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Vimshottari Dasha - Graha - Bhava - Randhrasthāna


OM hrim srim blim aim gloum

grhadhipataye brhaspataye vim ta aim ta svaha

B. P. Lama Modern Observations


Vimshottari Dasha

Periods of the Randhra-pati

Lord of the 8th bhava

Modern description of the sequence of experiences structured into the Vimshottari dash periods of the lord of Randhra-sthāna-8

written by Barbara Pijan Lama

BPHS Commentary = Nine Mahadasha Periods of the 108-year Vimshottari Dasha
  1. BPHS Ketu Mahadasha = 7 years
  2. BPHS Shukra Mahadasha = 20 years

  3. BPHS Surya Mahadasha = 6 years

  4. BPHS Chandra Mahadasha = 10 years

  5. BPHS Mangala Mahadasha = 7 years

  6. BPHS Rahu Mahadasha = 18 years

  7. BPHS Guru Mahadasha = 16 years

  8. BPHS Shani Mahadasha = 19 years

  9. BPHS Budha Mahadasha = 17 years

BP Lama Vimshottari Dasha commentaries
  1. BP Lama Ketu Mahadasha
  2. BP Lama Shukra Mahadasha
  3. BP Lama Surya Mahadasha
  4. BP Lama Chandra Mahadasha
  5. BP Lama Mangala Mahadasha
  6. BP Lama Rahu Mahadasha
  7. BP Lama Guru Mahadasha
  8. BP Lama Shani Mahadasha
  9. BP Lama Budha Mahadasha

~~ John Fulton, Asclepion Healing

" During a growth period, you need more amusement , more grounding, and more chocolate ."

Seva is the Best Remedy for self-reconstruction, revitalization, and rebirth [8)


Charitable service is always an effective remedy for the intensively self-reconstructing Vimshottari dasha periods of the lord of randhra-sthāna-8.

  • Charity should not be random but rather very carefully targeted.
  • The trick is to target beneficiaries who have precisely one's own dilemma, but in a slightly worse degree.
  • Then offer help as one is qualified and able to offer.
  • Then, observe the beneficiaries, how they act, and what are their expectations-assumptions-priorities-plans?
From properly targeted SEVA, one may enjoy a quick answer to the question which propelled one into pre-incarnationally planned service in the first place.

The proper beneficiaries include those recovering from massive upheaval caused by sudden and unexpected change of life circumstances.

Examples of the types of situations which create an urgent need to reconfigure the identity include recovery :

  • after natural disasters,
  • after earthquake, flood, fire, explosion
  • after unwanted divorce or death of spouse
  • after catastrophic end of trusting relationship
  • after gender reassignment surgery
  • after life-threatening violence
  • after traumatic injury, especially via drilling, cutting, or puncture wound
  • after rape
  • after psychic attack
  • after invasion, including invasive medical surgery
  • after massive eruption of hidden forces
  • after revelation of frightening secrets
  • after experience of horror or terror
  • after poisoning [accidental or intentional)
  • after suicide attempt
  • after returning religious vows
  • after emergencies
  • after revolutions
  • after shock of any kind, whether physical, emotional, social, financial, mental, perceptual, or spiritual
  • after destruction of previous identity
Q: I started a new relationship during the Vimshottari period of the planetary lord of my 8th house. I know you say that 8 periods are times of transformation, intended to change the identity not to get hitched. However I felt SURE that this man was the"One" ... and we share SO many astrological matching parts... I was devastated, utterly heartbroken when he left me. I'm still not OK.

But, now I'm wondering ... he was my first love after divorce. I gave myself plenty of alone time [5 years!) after divorce, so it seemed to me that I was cleared to remarry when I met my new guy ... Yet, he did leave me saying"his job was done" . Does the period of randhresha-8 always bring a rebound / rebirth / rejuvenation but - never stable enough to make a marriage?

A: Definitely there are many superb points of compatibility between the two nativities, masculine-figure and feminine-figure. During a different bhukti, these two nativities might well have been joined in marriage.

Your Nakshatra of Chandra matches his Nakshatra of Surya . Feminine-Moon matching Masculine-Sun is a powerful mating combination that can hold together even the most dysfunctional relationship due to a core harmony pattern of masculine-solar outward public sphere + feminine-lunar inward home-sphere.

Regardless of other problems, the female feels socially protected while the male feels socially supported. It is generally easy to get along on a day-to-day basis due to shared rhythm, and the division of labor feels natural. He reminds her of her father she reminds him of his mother.

However, shani was transiting this specific nakshatra during spring, summer, early autumn ... creating a sade-sati transit, which absolutely compounded the"move on, this isn't working" pressures of the bhukti of randhresha-8 .


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