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Tara Graha


Mangala, Budha, Guru, Shukra, and Shani

Vocabulary for Thara - Tara

~~ Koeln Sanskrit Lexicon

  • carrying across or beyond
  • passing over or beyond
  • crossing, passage;
  • A boat, ship, raft; a road
  • surpassing, conquering; excelling; good, excellent, well flavoured
  • Name of a magical spell (against evil spirits supposed to possess certain weapons)
  • fire
  • A clothes-basket
  • A saviour, protector (Rudra)
  • high (a note), loud, shrill; a high tone, loud or shrill note
  • shining, radiant; clean, clear; the clearness or transparency of a pearl, clear pearl
  • A class of gods in the 12th Manv-antara
  • The pupil of the eye
  • descent to a river, bank
  • A fixed star, asterism
  • A kind of meteor
  • name of a Raga of six notes
  • A form of Dakshayani (worshipped on the mountain Kishkindha Matsya)
  • Of Brihaspati's wife (carried off by Soma)
  • Of the wife of Buddha Amoghasiddha Buddha
  • of a female monkey

Dus-tata, su-tara

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