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H. H. Dalai Lama, 365 Dalai Lama: Daily Advice from the Heart,

Anyone who is indifferent to the well-being of other people,

and to the causes of their future happiness,

can only be laying the ground for their own misfortune.


  • Old French sorcerie, from sorcier"sorcerer,"
  • from Vulgar Latin. * Sortiarius, lit."one who influences, fate, fortune,"
  • from Latin sors (gen. sortis)"lot, fate, fortune" (see sort).
  • Sorceress (c.1384) is attested much earlier than sorcerer (1526).

Q: Dear Mrs. Lama,Thanks for your help with interpreting the charts for me and my girlfriend. I need to ask your help to figure out how to get my girlfriend to get closer to me, both physically and emotionally. Is there a gemstone I can get for her, or maybe a book she could read to understand me better? I am sure that she's the girl for me but I'm having so much trouble getting her to see why we should be together... Here's the story:

Lee Anne is a presenter on our local TV channel here in Los Angeles. I watch a lot of television because I'm a video editor and frankly I also have a lot of free time. I knew Lee Anne from seeing her on TV, then I met her at a studio party. At the party, ioffered to read her palm (my mom taught me how) and she seemed really into it. She looked deep into my eyes when I was talking about her lines and I thought I felt her falling in love with me. Soon after, she asked me to read her palm again, and we ended up having dinner and talking. She kept looking into my eyes and she seemed so fascinated with everything I said about her. After that I emailed her a couple of times and she was so friendly. I knew she was my girl then.

Well, that's when I ordered the marriage reading from you. I am crazy in love with this girl. I have watched all of her shows 100 times, taped them to re-watch, and I dream about her every night. And I think about her every day. I am studying our charts as you explained them and I think we will be happy together. I wanted to ask you about marriage timing, when you think we will get married?

I am ready now. She doesn't seem to be ready though.

She's stopped emailing me. When I called her to tell her how much I missed her, she said that she really appreciated the palm readings but that she doesn't want to go out with me.

I'm so sure this is the right girl, i've checked Tarot and I-Ching and all the readings show the soulmate. So I'm really confused and I need your help. I think I see where we both have marriage periods coming up, but I feel a little desperate and I need your help to bring her back.

A : Dear Pete,

If the young woman is not returning your attentions, you might have to be more honest with yourself. She is not interested. To continue to obsess about her and dream about her and watch her TV shows on tape 100 times will eventually turn you into a psychic predator.

If she's not returning your calls or emails, that means she doesn't want to continue your relationship. It sounds like your actual social relationship was very brief, and that you saw great potential after one meeting, and perhaps you developed that potential into a major fantasy [12].

She on the other hand did not care to develop the potential. She has other interests and she is not feeling connected to you.

So what you might have to deal with is an infatuation, afantasy, or a speculative projection. That's not a human social relationship: it's an astral mirage.

It is not beneficial to use Jyotisha marriage compatibility rules or Tarot readings or any other form of divination to convince yourself that the mirage is really an attraction * akarshana * between two people who love each other and want to get married.

To do so is misusing the vidya but perhaps much more importantly, to do so is harmful to mental stability and social health.

Perhaps in other lifetimes, the relationship is voluntary and productive. However in this lifetime, the consensus-reality fact is that she has spoken her intention. It is vitally important - not only for her but for you - to honor her wishes.

Bottom line: divinatory imagery cannot help you to get "closer" to her, and it would be strongly recommend that, for reasons of psychic integrity, you leave her alone.

It is critically important for folks with divinatory skills, such as you were taught by your mom, to use their divinations only to help people.

Never try to control other people against their will by mis-using your psychic or intuitive powers.

Dominating others via projecting one's own desires into a person's private psychic space is called black magic, or sorcery.

  • The adjective black describes this desire-projection's thick, threatening dark cloud of oily smoke [Rahu] which blocks the victim's natural light of self-knowledge.

Psychic invasion is forbidden. Among clairsentients and diviners, the act of using someone's soul-imagery ; without their permission (6, unbalance, out-of-contract) = a psychic crime.

  • Psychic invasion is psycho-emotionally similar to a home invasion or a physical assault, except that the predation happens exclusively on the astral plane.
  • It is a form of energy theft (6)
  • Exploitationof divining skills for unsavory purposes (6) ; must be scrupulously avoided if the person who has the divinatory gift wishes to remain psychically healthy oneself..

Unless she has welcomed you into her life, it is not appropriate to continue to project your unmet needs into this young woman's dream space. It is recommended to not continue to read her Jyotisha charts, or look for her marriage timing, or ask the Tarot cards whether and when you will be married to Lee Anne.

When a person tells you that they do not want you to participate in their life, it is time to stop doing divinations about them and their activities. Otherwise you will get sucked into a delusory tantric trap.

Your Ketu in bhava-7 signals potential for boundary issues within relationships.

Even though you have very well developed divinatory skills and you can penetrate her aura quite easily with your concentrated intuitive imaging, please apply the ethical discipline of respecting her boundaries.

Sadly, it is not uncommon to see psychically predatory projecting behavior in young male students of Jyotishavidya (and other divinatory arts).

This unfortunate pattern generally, involves an introverted, studious, and somewhat manipulative but intelligent young student of divinatory arts, who may obtain the birth data of a feminine-person ; with whom they have a casual social relationship. Often the object of inquiry is a young lady who the young fellow has met in a public setting.

The erstwhile diviner may offer the young woman a palm reading, or astrology reading, or remedial gem advice, read their Tarot cards, offer an aura reading, etc. Having some intimate knowledge of the young woman's psychic terrain, the fellow then builds an imaginary relationship with her, constructing an authentic union with all the details, and begins to think of her as his wife.

He is dreaming about her, studying the divinations about her, and generally practicing a nasty sort of black magic in order to attract this female into his life.

The material he uses as a "key" to enter her private space is the information that she provided him in order to do the psychic reading: the temperature-image map of her aura from hands-on aura healing, her birth data for an astrological chart, the map of her palm, or her deepest personal questions for a throwing of dice or a reading of cards. Yes, she voluntarily and trustingly did give him that key.After the reading or perhaps a series of readings is completed, the lady - who has no interest in an intimate relationship - may perceive the persistent diviner as overly persistent or even predatory. Yet the smitten chap may slide deeper and deeper into his fantasy belief.

The obsession may be justified by the expedient [Rahu] claim that the relationship is /fated/ .

Of course, the delusory dynamic is not limited to masculine minds. Womenfolk may do the same thing with men toward whom they have developed an emotionally urgent but socially groundless attraction * akarshana *. Often the enchanting masculine object is married or otherwise unavailable. Yet the smitten lady may insist that the relationship is /destined/ .

Here is a cautionary tale about how easy it is to slip into sorcery and start to invest credibility into a delusory projection. The protagonist was not much self-aware. Rather than assess her own needs and take steps to care for herself, she projected a passionate fantasy on an unwilling man. The result was tragic.

The Faux Fiancé

Here's the story:

  • A 40-something woman, very lovely, physically fit and exceptionally well dressed, attended a conservative church nearby. This woman was divorced with two grown children.
  • She seemed very pleasant on the surface; However, her sister mentioned that " Susie" was no-contact from her two children and her grandchildren.
  • Also, despite living in a modest working-class neighborhood and holding a part-time clerical job, she dressed in an elite, financially privileged style.

Susie told everyone that she was planning to be married in the summer, to a silver-haired businessman and member of her church congregation. She said it had been love at first sight. While they had been very careful to follow their catechism (no"dating" ) she had already bought a gorgeous wedding dress for the ceremony. She had been touring nice hotels and restaurants in the area to find the best venue for her wedding reception.

" Susie" invited me to see her dress, which I admired, and so she put on the gown for me to see her in it. She looked radiantly beautiful! While modeling her gown, she told me further details about her beloved: his noble character, how her first husband had been irreligious and how this man was so firmly rooted in his faith. She mentioned his annual mission of charitable service, his dedication to his children, and more fine qualities. I felt very happy for her.

The summer came and went, but there was no word on Susie's marriage. I had expected one day to see limousines pulling up to her house door, trucks delivering wedding gifts, or at least a handsome, impeccably dressed older man walking up her front steps. In the autumn, susie was evicted from her house for non-payment of rent. (She lived alone in a family-sized home). I saw her carrying out a number of boxes, some furniture, and that beautiful wedding gown - in a large, transparent plastic bag.

Her sister came to help Susie with the packing, and I asked whether the wedding had been cancelled. Oh no! laughed the sister. There was no wedding in reality. That man who was Susie's /fated/ husband, the love at first sight fellow, had been a happily married father of a family for 20 years. He was indeed a loyal worshipper at the church which he and Susie attended, but he knew Susie only distantly.

"Susie created the whole thing in her head," said her sister. "Her buying that wedding dress, on credit, as if the dress would create the wedding -- that was the craziest thing I ever saw" .

Apparently Susie had just decided, based on her long-unmet urgent needs : it was /destiny/ . He was the Answer.

On the deceptive basis of her (anxiety-driven) false certainty ;that he was /The One/ Susie made a number of important decisions. She not only bought an expensive ceremonial wedding dress. She also stopped paying her house rent -- reasoning of course that she would be moving into her new husband's home. According to her sister, susie had also quit her job in anticipation of her new role as the wife of a ; businessman and prominent member of their church.

A comprehensive solution

Susie had a host of life-problems. She had a personality disorder that caused sudden, angry tirades. She was very artistic and trained as an interior decorator, but she had been fired from several firms and sued by unhappy clients. She had chronic financial problems due to luxury spending that caused multiple bankruptcies and the implosion of her marriage. She had no friends. Her own children would not talk with her due to ; previous abuses.

To remove these enduring problems with one simple magical action , she constructed the Perfect Marriage and Lifestyle. She populated the dream with fantasy players, including the hapless churchman who ended up having to obtain a restraining order against her.

Word to the wise

" Susie" had consulted a number of psychics, who apparently all told her that her wedding was right around the corner.

At the height of her disordered frenzy, susie would have been cycling through the full photographic inventory of her active imagination, all day every day.

It is likely that these readers were seeing astral-photographic images of Susie's vivid and detailed expectations, including her beautiful dress and the handsome, prosperous husband.

Most psychic readers are not concerned with specific timelines, as Jyotiṣika are. Typically intuitive readers look clairvoyantly ; for a vivid photo-narrative of the querent's present moment . By contrast, astrologers generally look for deeper pre-incarnationally planned instructions which provide answers to questions of not only "what" but also "why" . Jyotiṣika usually add a " when" .

/Fated/ ?

In Susie's case, the psychic readers just reported ; -- accurately -- the imagery that they detected in Susie's aura . Unfortunately, every time Susie had her fantasy confirmed with some form of skilled divination, she received further validation for the /inevitable/ quality of her delusion, and her convictions grew ever more tangible.

Her unmet needs continued to rage. Her delusion grew roots.

The psychics who bolstered Susie's confidence in the validity of her imagery were not being unethical. They were just doing their jobs.

The only person responsible for Susie's disappointment is Susie. Among other disabilities, susie is immature and self-referential. Rather than meditate on her own unmet needs, she reactively projected her needs upon an unwilling human object. She tried to psychically coerce another person into meeting her own needs. Naturally, her dream boomeranged and her losses are now compounded .

In the end, susie did not hurt anyone except herself. Her beloved faux fiancé - a middle aged, socially confident, and prayerful man - was psychically proactive once he found out ; what was going on. He felt that her behavior was so disordered that he requested to have her excluded from their religious congregation (sangha). She was ; embarrassed by the church enquiry, and moved to another town.

QUOTATION from Deity Yoga in Action and Performance Tantra

by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, tsong-ka-pa, and Jeffrey Hopkins

" The self that is merely designated to mind and body has two natures, conventional and ultimate; its final nature is the ultimate one--the suchness of self which is free from all signs of dualistic elaborations.

The mind that knows one's own nature to be beyond the limits of dualistic elaborations in accordance with its actual mode of subsistence ascertains suchness.

Emptiness is called suchness because the nature of phenomena is exhausted as just such, as nothing else. The contemplation of suchness as equally the nature of yourself and the deity being meditated on is called the ultimate deity.

Just as one's own nature or mode of being is ultimately free from all elaborations of the conception of inherent existence and is essentially at peace since the self is only nominally existent, so is the status of the deity being meditated."


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