of mind and its relation to reality --

the more confident we become in the soundness of this direction and our ability to reach its goal.

The stronger our confidence, the further we progress along the path."

-from The Path to Enlightenment

by 14th Dalai Lama 1935- Policy of Kindness Tenzing Gyatso, edited and translated by Glenn H. Mullin. p.117

" In this practice one recollects negativity, contemplates its nature, generates apprehension of its karmic implications, and resolves to purify one's mind of the negative traces. On the basis of this resolve one takes refuge, develops the bodhimind and enters the Vajrasattva meditation or whatever method is being used. One can also do exercises such as prostrations and so forth. This concentration of purifying energies destroys the potency of negative karmic imprints like the germ of a barley seed roasted in a fire.

  • Here it is important to begin the meditation session with a contemplative meditation and then to transform this into settled meditation for a prolonged period of time.
  • One abides in the settled meditation until it begins to lose intensity, and then temporarily reverts to contemplative meditation in order to invigorate the mind, returning to fixed meditation once a contemplative atmosphere has been restored.

Generally our mind is habituated to directing all of our energies into things that benefit this life alone, things of no spiritual consequence. By performing these types of meditations, our natural attachment to the meaningless activities of this life subsides and we begin to experience an inner appreciation for spiritual values.

When spontaneously one's mind appreciates spiritual rather than mundane goals one has become an active practitioner of initial perspective."


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