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Careers in Royalty and Celebrity


Socialite, art historian, literary editor

two prominent marriages; twice widowed

wife of

  • POTUS-35 Profiles in Courage 1917-1963 John F. Kennedy

  • ocean-shipping magnate Aristoteles Sokrates Onassis

sister-in-law of

mother of

  • Celebrity 1960-1999 publisher JFK-Jr

paternal aunt by marriage to


Jacqueline Bouvier in 1945, age 16



POTUS-35-partner * 1960-1963

literary editor, celebrity fashion icon

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

a.k.a. Jacqueline Bouvier

a.k.a. Jackie Kennedy

Earthbody-Entry Sunday-28-July-1929

Earthbody-Exit 19-May-1994


POTUS-35 partner 1960-1963 * Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis * 1929-1994

birth data from * tentatively rectified by BP Lama

charts, graphs, and tables produced by Shri Jyoti Star * adapted by BP Lama

Rising Nakshatra

Feminine Nativity

Shatavisaka * Sadachbia * Shata-takara

BPL commentary:

For Shata-taraka natives, the disposition of mesmerizing, hypnotic, shadowy, privilege-seeking Professor Rahu considerably affects the outcome.

Exotics, ethnic mixers, opportunists, fascinators, mesmerizers, privilege-seekers, impostors, agents of passion and desire, self-proclaimers, self-promoters, charlatans, masters of smoke and oils, and entrancingly ambitious persons may be especially influential.

Guided by instructors from the civilizations of Sadachbia* Tabernacles

Rahu-ruled Sata ladies are rare birds. They are often found in fascinating social roles that boost mass consciousness. Sata feminine figures are often mesmerizingly attractive, wealthy, and popular, although they are not conventional beauties.

Sadabija ladies may hold dignified social positions (Shani), and their conduct appears appropriate, but their personal lifestyles may be unorthodox. Their unusual social behavior often challenges outdated social stereotypes and improves economic opportunities for women. Yet, consciously or not, they may become instrumental pawns in a larger network.

Themes of over-reaching, charlatanry, entrancement, expedient linkage, hypnotic appearance, and connections between contradictory systems may contextualize Sata's terrestrial experience.

QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra. p 100.

"A person who is controlled in her emotions.

  • She is not easily angered.

  • Her own sex respects her.

She is attached to her relatives

  • and beloved by her elders.

She will always maintain a good and respectable position in the community."

Biographical data matched to Vimshottari Dasha periods


Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis * 1935, age six


teenage Jacqueline Bouvier with her dad Black Jack Bouvier, 1940's


Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy in 196x

Ketu Mahadasha * birth until age 3.5

28-July-1929 Earth-birth * Ketu-Rahu period

Zukra Mahadasha * age 3.5 until 23.5

Janma Sade-Sati Meza Apr-1939 until Jun-1941

spring-1951 earned BA French Literature from Georgetown University * Zukra-Budha period * Budha karaka-diploma

Surya Mahadasha * age 23.5 until 29.5

12-Sept-1953 (her age 24, his age 36) marriage-1 to POTUS-35 Profiles in Courage 1917-1963 John F. Kennedy * Surya-Chandra period * Chandra rules navamsha-7 * samchara Rahu-Ketu via Karkata-Makara contact swamsha

23-Aug-1956 child-1 (stillborn) * Surya-Shani period * Shani-Mula Shani lagnesha

03-Aug-1957 decease of father Black Jack Bouvier * Surya-Budha period * Budha rules 12th- from-Surya

27-Nov-1957 child-2 (live birth) * Surya-Ketu period * Ketu-9 gives effect of Zukra-yuti-Guru

Chandra Mahadasha * age 29.5 until 39.5

25-Nov-1960 birth of son Celebrity 1960-1999 publisher JFK-Jr * Chandra-Rahu period

09-Aug-1963 fleshdeath of her third live child (lived two days) * * Chandra-Shani period * Shani-Mula Shani lagnesha

22-Nov-1963 assassination of husband POTUS-35 Profiles in Courage 1917-1963 John F. Kennedy * Chandra-Shani period * Shani-Mula rules-7 from 7-spouse

20-Oct-1968 second marriage to shipping magnate, Aristotle Onassis * Chandra-Surya chidra-dasha * Surya rules bhava-7 suggesting a marriage made for public display; Surya also rules the 2-8 navamsha * samchara Rahu-Ketu via Meena-Kanya * contact navamsha nichha-Zukra

Mangala Mahadasha * age 39.5 until 46.5

15-Mar-1975 decease of husband-2 Onassis* Mangala-Surya period * Surya rules-8 navamsha * Surya rules 4th-from-2nd-from-Chandra end of things regarding 2nd marriage

Rahu Mahadasha * 46.5 until 64.5

1976 begins work as a literary editor with Viking Publishers* Rahu-Rahu swabhukti * Rahu-3 publishing

1977 quits Viking Publishers * Rahu-Rahu swabhukti * Rahu-3 publishing

1978 begins work as a literary editor with Doubleday Publishers* Rahu-Rahu swabhukti * Rahu-3 publishing

1981 begin third life-partnership with financier and diamond merchant, Maurice Templesman * Rahu-Shani period * Shani rules swamsha

22-July-1989 decease of Mother (Jacquie's age 60) * Rahu-Zukra period * Zukra rules 2nd-from-Chandra

Guru Mahadasha * fleshdeath age 64

19-May-1994 decease (age 64) of non-Hodgkin lymphoma * Guru-Guru swabhukti * Guru maraka rules-2

Distinctive features of the nativity


Jacqueline Kennedy 1962


Jackie Kennedy and her second husband Aristoteles Sokrates Onassis, 1969


After her husbands were deceased and her children were raised, Jackie Kennedy spent her entire Rahu Mahadasha working as a literary editor for Viking and Doubleday publishing houses in New York City * Rahu-Chandra-3 publishing

Recommended Jyotisha-ratana for Kumbha nativities

  1. Hira = diamond for yogakaraka bandesha-4 Zukra owned properties, homes-vehicles-estate + dharmesha-9 dharma, doctrine, wisdom, global humanism
  2. Panna = emerald for Budha Parya vidyapathi-5 creativity, politics, children + randhresha-8 confidential information, hidden assets
  3. Nilamani = blue sapphire for Shani lagnesha vitality + vyayapathi-12 intuitive guidance, private prayer, sanctuary

Surya * pitrikaraka * Jyotikaraka

  • Surya-Karkata * Bhanu * ray of light
  • Surya in bhava-6 * center of service, brightly conflicted, focus on imbalance, eye on injustice * intelligence for helping ministries of social work, injury and disease, broken contracts and litigation, accusation, divorce and disagreement, pollution and exploitation, poverty and crime, usury and debt, medicine and addiction, military and war
  • Surya-yuti-Budha * confidently conversational, bright messenger, entitled to discuss

Father and step-father

Jackie's father was known as Black Jack Bouvier. He suffered from debilitating, eventually fatal, alcoholism (6) and his addictive gambling behaviors created a state of indebtedness (6). Black Jack Bouvier was extravagantly (Rahu) unfaithful to his marriage contract as indicated by yuvatipathi-7 (contract) Surya-6 (betrayal of trust)ruled by the emotionally amplified Chandra-yuti-Rahu-3.

Her first husband, also named Jack, followed this marital pattern also due to the 6-8 influences upon yuvati bhava and Ketu in 7th-from-Chandra

However the step-father Hugh D. Auchincloss was a supportive and gainful influence = 8th-from-Surya (step-father) = Kumbha, her radical lagna = social identity. Shani lagnesha occupies the revenue-producing, socially interlinked 11th-from-Kumbha.

Chandra * matrikaraka * garha-karaka

Chandra-yuti-Rahu. Professor Soma rules both radical bhava-6 and the 7th navamsha. Close identification with the younger sister due to ruler of the emotionally motivated communicative cohort instructive descriptive team-working administrative managerial announcing publishing reporting explanatory conversational lyrical messaging 3rd-from-Chandra = Chandra. Conflict, disagreement and unfaithfulness in peer relationships (6) affects the mentality (3). Rahu increases volatility and passionate desires within the mental narrative; increases courage especially in times of conflict.

Addictive rogesha-6 Chandra-3 yuti amplifying permissive Rahu suggests her lifelong chain-smoking tobacco habit (lungs, 3 =; 2nd-from-2nd mouth) This addiction eventually caused her fleshdeath by lung cancer age-64.

Chandra ruling 7th navamsha suggests that the first marriage is ambitious (Rahu) and that the marriage would be a topic of amplified media attention (Rahu-3). Bhava-3 = also 2nd-from-2nd suggesting that Mrs. Kennedy's fluent French and Spanish language abilities (Rahu foreign elements) distinguished Senator Kennedy's 1960 campaign media appeal.

Although not a conventional beauty, tall and slender Ms. K-O was remarkably photogenic (Rahu-3) and the ideal fashion mannequin. Her first husband ditto (also Chandra rules 7th-navamsha). Fifty years after his assassination, both Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy's images are still widely used in contemporary media-messages.

Chandra-yuti-Rahu-3 Exotic appeal via spoken language (3 and 2nd-from-2nd; also Guru dhanapati-2 and language-karaka residing in 3rd-from-2).

Following seventy years of xenophobic, parochial, political narrative against hyphenated Americans, the multilingual and multicultural characteristics of both Mrs. K and her charismatic husband mesmerized the mainstream domestic audience.


marriage-1 * 7th-from-Chandra-3 = bhava-9 suggesting the political-celebrity status of her first husband. In addition, Ketu-9 in 7th-from-Chandra suggests that the first husband practiced emotional distancing to the point of abandonment, and also that the event in which his head was dismembered (Ketu) would become the central image of their marriage.

marriage-2 * 2nd-from-7th-from-Chandra-3 = bhava-4 containing the Zukra-yuti-Guru pair in Vrizabha sensual pleasures and hoards. Husband-2 = Aristoteles Sokrates Onassis, who was at the time of their 1968 marriage reputed to be the richest man in the world. His treasure-hoard consisted mainly of shipping vessels (4) and luxury yachts (4), along with a fleet of aircraft (4) and on-land warehouses (4) and global properties (4).


5th-from-Chandra containing Mangala (miscarriage, stillbirth) + Mangala-7 receives a Rahu-drishti + Shani-Mula drishti to bhava-5, putra-putriki-pathi ashtakya Budha-6 accounts for her numerous miscarriages and two-day lifespan of her third live child during her Chandra-Shani period.

The second live child Celebrity 1960-1999 publisher JFK-Jr represented by her bhava-9 also had an abbreviated longevity (decease his age 39) partially attributable to Ketu-9.

  • Her first pregnancy miscarried early. On 23-Aug-1956 during Surya-Shani period when Shani gochara Vrizchika contacted her bhava-10 = the catastrophic, revolutionary, emotionally turbulent, perpetually transformative, trauma-inducing 8th-from-Chandra ++ 6th-from-5 ++ gochara Guru contacted Mangala-7 expanding the sudden and often bloody recycling power of Vrizchika = a second pregnancy failed. Late in the third trimester, Mrs. Kennedy delivered a stillborn daughter.

  • When samchara Shani transited into neutral Dhanushya-11 in 1957 holding the stable 9th-from-Chandra-yuti-Rahu and 7th-from-pautrasthana, during Surya-Ketu period , Mrs. Kennedy gave birth to a healthy and long-lived baby girl Caroline Bouvier Kennedy.Ketu produces effects of dharmesha Zukra.

Kuja * bhratru-karaka * virya-karaka

  • Mangala-Singha * vigorous pursuit of fame, creative political championship, proactive, drama; push toward entitlement
  • Mangala in bhava-7 * drive toward bargaining, pursuit of agreement, invasive negotiation, diplomatic dynamics, energized contractual conquests

Budha * bandhava-karaka * zisya-karaka

sarala yoga

  • Budha-Karkata * comfortable communications, articulation of rhythmic root culture, customs, security, foundations
  • Budha in bhava-6 * narrative of conflict, medical remedies, litigation, argument, accusation, treason, broken promise, pollution, ministries of service
  • Budha-yuti-Surya * articulation of radiant confidence, message of willpower and charisma

randhresha-8 Budha moudhya-dosha

Guru * dhavakaraka * bahuta-karaka

  • Guru-Vrizabha * much treasury, many voices, many collections, historic beliefs, doctrine of values containment
  • Guru in bhava-4 * many roots, much owned property, many homes and homelands, multiple mother-figures
  • Guru-yuti-Zukra sodarya-karaka * multiple sisterly-figures, abundant pleasures and treasures

dhana-karaka Guru dhanapati-2 and Vriddhipathi-11 gainfulness via

  • the family of origin (2)
  • the friends (11)
  • the first husband = Brihaspati dhava-karaka
  • the second husband = Guru in 2nd from 7th-from-Chandra-3

For the Kumbha nativity, Guru = dhanapati-2 and Vriddhipathi-11. Brihasapti becomes a dhanakaraka producing both saved-collected-hoarded value-2 (both knowledge wealth and material items) along with economic profits-11. Guru-4 is also profile component for the first husband, suggesting the opulent hoard of partner-1 POTUS-35 Profiles in Courage 1917-1963 John F. Kennedy

Ms. K-O was raised in material luxury. Although her family did not shift houses during her upbringing, she attended seven schools.

  1. Chapin School, 1935-1942, New York City (kindergarten and grammar school);
  2. Holton Arms School, 1942-1944, Washington, D.C. (completed grammar school and first year of high school);
  3. Miss Porter's School, 1944-1947, Farmington, Connecticut (high school);
  4. Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, New York (freshman and sophomore years, college) 1947-1949;
  5. University of Grenoble and Sorbonne, Paris, France (junior year abroad program through Smith College), 1949-1950;
  6. George Washington University, Washington, D.C. (senior year, college), B.A. French literature, 1950-1951;
  7. Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. (American history continuing education classes), 1954

Guru rules 2. Bhava-2 represents the social-material positioning profile of the second marriage (2nd-from-Chandra better indicates the psycho-emotional and sensible profile of the second marriage). Zukra-yuti-Guru-4

Language, Speech, Mouth, Voice

Guru = karaka for languages. Brihaspati rules bhava-2 representing speech and voice; furthermore Guru does the bidding of swakshetra Vrizabha Zukra ruler of 2nd-from-Chandra.

A former newspaper journalist and capable speaker of English, French, Italian, and Spanish languages who traveled regularly to Europe during her upbringing, Jacqueline Bouvier wrote Spanish promotional articles and read a Spanish script for Hispanic-appeal television advertising during her husband's election campaigns.

Ms. K-O's fascination with media-messaging (Chandra-yuti-Rahu--3) was a major factor in her husband's election success. Her fluent French conversation gained welcoming approval from French hosts during official visits. Her husband (Brihaspati) also had traveled and studied regularly in Europe and was a capable speaker of modern German, which skill he used to positive advertising effect.

Zukra * svadhu-karaka * kalatra-karaka


Malavaya Yoga

Atmakaraka = Zukra * art, beauty, treasure

  • Zukra-Vrizabha * swakshetra * appreciation of valuable arrangements, pleasures of collections, acquisitive sensuality, preservation, sounds, history, containment of goods
  • Zukra-4 * digbala * pleasure of home-based routines; enjoys domestic equity, appreciation of owned properties
  • Guru-yuti-Zukra * sweetened expansions, gracious diversity

exceptionally powerful yogakaraka atmakaraka Zukra gains * dig-bala in bhava-4 * provides an entreasured * Malavaya Yoga

Zukra-yuti-Guru-4 many luxurious homes-vehicles-aircraft-watercraft-properties * attended numerous schools and owned many home properties. When married to Onassis, Mrs. K-O rotated through six homes which either she owned or he owned, plus they spent time on his super-yacht (4).

treasury and schooling: bhava-4 contains Guru with yogakaraka Zukra

Shani * duro-karaka * jara-karaka


  • Shani-Dhanuzya * old doctrines, pressured beliefs, old patronage, pressured hips-sacroiliac, imposed catechism, must teach with scarce resources
  • Shani in Bhava-11 * must connect, must earn with hard effort; cautious, conventional marketplace linkage; chronic pressure to earn

Professor Shani = dhava-karaka for second husband.

Vyayapathi Shani-11 in 8th-from-Guru also suggests a change of homeland in the second marriage (11 = 8th-from-4th). Her second marriage obliged Ms. K-O to spend extended time away from her birth-land USA, while accommodating the maritime and European-based lifestyle of her second partner.

Professor Shani occupies Mula suggesting a climate of volatility and negative risk in the second marriage. Mula signifies where the native over-estimates one's own abilities, and often one "gets in over one's head".

Makara swamsha and Kumbha navamsha-2 suggest that husband-1 (12 years her senior) and husband-2 (23 years her senior) would be elder to the native.

Rahu * rajyalobha-karaka * picchala-karaka (slippery)

  • Rahu-Meza *craving for dominant force, mask of competitive, pioneering, urgent push forward; fascinated by conquest * seeks special importance via heroic action; via apparent (but perhaps not authentic) superiority, muscularity, movement, athleticism, championship
  • Rahu in bhava-3 * in swabhava of Busy Budha, the Shadowy Specter seeks privilege via glamorous or unusual writing, reporting, news announcements, cinema, commentary, messaging. Craves publication. Desires a special, important explanatory, descriptive, or instructional role. Over-reaching in commercial business, internet, cinema, or communications media. Exciting, opportunistic engagement with process management, manufacturing, business administration, conversations, information technology. Ambitious character of the sibling-cousin, cohort, or touring ensemble.
  • Chandra-yuti-Rahu * amplified emotion, magnified familiarity exotic habits, tricky comforts, opportunistic mother, fascinating (but perhaps illusory) appearance of sympathetic caretaking

Rahu rules Shatavishaka * Shatatakara rising nakshatra

Ripu-pathi-6 Chandra-yuti-Rahu-3 A passionate (Rahu) literary editor who crafted and promoted the works of minority (6) authors (3) and narratives (3) of the marginalized-classes (6). As a literary editor for a major publishing firm, Mrs. K-O was well-known for her attention to emerging writers of color. She facilitated (3) the advance of a number of such writers into the literary-marketplace (3).

Ketu * kavandha-karaka * chidra-karaka

  • Ketu-Thula * dissociates from bargaining, incomplete alliance, empty trades, surrendered trust, dispersed negotiations, ignores restriction on deal-making
  • Ketu in classroom-9 * incoherent ideology, disinterested in the credenda; wandering worldview; absentee father-figures * no barriers in doctrine, disregards teachings, vacuous philosophy, irrelevance of the catechesis , ambivalence toward the power of belief

Ketu-9 signifies the absentee father.

Her parents divorced during her childhood. Although her father remained at the outskirts of her remarried mother-and-stepfather's social network, and he appeared at social events often enough to be photographed, nevertheless the bio-dad's alcoholism and financial gambling behaviors created a considerable distance between father and daughter. Ketu-Thula fractures trust and relationships.


Jackie Kennedy and her second husband, Greek shipping magnate Aristoteles Sokrates Onassis (b. 1906)


Jackie and Jack Kennedy in 1959-or-so


12-Sept-1953 (age 24) marriage-1 to POTUS-35 Profiles in Courage 1917-1963 John F. Kennedy * Surya-Chandra period * Chandra rules navamsha-7 * samchara Rahu-Ketu via Karkata-Makara navamsha -7

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