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Money Space

cintamani * mani * money

Acquiring the Money to Accomplish Authentic Goals

Strategic and Tactical Aspects of Spiritual Planning

Money is a type of // Permission to Create //

" Your problem is you're... Too busy holding onto your unworthiness."

~~Ram Dass

"Life is like a ten-speed bicycle.

Most of us have gears we never use."

~~ Charles Schultz, Cartoonist, "Peanuts"



God Says Yes To Me

by Kaylin Haughi

" I asked God if it was okay to be melodramatic

and she said yes

I asked her if it was okay to be shori

and she said it sure is

I asked her if I could wear nail polish

or not wear nail polish

and she said honey

she calls me that sometimes

she said you can do just exactly

what you want to

Thanks God I said

And is it even okay if I don't paragraph

my letters

Sweetcakes God said

who knows where she picked that up

what I'm telling you is

Yes Yes Yes."

~~~ " God Says Yes To Me" by Kaylin Haught, from The Palm of Your Hand. Tilbury House Publishers, 1995.

Acquiring cintamani * mani * money is like acquiring groceries at a supermarket. As you know from experience, if you go into the supermarket without a shopping list, you are likely to (a) buy a bunch of stuff you don't need and (b) forget a bunch of stuff that you do need.

The solution, as your mother has probably emphasized, is to always go shopping with a list. In other words, you need to have a plan.

Acquiring money to support and develop one's life goals is remarkably similar to acquiring foods for eating. Without a plan, one is likely to (a) spend what money one does have on a disconnected assortment of random things and experiences (b) exhaust the funds before one has bought the things and experiences that are truly needed and wanted. The solution, not surprisingly, is to have a plan.

  • What *is * Surprising = one does not need a financial plan (at least not in the beginning).

  • One needs a spiritual plan.

A spiritual plan is necessary because of the nature of cintamani * mani * money . Money is not a fixed substance. Money is magnetic spiritual energy. This spiritual energy is attracted to positive spiritual goals. Like attracts like.

Money = energy which travels along the channels which interconnect one's spiritual goals.

A Spiritual Plan will serve to consciously establish a hierarchical network of spiritual goals, which feed and inform each other.

Similar to the way blood flows through the pathways of the physical body, cintamani * mani * money can be understood as a nutrient energy which flows between and among those positive goals.

  • Money is magnetically attracted to authentic, positive goals.

  • Money will not flow toward negative concepts.

  • cintamani * mani * money will not flow toward goals which others have set for you on your behalf, but which are not authentic to you (will not make you happy).

  • If you treat money as a way of solving problems, the money will be repelled by the negative fearful energy of the problem s, and will not flow toward the problems.

  • cintamani * mani * money is permission energy, not problem energy.

  • Conversely, if money is directed toward a pure positive goal such as service of the divine, acquisition of knowledge, expression of freedom, fulfillment of happiness, enjoyment of health, service to humanity, etc. it flows beautifully.

Here is the spiritual blockage underlying most adult money problems in this outwardly healthy economy: most modern persons were socialized to interpret money as a part of the adult problem-set.

Thus, financial problem validate one's dignified adult status.

Typically, the model states that that kids have fun, but adults have responsibility . Adults are trained to associate money with social-class obligation, rather than with creative fun. Although artists, musicians, and other creative adults may re-educate themselves to think creatively with available assets, for the average adult that is childlike behavior. It is irresponsible. Fun is for kids. Adults use money as a way of validating their responsible sober lawful mature status - which is to say, we understand cintamani * mani * money as a type of problem.

Even the most capitalized adults think of themselves as carrying a burden of responsibility in regard to the socially proper use of money.

The nature of the proper use depends upon social class rank. Typically, the generalized expectations by class =

  1. working class = money is for spending on immediate needs
  2. middle/commercial class = money is to be shrewdly managed
  3. upper/entreasured class = money is for maintaining privileged connections

Since conventional financial planning is problem-oriented, it contains quite a bit of negative thought. Phrases such as protection against illness and death, or security in bad economy are common slogans of professional financial planners.

That is why people who are stuck in seeing money as a problem rarely benefit from conventional financial strategies until the subject of money loses its negative psychic associations, and their positive spiritual goals are clearly established.

Of course, a few people in each generation are born into exceptionally high-capital-entreasurement families. These persons are given superior educations which train them to perform high-level ministries of service. Due to the confidence embedded during their upbringing, their lives are essentially free of financial anxieties. They may have some personal emotional problems, but they are not blocked financially.

Everyone receives the same weight of learning burden = karmic taskload. The quality varies; the details vary; but the quantity is approximately the same for everyone. If Money is not their Shani-fear problem then some other situation is designed to enforce the repeating lessons which eventually transform ignorance into [akashic memory patterning]. Everyone is working on something in this lifer.

Unfortunately, you may have trouble finding a Certified Spiritual Planner . You will probably need to form your spiritual plan * alone in meditation * in consultation with the ishtadevata god of your heart. (Or with a capable Jyotiṣika!)

If you are interested in doing that, you may want to know some basic principles of money-energy management and the steps to generating all the money that you need

  • Determine your ultimate life goals. Be in the spiritual Center, where view is clear.

  • Marshall all of your resources behind those goals. Be on the spiritual Offensive - advancing toward your Goals!

  • Be very, very diligent about other people's energy blocking your progress toward your goals. Be on the spiritual Defensive - warding off threats to your troops as they advance toward their goals!

Step One:

Meditations on Being Rich, in which you Determine your ultimate life goals.

  1. The absolutely most difficult step = to Escape the Victim Space . The victim space is the reality created by believing that things are happening "to" you. One needs to be willing to believe, perhaps only tentatively, that you are actively co-creating your reality, in partnership with compassionate divine forces. If you can step up to the belief that you create your own reality with every breath you take (every leaf you rake) then you can start to create more money.

  2. Unfortunately most people cannot proceed beyond step one. Most people will suffer huge money anxiety for their entire lives because they do not have permission to make a shopping list. hey believe that they must remain trapped in chaos, and Therefore, they will not allow themselves to make a spiritual plan.

  3. We wish them well, but we now leave them behind.

  4. Are you still with us? Yes, you can leave your punishment space behind? Excellent! You are ready to set up a network of prosperity channels that can guarantee a steady flow of money and opportunities throughout your life, with no excessive effort on your part.

  5. You have done the single most important job on this project. You have given yourself permission to have a spiritual plan!

  6. OK, the first thing to do is relax. Imagine you are fabulously rich. It doesn't matter how you got that way - could be winning lotto, inheriting mega-bucks, being born rich, or selling your dot-com at peak market. Really doesn't matter. Pay no attention to *how* you got rich. Just ***** feel***** how good it feels to be rich.

  7. Oooooh. Yes, it feels good!

  8. So, why does it feel so good?

  9. Because, in the feeling, you are having the experience that you think being rich can bring to you.

  10. Focus way deep on that feeling.

  11. You are experiencing PERMISSION

  12. The FEELING: For some people, money would give them permission to stop their mind-numbing job, and indulge a much-loved hobby. They may feel self-respect and passion.

  13. The FEELING: For some people, money would give them permission to stop living in pain, and start healing. They may feel safe and nurtured.

  14. The FEELING: For some people, cintamani * mani * money would give them permission to stop working compulsively for short-term goals and enjoy more meditation time. They may feel grounded and joyful.

  15. Your rich feelings might be profound emotional security, tremendous love for self and others, deep union with the divine, useful and lasting contribution to world peace, etc. These are profound, extremely meaningful feelings -- and they are your Ultimate spiritual goals. Write down your Ultimate spiritual goals.

Another name for Money is "Permission."

Step Two:

Orient your plan to the goals. Marshall all of your resources behind a set of practical activities which lead directly to your highest spiritual goals.

Be on the spiritual Offensive - advancing toward your Goals!

  1. Sit in your favorite chair. Imagine you are suddenly allowed to write bank-cheques in any amount for any activity you desire.

  2. To whom and for what service provided, are you writing bank-cheque? What is it you want to do with your loot?

  3. Let's say that one of my primary spiritual goals is to experience high levels of self-esteem and passion. Since I no longer need to perform my mind-numbing office job, I am free to pursue the studies I truly enjoy. Lets say I love old, dead languages. I am writing bank-cheque for tuition costs in a PhD program in Ancient Civilizations.

  4. The bank-cheque tells me that // as soon as I have permission // I passionately want to study ancient languages.

  5. Let's say I write another bank-cheque for a twice weekly full-body massage.

  6. The bank-cheque tells me that // as soon as I have permission // I passionately want to enjoy health and wellness.

  7. Let's say I write another bank-cheque for my child's education at the finest college and professional schools.

  8. The bank-cheque tells me that // as soon as I have permission // my child will have the best.

  9. Finish writing all the bank-cheques. Some will be longer term and some will be shorter term.

  10. Think strategically. Usually you will need to accomplish the shorter term in order to reach the longer term goals. For example, you will probably need to achieve or maintain a steady state of balanced health before you embark on a major travel venture.


  12. Organize the bank-cheques in tree-style graphic, with your ultimate goals at the top, branching (rooting) down into shorter term, practical activities which intentionally support those goals.

  13. Everything you do, everything you buy, everything you read, everything you dream, everything you eat, should intentionally support one of these goals.


  15. Consider the section of this strategic plan based on the positive spiritual goal of providing a child with a superior education. The positive channel leading to child's best results is open and flowing. The child is currently in elementary school. The child asks for educational software, which the teacher confirms will help the child to learn.

  16. However, the family budget is tight. Dad is tempted to say, // No. // Wouldn't it be better to save the $15 rather than buy the kiddie software -- invest it until college? No, it's better to buy the software. That purchase contributes positive energy toward this beautiful goal.

  17. Consider the section of the strategic plan leading toward realization of the positive spiritual goal of studying ancient languages. After establishing his spiritual life plan, the positive channel leading to advanced study is open and flowing.

  18. The family budget is tight. However, there is big-discount sale on lawn-mowers, and the home lawn-mower won't last more than another two years. Such a deal! Should we upgrade? No! Think: Intention to support. Unless lawn mowers have some critical role in advancing your spiritual goals, abjure. This cintamani * mani * money move would weaken the network by diverting resources to places they were not really needed.

  19. Keep the goal-focus strong and clear.

Step Three

Be very, very diligent about other people's energy blocking your progress toward your goals.

Be on the spiritual Defensive - warding off threats to your troops as they advance toward their goals!

  1. Other people's problems can easily block your spiritual progress, often with what is often ironically called // the best intentions // .

  2. Others may judge that the goals you have set for yourself are unrealistic, wasteful, or dangerous to the group. Others may hold a belief, part of their own belief system, that morally they must block you.
  3. Biggest interference may come from your own family.
  4. Consider the section of his strategic plan leading toward realization of the positive spiritual goal of health and wellness. He might want to pay for a yoga class or an Ayurvedic massage series. No, says his wife, that's unnecessary and too expensive. We need to spend your health money on sports equipment for the kids.
  5. Here you would be advised to think like a great general in a spiritual war. Of course you love your kids and of course they need sports equipment. Should you say oh, OK, I'll give up my wellness so my kids will have short-term advantage? Like any military general, you have limited resources, and there are time you need to set priorities should save our money for old age. Is she really saying // your health is not important to me// ? Or is she projecting her own scarcity fears? Is she using an outdated picture of old age as a weak, fearful time? You'll have to find out, and encourage her to invest in your health goal.
  6. In marriage it's helpful (but not required) to ask one's spouse to support one's spiritual goals. If the lifepartner continues to block you, it may be valuable to question whether they are really your ally.
  7. Consider the section of his strategic plan leading toward realization of the positive spiritual goal of studying ancient languages. Perhaps, rather than a packaged airline vacation, he might prefer to spend his time at a university summer session studying ancient Aramaic. But his family objects to the expense, saying it's too much time away from them - and they would rather sip umbrella drinks in Cancun!
  8. Should he go for the Aramaic? Yes!
  9. Like re-framing many outdated social practices, prioritizing one's own well-being requires stepping away from antiquated indoctrinations. It is a new process for many. It requires a new focus through a new lens. New evaluations, new assessments, new viewpoint that is distinctively not informed by guilt, grief, or expectation of social punishment.
  10. Experiment.

QUOTATION from Tenzing Gyatso, Answers: Discussions with Western Buddhists

Question: How do things exist if they are empty of inherent existence?

His Holiness:

" The doctrines of emptiness and selflessness do not imply the non-existence of things.

  • Things do exist.

When we say that all phenomena are void of self-existence, it does not mean that we are advocating non-existence, that we are repudiating that things exist. Then what is it we are negating?

  • We are negating, or denying, that anything exists from its own side, without depending on other things.

Hence, it is because things depend for their existence upon other causes and conditions that they are said to lack independent self-existence."


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