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Rashi - Gochara - Bhava - Graha- Ratna- Nakshatra- Amsha


AUM som somaya namah


randhresha-8 from Chandra in bhava-1

= randhresha-8 from indriya-lagna


Vimshottari periods of randhresha-8

= power-transformative angles

sudden shock

provokes rejuvenating identity change

Agents and instigators = emergence of transformative shock = hidden reality is revealed

Double-whammy = graha = randhresha-8 from Lagna + Chandra in bhava-1

AGENTS of sudden change, during period of randhresha-8 =


= randhresha-8 from Makara-Draco

men in general, esp. father-types and the Self-Righteous


= randhresha-8 from Dhanus-Haya

women in general, mother-types; school-teachers and parents; landlords


= randhresha-8 from Kanya

= randhresha-8 from Mesha-Arya

siblings esp. brothers; hunters; athletes; competitors; male sexual pursuit; police and military


= randhresha-8 from Vṛścika

= randhresha-8 from Kumbha-Ghata

younger siblings or twins, co-workers and team-mates, personal mentality; publications and narratives; hands; writing


= randhresha-8 from Vrishabha-Urisha

= randhresha-8 from Simha-Leya

The Father; priests and spiritual teachers; professors and universities; temple discourses; first husband for the female; (husbands in general cause shocks)


= randhresha-8 from Tula - Vanika

= randhresha-8 from Meena - Antya

Agents of sudden, unexpected upheaval and transformation during periods of randhresha-8 from Lagna + Chandra =

for the husband, who is the wife

partners and advisers in marriage and business;

matters of treasury and collections, music and fine arts;

sexual attraction to feminine grace

fine foods and wines;

sensual pleasures


= randhresha-8 from Karkata-Kadaga

= randhresha-8 from Mithuna - Dvamdva

Agents of sudden, unexpected upheaval and transformation during periods of randhresha-8 from Lagna + Chandra

  • law and policy

  • fixed hierarchies; government officials

  • second husband for the female


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