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Graha - Bhava

Bhava owned by Rahu's ruler

Agency of Rahu's "Jump Start" Great Leap Forward

Exaggeration of the importance of

- or deceptive amplification of

- or Interruption of

the normal development of the ruler's bhava

Professor Rahu's ruler occupies tanu-pati-1 = lagnesha

Intense craving for higher privilege and irregular desires tends to be expressed via the physical body, which often grows into an irregular shape to contain the desire. One may appear rather snake-like, especially in the eyes, mouth and lips.

Psychological individualization is warped by Rahu's extremism. Hunger for championship, winning the war, being first, blood, receiving acknowledgement through deceptive means.

Irregular associations for the social personality and the appearance, according to the Lord.

May be a a multicultural personality whose origins are smoky, outcaste, or harmed by some social irregular such as birth defect, orphans or illegitimate birth.

Alternatively, there is no damage to the conditions of birth, yet one's social personality may be fiercely associated with illicit actions, poseur or provocateur, movements behind enemy lines, attempt to invade the established order, charlatanry, false pretenses, false or deceptive innovations.

Professor Rahu's ruler = dhanapati-2

Speech song voice face eyes knowledge language history treasury

Intense craving for higher privilege and irregular desires tends to be expressed via the family history , which often acquires fascinating, mixed-mottled, unusual or irregular attributes * typically produced via risk-rewarding Rahu's "mixing" of social classes, castes, tribes, or boundaried groups.

Hunger for wealth and acquisition of cultural lineage values-fulfillment , through deceptive means..

Maraka functionality. Period of dhanapati-2 is dangerous. The nature of the speech style is indicated by the graha

Should Rahu occupy bhava-2, the native may express exceptional language abilities. The native is often an inspiring speaker, with a riveting voice.

Pretentious Professor Rahu's ruler = bhratru-pati-3

Intense craving for higher privilege and irregular desires tends to be expressed via the sibling group or work team, which often acquires unusual or irregular attributes (typically mental health issues).

span Hunger for power to communicate via all available media, publish, make announcements and demonstrations, normally Through deceptive means.

Siblings are peculiar. A double-upachaya effect.

Malicious or unsavory thought habits improve and mature over Time,.

  • Better communication skills and benefits from taking risks in the communicative activities.

Professor Rahu's ruler = bandesha-4

Intense craving for higher privilege and irregular desires tends to be expressed via he home and the homeland; foreign influences upon the owned-stewarded property and basic schooling. A Hungry fascination with deep roots, for A fixed place, for a safe and predictable (like the ocean tides) cultural practice.

  • Yet one must disrupt the established order of one's early childhood home in order to acquire the power one seeks, and Rahu encourages the use of exotic means toward realizing goal.

A somewhat disruptive effect on the childhood home and the behavior of the parents.

The parents (or the dominant parent) becomes inflated, larger than life, but also rather fickle, a trickster, unreliable

  • POTUS-45 Play to Win 1946- Beauty Pageants Donald Trump's father was a super-profiteering (11) real-estate developer (4) who sent his kids away to boarding schools so that he could pursue his business. The father was often accused of fraudulent practices but never convicted.

There is something unsettled, superstitious, or invasive hidden underneath the physical or psychological foundations of the home.

Things from under the ground, such as oil

... Or buried hoards or even coffins = exotic containers for illicit desire.

The basic emotional security that is the foundation of life is upset by Rahu's interest in extreme or exotic persons

  • Autobiography of a Yogi 1893-1952 Swami Yogananda substituted his guru's advice for his parent's wishes

  • POTUS-43 Decision Points 1946- George W. Bush2000-2008 was criticized for being more concerned with the welfare of Saudi oil interests than with the security of his own land.

Rahu in the bandhu bhava internationalizes the home life and indicates that the childhood home offers welcome to guests of different ethnicities.

Professor Rahu's ruler = vidya-pati-5

  • Mighty Heart 1975- drama-activist Angelina Jolie * yogakaraka Kuja

  • Material Girl 1958- dance song cinema Madonna * Shukra

  • Hugging Saint 1953- Ammachi * yogakaraka Shani


Intense craving for higher privilege and irregular desires tends to be expressed via the children, political career, entertainments, and speculation.

Rahu pretends to royal or celebrity privilege.

Hungry fascination with success in political games through application of intelligence, albeit Rahu encourages the use of expedient means.

Rahu desires to experience: winnings from gaming, abundance of children, glittering fashion, creativity and performance arts.

Periods of Rahu create major fluctuation in the fortune of kings, politicians, promoters, and performance artists.

Professor Rahu's ruler = rogesha-6


Intense craving for higher privilege and irregular desires tends to be expressed via conditions of illness, conflict, animosity, debt, disease-discomfort, mani-mani-money-lending, medicines, policing. imbalance-seeking-a-remedy of all kinds are amplified and exaggerated. Hungry fascination with conflict. A double-malefic effect.

Use of deceptive means in argumentation: blames the opponent for the disagreement.

However, generally two negatives make a positive in Jyotisha.

Disagreements get unbearably evil with this combination. (particularly in marriage)

  • The distrust, suspicion, internal arguing, and erosion of agreement is ultimately too fierce.

  • Irregular relationships, broken contracts, and substance addictions are magnified

  • One may be forced at some point to abandon all attachment to solving the homework-problems of human relationships.

When Rahu's ruler is rogesha-6 , and the roga-pati is also a natural challenger papagraha, there may be an indication of exhaustion via the hopeless attempt to manage conflicts of this proportion is so pronounced that the native severs his connection with the source of the animosity. Relationships end suddenly, nearly always due to the arising of a new desire.

The summary effect is more like double-Ketu .

entrancing Professor Rahu's ruler = yuvati-pati-7

Intense craving for higher privilege and irregular desires are expressed by the marriage partner.

Contractual Agreements = irregular, rule-breaking = covered in a film of oily smoke.

One feels a great hunger to create legal alliances .

The spouse however is prone to expressions of illicit desire.

Mate = peculiar, exotic, charismatic, desirous and impulsive, often with outcaste or outsider qualities.

The mate may be very ambitious.

  • Most of the expected expedient rule-breaking behavior is constrained by conformist actions if yuvati-pati-7 = Shani.

  • Pronounced if the yuvati-pati-7 = Mangala or Shukra

Rahu in 7 = enhanced Maraka functionality.

Period of maraka yuvati-pati-7 lord of Rahu = quite dangerous for the native as well as the spouse.

Professor Rahu's ruler * randhresha-8

Intense craving for higher privilege and irregular desires tends to be expressed via hidden assets and secret information.

Amplification of mysterious patterns, deep healing, catastrophic loss and sudden change.

Rahu generates shocking revelations regarding the spouse's values, history, legacy, language, or other accumulated spousal interests.

  • Great hunger to know mysterious secrets and possess the assets of others.

In-laws (spouse's family) are impulsive and unpredictable, may be trouble-makers if randhresha-8 is a natural challenger papagraha.

Both the spouse and the native are prone to outside liaisons, but this prediction tends to be tempered by the character of the yuvati-pati-7 , of Shukra, and of jaya-bhava-7.

A double-malefic effect, although this effect is so extreme that it becomes a spiritual positive.

Invasive, exotic, psycho-emotionally transformative. Tantric healer.

  • Cleopatra 1932-2011 AIDS activist Elizabeth Taylor ; Rahu ruled by randhresha Guru-3 magazines, cinema. Mutual drishti of uchcha-Guru ; [commerce-3] with [uchcha-Shukra-yuti-Rahu] [revenues-11]

  • ERT's enduring popularity and her later fund-raising capacity [Rahu-11] drew energy from her randhresha self-reinvention mystique, including her eight identity-transforming marriages, her profitable luxury-goods businesses, and her willingness to challenge taboo AIDS fears

entrancing Professor Rahu's ruler = dharmesha-9


Intense craving for higher privilege and irregular desires tends to be expressed via priesthood, temple discourses, moral culture, university teachings, philosophy, scholarship, religious fellowship, guru, father.

Great hunger to be a Father, to practice temple discourse and to receive dharma teachings.

Rahu's effect is tricky here. Rahu is a Naga Priest whose methods go under the system, over the system, and around the system. Unorthodox, unusual, exotic teachings.

Exotic doctrinal elements slip into the religious practice. Superstitious beliefs and magical ritualism. Smoke and mirrors. Also, very true higher truths which threaten orthodoxy.

Generally not harmful but can give fascination with the external trappings of foreign cults. the father may have eccentric tastes. The guru or guiding professor may use irregular methods of higher philosophical instruction.

If Rahu occupies 9, check to see which other bhava is ruled by the dharmesha-9 ; the other bhava will temper the potentially over-adventurous effects of Rahu-9.

Professor Rahu's ruler = karmesha-10

  • Mighty Heart 1975- drama-activist Angelina Jolie * yogakaraka Kuja

  • Material Girl 1958- dance song cinema Madonna * Shukra


Intense craving for elite recognition leading to higher privilege

Desires leadership roles, public responsibility, obligation to serve as a symbolic-iconic figure in the culture.

Pursues these public-role aims via irregular routes and methods.

Hungry fascination with social rank and positions which create orderly environments for those in one's downstream.

Wants to regulate a different world order.

A double-upachaya effect.

One is initially too much impressed with one's own position. Some question as to whether one is sincere of intent and capability to assume executive powers; or a poseur-provocateur, looking only for social recognition.

Yet, one acquires the requisite humility toward genuine service and the leadership capacity improves greatly with Time.

entrancing Professor Rahu's ruler = vriddhi-pati-11


  • Cleopatra 1932-2011 AIDS activist Elizabeth Taylor ; Rahu ruled by Guru-3 magazines, cinema. Mutual drishti of uchcha-Guru ; [commerce-3] with [uchcha-Shukra-yuti-Rahu] [revenues-11]

  • Fijación Oral 1977- singer Shakira Mebarak [uchcha-Shukra]

Intense craving for higher privilege and irregular desires tends to be expressed via the Distributive Network.

Network can be economy of ideas, monetary system, commonwealth, "empire"

Hungry fascination with Marketplace Gains and advance of Socially Progressive Power-Distribution Movements .

Exotic characteristics of the elder sibling,

  • concentric circles of interlocked social and conceptual networks.

Initially, the native is too busy creating and exploring connections, impulsively adventuring into curious links.

  • Rahu = co-ruler of Kumbha, the svabhava-11.

  • When Rahu is related to 11, results improve with Time.

  • the native finds the connection between achievement of personal goals (marketplace income, reputation-notoriety) and the goals of an entire social class or generation.

  • Potential to become a very successful social-change activist.

A double-upachaya effect, improves considerably with Time.

Professor Rahu's ruler = ruler-of-12


  • Material Girl 1958- dance song cinema Madonna * Shukra

Intense craving for higher privilege and irregular desires tends to be expressed via dissolution of identity.

Hungry fascination with clandestine activity, identity-loss and detachment from the material plane.

  • Rahu increases one's desire to find sanctuary, meditation, prayer, long journeys to foreign lands, long separations from loved ones, long illnesses, hospitalization, imprisonment, isolation, lasting grief.

A double-malefic effect = never content with the physical body; always striving to appear more privileged, more unique, more special

One may lose a good deal of energy through immersion in fantasy, watching movies, dreaming and sleeping, or conducting activities behind closed doors.

Nevertheless, if Rahu's ruler is favorable, the native can enjoy state-sponsored world travel en route to clandestine destinations.

Good for exotic pleasures of the bed.

the native may also enjoy a vivid meditation practice filled with a great desire for congress with deities. (Deity Yoga.)

Clairsentient capabilities can be powerfully activated.


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