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Psychic Teachers and Their Humanity

Distinguishing the Messenger vs. The Message

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It's All in You!

from the chapter:"Transmission"

in Meditation in Action

by Chögyam Trungpa, p. 31

" A spiritual teacher shows you the awakened state -- as if he or she possessed your wealth.

It is as though someone else possesses your own belongings, and you are asking him or her to give them back to you.

That is what it is, in fact! But one has to go through the kind of ritual of receiving something from the outside.

Transmission does not mean that the teacher is imparting his knowledge or her discovery to you - that would be impossible.

Even Buddha could not do so."

Authentic spiritual teachers will always impart a deep sense of certainty and self-validation to their students.

Spiritual education is a process of uncovering, discovery, recovery, and re-possession.


Letter to a client who chose to embark on her psychic education during a very fruitful but sometimes overwhelmingly sensitive and reactive Jupiter/Rahu period .

She was noticing her own personality conflicts with some of the teachers in the psycho-spiritual education process. The institute at which she studies has an excellent reputation. The native is an established mid-life professional, who is accustomed to receiving the respect accorded to those at her station in life.

I wouldn't bother to give this perspective if you were in a Saturn or a Mercury period, because those periods are not for deep transformative ambition.

Presently you are experiencing the powerfully transformative Jupiter/Rahu period = a chidra-dasha forgiveness-release "cutting off"and"emotional closure" period of you life.

Guru/Rahu is not only the final"release" bhukti of a major dasha, but also a theatrical stage especially decorated for the grand entrance of"Churner of Oceans "a mbitiously ascending Rahu!

risk-rewarding Rahu's desire for transformation via elevation of status goes deep into the psyche. So, aRahu-related a word about the psychic student-teacher relationship:

There are good and bad psychic teachers, just like there are good and bad physicians.

Your institute is an important center of healing in the West. They maintain a conscious and purposeful policy of disallowing guru-energy, and they insist on the self-evident truth of the student's Intuition. Generally, they are a highly aware group, and much valuable healing is accomplished there.

However, it is natural for beginning students to hit energy barriers with individual teachers. Most teachers are sincere, but most also have the"wounded healer" syndrome. Some parts of them are clean and confident; other parts are wounded and festering.

  • So, when you hit a pocket of reactive pain in someone who is supposedly advanced enough to be a"teacher" - , the teacher misbehaves - don't panic.

  • Put up your auric force-field, and keep listening to the messages that they are channeling.

  • Pay double attention.

Try to distinguish the messenger from the message! (Not always easy!)

Psychically, colliding with the personality of the teacher can be a good thing. The collision means you and the teacher were together in a parallel life , and your relationship was terminated at that"stuck" point that is now regaining your attention. Usually if one party releases the energy, the other one will"match" the release and you are both done with it.

Be ready to assert your seniority if the teacher's pain matches your pain.

Just because the teacher is stuck does not mean that you need to be stuck - with the pain, or with the teacher!! Put yourself first.

Lots of people get so fascinated with the matching trauma, they forget to learn. They experience"matching pain" with a teacher. They say,"that teacher is worse than I am!" Mesmerized like a deer in the headlights, they cling to the"problem with the teacher." They could stay stuck in that teacher's personality issue for incarnations!!

-- H. H. Dalai Lama

" Compassion is the desire for another to have freedom from suffering.

Love is the desire for another to have happiness."

Rahu can produce a lot of this type of emotional intensity .

Best advice

  • See the teacher's pain/doubt /fear

  • congratulate your clever self for having seen a mirror-image of precisely the energy you were hoping to release

  • release it quickly

  • fill-up with pure light

This is the way to release darkness and increase light.

You may well be more emotionally mature than your younger teachers.

You will likely have more worldly knowledge. With over fifty years of self-inquiry under your belt, you will likely not be psychically"stuck" in places where they personally are mired.

So, you might find that in areas where your intuition is already strong and tested, some of the messenger's message - or the way they are expressing that message - is false for you.

Just like in science, the false messages are often more important than the true ones. When your intuition says "false" you are sensing a critically important Boundary .

This Truth Boundary is really, really important when using a psychic messenger's information about your physical health. Maintain a healthy skepticism about the messenger's personality. Constantly compare the new information to what your body intuitively tells you.

At the same time be aware that most of us have been heavily programmed by the allopathic medical lobby, so be skeptical about conventional medical info too!

Before monkeying with the natural healing systems of The earthen body , be sure that your intuitive Self agrees. If your own intuition confirms, the psychic messages can be equally or more valuable than conventional medical information.

It is always most comfortable and familiar (Soma) to learn from teachers who are of one's same general age and settled cultural background [Chandra].

The more we have culturally in common with the teacher, the less potential for distraction. Less time spent negotiating conflicts between different cultural"packaging" of spiritual wisdom, means more time available to negotiate the meta-cultural psycho-spiritual issues.

You're probably familiar with Rahuvian religious "wanna-be's " who dress in the garb of another culture, eat a foreign diet and chant in an alien tongue so they can be spiritually"attuned" to a guru from an exotic culture...

True wisdom in Jyotisha is indicated by Professor Guru , and Brihaspati is by name and nature"all-inclusive" . Guru accepts and accommodates all things; all phenomena, all existence, encompassing the full extent of the Dharma.

Unfortunately, the priesthoods of all high religions have practiced"job security" for millennia by packaging wisdom-teachings in a mysterious aura of elaborate rituals, fancy costumes, and elite phraseology (if not entirely forbidden sacred languages!).

In addition to the natural element of mystery in religious experience, priests of questionable motive have happily added several layers of intentional and irrational superstitious mystification.


"Transmission" in Meditation in Action

by Chögyam Trungpa, p. 32

"In terms of transmission, in order to avoid charging up the ego, it is necessary to ask some external person to give you something, so that you feel that something is given to you.

Then you don't regard it as your wealth, which he or she is giving back to you, but as something very precious of his or hers. So one must also be very grateful to the teacher.

That is a great protection against the ego, since you do not look on the awakened state as something discovered within yourself, but as something which someone else has given you. In reality, the transmission is simply discovered within oneself.

All the teacher can do is to create the situation ."

It is easiest and least distracting to receive wisdom-teachings in one's own language [Guru].

In our global society, the opportunities for switching cultures/religions in mid-stream is certainly available, and the mysterious glitter of priestly trappings is as magically wonderful as it ever was! Exotic [Rahu]"wisdom packaging" is especially attractive to older teenagers/young adults who are struggling to form their own ordinary emotional identity [Chandra].

  • But the downside of the glitter, and the relief of that charming distraction of the "packaging" = one can mistake the package for the wisdom inside!

That type of distraction is a time-waster, and it's one of the reasons why H. H. Dalai Lama recommends that folks stick with the spiritual tradition they were raised in , if at all possible...

Christianity and Buddhism which have liberal sacred-text translation policies make their teachings more accessible. Whereas Hinduism, islam and to some extent Judaism which keep their sacred texts bound to the tribal language, are not so user-friendly.

...and in the present case the reference is to psychic teachers in the USA speaking only in vernacular, so the issue is not the language of transmission but rather the emotional maturity, cultural habits, and personal expression of the teacher.

However, Rahu's explicit job during Rahu bhukti is to bring"exotic foreigners " into one's life .

Your teachers will be different from oneself in many ways. Expect personality collisions. If you can use these collisions as learning laboratories to confirm your own Intuition, you will get your money's worth!

I'm not suggesting that you masochistically remain with a rotten teacher, but if you do encounter an immature or reactive messenger (and It is likely that you will encounter them, because Boundary-Ranger Rahu's job is to bring in foreign energy ) try to stick around long enough to be sure you have distinguished the messenger from the message.

Occasionally a supposed messenger is so traumatized that they are incapable of channeling truth.

Whatever they say creates inner conflict for you; your intuition begs to be heeded; they increase your self-doubt and other negative energy. This is evidence of psychic fraud.

If you receive psychic info which violently contradicts your intuition, that messenger is a fraud, and of course you should leave.

(There are frauds in both East and West!)

Authentic spiritual teachers will always impart a deep sense of certainty and self-validation to their students.

The opposite signs -- inner conflict and self-doubt -- are reliable signals that it's time to walk out.

It is unlikely that there are any frauds at your honorable institution, but you might notice some out there in private practice.

If so, just give the matching"lie" energy a psychic"hello," reconfirm the power of your intuition to detect Truth and Lie, and move on.

Whew! I didn't realize I had so much to say on this subject! Must be your Rahu magnetically evoking a message about Intense Healing Work! This might seem like overkill right now, but keep this email for ready reference when you hit your first obnoxious teacher (or you suspect your Poseur in Disguise)!

Tantra in Tibet

by 14th Dalai Lama 1935- Policy of Kindness Tenzing Gyatso, tsong-ka-pa and Jeffrey Hopkins,


" Tsong-ka-pa's intention in praising Buddhism is not to insult other teachers.

Statements of the greatness of Buddhism are made in order to develop one-pointedness of mind toward practice, for one who is able to practise Buddhism must generate effort to do so. It is necessary for him to have confidence in Buddha's teaching from the round orb of his heart.

There is a Tibetan saying that one cannot sew with a two-pointed needle or achieve aims with a two-pointed mind.

Similarly, if a practitioner is hesitant, he will not put great force into the practice of any one system. Tsong-ka-pa states that Buddhism is the best in order that persons who would be helped more through engaging in the Buddhist path than through another system might not be diverted to another path."


The Gelug/Kagyü Tradition of Mahamudra

by Dalai Lama, with Alexander Berzin

p. 158

" No matter what our mind makes appear as an object of one of our six collections of consciousness - sights, sounds, smells, tastes, tactile or bodily sensations, or mental objects or events - we thoroughly scrutinize its mode of appearance.

Our mind is making it appear as though its existence were established by virtue of itself, empowered by some truly and inherently existent self-nature - and not by virtue simply of mental labeling establishing its existence as what can be labeled this" or that" from this side.

We thoroughly scrutinize this mode of appearance and the mode of existence it implies. There does appear to be something solidly there, not existing as what it is by virtue simply of mental labeling, but by virtue of itself, independently of anything else.

But, by reminding ourselves that it does not exist as it appears to exist - by being mindful that its existence and identity are not established through its own power - we automatically reconfirm and become even stronger in our conviction in its bare mode of existence.

In other words, as the text [the First Panchen Lama's A Root Text for the Precious Gelug/Kagyu Tradition of Mahamudra] says, [You experience] their bare mode of existence dawning in an exposed, resplendent manner.""


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