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Randhra Bhava

Rashi - Gochara - Bhava - Graha - Ratna - Nakshatra - Amsha - Varga


Each bhava transforms the identity

of the bhava


holds a

shad-ashtaka 6-8 recycling angle

from itself


Durga Kills Buffalo Demon c. 1200Ce

at the Rubin Museum of Art


Randhra Bhava-8


Replacements for the birth conditions of bhava-1:
  • self-destruction, followed by a new identity
  • covert fleshly activities
  • in certain secret environments, one behaves like a different or re-born person
  • reconstructed appearance,
  • rebirth of the old personality in a new form


Dharma Bhava

  • doctrine, theory, first principles, beliefs
Replacements for the birth conditions of bhava-2:
  • treasury-destruction, followed by a new set of values
  • covert lineage activities
  • reconstructed knowledge, re -programming of family relationships
  • rebirth of the old family in a new form (priesthood, sangha)



  • leadership
  • professional responsibilities
  • legislation
  • rules
Replacements for the birth conditions of bhava-3:
  • daily habits-destruction, followed by a new set of social duties
  • covert conversational activities
  • Transformed repetitive mental process;
  • rebirth of the Old thought patterns in a new form (local, team thoughts transform to global, organizational thoughts)


Labha Bhava-11

  • The marketplace
  • The agora
  • large, rule-driven systems
  • networks
Replacements for the birth conditions of bhava-4:
  • local culture-destruction, followed by a new set of secure relationships
  • hidden Ownership activities (through corporate stock etc.)
  • reconstructed roots, transformation of the conventional manners o accommodate folks outside one's place
  • Old roots in a specific culture, land, and house change to a new form by grounding through the greater community network


Vyaya Bhava-12

  • meditation and dreams
  • withdrawal from material world
  • long foreign residence
  • bridge between astral and astral plane
Replacements for the birth conditions of bhava-5:
  • creativity-destruction, followed by a new connection to divine intelligence
  • covert reproductive activities
  • withdrawal to a sanctuary in order to energize a reconstructed political Or entertainment identity
  • rebirth Of the old literary or dramatic creativity in a new form


  • material appearance
  • physical form of the body
  • social attributes of the coloration, features, and appearance
Replacements for the birth conditions of bhava-6:
  • illness-destruction, followed by a new vitality
  • covert Argumentative activities
  • reconstructed health
  • flesh-and-blood-birth = rebirth Of the Old conflicts in a new form


Dhana Bhava-2

  • Accumulated wealth
  • family history
  • blood and knowledge lineage
  • second marriage
Replacements for the birth conditions of bhava-7:
  • 1st marriage-destruction, followed by a second union
  • c Overt alliance-building activities
  • reconstructed contracts,
  • rebirth Of old alliance in new form


Sahaja bhava-3

  • repetitive daily script
  • conversations
  • publications and announcements
  • Teamwork; small group process
Replacements for the birth conditions of bhava-8:
  • mystery-destruction, followed by a new practical narrative mentality
  • exposure of occult activities (mental normalizing)
  • reconfigured pragmatic understanding of the unknown
  • rebirth Of Old secrets into new form Of daily conversation And writing

8th-from-bhava-9 * Bandhu bhava-4

  • security
  • place
  • foundations
  • Earth
  • home
  • schooling
  • parents
  • The customary and accepted
Replacements for the birth conditions of bhava-9:
  • religion-destruction, followed by a new set of beliefs
  • covert ritual activities
  • reconstructed temples, home becomes the temple
  • rebirth of the old beliefs that connect to the sky, in the new form which connect to earth


Putra bhava-5

  • children
  • divine intelligence
  • politics
  • king
  • Autocracy
  • will
Replacements for the birth conditions of bhava-10:
  • public leadership-destruction, followed by a new set of rules
  • covert legislative activities (politics)
  • destruction of fixed, regulated, socially accountable behaviors reborn as autocratic, self-directed personal will
  • rebirth Of respected social position in a new form (teacher, entertainer, gambler)


Ari bhava-6

  • conflicts
  • illness
  • disagreements
Replacements for the birth conditions of bhava-11:
  • network-destruction, followed by a new set of Associations
  • covert earnings activities

  • reconstructed social community
  • rebirth of the old goals and objectives into a new (usually more exploitive) form of marketplace relationships


Yuvati bhava-7

  • marriage
  • Alliances
  • Agreements
  • partnerships
  • exchanges
  • Trade
Replacements for the birth conditions of bhava-12:
  • meditation-destruction, followed by a new ype of dreamy pleasure
  • secret, bedroom activities
  • Transformation of the solo private imagination into a public dual relationship
  • rebirth of the old fantasies into new form within the intimacy of marriage

14th Dalai Lama 1935- Policy of Kindness Tenzing Gyatso . (2001).

  • Dzogchen: The Heart Essence of the Great Perfection.
  • Thupten Jinpa and Richard Barron (Trans.), Patrick Gaffney (Ed.), foreword by Sogyal Rinpoche.

Chain Reaction


" As human beings, we are all the same. So there is no need to build some kind of artificial barrier between us.

At least my own experience is that if you have this kind of attitude, there is no barrier. Whatever I feel, I can express; I can call you 'my old friend'. There is nothing to hide, and no need to say things in a way that is not straightforward.

So this gives me a kind of space in my mind, with the result that I do not have to be suspicious of others all the time. And this really gives me inner satisfaction, and inner peace.

So I call this feeling a 'genuine realization of the oneness of the whole of humanity'. We are all members of one human family. I think that this understanding is very important, especially now that the world is becoming smaller and smaller.

In ancient times, even in a small village, people were able to exist more or less independently. There was not so much need for others' co-operation. These days, the economic structure has completely changed....

We are heavily dependent on one anothe r, and also as a result of mass communication, the barriers of the past are greatly reduced.

Today, because of the complexity of interdependence , every crisis on this planet is essentially related with every other, like a chain reaction.

Consequently it is worthwhile taking every crisis as a global one. Here barriers such as 'this nation' or 'that nation', 'this continent', or 'that continent' are simply obstacles.

Therefore today, for the future of the human race, it is more important than ever before that we develop a genuine sense of brotherhood and sisterhood .

I usually call this a sense of 'universal responsibility'." [END QUOTATION]


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