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Graha * Rashi


  1. Mangala-Meza * moolatrikona 0-18
  2. Mangala-Vrizabha
  3. Mangala-Mithunaya
  4. Mangala-Karkata * nichha
  5. Mangala-Singha
  6. Mangala-Kanya
  7. Mangala-Thula
  8. Mangala-Vrizchika
  9. Mangala-Dhanuzya
  10. Mangala-Maraka * uttama
  11. Mangala-Kumbha
  12. Mangala-Meena

Om kram krim kraum sah bhaumaya namah

Professor Mangala

Kuja * Angarika

resides in


Kriya * Arya

Mars * Ars

Ares * Gugulanna * Nergal * Heru-deshet


Arya * Aryana

Arietis * Aries * Avinas * Belier * Ram

moolatrikona 0-18 degrees


Arjuna battles at Kuru-kshetra

circa 1650


Nicholas Roerich * Last Angel 1912

Public Figures

Mangala in bhava-1 * Ruchaka Yoga * * dynamic innovative-challenging movement

Mangala in bhava-2 * dynamic accumulation-storage movement

Mangala in bhava-3 * dynamic cohort-messaging movement

Mangala in bhava-4 * Ruchaka Yoga * dynamic defensive-protective movement

Mangala in bhava-5 * dynamic creative-dramatic-political movement

Mangala in bhava-6 * Harsha Yoga * dynamic adversarial-accusatory movement

Mangala in bhava-7 * Ruchaka Yoga * dynamic negotiation-pairing movement

Mangala in bhava-8 * dynamic occult-initiatory movement; innovation of explosion

Mangala in bhava-9 * dynamic doctrinal-humanistic movement


Mangala in bhava-10 * Ruchaka Yoga * dig-bala * dynamic hierarchical-leadership movement

Mangala in bhava-11 * dynamic community-economic movement


Mangala in bhava-12 * dynamic otherworld-dreamworld movement

  • dramatist Paul Newman

  • social historian Michel Foucault

innovate, start, initiate, birth, challenge, champion, invigorate, vitalize, fight, hunt, bleed, go first, pioneer, advance, avant-garde, prioritize, drive, push, kill, go to war, conquer, dominate, win

"If you're not the lead dog, the view never changes."

Wars of Action

  • Super-competitive.

  • Direct, primitive, physical approach to life.

  • Weaponry of musculature, sharpened steel, fire

  • vigorous sexual pursuit * or * intense kundalini kriya

A fighter, a mover, a runner, an athlete

Environments: competition, conflict, muscular movement, birth, blood.

Builder-creator-producer of new actions and new ideas.

  • Knowledge of Higher Worlds 1861-1925 Rudolf Steiner invented or explained (3) new approaches in agriculture, education, and psychic communication

Innovator in the worlds of body, mind, and spirit. Entrepreneurs and pioneers in competitive commerce:

Hunter, killer, inventor, engineer, pursuer, challenger, explorer, diver, driver, digger, runner, dancer, dominator, winner.

Uses the physical body attributes for pioneering pursuit of new conquests and experiences.

  • My Fair Lady 1908-1990 Rex Harrison * Zukra-yuti-Mangala = a famed ladies' man, conquesting (Kuja) through the fashionable populace of Hollywood, New York, and London. Harrison enjoyed a transatlantic seven-decade career in theatre. Throughout the US and UK, audiences were charmed by his vigor. However me-first Mangala substantially dominates bhratrupathi-3 Zukra. In entourage and ensemble work (3) fellow actors complained of his surly, aggressively selfish attitude and refusal to acknowledge the contributions of others.

  • Eulogizing the Walden 1817-1862 abolition Henry David Thoreau , his mentor Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in 1862:

"In his travels, he used the railroad only to get over so much country as was unimportant to the present purpose, walking hundreds of miles, avoiding taverns, buying a lodging in farmers' and fishermen's houses, as cheaper, and more agreeable to him, and because there he could better find the men and the information he wanted." ~~ The Atlantic Monthly * August 1862

Competes to win the contest, the fight, the hunt, or the race. A fearsome competitor.

Warrior of physical movement and dominant force

Military style of forcibly coordinated individual actions.

Agile, aggressive, victorious.

Direct physical strength, simple style of action.

Animal instincts express clearly for the hunter with no resistance unless impeded by drishti of Shani. Natural athlete, warrior, hero.

Works to win. full focus of energy directed at his goal, with no complicating influences. Usually seeks work in competitive sports, military, dance theatre, other athletic venues.

Abundant pro-active sexual energy of pursuit; may face the challenge to properly direct this super-yang force.

Vigorous movement. If supported by other more sophisticated and mature planets, Kuja-Mesha provides the physical potential for Heroic accomplishments.

If this Kuja position is the only strong graha in the nativity, Kuja-Meza tends toward adolescent expressions of the competitive body energy such as fighting and racing.

Mangala in bhava-1 * Ruchaka Yoga * hyper-competitive, vigorous muscular body energy, warrior * innovator engineer inventor competitor

Mangala in bhava-2, innovative competitive pursuit of financial well-being

  • POTUS-35 Profiles in Courage 1917-1963 John F. Kennedy gained fame for his heroic (Mangala-Meza) swimming rescue of comrades when his military boat was attacked during WW-2 (Mangala-2 fleshdeath). * Mangala-yuti-Budha

Mangala in bhava-3

Mangala in bhava-4 * Ruchaka Yoga * dynamic innovation in land ownership, agriculture and education . However, Swakshetra Kuja in bhava-4 makes marriage trouble. Even with good intentions, Kuja's 4th drishti upon yuvati-bhava applies too much force. One needs fierce competition and room to move.

  • Thriller 1958-2009 Michael J. Jackson * Mangala-yuti-Ketu * developed the extraordinary "Neverland" property but due to Mangala-9 in 6th-from-4 and Mangala-yuti-Ketu he abandoned it after a police inquisition (Mangala-occupies 6/8 from invaded property)

Mangala in bhava-5

Mangala in bhava-6 * Harsha Yoga *

Mangala in bhava-7 * Ruchaka Yoga * powerful alliances with other strong personalities

  • Devdas 1973- drama-commerce Aishwarya Rai

  • Apple Computer 1955-2011 Steve Jobs Kuja-Meza-7 envisioned the computer as a household appliance at time when computers were huge expensive items in special air-cooled rooms operated by mysterious programmer-operators and costing millions of dollars. To Jobs, the computer seemed more like a car or a refrigerator: an electricity-powered convenience commodity that modern people would buy, due to its ability to make life easier, and its affordable price. More conventional minds found this viewpoint rather singular and not widely applicable to the consumer market, but indeed Jobs was right about computers becoming common household appliances. Of course he was wrong just as often as he was right, and many investors lost money on his hyperconfident wrong starts (Mangala also takes drishti of Rahu-3). But Jobs continued to innovate and think independently "out of the box" and those ideas that he was able to manifest in large-scale production (smartphones, music pods) did indeed induct a new era of civilization. His atmakaraka yogakaraka Shani in lagna-1 * Shani-Thula * uttama Sasaya Yoga in mutual aspect to Mangala in bhava-7 * Ruchaka Yoga created relationships with some captains of industry, allowing Jobs to find funds and supplies for rapid build-outs of new ideas.

Mangala in bhava-8 = conditions of sudden death = oursuit of innovative weapons; also, promotion of occult practices

Mangala in bhava-9 suggests a self-defensively aggressive or dominating father, or perhaps father is a military officer. Generally a less fortunate placement for the father, whose selfishness is often the cause of his own demise. The native gains a certain strength however via the challenge of competing with one's father.

Mangala in bhava-10 * Ruchaka Yoga * dig-bala * dynamic institutional leadership but generally not well-liked. Unless other graha in 10 soften the invasive qualities of Kuja, one may be considered selfish or aggressive or too fast. Effective in executive roles.

Mangala in bhava-11 = highly energized by large crowd, fan-clubs, community initiatives. A fund-raiser and social-progress activist on a large scale. However as with Mangala-10, when Kuja occupies a swabhava of Shani, one may be considered to be too much selfish or aggressive, or too fast.

Mangala in bhava-12 = tendency to be passive-aggressive, or to drive forward in pursuit of the Other-Worldly within a sanctuary environment such as meditation temple or research lab

If Mangala occupies bhava-6 in Mesha, Harsha Yoga applies. Excellent for success in medicine, import-export business (esp. items of steel, weapons, needles, cooking implements etc) and work in foreign lands, service work in temples maintaining fires and burning incense.

Mangala in swakshetra Meza = Individualized action leads to success.

Socially honored for exhibiting the good side of selfishness that is self-promotion and attention to vigorof the blood or bloodlines

  • Nazi mass-murderer dictator 1933-1945 Adolf Hitler + Surya-yuti-Budha + Zukra is an example of direct, primitive, aggressive, hunting, militarized, energized action. But the pattern of his actions is much complexified by conjunction of Budha-Zukra-Surya and Mangala's placement in randhrabhava.

... especially for one's attention to developing the warrior powers of the physical body.

However while society may praise this muscular and dynamic person, a severe Kuja Dosha results which harms the first marriage severely unless benefic aspect reaches the 7th bhava. (Second marriage is not harmed.)

An image of youthful, radiantly healthy, innovative, and exciting success emanates from this person. Makes a superb athlete, stage performer,



"If Mars is in his moolatrikona House, in his Dasha,

  • the native will maintain to be in his caste

  • and will acquire wife, children, and wealth.

He will become valorous, fond of sexual acts, and intelligent."

Das / Bepin Behari

re: Mangala-Mesha

"You are very active, idealistic,

independent , original,

hasty, impulsive,


dashing personality,


fear of fire, accidents and fevers.

  • Mark on head.

  • Splendorous, truthful,

  • valorous, a leader,

  • fond of war (competition ),

  • adventurous and bold,

  • an army chief, head of a group,

  • delighted,

  • charitable ,

  • endowed with necessary supplies for endeavors,

goes to many mates. "

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