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" He has made everything beautiful in its time.

He has also set eternity in the hearts of men;

yet, they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end."

~~ Book of Ecclesiastes * Koheleth , 3:11

Your website is excellent. Thank you, I am learning.

Your website has been an amazing source of wealth for our family. By taking concepts that our grandparents could never explain, and distilling them into manageable pieces, you have opened up a whole new world for us.

" The reason I want a reading from you specifically is because your material on your website is so academic and comprehensive. I can't believe what I have learned as a Jyotisha student. You have definitely been given the proper knowledge and you are blessed with Satya. There are very few books out there that compare to your site. I look forward to the reading."

I find the site so beautiful that it looks like a sort of " sanctuary" or an ancient museum - like every nakshatra page were a different room, with the differents objects / meanings / learnings around it.

I love your website!
Sending a note sharing my thanks for all the knowledge you spread! You have helped me a lot and I am very grateful for your continuous knowledge.

Have a blessed day,

Your website is incredible. I find myself coming home every day after work, just reading and reading.... many answers to my questions, thank you!

I have been reading articles on your site for a really really long time and have been a huge fan. I love your approach to astrology and your overall writing style.

I am very grateful for your beautiful work.peony1.jpg

The way you address the field as Jyotisha samayavidya is so magnificently comprehensive and complete. It's a combination of Light, Time and Study.

Hey thanks for making the site it is so great!
I visit your website often and I cannot thank you enough for maintaining and updating such a wonderful set of articles. I re-read your descriptions and I always find something new. I have learnt a lot over the years just by reading your explanations and interpretations. Thank you very much!
By far the best readings I have is always from you. Thank you for being in my life and guiding me when I most need it.

Just a quick message to say thanks so much for running such a fantastic website on Vedic Astrology. I’ve visited your site for a couple years now and have always learned something new or come away with some sort of peace from having gained a greater understanding of Vedic literature and outlook.

It's especially refreshing given how good a teacher/communicator you show yourself to be through what you've published online. Keep up the GREAT work - and thanks so much again.

Reading through your pages , I like the way you relate people and incidents to their graha sthithi of that time

I would like to take this opportunity to offer our (my wife and self) sincere appreciation of the extraordinary website you have created. It is incredible to see compilation of such a wealth of deep information in one place.

" I am very impressed with your website .... The contents are very elaborate and detailed, indicating the high level of research that should have gone into documenting ... coherently and logically by topics."

I am a novice astrology enthusiast, who has been immensely helped by your website. I admire your work and your generosity in sharing your knowledge.

Much gratitude to you for bringing your wisdom, guidance and light to peoples lives.
Firstly, I thank you for you wealth of knowledge on your site, I have been referring to your knowledge and wisdom for nearly a decade now on this amazing journey of Jyotish astrology. So truly, I thank you and I am very grateful for this.
Thank you for your wonderful reading.
In the past few years, I have learned immensely from your blogs and I must thank you for generously writing in so much detail.

I am totally addicted to your website.

... my thanks and gratitude for your work. Receiving your jyotisha reading was the best money I have ever spent. I have gained so much understanding, clarity, and peace from the reading.

Your website is an amazing resource for anyone wanting to learn about Vedic Astrology. I just wanted first to thank you for providing it to the world.

Thank you; the wisdom and insight you provide is such a blessing!

As always I look forward to your reading guidance . I really enjoy and appreciate how you explain in clear precise manner , your readings are not only very comforting , and encouraging but also helps me to understand not just astrology but also about myself and my life plan .

I thoroughly loved your reading of my chart.

" I am only a beginning student of Jyotisha. I think I have learned more from reading your website than from many books. I really appreciate your viewpoint and all the helpful case studies." ~~ Boston, Mass.

My heartfelt thanks to you for the readings... Initially, of course it is overwhelming to listen to the lifeplan... but ultimately comforting.

" I found your website last year (via Google of course) and have learned a lot about Vedic astrology from your website. I especially appreciate the sensitivity and spiritual perspective with which you write."

I hope you're doing good. It's been like few months I am really into Vedic Astrology and been looking for quality articles everywhere. Since last July I have been frequently visiting your website and I really love reading what you've so far published in your website. I have seen number of astrologers doing channel in Youtube and they're really doing good. After visiting your website I thought if you had your own channel on Youtube but I guess not. I really love the way you express and entertain your readers with deep knowledge of Astrology and I really want to see you soon in Youtube. Please give it a thought because Vedic astrology beginners really need someone like you.

Barbara's reply:

Namaste ,

Thanks for your nice note about making Jyotisha instructional videos for YouTube. That is a great idea!

Although I have planned a series of Jyotisha"case studies " in my mind, that could easily be presented on video, I would need help to materially produce nice quality videos that were - as you say - educational and entertaining. As a college teacher, I know that many people are visual learners who prefer the video delivery method; for them it is much easier than reading linear text. I myself continue to learn so much from the wonderful history and language videos on YouTube - with new ones seemingly posted every day! YouTube is a fantastic global resource!

Yet while I'm quite willing to teach on video, this 60-year-old old lady doesn't Yet, have video production skills. I'd need technical help to create nice quality products. My goal would be to produce a series of case studies that covered for each case all 12 radical bhava and a brief look at the vimshottari dasha + navamsha. And as with the writings on, I'd like to continue to provide internet access to all public materials, free of charge.

Perhaps this vision can manifest soon. Right now it's just a great idea waiting to blossom!

Thanks again for your lovely compliments and suggestions,

Sincerely, BPL

Thank you very much for reading. That's very intense, eye opening and valuable.

You are epic human being!

I have been a great fan of your Approach towards Astrology and the work that you keep doing.

Thank you very much for your guidance and nice explanation, Barbara!

I found your readings to be incredibly insightful & valuable. Thank you very much for spending the time to make such a comprehensive recording. I do not have any follow up questions at this time, but will surely reach out for additional Jyotisha services in the future!

Thank you again

I have learnt a lot from your web-site and deeply impressed by the way you have said about Seva/Puja/Remedies.

We have just started a study group here in London... I am a huge, huge fan of yours and all the wisdom and experience on your site is fantastic.

Your insights into the Rahu-Ketu dashas and their significance in the chart is priceless! I am completely enamoured.

I have been reading your website and articles in very details and I must say that as a foreigner you do a pretty good job !

I would like to wholeheartly thank you for sharing such a wonderful and easy to read astrology website.

I would like to express my deep gratitude for your efforts.

thank you from the core of my heart for sharing your knowledge and wisdom for all of us.

Your explanation makes complete sense. I have learned a lot from your site. In return i will only give you my best wishes and hope you will continue to share your knowledge and wisdom in future.

Once again, I am so grateful for all the work you've shared and the amount of time and effort you put into making all this knowledge available to students like me all over the world. It's incredibly kind and generous. I've learnt so much. Thank you!

thank you very very much for the fantastic reading

Thank you so much for creating your wonderful website- it has been a guiding presence in my life.


I was fortunate enough to find your beautiful and fascinating website early in my studies. The more I " travel" the Astrological skies, the more my appreciation for its well-tended but exotic pages grows. You also made me a better writer. I never start a sentence, now, without a small voice inside my head, reminding me of the confident and lively sentences that rival the great art and natural scenes that share the pages. I agree with the other commentators who review your work. You are a living treasure of Astrology and your site is a masterwork. I have been unemployed for two years because of illness, but start work again Jan. 2. I plan to make regular donations to your work. ...

Thank you again, and I hope 2017 is the greatest year ever for you.

Your guidance has been very helpful.

Dear Barbara:

Many thanks for your wonderfully insightful and eloquent reading. I stayed up late last night mesmerised by your articulate and rich commentary. There is a certain warmth and "purity" to your reading that is very, very striking and powerful.

~~ London, Chennai

I wanted to thank you for your amazing website. Your insight and wisdom is such a gift to me. I will forever be grateful for your generosity in making this available to students of Jyotisha.

... your reading was excellent. You seem to truly enjoy delving into the complexities of the charts in order to understand human beings. Thank you!

BPL reply: Thanks for your nice compliments! Yes, I am a huge fan of Earth Humans. In fact, I find them so engagingly interesting that I decided to stop being a tourist and just become one!

you are a gift... Im sure you heard that a ton of times, but you have helped me spark my light

thanks for the very well informative readings. I've already listened to them few times. Everything is so beautifully explained. Thanks heaps for the insight.

I've read the nakshatras descriptions of your site and I found them simply amazing. They are very complex and remarkably assertive, I've never read before astrological descriptions with which I could identify so much. Are the texts all written by yourself? [BPL reply: yes, except where another authority is explicitly cited, the nakshatra text, and all other text on, is written by me.]

I would like to ask about one thing. Me and my wife we have both identified much with both our Moon - Nakshatra and South Node - Nakshatra. We have identified in such an extent to find your site really great.

But I don't have the same identification about other planets - I feel it can be right, but not as clear and pervading as with the Moon and South Node. Is this normal? Also, do you think it's ok to read the positions about the South Node? Cause for myself it worked amazingly, but I don't know if it should be read for Moon only.

Good wishes from Brazil

I just saw you have on the site this part: " Surya in 27 Nakshatra (coming soon)" I'll be waiting to read all those! Your general descriptions of the Nakshatras, in my opinion, seem to work by themselves perfectly and impressively well for Candra and Ketu.

And the Candra in Nakshatra seems to work for Ketu well, I just add a " less emotional/sensitive" interpretation of it.

I have been reading and studying your website on Vedic astrology. It's allowed me to gain much insight and understanding about human relations and the world.

[the reading] is so abundant with insight and information and I want to thank you again very much for it.
Your site has ... been a great resource for me to learn about my own birth chart. My sincere gratitude to you for your work.

I am a student of jyotish for the past 1 year and have referred to your website extensively for my studies. I could not have learnt so much in this field without your website and your amazing insight. ~~Indonesia

Once again thank you for the reading . My mother is really grateful towards you . She told me to tell you that you're a gem , a very rare authentic talent indeed ~~ New Zealand
I'm a regular reader-follower of your profoundly knowledgeable Jyotish Vidya writings, and I love the way you approach, present, and share it! Thank you very much for your good work!

Hello Barbara, I LIKE your website.

thank you very much for that wonderful reading!

I have gained so much from listening to your recordings. It left me with absolutely no questions.
I deeply appreciate your support and the truely amazing reading. Such great insight. I feel so blessed to have come across such an amazing lighthouse of knowledge as yourself. Knowledge of this level is so precious

... have followed your site for years now, reading several pages, many more than once ...

thank you, thank you, thank you eternally and may you be showered in light.

I have been following your website for the past one year and the inputs are really impressive. I could understand and what interested me the most is- unlike other astrologers, your readings are not just a say of the past or possible future, but you seem to personally journey into one's future as well and effectively suggest with a possible remedy. based on which, one can either mend or live strong with their inabilities/ in capabilities.

I really appreciate all the information you've provided on the website, its made my life a little bearable knowing that it's not all my fault.

Barbara, I'm very happy with the reading you delivered for our little family. I found the reading very insightful. As you know we've had some upsets and sudden changes these past two years. It's comforting to know that the dasha periods confirm the shocks in our recent past while they also predict a more gentle future. I felt very much in harmony with your interpretations and found myself nodding my head a lot while listening to the reading. Thank you for confirming in detail (what intuitively I always knew) that all will be well in the greater plan. ~~ Missouri

I feel like miracle now to find your site, everything is here for learning, nice and exciting to think about it! thanking you a student

the very magnitude of your seva in sharing the light with the world proves to be no less than a heavenly angelic force at work, and indicates the ocean of generosity ... I can only imagine how many more around the world like me might have benefited from your extensive sharing of the Vidya

... The best thing I have learned from you is the importance of Seva. The BEST thing. ~~Admirer from NY.

I love your website.

I am a beginner in jyotisha and want to thank you for the immense knowledge you have given through the website.

From: Sathya Maharajh []

Sent: Tuesday, September 12, 2017 5:25 Am


Subject: Your Website for Vedic Astrology

Hello Ms. Barbara,

I have been researching astrology for several years, and have noticed that you have quite a lot of information on your website. It's great to see that you have put in a solid effort in constructing your website as the website is a broad source of information.

A small suggestion: why don't you get your website reviewed by an experienced astrologer? This would ensure that the information is correct and coherent, and this may prevent the public from being misled on certain points. One great astrologer is Sanjay Rath, and it was only after I started to research his work that I realized that most of the websites on Vedic astrology are somewhat misleading. However, it is great to know that information on Jyotish is becoming more available for those wanting to learn.

Thanks kindly, Sathya Maharajh


BPL REPLY: Namaste Sathya Maharajh,

The insinuation that one Jyotiṣika’s work is inferior to another's is a form of bullying. Within the ever-expanding corpus of modern interpretations of the samayavidya, all working members of the international Jyotisha community are making valuable contributions.

If you have a preference for a certain school of thought or particular variety of interpretive analysis, please invest the effort to document, describe, and publish your own work. Do not resort to bullying others who may hold diverse views.

Please promote your own evidence-based interpretations in a collegial, respectful fashion. Take into consideration that many worldwide practitioners have decades of translation, interpretation, and divinatory experience, perhaps far exceeding the depth of your own expertise.

The international community of Jyotisha practitioners indeed benefits from increased scholarly participation, improved access to sources, and critical discourse. However, there is no excuse for insulting the work of others.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

…..thank you for the incredible body of work. May you be in state of perpetual bliss and continue to share this compassion and wisdom with all!

I am deeply grateful for your clear explanations. It is reassuring to know I can welcome the challenges of life and learn from them.

just finished listening to the readings and wanted to thank you for the depth and details within them. It has been a long wait, but this is well worth the wait

Thank you so much ... for your time and really enjoy reading your website and appreciate the time you have spent on it for everyones benefit.

My husband has spoken of all the wonderful insights he got from the reading years ago. Now I am ready for my own reading.

I earnestly admire your fathomless depth of knowledge in the divine field of age-old Vedic Astrology. I educated myself a lot through the in-depth knowledge you share on your website ...for the sake of your legions of indebted admirers, followers and students like me ... I am forever indebted. ~~ Agartala, Tripura, India

Big, big fan of your site. I have been reading it for a few years now, and I have learned so much from browsing it. I have a big interest in astrology although I have never done a formal course/certification.

I have a deep sense of respect for you due to the depth of knowledge of the subject and your guidance on topics that affect human lives.

Thank You and Thank You again! I am most appreciative of your kindness and spiritual knowledge that has guided me through the years. This is most helpful and encouraging.

Thank you so much. Your insights, clarity, and encouragement are more deeply appreciated than you can know.

Thank you so much for the detailed reading ... I found it incredibly powerful, useful and illuminating. ... continue to find more and more nuances, and several pauses for self reflection. I will cherish this and this will certainly continue to be a guide for me.

Your inter-disciplinary approach to Jyotish is incredibly refreshing and quite uncanny.

This is a thank you letter.

Thank you for sharing this knowledge, I deeply appreciate it.

Sincerely I do not agree with your interpretations, especially those that you have derived from scriptures and interpreted them according to your western thoughts and beliefs including your strongly held feminist views. Perhaps, it is only applicable to western minds and Unfortunately, it seems like the rest of the world wants to follow in its foot steps.

When I read your writings, it feels to me that they are the result of your planet placements in your own chart which is enforcing you to have biased viewpoints. You are missing the Truth (on many occasions) in my opinion.

(BPL reply) Namaste Raghav Tejasvi

I look forward to reading your public writings that express your interpretations and views. I presume that by offering the (above) critique you are suggesting a preference for an alternative Jyotisha viewpoint? Please provide the link to your website or blog where you are offering your philosophical perspective and the supporting data from your empirical research studies.

International Jyotishavidya provides a very interesting discourse environment. There is room for many diverse perspectives and diverse modes of applying the core principles of the samayavidya. Thanks for being part of this educated conversation. As a member of the international Jyotisha community, I look forward to reading your writings.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life’s endeavors,

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

I offer you my respects and send you love

The extensive rectification and reading provided me with a lot of material for self-reflection and for review of self-perception and of perception of others
thank you for the dense research shared on your website

I saw the Eric Clapton horoscope and wanted to thank you very much! May all good things come to you! Good luck with Jyotisha. May you prosper endlessly.

We wanted to say " thank you" to express how grateful we are to you for your help and support. This woudn't have been possible without your help. Life can feel like a struggle at times, but you have helped tremendously along the way. By reaching out to you, we have been able to receive the spiritual guidance needed to feel more peaceful, keep moving forward, and create a meaningful life.

Thank you again for inspiring us - we as a family are blessed to have your guidance and support.

i thank you very much for the way you had explained to my questions (sometimes, i say, irrilavant ones) with somuch responsibility and patience.

... thank you so much for the extensive readings you have provided [for my family members]. It was a joy and quite insightful to listen to as you explored the charts in such detail and provided the context behind the readings.

I want to sincerely thank you for creating the most comprehensive and objective jyotish libraries. Honestly, there are no words to express how profoundly grateful I am for having discovered your work. From one Visaka native to another, your work successfully " shocked and awed" me into seeing the light within myself for the first time (and following the most intense suffering of my life). Just to discover the body of knowledge is a blessing; but to actually find a mentor that bridges the gap is beyond explanation!

Barbara I must mention-- what I love about your work is your methodology. My gemini, Kemadruma, 9th house moon pours over your work like an expanding fire-- it's sensational! You objectively teach the knowledge (as it comes from the scriptures), logically break it down into parts, connecting the parts to the whole and even across disciplines (literature, history, philosophy, and so forth). As if that wasn't enough, when you provide interpretations (graha dignity, bhavas, etc) you cite your logic, you cite the scriptures and work of well-respected astrologers. It's as objective and detailed as I could ever ask for!

Thank you for helping me break down this rigid ego and take on the challenge of decoding my life's karmas. I am so ready to take responsibility, to evolve and finally find my purpose. You are a huge part of my evolution.

I get additional delight from how you coin your phrases.

Just wanted to send you a note of thanks for your helpful writings and guidance on your website. Thank you for being a light and balm to many. God bless you. May your health be good and may you prosper.

With many regards and much gratitude,

Your website is an absolute treasure trove....I am a novice enjoying the learning.

thank you so much again for taking time to answer my question! This is a very exciting time and I appreciate a woman astrologer like yourself paving a way towards the light.

I can't thank you enough for your help and wonderfully prescient advice and guidance. It was a very liberating experience to hear an unbiased, frank and unadulterated analysis and how to interpret the positions of planets in today's times. I enjoyed the freeform, light hearted, conversational way of your reading.

Mainly, I completely agree with your repeated assertions that all our lives are preprogrammed in some way or form, by a higher force, even before we are created. It is an oft-repeated line quoted by Sri Ramana Maharshi, whose teachings you may be aware of. You presented the same idea, very effectively, and how we should learn to be slightly detached not just from the world, but also ourselves.

Your immense knowledge and detailed awareness of Jyotisha came through at every point.

Many Thanks for your thoughts on my question... As always, I have found it beautifully helpful and utterly inspiring. It seems like with every reading received one matures with greater speed :-) I wish you all the best and hope the medicine angels continue to guide you along the path with their healing rays ... Switzerland.

Deepest gratitude for your extensive jyotisha reading of my nativity.

I love your website and the insights you have given on nakshatras among many other things.

your site is awesome, the best I've found on jyotish so far

I'm an avid researcher into, well, esoteric things you could say and I read your website like it's an addiction every single day and I'm very grateful for the knowledge and wisdom you provide.

You are really such a gifted being and I am very grateful.

I have been reading and contemplating the amazing and insightful information on Jyotisha and life that you provide on your wonderful website for about 6 years, and want to thank you with all my heart for putting so much time, effort, intelligence and intuition into making these exquisite learning materials available for free. It has helped and continues to help me discover meaning and Light in all moments and areas of life.

I love your website, its absolutely amazing! I’ve found that I can really relate most of your points and its a really thorough guide for someone trying to learn astrology.

I was very fortunate to have two readings with you.... I truly cherish the audio files you sent, and have listened to them many times. The insights you gave me were so very helpful at a time when I really needed to understand myself better. I found the information you shared to be deeply comforting and encouraging, and I want to thank you so much for your excellent work. Your website too, is illuminating and simply incredible in its scope and depth of content. I have studied it for countless hours over the years, and learned so much.

Dear Barbara,

Thank you so much for all the information and knowledge you have put into the public domain via your website.

This has been a great help to me, as also are your wise words.

Honourable Noble Heart ,

It is God's grace that we happen to step into your grand field of Humanitarian treasure vast and divine.

We don't know how to thank you.

Just opened the WWW and writing to you.

Help us tread in a clear path to help those who need

Brilliancy and Light.


Ever with gratitude from the depth of our being ,

Mathuraja Lakshmanan ,



I first came across your website in early 2012 while passing my time on a train. And wow! I felt I had never really known Vedic Astrology till that date! It seemed as if you were describing if your explanations were given keeping me and my life in focus :) This is no hyperbole please, I am in my mid 50s now and have been at it for so many decades but you opened a new window .... a new perspective altogether.

God bless you with happiness and health!


... such a rich resource for me. Thank you.

" I was really impressed by and resonated with your insights (and ability to express them so well) on your website... I am thinking maybe I should get a reading from you to see what the ‘true’ picture of my chart is ... or at least get a clearer one so that I really understand what I am dealing with in this lifetime."

Your site has given me extraordinary insight into jyotishvidya and i often refer to it to clarify questions which occur to me. I have the greatest respect for the depth of your knowledge and profundity of interpretation. ~~ India

dear madam...your knowledge is like kameshwari .. encyclopedic is understatement...

I am in awe of your understanding, insight, wisdom and informational and delightful communication style.

For lack of a better word WOW!! Truly fantastic,,, I could go on and on. ... I want to tell you how much it means to me, I'm grateful and blown away by you , with my entire heart and soul you completely out did my expectation by miles ,,, and I'm sending this with love and gratitude ,,, Thank you

I am a big fan of your website

First of all, heartiest thanks for such a comprehensive coverage of astrology in a lucid and elaborate way.

thank you so much for having a website and for it being free for the public to study, it has helped me through many rough times and I’m really grateful

Respected Madam ,

Hope you are doing well ,

I found your website as best ever for Jyotish / astrology . You have done superb job by this website . This is so knowledgeable like haveing 100's of astrology books on my table . I am regular reader of your website , and am just beginner in astrology .

I wish you and your entire team a great success , prosperity and happiness.

Thanking you , Regards,

i just want to say thank you, i have been reading your post and you are a gift... Im sure you heard that a ton of times, but you have helped me spark my light. Thanks again I AM King i will bless those who blessed me thank you Ms Pijan

" ... I also wanted to offer my compliment for your helpful website. ... I am a student of Jyotisha. Unfortunately in my country it is almost impossible to find printed books on Jyotisha ... and I am not having a good luck to find e-books. ... your case studies are quite helpful for me. Thank you Barbara."

Your writings very much helped me to come out of frustration. I thank you and bow to you with respect.

I would like to first express my admiration. Your reflections on Jyotish bring about understanding and insight even to those like me who know very little of this great science.

I want to sincerely thank you for creating the most comprehensive and objective jyotish libraries. Honestly, there are no words to express how profoundly grateful I am for having discovered your work.... your work successfully " shocked and awed" me into seeing the light within myself for the first time (and following the most intense suffering of my life). Just to discover the body of knowledge is a blessing; but to actually find a mentor that bridges the gap is beyond explanation!

Barbara I must mention-- what I love about your work is your methodology. ... -- it's sensational! You objectively teach the knowledge (as it comes from the scriptures), logically break it down into parts, connecting the parts to the whole and even across disciplines (literature, history, philosophy, and so forth). As if that wasn't enough, when you provide interpretations (graha dignity, bhavas, etc) you cite your logic, you cite the scriptures and work of well-respected astrologers. It's as objective and detailed...!

At the risk of sounding totally lame, I just want to say this one last time as my final words to you: I have never encountered anyone as brilliant as you in astrology or in any other field. Your mind is unparalleled.

I am from Pune, India. I am a Business Analyst by profession.

I have been following your website for quite some time and have learnt a lot from you. Just wanted to express my gratitude.

Thanks and Regards,

How much impact you have made in my life - and you must be impacting countless people’s life with your sincere and dedicated Jyothisha practice - a very rare phenomenon in this world now - May God bless you with wellbeing, peace, happiness, affluence and abundance. I am truly blessed to connect with you.


I want to thank you for providing such a useful information.

I want to request you to provide all this information in hindi because it is very difficult and a very time consuming task to understand. Some words are very difficult so I have to translate through dictionary. To understand a small paragraph it takes a long time.

I am sure there must be many people like me who want to study their horoscope and take benefit but due to this problem they can not.

I hope you will pay attention to my request.

Thanks once again


I thank God for having found your website. It gives me enormous strength.

You have laid transparent what was veiled in taboo and secrecy. I was conditioned as a child to regard jyotish as a heresy. How wrong I was! It empowers me. .... When I am distressed, I return to your text.

I'm exchanging from Western Astrology and I'm excited to learn each time more of Jyotisha since I saw my natal chart on the Hindu-Lahiri's Sidereal Zodical. Your website is being very useful in this journey.

Just e-mailed to congratulate you on your perception about jyotisha Vidya and its findings & solutions. Keep on doing this nice work and help those in distress & lost their way.

I Appreciate your perceiving and your knowledge.

That is wonderful site! So much to learn! Thanks for your work.

Thank you so much for your website, it's been an invaluable resource in my studies, and a significant impact on my life. Your writing style is very vivid

I have just recently found your site and I am so grateful. It is wonderful and challenging and immense and yet clear. I hope will someday be able to receive personal insight to understand this all more. I will keep looking and learning. Thank you for all of it.!

Respected Madam, Namashkar,

You have been personally very helpful thru your readings, it did give me a good feeling and satisfaction. I have strong believe in God's management and thru astrology i have been able to give hope several times to my friends and family members, and it is bcoz of your practical experience and hard work, the concepts and methods you have used in the very precious and knowledgeable website.

Jai Ganesha.

I have learn a lot from your website by the way, and I hope that you continue this amazing career of 'enlightening' others' paths. Thanks a lot.

As always, many thanks for the blessing of this site. It is the gift that keeps on giving.

Thanks very much for your work in the website. Every time I go there I find some new idea, or quotation that is deeply insightful. I have shared it with several of my friends and we all visit often. Everyone admires the website and we hope you can keep doing it (even if it seems jumbled in places, but I think that is from the avalanche of knowledge...) Beautiful photos too - so inspiring. Thanks for putting together this great assemblage of things to learn and practice. We are all learning. And practicing. So much to know!

I pray divine God to give you more energy to serve more people.

I am truly grateful; your help means a lot. Your words always provide direction and have given me hope. I can't thank you enough for your help.

Dear Barbara,

Thanks for creating this wonderful site and the loads of insightful knowledge that one can assimilate. I hunger for this stuff and it gives me joy to devour every morsel if it available anywhere. ...

I wanted to say thanks for this wonderful site and for giving explanations that quench one's soul as it were and give hope. I am sure many admirers of Jyotisha have benefitted from it. ... You are doing a great service to seekers of truth ...

Keep up the good work, I have spent several hours soaking up the knowledge here on your site several times and each time come out with a new understanding. Hope to see more material as updates. If I have your permission, can I mention this link on some of the astro forums that I regularly visit and take part in.

~~ Gratitude and love

(Barbara answers: of course, please share -- that is the joy of the internet -- but please also do a proper source citation (mention the webpage URL, the date retrieved, and the author's name) whenever copying materials.)

Your website is very comprehensive and i enjoy it very much.

I would have listened and re-listen 4-5 times and still learn something new every time. Your readings are my treasure trove of knowledge for this life to listen to, anytime I have some questions about my life.

Thank you for such exact and intricate observation of every nakshatra. Its so true. Its like a guiding light whenever I interact with other humans.

Lots of love and respect.

I want to thank you for such a great site with so much info and detailed teaching.

hello madam,

i know basic astrology and has learnt so much from your website once i knew to search a specific thing on your website.i have gone through basic general things about my own chart for lagna and navamsa as have really made my learning experience interesting.

Your articles are extremely enlightening. Thank you for sharing the knowledge.

Pranams and Namaste.

Madam I am very happy ... I am wish you continue doing the great work and give the knowledge of vedic astrology for generations to come through your website. Thank you mam for your time and effort

With best regards And lots of respect

Your website is just amazingly packed with insight and vedic aroma, I greatly enjoy browsing it

I read your article of Ketu in 11th House. Its so much nice . I am blessed to learn all that things.

Hi BPL. Just feel compelled to write again that I feel your website just continues to become richer and richer and is so very helpful for my continuing studies and also for my work with others. Thank you and God Bless you!

Thank you for all the wonderful information you've provided on your website, it's been of great help to me.

Dear Barbara,

Thank you so much for the reading. It has been such a joy to listen to and already so transformative.

You have a very lucid and fluid style of narrating and it was indeed the pleasure to listen to the recording.

I find your knowledge and understanding of the subject to be deeply spiritual, clear, and insightful. Your explanations seem to weave a rich tapestry aimed at connecting us with our cosmic and transient selves, as well as develop a fuller understanding of various forces near and far that directly and subtly influence us.

I just wanted to tell you that I'm very grateful to you for turning me into a serious student of Jyotisha and that you are always in my prayers. May the nine grahas, the twelve signs of the zodiac and the 27 + 1 nakshatras (still haven't figured out the significance of Abhijit nakshatra) ... May the Divine Mother shower you with Her blessings through each and every heavenly body, division or mathematical point so that you only get the best of what each has to offer.

Peace, Love and Joy to you dear Barbara and to all your loved ones!

You have a kind and generous radiance.

if your website goes down i would be devastated. it would be like the burning of the alexandria library

I went through your reading a few times, and there are a lot of insights in there. Thank you.

Thanks ! I am very excited and feel privileged that you will be conducting this reading for me. I am a huge fan of your very informative website.

my best wishes are there with you forever, for the respect you command for the knowledge you posses and the service you are doing to the humanity.
Warm regards,

I stumbled upon your brilliant website and I must thank you for the work and effort you have put in. Actually, I went through an awful Ashtama Shani and when I got back and looked the explanations on your website, it literally opened my eyes. Thanks again.

Dear Barbara pijan ji,

I just realized that I have been reading you for all most 10 years now and I never thanked you for all these valuable resources on your website.

I express my gratitude to you on Guru poornima ...

I bow to you on this auspicious day and seek blessings from you.

As they say " Guru brahma, Guru Vishnu.."

wish you good health and good luck!

Thanks a lot!

i have read many times what you have put in the site , i am very happy and amazed that you have ,as i think had compiled all this through your knowledge.

i salut you for the work you have done for the public and equally possesing such vast knowledge.

Just wanted to thank you for sharing your information on your website. It has helped me immensely in my Vedic studies.

Hi Barbara,

Your site is fabulous! I'm a French Vedic astrologer (it's rare) and I love your rich site! What great work! I am impressed. How long do you have to realize this site ? ... Congratulations!

Dear Ms. Lama,

I had been following your web site for quite sometime now; it is truly wonderful and I can't praise it enough. Reading through your contents I have learnt a great deal about astrology/life and yes I personally felt the benefits. So thank you! Please do keep up the good work.

Thank you for the insightful and nuanced, yet clear reading

I want to thank you for the large amount of time you took reading through my write up, analyzing my charts, and speaking with me through your recordings. You gave me wonderful jyotish advice that will help me chart my future path.

I really appreciate your work on VedicAstrology , its been of immense help for me.

I have briefly read your website and found it deeply comforting and originating from a higher state of awareness .

Hello Barbara Pijan Lama.

Ive just finished my first sitting with your comprehensive and extraordinary recording. The breadth of your explanation and the clarity and pacing with which you deliver the content is so appreciated. I look forward to listening again tomorrow. This is simply a note to acknowledge your gift of delivery and material.

Thank you. Thank you for website, your teaching and the incredible opportunity to receive a Jyotish reading from you.

All my best to you and all you hold sacred.

Thank you for all the good writing and inquiry about Jyotish

I have been following your website since 5 years now and have been an avid reader of your articles. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge with the world.

My knowledge of jyotisha shastra is most rudimentary. I have enjoyed reading your web site and as a student of adhyatma vidya, I like your style of interpretation.

I just wanted to list the reasons why I thought your reading was extraordinary. Thank you primarily for:

  • taking the time to go in depth into many aspects of my life: You went over and beyond to answer most of the questions I had submitted with clarity and depth and even context (spiritual, emotional, circumstantial, etc.)
  • offering a very spiritual interpretation of why things happen the way they do: even if it's tough to hear sometimes, a spiritual context - faith - offered me some comfort. In many ways I was at a spiritual low when I sought a reading from you and it felt good to be reminded that karma is at play in our lives and there is some order to things, even if sometimes the news isn't 'good' by material standards.
  • teaching me a little bit about vedic astrology through your explanations: I've read a lot of books over the years on how to interpret a chart (including your amazing website!) and getting a reading from you was part of that learning experience. There's so much I learned about just HOW to look at a chart and associated divisional charts.
For all these things - and for providing absolutely the best, most academic, most clear, thorough and humble learning materials on vedic astrology that I have ever come across - thank you!!

I just wanted to say that I really appreciate all of the work that you have put into your website. It has helped me develop a better understanding of Vedic astrology and how it applies to my own birth chart. The philosophical and spiritual concepts you discuss in various parts of your website are particularly helpful and have given me a great deal to think about...

What has been key for me from your site was your description of dharma in accepting the script so to speak.

I’ve been a fan of you for a few years now and occasionally refer to your website for its plethora of insightful jyotish knowledge. The website is truly a masterpiece.

I think you are brilliant ... Thanks for sharing your gifts with the world.

I am so grateful for your website. I was looking up Sade Sati

" Dear Barbara, I've been regularly reading articles on your site & I want to express my gratitude for sharing your incredible knowledge with everyone. It is amazing that you've studied jyotish so deeply & most of all, you've documented it all so perfectly ! ... I've been going through ketu dasha for the last 7 years. When I found your site approx 1 year ago, I was amazed to see how accurately my experiences match with your articles on ketu....Now that my ketu dasha is almost over, I can find my inner aghori slowly retreating & it is being replaced by an incredibly calm zen state of awareness. I've never felt such tranquility before, your articles have truly been a kind light in my darkest hours. Once again, thank you so much for sharing your gift ! I hope that my upcoming shukra dash abrings brighter days. The journey through these dark nights have been worth it. May the light of jyotish shine forever through people like you."


I want to thank you for creating your website and making it freely accessible to the public.

" Respected Madam, Namaskar,

Thankz for the knowledge given by you. I have learnt most of astrology from your golden wisdom site. It has helped me to clearly understand how astrology works and by your precious knowledge I have been able to help many others.

Credit is all your hard work in the form of your site. No books till now I have seen who give such a logical reasoning to astrology as you have given. It's like the planets unfolding their own story of life, the work is not only of knowledge but also very interesting to read. Shri Bepin Behari books are also of same category.

Hoping to see more of work which will help many more. I simply apply your logic/concepts to understand astrology and it truly works.

Jai Ganesha.

Barbara, this ratna report is fantastic.

What an extraordinary gift you have given me , How do I properly express my deepest gratitude?

Thank you Thank you Thank you

thanks a lot for reading, it is very educational because you explain the reasons behind it and relate it to what is understandable from the Jyotisha-vidya perspective. The detail and color that you put on the planets+nakshatra+bhava is amazing. Thank you.

Your website is makes it so easy to understand such a complicated subject. Really appreciate your mammoth efforts

I am grateful for your generosity and great wisdom to guide my life path.

Love and many blessings to you and your wonderful work!

Your site is the Best Barbara, it really is.

I mean that sincerely from the center of my heart.


As always, thank you for all your help and guidance - it means a lot and has always helped me tremendously in this journey of life.

Dear Ms. Barbara,

I was very honored to see your work on my chart. Thank you so much for your kindness.

I enthusiastically pursue your site for a long time. You are an excellent astrologer with a wonderful web page that introduces the subject excellent.

Furthermore, I will be so happy if I could help a little on my own terms. I am Turkish and live in Turkey. I would be appreciated if I could introduce you here in Turkey to those who are inclined towards astrology, so in this context, I can translate some parts of your pages into Turkish so to add them as a link in Turkish.

While offering my sincere thoughts of myself, again thank you very much for your work and may God bless you..

~~ Best Regards

We pray for every happiness to you & your family.

Your website has more info than any Jyotish website I've seen.

" ... have been reading your website for a quite a while now. Started reading about Vedic Astrology two years ago. Read a lot of books, websites, forums, etc. But you seem to stand out ...

I am ... Brahmin. Astrology was something that was scorned at in my family. Had been skeptical about this ... all my life. But your website changed it. Very impressive."

~~Queensland, Australia

thanks again for your brilliant website which must be one of the greatest modern contributions to vedic astrology out there. ~~ New York, New York

Would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the effort you have put into this amazing gem which will continue to guide seekers and show them the ‘map’ of their current incarnation

|| ShrI:||

Dear Barbara, sAdareNa pranamAmi bhavatyai!

Thanks a lot for your tremendous efforts in Jyotishing us with knowledge. Yours are the best, most clear and profound explanations. Im an ardent fan of your website and your unseen student (Ekalavya style).

I have visited your website many times in the past two years as I began to explore Jyotisha. It was through learning bits and pieces of Jyotisha that I have begun to come to peace with the troubled relationships between me and my parents. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and light.

Namaste! I was much impressed. I got what I expected, a realized, considerate, intuitive grasp of my horoscope. You are well qualified for this service and hope you spend many more years doing it.

~~ Florida

Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation. Whatever I learned in Astrology is from your website and it is so good with detailed information. Very very good information on your website. Thanks a lot for looking into my chart. You are the best!!!

Thank you for making your site. I frequent it often.

You did an amazing reading for me last year. I listened to the audio multiple times and every time uncover new things. You have this amazing gift to explain things so clearly, kudos to the teacher (Guru) in you. :)

Thank you so much for your reading. I must say, it was a beautiful, balanced reading. There were a lot of topics that you covered with a surprising lucidity.

...We have eagerly been listening to your analysis, insights and guidance over the last couple of weeks and are beginning to unravel its many layers during each iteration. The assimilation itself will take its due course. However, there is so much that makes sense (intuitively) and quiet a bit that is making our self-awareness expand. We are blessed to have been able to get this kind of a perspective, complementary to our Agasthiyar nadi readings.

There may perhaps be some lingering questions / clarifications of previously asked ones. These we will draft after a couple of more weeks of listening, understanding and assimilation.

I must also point out that a large portion of my understanding of Jyotisha in this lifetime, from around the time of my sade-sati is attributed to your efforts via your website. THANKS! The readings have taken it to a different level altogether.

Thank you, kindly!

May you be blessed with a clear understanding of the eternal truth, passing it on to many beings and attain liberation!

I do greatly appreciate your time and service.

Namaste. Thank you for making your Jyotisha teachings available to all seekers through your website.

My business is based in India but I was educated in Britain, and I travel the world. In my spare time, I have been studying your pages. Your Jyotisha view of modern personality is most engaging and I feel quite accurate.

The Jyotisha that has been practiced in my family for generations is IMO badly poisoned with superstitious fear. It is another link in the slave's chain of dark magic and abuse.

therefore, i am especially happy to see that you promote charitable service to others as a primary Jyotisha remedy. You are helping to bring some bright light into this world, and I thank you.

~~ Mumbai, Dubai, and London

Many Thanks. I like reading your articles. ~~ Ranchi Jharkhand India

I have been a regular reader and a great fan of yours as for your selfless jyotish reading, millions of people crafted their future .really thankful we all ,to have you on this planet. -- Guwahati, Assam

Just WOW, you did put my whole life blueprint in front of my eyes.

I have always admired your work . And i learned alot about astrology with the help of your articles .


I’d like to express how immensely appreciative I am for the content you’ve created on your website. It’s been truly a valuable resource for me to get closer to an understanding of myself for the past 6 years I have frequented your site.

May I tell you how wonderfully addictive your voice is as you read my chart. Sigh., I wish I had cartloads of money so that I may buy one reading every week, just to listen to your incredible wisdom and get such a vast perspective of life.

Great site. I m a professor of mathematics and also practicing astrology from last 15 years. Just want to praise u for making this wonderful site.

My every good wish for you and all that you are doing to help people understand and emerge stronger from trials.

I am so grateful for everything You share in your page ,
I love all the celebrities personalities you include as the mirror to us certain aspects of ourselves;

Let Almighty God ( Ma Sarswati ) Reside in You as always.

Let Almighty God, Lord Buddha Continuously Shower His Blessing on You and Your Family Forever for Your Kind Service of Human Kind.

Long Live with Blessed Divine Health, Divine Happiness and Divine Peace and Unconditional Love from Almighty.

I just received the response to my follow up question. Thank you so much for being so thorough on the matter. It has made my day! You have given me so much hope. Thank you for such a wonderful blessing. Keep up the great work. May God bless you.

I frequent your website almost everyday - I believe it is a treasure house of information :)

Iam frm INDIA.

With the grace of GURU I found your website, while I was searching for Astro articles in google.

Ur service is simply superb.

I am an ardent fan of yours and visit your pages quite a while now. I myself possess interest in occult and thus find your writes quite interesting and meaningful. You really are doing great work and i wish and pray that you continue this for a long time ahead! God bless you.

Your reading was inspiring, the power of your attention palpable--your knowledge base, inspiration and intuition awe--some.

Thank you, I appreciate your time, energy, wisdom and understanding.

I am thankful for the blessings of the universe of giving important insights at the right time through you. Thank you for your dedicated and genuine service in Jyotisha. All those who reach out to you are indeed blessed! Wish you all happiness and peace.

Namaste Barbara,

I recently felt the need to tell you how much of a support your highly distinctive website and information is to me. I am currently going through the final Sade-Sati phase, and it has been really quite tough but I have moved towards trying to understand the lessons imposed. Your website has made me feel less alone through this. ... I came upon Vedic this time last year and have found it truly enlightening.

The more I read on your site, the more I feel grateful for your help. I have a religious nature and I meditate daily, but am also trained in western science. I am attracted to astrology. I have studied with teachers here in Europe ... but in my culture astrology is seen as a parlor game and very foolish. Anyway it has never given much satisfaction .... always just a hunger, and hope, that some day astrology would"make sense" .

Thanks for your generous materials. The case studies are very helpful .... You seem to possess a rare competence ... please let me know when my reading is complete.

~~ L. S., Copenhagen, Denmark

I have been to India 6 times and have had readings there, although I find your site and information the best, I resonate so strongly with the way you write and your beautiful vibe.

" Thank you Thank You Thank You" for waking this up for me.

~~ A. de A., Pacific Palisades, California

Myself being astrolgy student for long time, I have gone through your website many times and always amazed by your intellect and sprituality!

That was the most comprehensive astrology reading. I listened to it 3 times and I have no outstanding question. Gratitudes!

I thank you for the beautiful, enriching, nourishing information (Light, Jyot) that you share via your Web site. The site has helped me immensely in understanding myself in so many ways. Thank you, thank you so much - I bow down to your feet, kindly accept my salutations.

I would like to thank you for this website which has been channelizing my thoughts in testing times (Rahu-Venus, Rahu-Sun, Rahu-Moon, combined with Sade-Sati for Kanya Rashi). I have been able to answer a lot of unanswered questions I have been sweeping under the carpet for so long now. Your site has helped my put a lot of pieces together and view the larger picture that has been forming.

They say the surya antardasa in Rahu Mahadasa brings light to the Eclipsed. You have indeed been the sunlight for me.

Thank you and God Bless you

Thank you very much for your reading which has given me a morale boost to fight out the existing difficulties going thru .
I just want to hear your healing voice and wisdom.

I appreciate your kindness, spirit and teaching abilities. (I read from your website which is practically helpful, enlightening and in some ways empowering too.)

thank you ... for the excellent reading that shone the light at the darkest hours
It was a joy and quite insightful to listen to as you explored the charts in such detail and provided the context behind the readings.

Your knowledge and depth of research on vedic astrology is truly astounding Yet, Balanced with non-fatalistic view of west.

I just wanted to commend you on your website. It has helped me grasp things in a new way, and I really appreciate the work you've done.
Much gratitude for the guidance you provided to [my colleague]. He is astounded by the precision and value of information in the readings.

" ... First I am expressing my heartly blessing, for the great work of Jyotish, about third sense of Vedas. I am thinking some body helping to world, who is that, and today by luck I find site on google search, I find some thing new, out from genral thinking, and after working from 1982, in this field, like a astrologer, I find a person, having knowledge, like Saraswati (Saraswati is Goddess of Knowledge, and by the Lalkitab the image of Rahu).

The name Barbarapijan Lama, (baar baar aapi jana lama) people re-enter in meditation, meaning is suitable, and words like a Goddess expressing to human kind. I am not perfact in English, and I did not find my date of birth, but by your kind blessing, if some words I find from you it means I have full blessing of Goddess Saraswati."

Thank you, Barbara. This is incredible- thank you!
I am a big fan and student of yours and I love the way you have explained everything so well on your website.

I also want to thank you for your website which has been an anchor for me since my ketu mahadasha began. The depth of spiritual and astrological information on your website is enlightening and calming, and I dare say gives me a lot inner peace. ~~ Australia

Thank you very much for your generosity in sharing so much insightful, helpful information! You have a brilliant website, and I hope others benefit from it as much as I have!

your website has been nothing short of a valuable treasury

Thank you for sharing your awesome site and your wisdom with us. It has been an invaluable encylopedia for me not only guiding me in my pursuit of jyotish knowledge but also in becoming tremendously self aware and recognizing milestones through my karmic journey.

I have been reading your site for some months now. The knowledge and information provided is A W E S O M E.

I found last year's reading so insightful and would like to do an annual update reading.

thanx from heart for giving me some insight towards my life. I prey to that almighty God that you achieve your highest state of consciousness in this life!

DogwoodBlossom.JPGRespected Madam, Namaskar,

Again and again I read your website, and every time my heart just pours appreciation for the hard word you have done, the work is incredible...

I am so much touched by the efforts, can see the pains and endless work of hours you must have done to write for humanity. May God's grace shine always on you.

~~ Jai Ganesha.

Thank you so much. We listened to your insightful reading together. Of course we will listen again and again.

I really appreciate your website and have returned to it often to gain insight on my chart. I have always been intrigued by astrology, but when I discovered Vedic astrology about two years I have been captivated by its depth and accuracy.

Your reading really was quite affirming for me on a number of levels.

The most amazing thing is that it really captured the internal psychology quite accurately I would say!

I am impressed. I was impressed by your website, too. Thanks.

~~ New York

I'm very happy reading your outstanding information about astrology in depth, accurate ... which I do not find anywhere else on Internet. thanks a lot for providing the most valuable guidance of astrology.

I must say that I adore your work, the way you have crafted all of this information together is like a finely crafted work of art.

I would like to give thanks for your incredible effort to constructed website

I am a student of astrology and a very lucky one to have found your website with an ocean full of knowledge and wisdom. How can i ever show enough gratitude to you for helping me understand my journey of life? Thank you so much for being so generous and compassionate and divine in sharing your astrology learnings and personal guidance to all. It is only by studying astrology through your website that I am trying to understand my toughest dasha of saturn-ketu. This is the most difficult time of my life so far.

I am a big fan of your articles. Somehow I feel they are deeply connected. Thank you for writing them and wish you much happiness and peace always in your endeavors.

loved your site. appreciate the effort you have taken for spreading the light. may God bless you.

I felt so blessed to have come across your writings.Thank you very much for your words.

The reading focused on my Sade Sati t hat you did for me last year has been a great help. I listen for encouragment and guidance. There have definitely been some dark times. It helps to know about Sade Sati and that its not going to last forever. I really appreciate your attitude that there are no victims and this is a purposeful learning expereince. I try to calm myself with this viewpoint. OK this sucks, but what am I learning? Even when my mom died, from knowing about Sade Sati it wasn't a surpise, and I was OK while my sisters screamed and hated on the hospital. Well you said, bhava 12 is hospitals, right? Thank you Barbara.

I thank you for being a special Light of God for me in times of darkness, and wish that many who come in touch with you are blessed with wisdom, strength and guidance. May Lord Hari grant you all your wishes.

" I have come to your website, so many times, looking for information. For a while I learnt much much about the logic of discerning patterns from charts, from you. But then, somewhere along the way, as I read, soaking up every insightful thing you had to say, I realized-much beyond the science of astrology, I was being guided into an existential course on being; being in peace, by you. I have no words to truly express the gratitude I have for the ways you have opened my mind. I bow to you, your work and your compassion. You have been my teacher, when I needed one the most."

Pranam Barbara. I have been a great follower of you for the last couple of years and have taken most of my life's advice through your website (including marriage) which has been pretty successful so far.

I express my sincere thanks to you through this mail for all the help and service you have rendered to mankind.

Dear Ms. Lama -- 'Praise and Gratitude for your website' --Thank you very much for constructing your excellent website !Wishing you every happiness always !

Hello Barbara - I have been referencing your website for about a year now and must say it is one the most authentic and accurate Vedic Astrology resources on the web or otherwise.

[the audio files containing the reading] came here at 2:28 am and I was listenning all till now. So happy!

OM Namah Shivaha

I have listened to your detailed reading quite a lot these days, which I truly thank you so much for!!! I am seeing my path more and more and feel very good about it all, things just seem right the way they are going.... I would like to get in touch some time beginning of next year for an annual reading as I find the way you put things so helpful. ~~ Switzerland

Your reading gave me strength to over come the most stressful time in my life

Hello ,

Namste ,

I am very happy reading about ketu in lagna article answer.your given information is just so outstanding that I am really really grateful of you and your knowledge and I found divine spirit in you that serve us and give us the unaccessible inspiration....

Thanking you sooooooooooo much.....,your incredible giuidance about this is cordially -heartly welcome ....Thanks a lot ...

Hi Barbara,

First of all, thank you for your great effort and contributions in providing openly available information on Vedic astrology in English. Its difficult to find a credible in-depth source online (or anywhere for that matter) and I have been able to learn a great deal about Vedic astrology from your website since around 2008 when I first started taking up interest in the subject,.

Dear Barbara Thank You...

I am a person who has received above gifts from you through your website. Your website is like this:"If a person comes and asks for a fish, he is taught fishing itself."

Information on your website and your 'personal' presence in your website through your style, tone and insightful writing has helped me understand my horoscope.

Wanted to acknowledge you and your efforts (astrology and website). Please keep the great work going.

Thank you for your dedication and wisdom (you inspire me)! ~~ Australia

I really appreciate the details you have gone into,with the explanations also with them, and it is with much relief that I now begin to understand so much more about life and my own relationships.

Yes, nothing is so bad after all, all that one needs is an understanding, of which I am more than willing to give my all. This understanding helps me too along my own spiritual path.

I want you to know that I think all that you wrote and spoke were perfect words for me to take in at this point in time, and I am grateful that you had the courage to speak the truth. ~~ New York

I am relieved to hear that karmic law is more than what I thought, and that it's work is to transform ignorance into wisdom. I am beginning to see that I have been harsh with myself. I see the big picture of God's work, and marvel at the design, and the use of those big stars and planets in shaping our bodies and our experiences. It's just amazing. I so appreciate the great intelligence and compassion you are sharing with us in your website, and I look forward to learning more.

Thank you for all the hard work and dedication that you put into your website. For all of us that seek and find this site, it is a gateway of vast knowledge in helping to decipher and understand the great 9 teachers (Grahas) and their 27 classrooms (Nakshatras). Blessings,

Thank you for your great article on Kuja Dosha. You have explained things very clearly and logically. In fact, your whole website is a great repository of Jyotisha knowledge. These days your website has become a favorite haunt for me, because it not only offers a lot of information about Vedic astrology, but also the right perspective.

I am reading your website with lots of joy and gratitude.

Your brilliant astrological insight has been guiding me for years now

Your wisdom is incredible. The words you use to describe the characteristics of the Nakshatra are very very true. When I read your descriptions, I can almost completely apply them to the people whose company I have had to suffer all my life.

Thank you very very much for your generosity and free-sharing of your wisdom with us.

I have been reading your website for almost a week now and i am still reading, there is so much information. Can't find these kind of detailed information on Jyotisha these days online, even if I do find some, they are either limited in knowledge or verbiage (not in terms of present day) and do not cover related scenarios or areas with respect to a particular topic.

Thanks to you for this, knowledge needs to be shared and thanks for sharing it well.

I am so overwhelmed to see your website .. bundle of knowledge arranged in such a specific way that if one enters will never wish to sign off .... Thank you so much that even though am just a curious follower of Jyotisha, it was so enlightening for me to go through your website.

Please keep up the good work. May God bless you with Health and wealth ... I could not leave without writing to you ... I am a law student from Kerala, India. Nice to see the analysis of Amritandamayi Devi chart as I do hail from a place near from her Ashram.


This is Kausaleya from india...ur articles helped a lot to find a light in clouds.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your website and the kindness and compassion you send through it to the universe. The beautiful things you publish are inspiring... and they open the mind and lighten the soul. Thank you.

I am learning astrology through books and reading various articles published in the web.

I find your web site very good and the way you have put it across is very easy to follow.

May I first say I really love your site. I have researched Jyotish on many different sites - none compares to yours for clarity and depth.

Thank you so much for your detailed reading. This is an incredible treasure trove of information and learning material for me.

Dear Ms Pijan Lama,

Hope my email finds you well.

I want to start by complementing you ... on the most amazing website you have put together. I have been browsing the internet on and off for a few years now for Vedic astrology content and am yet to come across any site which is even half as good in terms of the quality and comprehensiveness of the content, not to mention the crisp structure that you’ve slotted it in.

I must confess I have been recommending your site to a lot of folks demonstrating any astrological inclinations or interest.

I am a novice student of astrology and came across your website few years back while trying to learn more about astrological principles and applications. I very much appreciate your simple clear explanations of astrological principles at play and the spiritual connections which make it more meaningful. It certainly helps in the study of the subject.

Hi Barbara, Thank you so much for the Reading ... Very well done! ... Am very grateful. ...Namaste in the truest sense.

Your readings impacted the course of my life in ways that no other " input" has. I never would have gone to business school otherwise, I don't think anybody I know expected that of me- especially my undergrad friends that found out later have all been surprised. Overall I've enjoyed my path, it's been rewarding and had heart (and been super challenging at times), and it's certainly a credit to you in no small part for opening that door.

Thank you deeply for sharing your knowledge and wisdom via your website! Many moments of being stuck, traumatized, tamasic or simply being blissful are always being put into perspective by one or more of your articles on life :-) Your practical, real and well structured commentaries are making a big difference in my understanding of the path of the soul.

I think you are doing an impressive job with your readings and website articles to help students understand Jyotish in an undogmatic, realistic and purposeful fashion. This feels greatly empowering in building trust in the divine and all the events that life has to offer. You seem to invest lots of time, devotion and kindness into your service path, this is very inspiring for me personally! Your website is a diamond! Warm Regards from Switzerland,

I love your site; it's a hugely ambitious work, and one of the best sources of knowledge on the internet!

...insightful accurate and truthful dose of higher consciousness...

thank you very much for the elaborate reading of my horoscope. I am captivated both by the exhaustiveness of reading and the exquisite language you have used to describe various aspects in the horoscope. I have just finished my second listening of the recording and I will say that this is the most sincere attempt by any vedic astrologer in explaining the characteristics of my birth chart (therefore me!) in so much detail, many of which clearly resonates within me .... I will be hearing it few more times before I reach out to you with a follow up question, on any specific points I wish to clarify. Trust that is ok with you.

Once again, please accept my heartfelt thanks for the exceptional reading.

... thank you so much for everything. I appreciate your time, compassion, and consideration.

I am just soooo impressed with the information available on your web-site -- it is amazing! Your efforts at bringing the classical interpretations to modern context are really worth praise and I feel must be shared ... I hope the researchers in Jyotish are getting benefit from you.

I just loved your site, it is enriching, educative and simple to understand, many inhibitions were cleared.

I am a regular visitor at your website and I spend many hours studying and it is like an ocean full of knowledge, always with a new learning experience and I have learned tons from it. I am a very passionate student of astrology and I have been learning more from your website than from anywhere else. ... I feel I cannot thank you enough but still a big thanks to you for sharing and spreading the Vidya of Astrology. It has enriched my life and is helping in my growth in deeper ways.

Thank you Barbara,

It was a very complete and amazing reading.

I am a lot more calm after I listened to your recording.

Thank you for bringing perspective and wisdom that you shared with me.

I wanted to say that your section on KalaSarpa Yoga was very helpful to explain my chart and kundalini awakening and its implications

Your website has been the center of my Jyotisha learning, and I want to thank you deep from my heart for creating such a wonderful educational hub

First let me thank your for the amazing resource that you have created in your web site. As a student of Vedic Astrology, I love it... When I read what you have written, it makes signs and planets and houses come alive. Reading your site also helps so much with all of the vocabulary and the deeper understanding that is so rich and comforting (or not) about Jyotish.

... your wisdom, dedication and amazing ability to communicate just shine through. I have listened to your reading a few times now and I continue to be impressed each time. You have taught me to look at Vedic astrology in a completely new light, provided a road map and have helped me immensely to prepare my mind for whatever happens.

I also find a very high level of correlation between your life/atma philosophy and what I am beginning to learn through the Gita. Finally there is hope for the jig-saw puzzle pieces to come together.

Thank you very much for providing the audio reading. At this time, I have done one pass through. I must say I am stunned by the detail and quite amazed by the insight that you provide. It is truly eye opening!!

Thanks for the site.

And thanks for the blessings

Thank you so much for the invaluable wisdom


Thank you, Barbara and thank you for being one of my anchors and guide. I am grateful.

A heartfelt thanks for your site! I read a lot of material but have found your writing enjoyable and educative, over many years now, ...Your writing has a lovely (and loving) genuineness, and this is why I am writing to you. I pretty much learnt everything ... from your site.

I have been a regular visitor of your Jyotish site for nearly three years now and I am amazed by the sheer amount of energy, time and work you have must have put to achieve this feat of such voluminous writings on Jyotisha. Your passion of Jyotisha is evident from the depth of your writings...

(from a reader who sent a generous donation to help develop the website offerings):

All thanks to you really for all the insights and blessings I have experienced while reading your work. You have helped some of my friends who I recommended to you for readings ... who have both benefited enormously from working with you. My studies in Jyotish are getting more interesting and amazing all the time and it has become the central focus for me in my life. Hopefully I can turn it to some benefit for other people as it has been for me. All the best to you and your family. [Australia]

I am amazed to see The wealth of knowledge on your website.

I am very grateful for the dedication you have shown. You have tried level best to educate about principle of life as you read. Perhaps thats the salient point of your reading. So much of service beyond self flavour in the work that you do. I am truly humbled and blessed ...

I’m addicted to you website and it has helped me understand why thinks happened the way they did in my life. I look to it more for counseling than any other reason. It has helped me tremendously in trying (not there yet) to let go of my past issues

Namaste Barbara, I'm a student of Vedic Astrology and I come from a family of Amateur astrologers in Southern India. First of all I'm amazed by the level of detail that you covered your website . I think this is the best site on this topic on the web.

One topic I haven't yet seen in your site is 'Retrogression of planets'. It will be great if you can cover it sometime. Thanks for your great service to enthusiasts like me. Keep up your great work.

Thank you for the knowledge you've made available to everyone. It helps me immensely to ground myself.

Q: I wanted to thank you so much for your website. I am a student of Vedic astrology, and I have found your site to be an absolute God-send. Your depth and breadth of knowledge is so beautiful. And your language is so clear. I was wondering if you were able to make a hard copy of all the pages in the site, and somehow put them together like a book. I would love to purchase a hard copy. It would be really helpful for me.

The site is so vast and wonderful, I think it would be great to have all the information (the way you have expressed it) in a hard copy form. (Or if there is some place that we can access in the site that will allow us to print the whole thing in some order and context? ) Kindly let me know if it can be made available.

A: thanks so much for your compliments! Numerous readers of the website have requested paper editions, ideally books divided by topic. I wish I had the time to do the necessary editing in order to produce books! Right now my teaching schedule and family life are so demanding that books seem a bit out of reach. The material is here, but the time to re-arrange it in book form and correct the errors before printing? Sometime in the future perhaps! It's a good goal to keep in mind, and I am grateful for your encouragement.

Are you planning to write some books? I would like to carry a book with me to read in nice places where I can think more clearly. One can't carry a computer everywhere. I like the weight of books. Please do write some soon, ideally a series, beginning with the basics explained in your own style (which I love reading!) and move into more complex parts of the vidya as you can manage it.

I love your site, it is the best. The photography is sublime.
I am very grateful to you for your invisible guidance.

... your articles have been very helpful especially for my understanding of the tricky Rahu-Ketu dynamics ...


Thank you and God Bless you for all the wonderful information you provide on your website.

thank you for your time and for your invaluable work guiding my path

Thank you for the reading. I have listened to it more than once already. I must say it is very useful and I am amazed at the depth of the overall views you have provided. Great work. Appreciate it.

Namaste Barbara,

Just wanted to convey my sincere gratitude for your effort in presenting the 'Brahma-Vidya' of astrology in a very compelling, enlightening manner at energy / psyche level more than the usual gross / physical level of interpretation. It has been a valuable source of knowledge, motivation and guidance for me right through most of my Sade-Sati. THANK YOU KINDLY!

[regarding a Gemstone reading] Very precise and very brilliantly defined. Thank you Barbara

Thank you for all your generous and laborious offerings Surely the world of Jyotish is very benefitted by your mercurial penetration and research.

I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for this immense work you have put up on your website.

I started out studying western astrology, and have found much difficulty in re-learning; but you have presented your knowledge in a way that is so much easier for me to grasp. I spend a good deal of my evenings on your website reading and reflecting.

The Insights have been frighteningly accurate, and are a great help to this sadhaka.

Thank you so much. God bless you.

A: thank you very much for the kind words, and God bless you too! I am always delighted to know that the case studies and articles, despite their incompleteness (always need more time to write!) are proving helpful for some students of the vidya. Best wishes for your success in Jyotisha studies. ~~ Barbara

God bless you!

what a rich beautiful shrine of a website - the inner workings might be like a old dinosaur, but the wisdom and knowledge shines all across. Like an old temple which reverberates with peace, joy and wisdom. To all that which conspired to create this station, I bow reverently.

Dear Mrs. Pijan:

I want to thank you for your Jyotish web page. I am studying Jyotish by myself since 2006 and your openhanded view of teaching Vedic Astrology helps me a lot. I read your texts almost everyday trying to analize and discover new ways of understanding this beautiful system. Of course, studying alone is a difficult task. [Peru]

thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you... I have a wonderful fresh glorious calming and satisfying feeling this morning - thanks to you and your reading! It is surely a pleasure to be validated in spirit... The material problems go on (and on) of course... my husband ... my mother ... my kids ... The money ... But spirit is what counts, and today I feel that you gave me a view of that precious path. I am deeply grateful. [Chicago]

Pranam to you dearest respected Barbara Pijan ji, How are you? I absolutely love your website, it has already taught me so much. You have done vedic astrology proud!!!

Thank you so much for all you do. I use your site all the time

I am an avid reader of your website. I really applaud the amount of research you have put into writing the articles. I had a strong belief in an higher power (read God), however I am starting to lose that faith and now-a-days think that, may be we are just us and maybe it is really just one life with a full-stop (period) at death. Your website helps me still hold on to the faith in a higher power and makes me believe in Karma and after-life. An excellent work indeed.

I can’t thank you enough for all the wonderful knowledge you have freely shared! God Bless You!

Thank you again for the beautiful and very thorough reading.

Pranam Barbara Ji. ..... The fabulous knowledge you share with the world. I have made a mp3 CD of the 5+ hours of the Jyotisha readings you provided to me ..... and have listened to it for over 10-15 times during my commute to/from work. Your guidance has been truly transformative on my life. Best Wishes, S.

I would like to convey my appreciation and congratulate with your efforts. It is so pleasant to go through your website and information is very much organized, clear and examples of leaders well explained. ....

Knowledge is universal and has no barrier …You proved it right by your website that knowledge can be guided and spread by anyone who truly respects it.


Namaste Guruji

Aaj mai aap ki website read kar rahi thi. Aap se request ke meri kundli dekh kar baatayenge ke Kya problem hai. Meri marriage nhi ho rahi hai.

I have been practicing Jyotish for quite some time now and been doing research on certain less-explored areas in this science.

The content composed by you on your website is highly appreciable. I have a request for you regarding additional content on this subject. The effects of planets in various Nakshatra is one area where there is not much text and research work has not been seen. If you can include this content in your website, it would be fabulous.

I am currently doing some research on the same and would like to invite you to share your opinions on this area of research. Also, if you know some books or online sources with this content of Graha effects due to placement in the 27 constellations, kindly give me the list of such.

Looking forward to receive positive response.

Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your readings that provided some succor at a time of great distress.

I wanted to say thanks for this wonderful site and for giving explanations that quench one's soul as it were and give hope. I am sure many admirers of Jyotish have benefited from it. Sites like this are very rare... You are doing a great service to seekers of truth.

Q: Namaste,

Thank you again for a most informative and wonderful website and sharing of your knowledge. With Love and Light, [Singapore]

A :

Great"social identity" questions! I'll answer in a public venue, since probably others are interested too.

  • I am an American woman of Northern European ancestry. As an adult, I married into a family of Nyingma Buddhist lineage. I have stayed in Himalayan Nepal, and traveled throughout India.

  • I live in Portland, Oregon, where I work as a university instructor, a consulting Jyotiṣika, and resident mom.

  • I have not studied Jyotisha with any material-plane teachers, and I have no Jyotisha lineage credentials. My divination skills receive considerable"technical support" from the astral plane.

  • I hold B.A. and M.A. diplomas in the Study of Religion. (Plus a second M.A. in a specialty of Linguistics.) Academic study in religion + language caused me to think about numerous belief systems, to read sacred scriptures from a variety of traditions, and to encounter various priesthoods. This study plus world travel has probably raised my inter-cultural competence.

  • Also I attended psychic school for several years. Psychic skills training taught me to validate my intuition. For me, the inner teacher (intuition) serves the role of a traditional guru. Jyotisha requires both extensive, detailed reasoning capability and permission to hear the intuition.

  • Tutoring and teaching Jyotisha might be available in the future, if some nice person would like to organize the business arrangements for me. At the moment, my life schedule is very full.

I consider myself to be an earnest, but definitely international-style, student of Jyotisha. As an American with university research training, I'm not much invested the huge accrual of (largely superstitious ) cultural custom which surrounds traditional Jyotisha practice. With every respect for the consolation of ritual, I nevertheless prefer to cut to the chase, and explore the validity of pure Jyotisha - the vidya itself - by testing public and private nativities against ancient predictive principles.

As a point of character, I like to test things! The writings on serve my need to write out case studies (as time permits). Writing up case studies and"rules " pages, plus relevant quotations from some easily-available Jyotisha authorities/commentators, are my own [western academic] way of organizing the information I need to analyze nativities. The case studies especially help me prove - to myself - that the canonical Jyotisha rules are giving the predicted results.

Over time, I hope to provide a body of case studies that may be useful in elucidating the simplest level of Jyotisha: Vimshottari dasha and varga confirmations. I publish the studies and my reflections as an offering to other students of the vidya, in case they should find it useful.

I just want to tell you I've been poring over your pages.

What a tremendous service and accomplishment your website is, I'm grateful for it.

I would like to thank you building such an incredible website filled with wealth of information. It is a treat for any beginner learning Jyotisha.

I enjoyed listening to your commentary and answer to my questions.

I particularly liked your joyful style and supplementary material as it related to Jyotish portrait.

I would like to congratulate you on creating one of the best jyotisha vedic astrology web sites on the whole internet and thank you for taking time and effort for creating one. I have learn a lot from your site which I find as great and very valuable resource for my own jyotisha studies.

thank you for your wonderful, insightful website! It has provided me with lots of fun, interesting reading!


I have picked up a lot from your guidance. It has been self revealing. Nowhere could i find such beautiful explainations which were so self explanatory. I am obliged to you.

Greeting from Brooklyn.

Big, big fan of your site. I have been reading it for a few years now, and I have learned so much from browsing it. I have a big interest in astrology
I read your Surya Uttama vs Surya Moolatrikona I really enjoyed it. ... Just wanted to say thank you for all the free wealth of knowledge & wisdom you have given on your Website. Thank you so so much.

Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful and detailed reading. I feel you are such an impressive speaker and a wonderful, gifted guide. Many things that you mentioned in the analysis had a very positive impact on me. ... You have also illuminated so many new areas in astrology that I was lacking knowledge about & was completely unware of. Thank you so much for helping me out with not only my reading but also sharing such great wisdom. I am really,so impressed with your voice and the expressions you use to convey a thought. I wish I could speak like you someday! :)

Q. Namaste Barbara,

I was in search of website on jyotisha.....where I could find the essence and I fortunately happened to visit yours......

I have been an avid reader of astrological books and never found something good on the web, pleasant surprise yours is and to emphasis my feelings, it really puts one in awe and wonder over the Creation where a person from foreign land was able to touch the essence of vedic jyotisha, it transcends all boundaries it seems not to say much about the hard work and time it would have taken to study all this.

Your website is different, explanatory to the essence, psychologically very insightful. If something more regarding the dashas, antardashas and prtyantra be added, I think it will add more gems to this infinite sea of knowledge you are set to explore. Bon Voyage.

A : Namaste,

Thanks very much for your compliments on the Jyotisha materials at I am always happy to know that the descriptive articles and sample nativities there have been useful to students of the vidya.

Thanks also for your suggestion to increase the information on Vimshottari and other dasha systems. I appreciate your suggestion. As soon as I have time (!) I will indeed add some more detailed descriptions of those important Jyotisha tools.

I hope my readers will forgive the slow progress of filling out the website materials. In addition to Jyotisha practice, I am also a mother and a university instructor. Yet, slowly, slowly, I do hope to continue to expand the site. My goals are to provide more utility to students and to encourage international Jyotisha research.

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

i just wanted to thank you for your support and guidance ~~ Houston, TX

Thank you for creating a Jyotish resource of such insight, depth, and breadth. It's proven invaluable in helping me (and many others) learn about Jyotish -- your efforts are deeply appreciated!

Ok! You are very gentle! Thank you!! nice day!!!!

Hare krishna! Radhe Radhe ♥

peony1.jpg I have been feasting on your jyotish website. Oh my, it's a treasure indeed. Studying Jyotish has helped me very much the past few months.

I have always believed that the essence of the message lies in the delivery and I want to sincerely congradulate you on being able to use jotishi to guide modern kids (such as myself) to choose the right path. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to any of my friends or use it myself at a later time. ~~ With Best Compliments, from London

Hope you could continue writing more interesting Jyotish topics; I enjoy reading them and learning about the ancient art/science.

Dear Madam,

It is a very informative and full of explanation and good guidance for novice and advance leaners in Astrology.

God Bless your service to astrology ~ ~~Malaysia

I so appreciate your open and aware mind! You are a wonderful teacher, and I hope to someday help others as much as you have helped me! Thank you Barbara! May you always know your brilliance, and how much others are supported by your excellent counsel. Gratefully, L.

Thank you once again for showing us the light on this beautiful spiritual journey.

Enjoyed going through your website. A stupendous effort.

My congratulations on your perseverance and dedication is inspiring.

I absolutely love your website! So much information and insight! I have learned a great deal from your well of knowledge. Thank you immensely!!!

I have visited your site several times and feel it would take a life time to understand & comprehend the sheer magnitude & significance of work you have created ... Truly awesome website

You also have a really charming voice

I am a 25 yr ils girl from India. Past few years I was gng through ketu mahadasha. And thats qhen I was very very interested in vedic astrology. I found your articles and I am soo soo thankful that u have written so much. Your articles are so logical precise and scientific that I just wish to somehow read them day and night.

Some experiences in ketu mahadasha and rahu antardasha made me soooo soo miserable taht I was trying to find out why...why me....and when I read ur article on ketu mahadasha with 9 bhukti it was just sooo precise that I read each and every article u have written. Thanks a lot for ur tremendous work and I really hope u are in good health soon so that people like us benefit.

Barbara, thank you very much for your deep and extensive outreach work.

Q: Subject: amazing site

Amazing site! I found honest predictions here. I'm also an astrologer here in India, in Chandigarh. I like your site so much !! Very good site !!! You have worked so hard. Where have you have learned it from? India?

A Namaste,

Thanks very much for your compliments on . I am delighted to know that you find the materials useful in your study of the knowledge tradition of Jyotishavidya.

In answer to your question, I learned some basic principles of Jyotisha while residing in Nepal. However, Most of my learning has come from reading books (mainly the classics, plus some great modern commentaries in English, such as 300 Combinations 1912-1998 Jyotiṣika B. V. Raman and Bepin Behari ). For BP Lama Jyotishavidya, there is strength in several decades of reflective meditation upon those basic principles, in context of divine goodness and human nature.

Practice of the vidya requires both reason and intuition to be fully and constantly engaged.

Best wishes for success in your own astrology practice,

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Thank you for helping me see the invisible. Thank you for the forgiveness page .

Q. Dear Madam,

Thank you so much for uploading an extensive collection of vedic astrology notes in your website for many to benefit. I am an Indian studying in Swiss. I am an hobbyist astrologer--who learned astrology from beloved Guru Dr. A.P. Rao. ...

I would like to donate some amount (not much being a student though!) for your project of bringing the Vedic astrology learning material on the web in a lucid and well classified manner. Would it be possible to buy the material in a CD form you?

I appreciate your selfless work again and thanks for helping many to grow in the vast field of Vedic astrology learning!...

Thank you so much, Barbara! My husband and I savored the first hour of the reading last night. I will continue listening ...

A . Namaste,

Thanks very much for your compliments on the Jyotisha learning materials ai

It is a great idea to put some of the website pages on a CD or some other fixed medium. As of yet, I am not that organized : ) Readers have also asked me to produce e-books and paper books for purchase. I would be happy to produce the information in those media if I had time!

Unfortunately my teaching schedule is demanding and it seems like just a dream to get the materials edited and published in other media. (In addition to Jyotisha practice, I teach in a university linguistics dept.)

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

I have regularly visited your website and found that this is the best site on Vedic astrology. I am sure the material on the site has helped a lot of people.

I can't thank you enough for your reading and generosity ..... You have put my mind at ease ....

How refreshing to hear you speak!

You site is indeed wonderful, the concepts therein are great. It is well documented , in user friendly manner and easy to grasp.

Have been visiting your website regularly and impressed deeply. The e-mail is just to congratulate you upon a great achievement. best wishes, krishna.

Namaste Krishna,

Thanks very much for your compliments on the samayavidya materials. I am delighted to know that students of the vidya of the knowledge tradition of Jyotishavidya are benefiting from the articles and example nativities presented there.

Hope this finds you in good health. May God grant you best of complete health very soon.

thank you for the reading - I have listened to it many times and I really enjoyed it.
thank you for your reading and answers to my question. I'm now completely satisfied

Dear Barbara Pijan Lama, I am addicted to your website since I stumbled upon it a month ago. Considering the complexity of this science, the arrangement of the Jyotisha material in your website is commendable. A student of Vedic Astrology aged 42, from South India, I find your insights on the various planetary combinations very good. My salutations to you for your selfless dissemination of Jyotish knowledge through your website. With best regards -- MM

I loved the detailed articles on your site. They are very informative and I appreciate your hard work in compiling in all together.

Huge respect!!!!!

... reading some of the topics on dharma and suffering has really helped me with some equanimity in my life for the past couple of weeks. Its helpful to know what we are here on this earth to learn.

Dear Mrs Barbara Pijan Lama,

Good morning from Calgary, Canada. I am an Indian astrological student last 23 years. I have read many books., practiced astrology, visited number of web sites. I find your web site the BEST and most informative. Your interpretations and meanings are superb and un imaginably supports awareness.

A Namaste,

Thank you very much for your lovely compliments! I am delighted to know that you are enjoying the Jyotisha website and find the materials there to be useful in your study of the vidya.

It is a growth-challenge for me to maintain the growing collection of materials, keep correcting mistakes, and write case study interpretations of public figures, along with my teaching schedule. I always wish there was more time to write! Yet, I am very happy to know that the site as it presently exists is indeed providing a helpful resource to students around the world.

Thanks again for your support, and best wishes for your success in Jyotisha studies,

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

you are brilliant, just to say it first :-) Thank you so much for your short analysis. ~~ Deutschland

" ... Thank you so very much for your amazingly detailed reading. I listened to the reading on Wednesday evening immediately after receiving! Your incredibly deep knowledge of Jyotisha comes across in a very open, compassionate & humorous way. One does not feel after listening to your reading as though they have a whole bunch of"enemy" Graha orbiting, causing havoc. Before your reading I felt this way...I have been told that the Sun was a great enemy of mine !"

Thank you for providing this nice website for us to visit and learn from.

Thank you so much for an extremely eye-opening reading.
I also must express my gratitude for your wisdom and generosity. Sending many profound thank you's from the bottom of my heart - you have no idea how much you’ve deepened and solidified my understanding and relationship with this beautiful spiritual science.


Pleyades * Pleiades * Pliedesha * Plediyas * Plejaderne * der Plejaden * Plejaadid * Plejady * Pleyady

* Pureadesu seidan * peulleiadeseu seongdan * Mao * Daw lukki *

" a well-known open cluster of stars in the constellation Taurus. Six (or more) stars are visible to the naked eye but there are actually some five hundred in the cluster,"

Dear Barbara,

I am one of your follower from India, I have read so many articles from your websites and after feeling that they are just perfect, matches with me and my friends so many time. I am also learner of astrology not professional but just because of my interest in astrology.

Get well soon bpl. God Bless

I've long read, admired and learned from your site on vedic astrology - as much for its philosophical lessons as for the important information on astrology. Thank you for this service!

your profound insights and the interpretation of ancient Vedic astrology in modern context is mesmerizing!

your insights in the past have helped me break decades-old bondages and patternss

I am not at all surprised that there are 30 readings ahead of me in your queue! I would imagine that the demand for your readings is quite high; considering your knowledge, insights, selected quotes, and even the jokes you use to drive home a point. It all shows an exceptional mind! Please add me to your queue and I will wait patiently (several months, I know) for delivery.

I'd like to thank you for the marvelous site which you have put up on Astrology. The reservoir of information forthcoming from you in that site is simply awesome. I visit it daily to read up and learn new things.


Thank you for maintaining an excellent jyotish website. Your insight into human behaviour and its reflection in the jyotish chart has really inspired me.

I am writing because I felt that I have personally benefited from your teachings on the website. They are so accurate and amazing in clarity.

I have been interested in western and vedic astrology for more than 10 years now. Your writings have provided more depth to my understanding in a short time.

Take care ma'am !!

I have been an ardent follower of your content and have been referring it to the last few years, during my study of astrology.

Warm regards for your health battles and your life journey. I am very grateful to you for the knowledge you've made available to the world. It has been the launch pad for my ongoing understanding of life and the human psyche.

Really Very nice website thanks for giving such a wonderful information. Very useful for common man to Astrologer. Thanks again. May God bless you with Health and insight.

was reading your articles about vedic astrology for many years

Thank you for your writtings,it helped me.

I just wanted to let you know that I am deeply grateful for the work you have put into your jyotish website. Making sense of all of this ancient mystic knowledge is truly a blessing, and your contribution to the world has been noted here in a sincere manner.

I've been studying jyotish for quite some time now, with many different teachers and sources, and your contribution of vidya to the jyotish realm of the collective consciousness that is the internet is unique, thorough, and refreshing.

The fractal nature of your website, reflects upon jyotish, upon reality, so beautiful... Thanks

... Thank you for the incredible resources on your website. Brilliant. I have learnt so much since l ... when I developed a sudden interest in vedic astrology.

May the source of all sources bless you with great health and luck.

Dear Barbara Pijan,

I have been visiting your website for some years now, have been studying some jyotish around the closer environment of the ayurvedic institute in albuquerque ... some home grown studies, and some years of on and off studies... I find your writings, answers and offerings on your website very transparent, and I think, that you are very much capable of delicate and subtle thoughts and patterns. Which is another reason why I would like to hear your analysis.

I am very thankful to you for creating this wonderful online site with great and very detailed knowledge of Jtotish. I am a regular reader of your site.

I've been reading your website since the last few weeks and must say that there isn't any other website that describes the effects of the different mahadasha/antardasha and planetary/house combinations with that accuracy. My knowledge of astrology has improved a lot, thanks to your website.

Bumping into your website is the best ever thing that happened to me as I learnt a lot about my Self and my religion. Thank you again!

The reading of yours pulled down an avalanche that was due to move.

Namaste Barbara-Ji,

Firstly thank you for the astronomical service you have done to Modern Society with your comprehensive website. It is very systematic and very clear and blends astrology rules with spiritual insights. Its a sufficient Spiritual and Astrological Study for anyone this life.

I pray for your great health and I pray that your consciousness touches upon other budding consciousness to evolve and serve fellow beings at similar rate as You!

I am a Jyotisha Student(than 1 year old, self taught). If you are ok to provide me the Jyotisha rules you apply to derive a conclusion in my readings, it will be great knowledge-bliss to me

I have been drawing a lot of inspiration from the information on your website, and I really appreciate your perspectives on jyotish. Thank you!

Namaste Ms. Barbara,

I just now had cause to send a link to your wonderful Dharmic site to a friend I am having a discussion with about gemstones used for Jyotish and general evolutionary purposes... and it occurred to me that I really need to say *THANKS * !!! to you!!!

I have benefited from your website and your Wisdom. I study both Western and Vedic Astrology and must say your site has been the most inspiring, and the most accurate in the piecemeal approach I must take to analyzing my own nativity via Jyotish.

...I recently passed through the end of Shani Mahadasha and am in the first year of Mercury/Mercury and the blessings have been beyond anything I could have imagined;-). Just wanted to send you Love & Thanks;-) -- Namaste

I wish you get well soon and continue posting such highly informative stuff which helps me learn astrology and practice it efficiently.

Thank you very much for your splendid analysis of my horoscope. I've greatly enjoyed your reading and I must say that for someone who does not know me personally, some of your observations regarding the dilemmas inherent in my chart are remarkably accurate! It is indeed heartening to note that my destiny lies in serving those less privileged than myself.

I hope that I will someday have the fortune of manifesting my Uchha shani's DharmaKarmadipati yoga and its script of service just as you have predicted.

Once again, I am deeply grateful for your time and guidance in my quest for understanding my life purpose.

Your guidance and insight are greatly appreciated.

I have enjoyed your website immensely for several years, especially the tone and attitude you express when explaining your knowledge and insights. It has enriched my understanding not only of jyotish, but myself.

Thank You once again !!!

God Bless You!

I've been an avid reader of your website for several years now and have learnt a lot for which I can't thank you enough.

i am an regular reader of your website....., it's truely fantastic,intractive, and as i am a jyotish student too,it really help me to learn and revise...,

I am writing to thank you for such an amazing website.

Your website is not only a resource to know and learn astrology but also to use that knowledge to about oneself and perhaps about god. To know why we are here on this earth(spiritual beings having a human experience).

Topics on subconscious and psyche are really a new knowledge to me and probably the seed of this knowledge will help me answer my questions.

I have to say thanks for taking your time and I'm loving the website, my understanding is getting a lot better the more I practise with famous celebrity charts I can see the time lines and effects of dasa and bhukti (very very interesting)! (~~ yours from sunny Kuwait)

Pranam Barbara, Thank you for your kind wishes on my jyotisa studies. I am simply thrilled to have your valuable website available for reference.

Hi, just wanted to express my gratitude for your great informative site on Jyotisha. I was a Hindu monk for years, and studied astrology in my down time. Your interpretations helped me to see a modern view of everything, and helped to clarify much of the classic texts. Thank you!

you haave a great site. Thank you so much. i have learnt so much from you. bless you.

First I want to say thank you for your great insight and enlightened perspective and sharing this with the world. I felt a deep resonance and comfort with almost all of the information you shared with me.

Dear Ms. Barbara, Namaste !

I am very grateful for the readings !! Thank you so much ! Your skill is amazing !!

You have taken a lot of time and effort on my questions. Truely grateful ! I have listened to the readings once, but of course would need to listen several times in order to be able to digest it all.....

... The jyotish explanations help me to make some sense of what's going on, and my confusion and burden is lessenned.

Its with real kindness and compassion that you do these readings and I feel that it must take a lot of effort even though you are highly skilled in your field. Whilst saying Thank You very sincerely, I send blessings your way ! to be well and happy and healthy always !!

Much Merit to You!

and Blessings of the Tripple Gem !

Very Kind Regards



I must congratulate you on the excellent compilation and the logical explanations given about various aspects of astrology. There are many sites, which directly give inferences (some accurate, some not so accurate), but so far, I have found only your site which gives a logical explanation, to various planetary formations in a horoscope.

This gives an opportunity for people like us, to learn newer aspects, which wouldn't have been possible, if we just learn by rote about various planetary positions and their effects. I read your site, as often as I can, to keep learning about astrology.

I think what you do is wonderful. The information you provide was unattainable for many people like myself, who can't read the Sanskrit languages. With a bit of guidance and your helpful site, I've managed to enlighten myself, at least a little, with this field.

Every time I read your website I learn something new. I myself have interest in Jyotisha and I love analyses of various topics in your website.

Drawing reference to your webpage and the following section :

" .....I do recommend Jyotisha study as a very engaging method of slowly developing a sense of wisdom and amusement about one's own chosen life :"

Wonderful thoughts, I share similar feelings as I think I am beginning to understand myself a bit better through Jyotisha. Thanks in general for spreading a more mature approach of Jyotisha to a wider audience.

Thanks for the insightful Gem analysis, Your wisdom and knowledge has helped me understand my own chart in a better way

I found your website on the internet two years ago and have been obsessed with it ever since. ...

Thank you so much for all of the information you've made available. I check your website daily. I love it.

Many thanks for all the work you are doing. For a decade now, I have learnt a lot from the material you have been posting on the website. They have helped me sail through a lot of 'shadow' days (and years), like light from an invisible source.

I was blown away by the thoughtful, insightful and erudite information presented on your website.

I want to thank you for this rare gem of a website you gave us, students of Jyotishavidya. Thank you, not only for providing systematic paths into the complexities of vedic astrology and offering us these vasts and methodically organized jyotish resources for free, but for doing so with such carefully chosen quotes from writers, extracts from the Scriptures, words of wisdom, for accompanying them with an iconography celebrating paintings, sculptures, architectures of various traditions - and also nature's wonders, through its magnificent landscapes and portraits of its inhabitants. Thank you for honoring this splendid legacy, for guiding us through it with your meticulous attention to etymology and translations, and for generously answering our questions. Thank you for your precious insights and humor.


Basically you are kind of Guru to me through your website. Thank you.

Dear Barbara Ma,

First of all, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing valuable treasures of Jyotisha. Your intuition energized by years of meditation and trust in the Divine surely peeks through the writings :) . I am a student of this science when I started taking a course in South India (Tamilnadu). The articles on Rahu-Ketu are enlightening to begin with.. as I was able to personally relate with whatever is said there! A leap frog, sudden awakener, jump start, obsessive desire, over indulgent, palpitation of heart..true!

Thank you.

Your teachings have been extremely important for me.

Backing up each explanation in your reading was very helpful to understand and rationalise why certain things in my life were certain way. Your narration and clarity of recording was purely brilliant.

This mail is to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the fantastic and inspiring reading of my horoscope by you. ... impressed by your depth of knowledge, experience and the passion with which you give the reading. It was so interesting to listen to your reading. :) Listening to your reading, I felt you are in front of me and that you know me for a long time. :)

I appreciate your Jyotisha knowledge and wisdom and thank you for shining some light on my life.

I have been readiing the contents on your site for years.literally know every page .tremendous maount of words can suffice the

work you have put together.i have read several books from sanjay rath,b.v.raman,jamini.but what i love about you is the beautiful non

judgemental way of outting together your work on marriage and relationship.soo beautiful.thank god for people like you who

believe that real people fall in love with wrong partners but as long as we can move on it's not crime... Thank you, love

Being a Jyotisha enthusiast/student I have been following your excellent site. I just want to congratulate you on maintaining and creating this excellent resource, which I think is unparalleled in the modern practice of Jyotisha across the world.

I hope you will keep up the good work and may God bless you with the power to keep posting many more insightful articles.

Your site has given me extraordinary insight into jyotishvidya and i often refer to it to clarify questions which occur to me. I have the greatest respect for the depth of your knowledge and profundity of interpretation.

It is such a joy, and my gratitude,

Respected Pijanlama ji, Namastey

I am ... from Himachal Pradesh, India. I congratulate and appreciate YOU for bringing out such a highly transparent, thorough, comprensive and deep researched web site on Vedic Astrology..... producing such a portal reflects your honest, hardworking and SEWA approach for sharing knowledge, for the well being of common people. The material given in your portal is pure and extremely relevant.


I myself am an engineer and practice astrology as a hobby with a desire to learn. Your website and work has been very much appreciated at this end and the vast amount of information is invaluable to any student and learner of astrology.

God Bless

Your website is wonderful - I have visited many times, and read and re-read. I actually like reading the articles on philosophy more than those on astrology.

I bow in gratitude to your efforts, time, skill, knowledge, discipline, and generosity. Thank you, and blessings

Amateur admirer of astrology here. Just wanted to say, I *love* your site. It's just so chock full of info and knowledge, case studies, references to other books, it's absolutely brilliant. You're awesome. I can't imagine how much time and effort it takes to put together something like that. You've got some excellent quality material here, and I'm quite picky when it comes to reading about astrology. Thank you so much for sharing all of your realizations and knowledge, absolutely priceless and brilliant.


Mera nam _________ ____________hai. Mere date of birth 24 may 19__ hai. Mera place of birth up h or time 11:15 mnt. Mera sawal h ki meri government job kb tak lagegi or meri shadi ka yog kab tak ka hai.

Please mera marg darshan kare. Thakn you.

your site and contents in it are so nice that it is almost impossible to find the suitable words to praise your hard work, but still if you can use some easy English, it would do much good to non English speaking students of vedic astrology like me.


thanks is a very small word for the light that you showed me

Thank you very much for this great site which i have been following for the past few years. A very great and detailed explanations. Very accurate too. Thank you very much for this great selfless service.

I am a student of Jyotisha-Vidya, and follow your online website quite a lot. Thanks for the insightful connections.


I have been going through your website from quite some time and it is very informative and beneficial as it contains detailed clear and accurate content. Thank You very much for doing this work and helping humanity as a whole.

Your guidance has shed SO MUCH light on these matters and will help reposition my approach. Thereby addressing my main question and much more...

Thank you for the time and love you put into the reading.

dear guru maa,

may lord shiva bless you.Amongst various danas(gifts),the dana (gift)

of knowledge, wisdom is the most exalted and priceless.and the

knowledge i have gained from your pages has, on the one hand sharpened

my insights towards religion and philosophy in particular and life in

general. Metaphorically speaking,it was like gangajal.

to a parched throat. ... your two different approaches, namely

psycho-emotional and material reconciled my seemingly paradoxical

situation and beliefs.most importantly it has given me the mosi

recurrent yet most elusive of all objects namely faith and hope.....pranam once again...


i feel urs is amongst one of the few sites which simultaneously analyses different viewpoint regarding astrology ie vedic astrology, western and asian examples, making it what u call a broad spectrum analysis.i m a physician in delhi. with inclination to astrology.i have read and analysed quite a few literature for the last 15 years and currently ifind ur site quite interesting. just wish to thank u.

I have been reading your beautifull documents on astrology for past one or two year. I request you to accept my many pranaam to you. I always wonder that the seeker or rishi-muni of vedic days must have been like you.

may lord shiva bless you.Amongst various danas(gifts),the dana (gift) of knowledge,wisdom is the most exalted and priceless.and the knowledge i have gained from your pages has,on the one hand sharpened my insights towards religion and philosophy in particular and life in general.metaphorically speaking,it was like gangajal to a parched throat.your two different approaches,namely psycho-emotional and material reconciled my seemingly paradoxical situation and beliefs.most importantly it has given me the most recurrent yet most elusive of all objects namely faith and hope...pranam once again

Your reading really helps, you don't just scare the bejesus out of people with bad transits we have to go through, you have a very good sense of how and why it is happening and how we can help ourselves and to look at it in a good light. Thank you so much for just being my guide for so long.

God Bless you, Barbara, and keep up the good work. I like your way of analysis and the heart and mind you put in your work.

Hi Barbara Pijan Lama,

Wanted to congratulate you on the replies you give to questions. I was reading a reply on the way 2-3-5-9-11 houses interact with each other and what happens when one among them is strong and some among them weak.

Some of the replies look so philosophical and which can come only from highly spiritual thinkers who have had a long astrological practice. I doubt that i can find such detailed explanation in any book.

I am an engineer but read astrological texts as a hobby. I was searching for something on the varga charts and came across your website.

Keep up the good work.

Best regards

BPL Reply: Namaste,

Thanks very much for your compliments! I'm delighted to know that you are finding the Jyotisha materials to be useful in your studies of the samayavidya, and especially to know that the Q/A format is helpful. I wish that I had time to write the answers to many fascinating questions which arrive in my inbox weekly. However, it 's nice to know that those few which I am able to answer are useful to readers.

Thanks again for your encouragement, and best wishes for success in your Jyotisha studies,

Sincerely, BP Lama Jyotisha

Thanks. I have read the ratna report and it was very insightful. I intend to use it to full advantage.

Namaste and a great Thank you for the wonderful reading that you provided. Your voice is very therapeutic and peaceful. It took me time to think and reflect about what you said



I want to thank you for the amazing write-up you did on Rahu-Ketu-Chandra. I read the section on remedies for marriage problems. It helped me to understand what I am going through, and made me feel "understood." I appreciate your excellent command of the English language combined with your understanding of Jyotisha. May you be blessed for your contribution. Hare Krsna. Yours in the service of Lord Sri Krsna (from whom come all sciences, including the science of astrology),

Thank you for explaining a complex subject in an accessible manner. [Brunei]

I was just browsing through your website and very much impressed with the information in it.

I would like to convey my appreciation and congratulate with your efforts. It is so pleasant to go through your website and information is very much organized, clear and examples of leaders well explained.

A great website and content within ( It directly appreciates your knowledge, efforts and direction). Knowledge is universal and has no barrier …You proved it right by your website that knowledge can be guided and spread by anyone who truly respects it.

I started learning astrology last year, when my life hit into a minor abyss, and I have been hooked to this science since then. Your website has been immensely insightful for people like me trying to come to terms with our own mortality and insignificance. Thank you for that. :)

Thank you very much for the reading! I was eagerly waiting for your email. I was so impatient to listen to everything you had say. I feel grateful for having this privilege of getting my reading done through you and for all the guidance that I much needed. It's quite powerful I see, as so much of my self was so accurately articulated. Thank you!

thank you so much for all the information you provide on Jyotish on your website. As a Jyothish enthusiast who is eager to learn, it is so very helpful.

keep up great work on the website - it is definitely the most educational astrology site Period.

I think all my questions have been answered. :)

Thank you again for the deep insights.

With gratitude and best wishes to you,

I have been reading your wonderful site for a few years now and have learnt a great deal about life not just Jyotisha. I spend a lot of time on your website and read things over and over again to . I appreciate the rich content of your site, which is a first place I look at when I have any questions.

It is such an honor for me to connect with you like this. Amazing brilliant vast shining you!

BPL responds: thank you, my fellow amazing brilliant vast shining being :)

I found last year's reading so insightful and would like to do an annual update reading

Dear Ms. Pijan,

I would like to share with you my happiness for your interpretation of Shani Mahadasa on your Jyotish page.

Searching all over the internet, very few cover, or at least most cut and paste ideas, and then the same examples show up again and again. Your webpage is inspiring to take real knowledge (at least at the instance of Shani, from my reading) and show it as it is. It appears you have a great understanding of Jyotish, something many Pandits could learn from. Haha.

of course, each interpretation can vary in many variations as their are seers present.

Many many thanks for the fantastic, re-assuring and timely reading! Both [my husband and I] have greatly benefited from it.

I am very grateful to God that I luckily found you ... Thank You so so much for putting up such an informative website.

Hats off to an awesome Jyotisha website. The information on your website has completely changed my outlook of things and I have learned to appreciate that whatever happens is for the highest good. I am completely addicted to your website and use it as a rescue to my emotional setbacks and to refer to it for learning Jyotisha and reading charts.

First, I like to compliment you for the wonderful website. I come from a family where folks gets the Jyotish Ability. My grandfather read, my aunt read and I also got that gift

But honestly, No of different cases or examples I see in your website in incredible and I believe an important instrument for Astrology student

I offer my thanks to the source of all sources operating within you for providing me an insight to my questions. Thank you for your kind wishes and response. Sarve janah sukhino bhavantu!!

I have ordered Jyotishya reading three times from you. I love your readings. Thank you for your good work - I appreciate it from my heart.

Tree_boat.jpgI have never noticed anybody else write about astrology with so much depth and intuition about human condition than you. Thank you.

I am G. from India (Calcutta). By birth I am an Hindu Brahmin, not sure if by karma. I am writing this mail as I would like to thank you for your articles on vedic astrology . In a one word they are splendid. The ancient vedic philosophy which is embedded in your writing I must admit is very rare even in India. Your writings are in perfect harmony with my favorite literature that is Mahabharata and specially the Bhagavad Gita.

May the great lord Shiva shower his auspicious blessing on you for your splendid wisdom in the mystic astral plane.

Your's faithfully,

Ive been a silent follower of your site for quite some time, it has some of the best and most insightful interpretations of different phenomena in jyotish that I have found anywhere on the internet. Thank you very much for sharing this knowledge with the world.

Right now, I am going through an unexpected and really tormenting phase of life and learning Jyotisha has somewhat lessened my pains and helped in concentrating my negative energy into something divine and positive for life. Your articles on 'Dealing with emotions' and 'Guilt & Grief ' energies were really inspiring during this time. Your metaphysical explanations for these are really awesome.

I want to express how much I have already learned about my own chart and the charts of others through your amazing website, and how much I appreciate what you've done ! In addition to the information, the presentation is just wonderful as well! It is a work of art! I am still making my way through your website and finding it so enriching.

Thank you for having such a informative website which imparts knowledge to people like me who are learning Vedic astrology, I sincerely appreciate your profound expertise in this field, it makes me wish meeting you one day just to thank are so knowledgeable and well read. Pl continue writing and sharing astrology info on your website.

When I came across your site it came to me as a relief . I have not been able to find an Astrology site / text that is so beautifully sculpted brimming with knowledge . It combines Art & Craft . This could only be done by a Feminine Energy ! Though I hardly understand the text , sometimes I simply tour the site & see mesmerising pictures & quotes , & feel refreshed .

To: a kind donor who helped with operating expenses for the website:

Thanks very much for your kind donation! Your generosity helps to keep the website available to students around the world. I often receive email from students in countries where no Jyotishavidya books are available, and they say that internet resources like are the only access they have to Jyotisha materials. Thank you for helping to support them and to build a community of Jyotishacidya practitioners worldwide. With much appreciation for your kindness,

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

the donor responds:

I will try to contribute as and when i can, as i have been reading your site for a long time now and have learned a lot. I am a total newbie in front of this vast world of knowledge and your expertise. ...


I cannot adequately express how grateful I am for the reading, and how fortunate I am to have been able to access this road in my life's progress. Thank you from my heart.

Namaste and greetings from India. I have been an avid follower of your site for the last 2 years and have found it invaluable not only in terms of the knowledge flowing out of the Vedic tradition but a life changer in terms of the introspection and reflection that it evokes in regard to multiple facets of existence. In fact, your gift to me has been the growth of a deep unshakeable faith and optimism in Divinity and its myriad ways which creates a feeling of reverence and makes one stoic. At times, it does seem that my flow of thoughts at a particular point of time find reflection in the different hues of your expression here. I have become decidedly more intuitive and deeper in my thinking after I became a regular visitor to your site.

I am long time admirer of your work. I love the simplicity and eloquence of your writing. I have spent long hours pouring over your meticulous research and find your presentation of different sources and views for each subject enriching.

While surfing on net, I came across your blog,

Amazing, the clarity and depth in knowledge you have got.

Please accept my Gratitude, I am Brahmin Hindu, from India,

I bow down before your knowledge please accept my Gratitude to you, your knowledge, your parents, family and most important your GURU.


Thank you for the tremendous knowledge that you have put together at your Web Site. I try to read and learn as much as time allows me to from where-ever I can and it is one of the best resources that I have come across to help enhance my understanding of the subject. I do hope that you continue to enhance the site.

On Guru Purnima I pray:

The Guru is the Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Siva

Guru is the Supreme Absolute Itself

My obeisance to the blessed Guru

My students and I have benefitted a lot from you and your site on Vedic Jyotisha.

God bless you.

" Your feedback on my questions always elevates my understanding. Your responses take my questions to a higher level. For example your response to my question about coincidence between [wearing a particular gemstone] and [the pleasant behavior of a relative] is very enlightening. This response alone tells me clearly that whatever is happening - perceived good or bad - is me channeling them via people and events around me. It puts the responsibility of everything in my world right in my lap - makes me feel responsible and not just at the receiving end of circumstances - how liberating :-)"

Thank you for your extraordinary website. I an truly grateful to you for taking the time to explain, in crisp detail, your understanding of the Vedic perspective.

Respected Sri Barbaraji

Your website's a treasure trove of information.

OM Namah Shivay

Dear Barbara pijan lama, I recieved gemstone recommendation report. It is very detailed and imformative. I enjoyed reading it so much. Thank you a lot.

... please allow me to congratulate you on the wonderful job that you have done with your website. It is a ready reference and of immense value to an anyone interested in Jyotish.

I came across your article about 'Guru in 9th house' online.

I felt so blessed to have come across your writings. Thank you very much for your words.

Thanks for being a beacon of light and i think that the vidya of Jyotish burns bright in you....

thanks for sharing and writing such information..

I am 37 years old, a good deal of my adult life had been spent in illness. I suffer from chronic kidney stones. Many days have passed that I considered the most extreme remedies for myself.

I found your website while I was in the late stages of kidney failure, I had dozens of large stones, I had passes in and out of this life several times and I was content to leave my body before I'd discovered your thoughts and scholarship. U have given me a new path in this life and also for my two sons... Pursuit of knowledge and mystery has kept me alive for over a dozen years. Tho I am not very intelligent or worldy your knowledge fills my life enough to make me happy.


thank you so much for posting such divine advice. I find your interpretations on Vedic astrology easy to comprehend in modern time.

Hi, I love your website! Is there a way to see a list of links to your sample readings and charts of famous people?

Namaste and Thanks very much for your compliments! ... Most of the nativities are listed on the Vocation page. Also see Spiritual Figures, Writers, and Political Figures. Best wishes for your success in Jyotisha studies, Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

I really enjoy reading the articles on your website.They really are very educational. You have a unique way of presenting your analysis

You have made such a huge impact on my life. Your words have been very inspiring and I have taken a lot of time to understand your reading. I am indebted to you for providing life direction and insights. Thank you once again.

Thankyou for the reading. It has been so very valuable. Thankyou seems like quite an inadequate word to describe my feelings. I am aware of the soul service you have bestowed upon me. I will continue to listen to it because there is so much there that speaks to me at so many levels. It will take a while to understand and integrate it all.

Thanks so much for your beautifully and kindly elaborated reading. I listened to it today but I do intend to listen again, and then again some... As I did with the previous readings. :)


Thanks for undertaking what is clearly a time-consuming project in maintaining your website. The "compliments " section is justly full of praise for your efforts.

Sadar Pranam !! May lord bless you!!

Since very long I'm reading your site, at first it was more of gathering concepts. Now it is more of a spiritual marvel.

Hence accept my humble and sincere regards from the bottom of my heart, for enriching my knowledge.

Thanks and very warm regards.

It was a mind opener and brought flood of realization. Many internal questions that I was struggling with got answered. It was a major relieve and a huge load that weighed on me, my heart and my life was lifted. ~~ entrepreneur, Pacific Rim

It has always been very nice going through your articles ever since 2007, time when I started getting involved in Astrology.

Reasons were many for my involvement in the subject. I was always interested in Occult Science to understand the deeper meaning underlying almost everything that "happens ". Another reason was to find hope of my life which was a long lost battle ever since I was born :).

Finally lot of internet searches led me onto your website. Lucky me!!

The value you provide through your website cannot be quantified. I've studied (and cast) hundreds of horoscopes but I keep going back to you for a deeper understanding of everything I've learnt so far.

Just wanted to send you a note of thanks for your helpful writings and guidance on your website. Thank you for being a light and balm to many. God bless you. May your health be good and may you prosper.

. I am born and brought up in India and I strongly believe in Vedic Astrology but i have very limited knowledge about it.Your website has been very useful to me in past couple years and i have been following and try to solve the mysteries of my chart since i came across your website. so Thank You very much for uploading such a detailed description of Vedic Astrology on Internet.

Have been through your website a number of times and I find it to be the most descriptive and informative of all the sites available on the Internet , Appreciate and admire your hard work and knowledge on this fascinating subject of Astrology .

Thanks as always for the guidance. Yr advice got me aligned with the possibility of more work. I know deep inside the Universe is not through with me in that sphere. But I know too I am doing the right thing by bowing out now from [existing duty roster]. So I sail on into the bright future in which I cant forget my past.

I have always admired your website and learnt a lot from it. It is a huge store of knowledge and in fact, it's biggest source of jyotish knowledge online. Congrats to you and May God bless you with more good health, happiness and peace to continue your helping others.

I have consulted a number of astrologers in the past and have spent an immense time on studying Jyotish astrology, all in the hope of gaining self-knowledge and a deeper understanding of my purpose in this life. In this regard, I am very pleased to have come across the abundance of knowledge on your website as well as - and perhaps more importantly - a fine reading by yourself. I thank you for taking the time to offer a thorough reading based on a refined intuitive knowledge and positive spirit." ~~ London


Milky Way * Ga - lact - y

Your site is truly wonderful. Thank you for this lovely resource. I am equally drawn to the spirit of your writings as I am the subject matter.

I had been following your web site for quite sometime now; it is truly wonderful and I can't praise it enough. Reading through your contents I have learnt a great deal about astrology/life and yes I personally felt the benefits. So thank you! Please do keep up the good work.

Note: My family astrologer warned me about the impending Shani dasha starting at age 45. " Warning: Beginning of sufferings.....etc.etc." . But reading through your articles on Shani have allayed my fear substantially.

Your website is the best and I appreciate your hard work in putting it together.

Thank you for your very thoughtful and detailed answer to my question .... I appreciate the knowledge you have shared with me and I am glad I was able to obtain a reading.

I have turned to your pages looking not only for precise information, but also in times of sorrow, when trying to find a word of reafirmation, conciousness and trust in the love of the Universe, and I have always found confort reading you. And I believe I am not the only one. That is why I am so grateful for your service to the world.

Namaste Barbara!

Just wanted to convey my sincere gratitude for your effort in presenting the 'Brahma-Vidya' of astrology in a very compelling, enlightening manner at energy / psyche level more than the usual gross / physical level of interpretation. It has been a valuable source of knowledge, motivation and guidance for me right through most of my Sade-Sati. THANK YOU KINDLY!

My best wishes for you, AUM!


I wanted to thank you for your amazing website. Your insight and wisdom is such a gift to me. I will forever be grateful for your generosity in making this available to students of Jyotisha.

I have been an avid reader of your website for the last decade, and still continue to find gems in it that help me think more and connect some more dots. Very grateful for this resource you have shared with the world.

Your advice to help the less fortunate is very sage advice, and one that I take very seriously to heart.

I am deeply grateful for your insightful and painstaking analyses of my birth chart and for providing simple but practical steps to take the ups and downs of life in stride.

With much gratitude and many thanks,

Grateful for your kindness and your time

thank you for your great effort and contributions in providing openly available information on Vedic astrology in English. Its difficult to find a credible in-depth source online (or anywhere for that matter) and I have been able to learn a great deal about Vedic astrology from your website since around 2008 when I first started taking up interest in the subject.

Thank you very much for the detailed reading ... I have listened to it multiple times now and I think I now get the big picture.

~~ university graduate researcher

... your website has come across as the most exhaustive and authentic source for me. I can't thank you enough for that. There's absolutely no other source that dwells so deeply upon the matters as your research work. Your write ups on Nakshatras, Shani Gochara, Rahu, have been a revelation for me. I specifically remember the one on Ashtama Shani because I was going through it and it was particularly difficult for me as I was also going through the Bhukti of the same house. Reading that, calmed me and gave me the courage to withstand the last few months of that transit. My deep gratitude towards you.

... during this year there was no day I did not remember or mention your readings, and I have to say your reading saved me ...

You had done our couple reading and you had advised against it. A lot of what you predicted turned out to be true. Almost 100%. It was a horrible marriage. I am trying for a divorce right now, but we cannot agree on a settlement amount ... These [several] years of a toxic marriage has been utter hell, however it also led to a lot of self-improvement.

Barbara, you read my chart for me over a year ago. I often listen to the mp3s and pick up new insights from the reading. I just wanted to let you know I was fascinated by your interview with JyotishStar e-magazine. It was very interesting to gain insight how you began your astrology path, the development of your website, and your ideas for future growth and knowledge sharing.

I cannot tell you how much your website has helped me with my own jyotish studies. My youngest brother just asked me to look at his chart, and of course, I will be using your site as one of my "textbooks."

Thank you so much. I wish you much further success, and improved health and wellness.

I can feel the Satvic vibration of your divination.

I must comment on your intro and explanations of ~ Guilt and Grief ~

What a lovely way to express such difficult and disruptive hindrances in life

I will cherish this information forever!


thank you so much for sharing your knowledge so openly with everyone. Your site is of great help to anyone trying to understand the principles and application of Jyotish.

I just love your website. I can see so much of love you have poured into the pages. Its very informative and the best part is that unlike other astrologers your's is a guidance in the big picture (our spiritual journey). Thanks for sharing it so well.

thanks for your help. Your sense of humor and prolific use of language made the reading not only clear but also very enjoyable.

Thank-you for your so nice email and for blessings, that means a lot to me. I`ll be back on your pages this evening!
It is was very enlightening to hear your reading and many of the points were very strikingly illustrated

I would like to profusely thank you for the information on the Ketu pages which were extremely reassuring for someone who was/is lost. With some understanding of how this energy functions, I could focus on spiritual pursuits without having to experience immense suffering, having realized that this was nature of the current script. ... I only have a new found respect for Ketu, to which I never had paid much attention earlier.

As always, I am grateful for your insights and the direction you provide. Your thoughts are an invaluable resource to me and help me tremendously.
I write with utmost respect and gratitude for all of the incredible and invaluable service you have offered the world through your informative and resourceful website. Thank you for all that you do, thank you.

I am a keen student of astrology and would like to express my delight and gratitude for the enormous amount of information that your website provides regarding astrology.

Firstly I’d like to express how immensely appreciative I am for the content you’ve created on your website. It’s been truly a valuable resource for me to get closer to an understanding of myself for the past 6 years I have frequented your site.

I want to thank you with immense gratitude for exploring the psychological aspect of Jyotish that no other Jyotishi has, in so much detail.

Doing re-listening of all your previous recordings couple of times. They’re simply amazing!

Thank you so much! God bless you. If you ever decide to reach astrology it will a privilege to learn from you. Cheers from London!


My name is Prashant ____.

I am in deep trouble due to loan.

I am totally frustrated by my life

Plz solve my problem and give me advice of correct gems My dob is ____ Time 22/50 Kolkata.

Sir plz help me.

Hi Barbara--I just wanted to briefly thank you for your website materials. I refer to it frequently as it gives such depth and breadth to one's experience. I'm going through my Shani-Rahu bhukti and it is, indeed, difficult. I am reminded time and time again of the necessity of only taking what is absolutely necessary through this journey--including ones hopes and dreams which may or may not materialize--but aren't absolutely necessary to NOW--which is the only moment that I have, and the only moment that I am being asked (told?) to navigate.

Best wishes to you and sending good thoughts for your good health.

I would also like to point out how extremely informative your website is. The scope of you're writing, and explanations are truly incredible. Thank you so much for providing such a treasure trove of information to the public.

Thank you for the ... reading and I truly appreciate your effort. As is your nature, the reading is accurate and to the point. Lots of insights to reflect. One factor I'd like to highlight for your research reference, your prognosis on my father's dilemma is spot on! I wonder how you managed to decipher this from my nativity. Its simply amazing. You are a great astrologer for that accuracy. For now I am satisfied with the readings and hope to follow up with you towards end of next year.

thank you Ms. Lama , we've received the reading. Very interesting and may I say you have a wonderful voice, warm and real and a lovely natural laugh .I have really enjoyed listening .

First, let me thank you for your amazing website and the wonderful wisdom you offer through it.
Hello Barbara,

The reading was nothing short of amazing, thank you so much! I really admire how you delve deep into the horoscope and report your findings, and yet you do so in such an encouraging and positive way. I couldn't wait and was listening with my headphones while at work, where of course I kept getting interrupted :) Now that I am at home I listened again without interruption.

You have been a great source of inspiration through your readings which gave much confidence and reassurance.
Thank you thank you Barbara. I am so glad that I asked you for a reading! The focus on Shani and taking responsibility for my own decisions was super helpful. It reframed my whole opinion about this failed engagement. I have started moving out of the exhausted darkness of victim depression. It feels like my power is coming back. You were right that my family loves to shame and blame. Through them, saw myself as the victim of a terrible, heartbreaking mistake. But from a learning viewpoint, I have to admit that this awful pain has created a higher self-awareness and compassion for the suffering of others. I was raised to fear Shani, but I now think of Him as my teacher. Yes He is tough, but He delivers the spiritual upgrade lesson too. Thanks!
I am incredibly grateful and obliged for your reading. I will cherish this deeply.

Dear Ms. Pijan Lama,

I hope this email finds you well! I received your reading and answers to my questions [last year] and I'm finally responding to share my deepest thanks. The reading was intriguing, healing, and had a profound impact on me. It's taken months to process, but I've been applying your sage advice to how I view the world, my relationships, and myself to good effect.

Amateur admirer of astrology here. Just wanted to say, I *love* your site. It's just so chock full of info and knowledge, case studies, references to other books, it's absolutely brilliant. You're awesome. I can't imagine how much time and effort it takes to put together something like that. You've got some excellent quality material here, and I'm quite picky when it comes to reading about astrology. Thank you so much for sharing all of your realizations and knowledge, absolutely priceless and brilliant.

Go back ten years.

After the 2011 reading, I was angry and insulted. Our astrologer told my parents that I was a genius. He gleefully declared that I would win prizes and bring huge honor to our family. When you said "narcissistic father," I shut off the tape. As you know, in our community, dishonoring the father is a terrible sin.

Fast forward to now. 24 to 34. I see that I was asking you to confirm various grandiose scenarios of magnificence, glamor, and fame. You responded with smaller-scale predictions, manageable goals, and what you called "mature realism" about science jobs. All I could hear was, "you will not meet your parents' inflated expectations."

My parents have rural secondary-school diplomas. They were insanely happy when I was admitted to [prestige university]. In their eyes, our family was now permanently protected from criticism. In their eyes, the next step should be billionaire inventor or Nobel Prize.

Well, I just finished the first postdoc. Like hundreds of others in my field, I got a normal research job in Big Pharma. I'm working in blood chemistry and it's interesting. But I don't earn enough to buy a house here in [USA City] and I'm avoiding the marriage discussion. I want to relax on the weekends, have fun with friends, and - dare I say it? - be normal. Not spectacular. Normal.

My parents are horrified. They scream into the phone. I finished a highly respected doctoral program and a top-grade postdoc. I'm thinking about a second fellowship. But my parents care only about their own status, their own pride, their own reputation. They don't care about me and my happiness. I'm just a pawn in their narcissistic game. They want to boast about my shrewd marriage. then move into my house, and treat me like a servant.

I'm sure you've seen it all before. Thanks for the warning. I'm ready now for the update reading - can I still get that after ten years? This time I won't turn off the tape. I've been googling "cultural narcissism" and ... the reading was right. My parents cannot be satisfied. I'm going to write some new reading questions about making my own choices.


Monastery Corridors

namaste.let me begin by thanking u for the time given by u for my reading.i was immensely delighted to get that reading and truly appreciate ur efforts.while listening the audio files,i noticed the amount of effort and compassion shown by u and am amazed by the hard work done by u.... and i recognize and appreciate this effort of urs mam.

Also i am able to understand the advice given by u at various instances in reading.I am so grateful that u cautioned me against being superstitious ( marrying tulsi plant etc) and at the same time i value ur suggestion of being less negative and fearful about my future.

Thanks once again mam ,i do hope to tackle this diffcult time in a prudent manner.

thank you very much for your intuition and knowledge. Your presence is very much appreciated.

Wow!! Barbara, thank you so much for the most detailed astrological reading I have ever received. God has blessed you with such wisdom and intuition.

great reading experience on your website as usual

I want to say thank you for all the interesting information you have shared on your websites. It is very very enlightening and answers a lot lf questions I have been asking my self for a while. I hope you the best of wishes for everything that you do! I can only repay the knowledge you have given with a big big thank you.

"And now my friends,

all that is true,

all that is noble,

all that is just and pure,

all that is loveable and gracious,

whatever is excellent and admirable -

fill all your thoughts with these things."

~~ Paul of Tarsus, Epistle to the Philippians 4:8


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