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Spiritual benefits of Jyotisha

In the end, the best reason to study Jyotisha is to obtain a huge spiritual release. This "release" occurs when a veil of ignorance is lifted, and one sees the pattern of life events unfolding according to the planetary script.

Suddenly, in this moment of truth, one obtains permission to

  • stop the exhausting cycle of fighting with life - trying to be someone different - and

  • start consciously partnering with life - working skillfully with who one *is *.

That is an amazing moment for most people!

Mental benefits of Jyotisha

The knowledge tradition of Jyotishavidya helps calms the mind. Through awareness of the repeating patterns in the stars and their reflected actions in human life on Earth, one comes to realize that the flow of life's experiences is largely pre-mapped. (Although it can certainly be redirected through conscious change).

  • This type of mental calm is not paralysis. It is not wildly exhilarating or superstitiously fearful. It is not the fanatic conviction of blind faith, nor a childlike one-love trust, nor a"deer in the headlights " lockdown caused by fear of the unknown.

  • Rather, the view of divine timing which can be seen through Jyotisha can create a deeply satisfying experience of completeness, rooted in total union with divine intent. It is conscious, positive, and"fortunate" .

Emotional benefits of Jyotisha

The Jyotisha viewpoint can provide a calm appreciation of one's own role in creating reality through one's own pattern of repeating actions and subconscious expectations.

  • This spiritually grounded view has served to aid many people in overcoming bitterness, resentment, anger and grief. Jyotisha exposes the fallacy of victim mind by demonstrating that nothing could ever happen"to"a person.

  • The Jyotisha divination can be a trigger which allows the native to release stored anger and bitterness felt from social invalidation.

  • This invalidation (sometimes traumatically severe) was caused by the native 's failure to be different than one truly is. Seeing the reality of an accurate self-image, the native stops banging his head against a brick wall.

  • One stops accepting criticism for being inadequate, for not fulfilling The destiny of others. Knowing oneself a bit better, one chooses an approach to life that is grounded in realistic expectations.

Closing the gap between expectation and reality

The greatest source of psycho-emotional unhappiness in life is caused by Self-criticismin view of the"gap" between expectation and reality.

  • The gap itself is created by parents, teachers, and others lacking wisdom of the native 's true self, who have filled the native 's heart and soul full of unreasonable and indeed "foreign" beliefs and goals.

  • These foreign, inappropriate self-images do appropriately belong to the parents, teachers, and influential icons such as celebrities and other role models. Unfortunately the native, not knowing who one is, accepts the psychic invasion of foreign images, and lives unhappily ever after, trying to be someone that one is not.

Psychic benefits of Jyotisha: Realism and Stronger Boundaries

For a normal person, trying to live a celebrity's life -- to be fabulously wealthy, stunningly beautiful, brilliantly intelligent, magnificently powerful -- is an exercise in self-hating futility. Yet, without knowledge of who one really is, the modern citizen falls victim to a lifetime of supposed"failure" .

  • On a smaller scale, the child who is psychically enslaved to one's parents' unfulfilled desires - forced to pursue an unsuitable profession, or marry an unsuitable spouse - is also a victim of poor boundaries caused by lack of self-knowledge. The world is roamed by billions of the walking psychically wounded. They live in a state of exhaustion: frustrated in their quest to be someone they are not, and wasting a precious opportunity to be who they really are!

  • Finding out more accurate information from the Jyotisha charts, the native can take positive steps toward self-realization. Often the first step is to redirect q huge amount of psychic energy. This creative energy was previously deployed into shoring up the self-esteem against the punishment energy of social criticism for failure.

  • Once an accurate picture of the self path is available, this newly released energy can be transformed into fuel for positive moral development, based on trust in partnership with the Divine.

Moral benefits of Jyotisha

the native should interpret the truism that"the Lord helps them who help themselves " to mean that one bears as much responsibility for the results of one's actions as one's consciousness can absorb.

  • The more conscious one becomes, the more that responsibility increases.

  • Thus partnership with the divine is based * not* on a"clean slate" of any crazy thing being randomly possible, but on a specific"contract" based on past performance.

  • Each lifetime has a particular set of repayment obligations resulting from"loans " - , taking other people's energy in parallel lives . The 'taking' is always some form of exploitation which causes lasting harm. Each lifetime also offers a"credit account" established through 'giving - , charitable actions performed in parallel lives . One accepts the effect of past actions in the total responsibility for creating a better future.

Reality is co-created.

Natural Limits and Accountability to The Contract

The self-knowing native, making frequent reference to the character profiles and timelines provided through Jyotisha, will find moral harmony. One becomes acutely aware of creating one's future through"contract" decisions of the present.

  • Wanting to improve the future contract, one's urge to exploit others quickly disappears. The urge toward compassionate service naturally increases.

  • Reflective survey of the privileges and benefits embedded in the current star patterns of the nativity lead to the obvious conclusion that crimes of any kind - even minor ones - are a big mistake. Taking other people's energy results in contract penalties.

  • From the Jyotisha perspective, mistreating people is not"wrong" . It's stupid. he Jyotiṣika does not judge immoral actions. However, upon deep study of the astrological nativity, and realizing that one's own thoughts and actions are right now inevitably and logically creating one's future, it becomes clear that the smart money is on responsibility and acceptance. Never blaming other humans; always relying on the divine.

Self Knowledge partnered with Divine Intelligence

The core divination = a freeze-frame of Earth's sky at the first-breath moment of one's birth.

Slowly, through study, amy negative expectations can rise to the surface.

  • The Jyotishavidya nativity

    provides an excellent map for self-study and self-improvement, based on a knowledge of human nature and a trust in divine intelligence. If unsatisfying things are happening, is it possible that one is in some sense creating them?

  • Working within present limitations, partnered with divine intelligence, one seeks positive methods of increasing one's resources. The most positive method of all is to ask for help!

  • Some pre-incarnationally planned problems are so severe - one has dug oneself into such a deep pre-incarnationally planned hole - that humbly asking for help is really the only future-enhancing option.

The Jyotisha chart shows a basic mechanism of energy flow which, if strengthened through conscious life practice, builds up the credit account and pays down the debit account.

  • One gains through Openly receiving divine energy and giving out supportive, compassionate human energy.

  • One loses through covertly taking or"siphoning" human energy. (using someone else's fuel)

This wisdom applies not only to money and property but also to daily energy exchanges such as choosing to praise someone (giving energy) or criticize (taking).

  • Ironically, the best way to increase one's own resources is to give out praise and support to others. Even in the most dire situation there is probably some act of service one can do for someone even less fortunate.

g ratitude, Neutrality, and Truth

Awareness of the co-created life patterns seen through divination of Jyotisha can induce calm receptivity to divine beneficence and indeed a state of gratitude for the opportunity to take birth. In this way, Jyotisha can itself become a primary spiritual practice.

In fact the spirit has a very precise plan for what it intends to accomplish in each lifetime, and how, and why. Knowing the map of this plan - even in broad outlines - allows one to take a neutral, observer's position while releasing the compulsion to blame and judge others.

By showing the structure of each soul's earthly plan and purpose, the knowledge tradition of Jyotishavidya offers a powerful spiritual path toward the final liberation of forgiveness, and is thus a major yoga for healing pain in the soul.


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