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Muhu * rita





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Muhu - movement, moment

Maha - best, greatest

Rita - ritmo, rhythm, ritual, rites, rate, ratio, ration, order, ordinal, ordo " to arrange"

  • optimal timing of events, based on the extraterrestrial characteristics of the constellation passing overhead at the moment
  • here is a comprehensive Muhurta calculator written by the respected Jyotisha scholar Ernst Wilhelm. Pay per report.
  • to find the mid-day Abhijita muhurta for your location, here is a nice free service:
  • for a fine-detail accounting of traditional muhurta amza rulerships and dramatis personnae, please see Pandita Rath's page
Koeln Sanskrit Lexicon

Vocabulary * Definition Muhurta

  • a moment, instant,
  • any short space of time
  • after an instant
  • presently
  • a particular division of time
  • the 30th part of a day
  • a period of 48 minutes
  • of a daughter of Daksha (wife of Dharma or Manu and mother of the Muhurtas)

Various Definitions = portions of time

  • 1 day = 24 hours = 60 minutes per hour= 1440 minutes per day
  • 1 day * bara = 30 sections sized 48 minutes each
  • 1 ghati * ghatika * ghadiya = 24 minutes * See Gandanta
  • 1 muhurta * muhurat = 48 minutes = 1 rising ghatika + 1 falling ghatika
  • kaala = divide the time from sunrise to sunset into eight section. Each one-eighth = one kaala. If sunrise = 06h00m, and daylight = 12 hours, then each kaala = 90 minutes
Amrita-ghatika = "auspicious moments "

Abhijita muhurta

The intercalary Nakshatra Abhijit, which is used only when needed to balance the calendar , is traditionally located directly after 21-Uttarāṣāḍha and before 22-Śrāvaṇa.

the multiple-intelligences * one size fits all abhijita * Vega * Victorious * Muhurta occurs:

  1. start = 24 minutes before Surya arrives at the midheaven * ante medium caeli punctum * fore-noon
  2. end = 24 minutes after Surya arrives at the midheaven * post medium caeli punctum - after-noon

Godhuli Lagna

  1. start = 12 minutes before Sunset
  2. end =12 minutes after Sunset

Traditionally, the brief era of the Godhuli Lagna is considered provide broadly positive auspice for virtually any activity or event

BPL commentary

Muhurta: Seize the moment

" Linger a little at my friendly bidding rest, Holy Ones, a moment in your journey." ~~ Rig Veda III.33.5 * III.53.8] "But my father always pays our family astrologer to cast the best Muhurita (Maharata) for any activity!"

Jyotisha is an integrative vidya which draws many indicators from various views of the nativity (transits, Vimshottari dasha and other dasha calendars, varga views, sometimes the daily muhurta)

Jyotishavidya is not the best divinatory method for producing a yes/no answer.

Casting of the auspicious day/time is a cultural practice based loosely on the ancient alignment of the 27 na-kshatra matched to specifically defined locations on Earth (notably India, previously Lemuria, but presumably anywhere on Earth) .

The grid which controls these alignments shifted a long time ago. There is no evidence that present-day muhurta coordinates are accurate; and there is no body of measurable results to which a researcher could refer in the way of testing any relationship between a purported Muhu-rita (moving moment) or Maha-rita (best time slot) matched to a material outcome.

The fact that millions of people seek the traditional muhurta "best moment" to undertake a project does not mean that those millions are being guided by a higher power. (They are being guided mainly by their own lack of willingness to trust their natural intuition, substituting instead a belief in external superpowers superstition.)

Maha-rita * Muhu-rata * Muhu-rita * was once a viable system of coordinates between Earth locations and the 27 star-seed " feeder" energy flows.

  • The muhurta system once tracked the passage of all 27 nakshatra transiting over a single Earth location during a 24-hour period.

The 27 nakshatra represent 27 specializations and areas of expertise from those feeder civilizations. The feeder civilizations are still operating, still inputting information into the grid(s) which surround Terra, and there are Therefore, still time slots of a length of 0.8888/hour = 52.8 minutes (at the terrestrial equator) when a particular human activity is well supported by the passing influence of a nakshatra civilization.

However, the coordinate system is long outdated, leaving only the barest vestige of memory of how it used to work.

Theoretically, if the coordinates were re-aligned, it could be a viable system again. The correct muhu (moving) rita (moment) could once again be identified and that moving-moment could be utilized to ask for specific help for a specific activity from the guardians of the muhurata who are experts in that task.

Sadly, in practice, modern-day muhurta is often merely a superstition. But for those who enjoy the traditional custom and wish to know the time when a particular muhurta purportedly moves (muhu) rhythmically (rita) through one's terrestrial location, muhurta software can be purchased and set to your hometown.

For example, this commentary is being written during a muhurta of Agni while (purportedly) the constellation of Ara * The Altar *is passing over southeast Portland Oregon.


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