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Graha * Bhava* Amsha * Rashi

Nakshatra of Shani

"after the split"

forging lawful alliances


Mitra, God of the Oath


Anuradha * Kolkata, circa 1890

Victoria and Albert Museum

Chanthra prakaasini kantharva kaanamaya anushaathevi sahaayakrube


Aniruddha * Maitra * Vaban

Anizham * Anusham * Aani

Chandra in Anuradha * comforted by resistance to danger

Resistance to Sudden Movements; Resentment; Enforcement of Peace

contributions coming to Earth

from the star-civilizations of

Acrab and Dschubba


Buddha Temple, Anu-radha-pura, Sri Lanka


A Hare in the Forest * by Hans Hoffman * circa 1550 CE

The animal symbol of Anu-radha is the Female Hare.

The Seventeenth Nakshatra (new system)

  • 03:20 until 16:40 Vrizchika
  • pada 65, 66, 67, 68 of 108

Anuradha Nakshatra Celestial Location as mentioned in The Circle of Stars

  • beta-Scorpii (Acrab) [apparently sometimes mixed with the name Graffias although Graffias actually designates Xi Scorpii]

  • delta-Scorpii (Dschubba)

  • pi-Scorpii

Regional Names for Anuradha
  • Aniruddha
  • Anusham Tamil * Anizham
  • Mitrabha
  • Vaban
  • Lha-tsam Tibetan
Nakshatra Vana
  • Plants Sacred to Anuradha Nakshatra
see nakshatra gardens at:
  • western botanical name = Mimusops elengi
  • Sanskrita namah: bakula
  • Tibetan (bodkye): bakula
  • Common names: Bakhul, Maulsari
  • English: Spanish cherry, medlar, bullet-wood

Mimusops elengi = bakula tree = sacred to Anuradha Nakshatra

Meanings for Anu-radha

social order (Shani) restored by force (Mangala)

"after the split" anuradha constellation is described as a line of oblations

After the crisis * after the explosion * after the conflagration "Additional Delights " * "After Radha" * "after the Split"

"hard bargains " Shani = social pressure, governance responsibilities, heavy social duties in post-war or post-explosion environments

= Shani mulatrikona counted from the Vrizchika lagna = Kumbha bhava-4 = patriotism, homeland, defense of the Old Ways, parenting, care of elderly, and Habitual Rhythms of Life, "end of things"

Governmental Peace-keeping military force, martial law, social order maintained via forced agreements.

Anu-radha attributes

wikipedia: Anuradha

BPHS Anuradha Nakshatra Related activities

  • Marriage, Brahmin receiving sacred thread, travel,
  • construction of temples or other religious buildings or installing holy objects therein,
  • laying foundation stones, breaking ground.

Anuradha Nakshatra pada syllables

  1. ना Na
  2. नी Ni
  3. नू Nu
  4. ने Ne

Anuradha Nakshatra protective Deity * bhapa * bheza

  • Mitra-Varuna , the twin god
  • Mitra -Maitreya - Maitra ( the Divine Friend)
  • Varuna = supreme keeper of order and god of the law.
  • Adrusta Devatha

Anuradha Nakshatra Body Part

  • Stomach of the nakshatrapurusha * Kala-purusha

Anuradha Nakshatra Symbol

  • Umbrella

  • triumphal arch * this Arch * Arka is a symbol for an interdimensional radio portal which spans Radha-and-Anuradha

Anuradha Nakshatra gana * group:

  • Divine * Deva

Anuradha Nakshatra Tibetan Tradition

  • Lha-tsam = lakpa = The Hand

  • Dzawo Lha = The Friendly God


  • Applies to nakshatra of radical lagna AND nakshatra of Chandra. For emotional relationships, nakshatra of Chandra is more influential on compatibility and ease of interaction.

Psycho-socially compatible with Anuradha * Maitri =

Nakshatra of Shani * materialistic, structuring, status-oriented, rule of law. Shani people are systems people. These pairs are often found in structuring, law-imposing, bureaucratic governance roles.

Nakshatra of Zukra = materialistic, accumulating, sensual Zukra makes an elegant, status-acquisitive, architectural pair with hierarchical, structural Shani.

Nakshatra of Budha * mercantile, conversational, collaborative, shopkeeper Budha is friendly with economic-systems regulator Shani. Budha may indicate the junior partner, the salesperson, the explainer while the Shani partner is more concerned with longevity and continuity of the operation.

Psycho-socially neutral with Anuradha * Maitri =

Nakshatra of Brihaspati * Guru and Shani are mutually neutral. Brihaspati welcomes every experience into the full totality of awareness, and Shani provides the structure which grants a lawful coherence to the unfolding of that tapestry of experience.

Psycho-socially uneasy with Anuradha * Maitri =

Nakshatra of Chandra * caretaking Chandra's parenting, nourishing style that recognizes only the family unit conflicts with Shani's style of organizing that recognizes only the community-society unit

Nakshatra of Mangala * Shani is intimidated by Kuja's direct aggressions, competitiveness, and warlike powers. Kuja's pioneering, innovative style conflicts with Shani's insistence on unchanging, lawful structures.

Nakshatra of Rahu or Ketu * whether highly exciting (Rahu) or deeply observing (Ketu) the fascinating yet disruptive nodal styles conflict with Shani's requirement for a fixed social order constructed from unchanging socially regulated relationships.

Most catalytic (challenging) nakshatra for Anuradha * Maitri

Nakshatra of Surya * center-stage, sparklingly exceptional, brightly self-reflexive Surya-style violently conflicts with Shani's uniform, zero-exceptions, dark, cold, rigidly orderly style. Surya and Shani see each other as ati-shatru = maximum enemy.

Anuradha Nakshatra

BPL Commentary

Anuradha Nakshatra Planetary Lord = Shani member of Shani's lawful, orderly , safety-first, structured, conformist, survivalist navamsha trine =

  1. Pushya = Nakshatra of Shani * rashi of Chandra * parental leadership of the homeland, structure of protection for mother-children-vulnerable * portends push-pull results due to strict Shani vs. soothing Chandra
  2. Anuradha * Nakshatra of Shani * rashi of Mangala * aggressive leadership in surgical, invasive-explosive, dangerous, hidden, or secret environments * portends bitterness due to Mangala-Shani
  3. Uttarabhadrapada * Nakshatra of Shani * rashi of Guru * generous leadership in sanctuary environments * portends large-scale responsibilities due to Guru-Shani

Those born into this Shani-directed group are governed primarily by Professor Shanicarya and secondarily via the nativity's rashi-pathi,

Anu-radha are regulators (Shani) of warriorship and conquest, engines and engineering, exploration, explosion, mining, diving, drilling, plumbing, medical surgery, and other Mangala-driven types of penetrating and invasive actions.

Usually found in supervisory, regulatory, safety-officer, statutory roles associated with lawful governance of dangerous situations. Anuradha are masters of damage control.

After the Storm * Clean-up

Anuradha folk are empowered by regulatory Shani to pre-emptively curtail or actively control any type of violent emergency or eruptive force. They work "after the electrical storm" * after-Radha * to minimize the carnage during and after a Mangala-style battle.

The immovable object (Shani) combines with the irresistible force (Mangala).

The battle can erupt between humans, or between humans and extraterrestrial agents, but more often the elements of Nature are the agents of the irresistible force. For example, Anuradha folk are found in safety-training and policy roles (Shani) where they provide the lawful approach toward interactions with dangerous industrial machinery or explosive compounds.


Anuradha are less inclined toward reactive response and more inclined toward supervisory governance and risk management.

Ketta-folk usually do not eradicate the threat but rather try to prevent it from acting.

They are typically less engaged with overt security work such as localized police protection. (Protection per se is usually a Karkata province). Anuradha are more engaged with preventative, orderly, systematic resistance (Shani) that is designed to avoid potential extreme danger. Examples might include anti-terrorism professions, safety training for workers who handle dangerous machinery, or insurance industry roles involving risk assessment and applying punitive (Shani, weight = pen/pun) consequences to unsafe conditions.

Often the Anuradha folk are somewhat secretive (Vrischika) about their work albeit if Shani is strong they are also dedicated to systematic resistance to danger and usually effective in that pursuit.

Like Pushya and Uttara-bhadra, Anuradha are agents of the social order. Everything they do is orderly and lawful.

They may seem rather flat on the surface but that is because most of their life-force initiative is engaged into the process of energy containment. At parties, these folks are the proverbial wet blanket. Not known for their sense of humor. Tend to be rather taciturn yet capable of engaging with very powerfully destructive situations.

May become bitter and resentful of so many obstacles in their path after decades of managing the unresolvable and recurring interactions of Professor Mangala instinctive movement life-force versus rigidly lawful unmoving Professor Shani Who Hates Change.

They deal lawfully and soberly with the transformative realities of death-and-rebirth. May be master surgeons particularly in specialties of identity-change, catastrophic injury, genital surgeries. Masters of the cover-up and surface disguise of underlying molten force. Associated with firebombs and explosions in the capacity of containment; may be in the insurance industry, health-and-safety professionals such as police, weapons manufacturing process expert, hazardous materials control. May deal lawfully with murder and acts of violation (Mangala) such a a criminal attorney. Much depends on the placements of Kuja and Shani.

Shani's lawful regime of crime and punishment needs to cooperate with Mangala's aggressive need to conquer and win.

due to relationship between Kuja + Shani + Chandra, Anuradha may experience sudden ending of unconditionally protective relationships

The nature of the relationship may be

mother + child

  • POTUS-pair-40 Just Say No 1921-2016 Nancy Davis Reagan was abandoned by her mother for the first nine years of her childhood, although later reunited

partner + partner,

government + citizen

Crafting of restorative agreements after balance is destroyed via unexpected circumstances such as sudden death of parent, disloyalty of partner, natural disaster, government revolution.

There emerges an urgent obligation to re-establish coherent agreements.

  • Mithra hammers out a new contract upon his iron forge.

Anuradha = disciplined and sober emotional awareness of the difficulties involved in starting and maintaining alliances between parties who have a combination of compatible and adversarial interests.

  • For example, agreements needed by post-divorce parents who dislike each other but who continue to love their mutual children.

Anuradha = the calm after the storm or peace after the war. In this hostile environment, surrounded by the destruction of the recent war and burdened by residual resentments and fears, Mitra works his forge .

Anuradha is obliged to forge new alliances under pressure of somewhat adversarial conditions. one may be a dedicated seeker of alliances, always working to improve the craft of deal-making.

  • following Radha = causing welfare, recovery from shock after Vishaka
  • Anu-radha is the second half of the Nakshatra pair = Radha-Anuradha
  • The Zoroastrian deity Mizra = "god of the oath" who is also operator of the Iron Forge Shani-yuti-Kuja
  • Mizra represents "forged contracts "and therefore alliance, truthfulness, fairness, justice, honesty, Light and Sun.

Anuradha often holds the bitter conviction that one lives under severe pressure at all times; carrying excessive responsibility for legitimizing conditions of war, explosive danger, threat of violence, hunt, sport, and competition.

Anu-radhmay feel that their work is nearly impossible to carry out due to its great difficulty, and the rewards in terms of public respect and paycheck are nowhere near adequate compensation for the social urgency of their task.

Anuradha may feel that since it is not possible to please everyone, that one ought simply to do as one prefers.

  • POTUS-pair-40 Just Say No 1921-2016 Nancy Davis Reagan had Shani-10-Simha, which rewarded her endurance as a long-serving political wife, but which also brought her much animosity and criticism. Although praised for her Anuradha-style affectionate devotion to her husband, Mrs. Reagan was broadly disliked for what was perceived as a false-generosity (Shani-yuti-Guru), self-reflexive style reminiscent of France-Queen 1775-1793 Marie Antoinette
Anuradha Nakshatra Career Splendid placement for careers which follow the psycho-emotional pattern of social ordering (Shani) involving a restoration of friendly balance (Mithra) via acts or mechanisms of force (Mangala).

Anuradha natives are often found working within the military-industrial complex (especially related to terrorism) in the security industry * especially regarding weapons control * or in risk-management specialties within the insurance industry (especially related to controlling fires and explosives).

Anuradha is especially skillful in the task of crafting working relationships between former enemies. Their job is often to prevent war from re-erupting. Peace-keepers and watch-dogs.

Good for those who must forge agreements and maintain diplomatic liaison in scenes of receding hostility. Conflict resolution agents.

Wary, awareness, beware.

After an accusatory battle in the law courts, Anuradha helps to enforce the legal settlement.

Favors the successful completion of military duties, diplomacy after a war or in a peace-treaty environment, consulting and advising in matters of social law and policy especially in regard to management of weapons, incendiary devices, explosives, machinery of war -- generally in the post-war scenario.

Control of fires, management of explosions, reduction of damage caused by combustion. Does not eliminate danger but reduces immediate threats by imposing a lawful series of environmental controls.

Post-divorce attorney, social worker, and consulting psychologist who help to negotiate the smaller conflicts in the post-divorce lifestyle.

Mangala enforces the need to have stockpiles of weaponry but Shani imposes lawful conditions upon those. Perfect for"Cold War" type activities in which there has been some degree of cease-fire or detente yet adversarial tensions remain tangible.

Shakti of the Anuradha Nakshatra

commentary by David Frawley,

"Mitra desired,"May I be regarded asa friend in all the worlds ."

  • One who makes the appropriate offering to Mitra, to Anuradha,

    • becomes regarded as a friend in all these worlds.

    Those born under Anuradha want to be friends with everyone .

They are emotionally sensitive to others and place the welfare of others over their own."

Shakti of the Anuradha Nakshatra

QUOTATION from Dennis Harness

"17. Anuradha: The Star of Success

(Scorpionis 03:20 to 16:40)

Anuradha is symbolized by a lotus flower, reflecting the ability to blossom in any life situation. The primary deity is Mitra, the God of Friendship and Partnership.

Anuradha individuals have the great ability to gather people together for social and spiritual activities.

The spiritual teacher, Ram Dass has his natal Moon in this nakshatra. Anuradha has a deva temperament with the primary motivation of dharma or right action. The shakti is the power of worship. The ruling planet is Sani or Saturn, which gives tenacity and discipline when needed.

Anuradha Career Interests:

  • Organizational skills, business management.
  • Travel industry, conference planners.
  • Actors, musicians, public speakers.
  • Dentists, surgeons and medical technicians.
  • Mining Engineers, plumbers.
  • Criminal lawyers and political leaders.

Anuradha contains three stars in the body of the Scorpionisn including Alpha Centauri, the closest star to our solar system."

Vocabulary for Anuradha


  • A constellation described as a line of oblations
  • causing welfare, happiness


  • Nakshatra Anuradha, presided over by Mitra " god of the oath"


  • friendship, friendliness, benevolence, good will

  • close contact or union, alliance, promise, contract


  • a friendly constellation; Mitra's Nakshatra Anuradha


  • A friend, companion, associate
  • name of an Aditya (generally invoked together with Varuna and often associated with Aryaman

  • Mitra is extolled alone in RV,

  • and there described as calling men to activity, sustaining earth and sky and beholding all creatures with unwinking eye

  • (in later times he is considered as) the deity of the constellation Anuradha

friendship; a friend, companion; a friend connected by blood-relationship

name of the god Mitra (enumerated among the 10 fires)

Rising Nakshatra

Feminine Nativity

Anuradha * Maitra

  • QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 98

BPL commentary: For Anuradha natives, Professor Shani considerably affects the outcome.

Elder persons, old rules, rigid structures, and corporate or hierarchical officials may be especially influential.

"A gay and fun-loving type, clever and witty.

She will always be surrounded by an admiring circle of friends

  • and her popularity will cause envy and malice

  • among those who are not included in this circle.

Her married and domestic life

  • will be very happy.

She will be devoted to her family and faithful to her husband,

unless the Seventh House of the Life Chart is badly afflicted.

  • In which case, although she loves her husband, some misunderstanding will result in a divorce ."

Feminine Nativities

Radix Lagna

= Shani-ruled Anuradha :

Anuradha social order, systems, structure, Shani-social pressure-bones

* Shani mulatrikona * Kumbha 4th from Vrizchika * schooling, vehicles-transportation, security, parenting, patriotism , homeland, housing, home-craft, housekeeping, citizenship, agriculture, care of elderly, folkways, established patterns, predictable cycles, protection, Habitual Rhythms of Life, the Old Order , the "end of things "

Feminine Nativities:

Anuradha swamsha

POTUS-pair-41; POTUS-43 mother 1925-2018 Barbara Bush

VPOTUS-pair Music Censorship 1948- Tipper Gore

Human Rights 1978- attorney Amal Alamuddin Clooney

Rising Nakshatra

Masculine Nativity

Anuradha * Maitra

  • QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939).Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 85

BPL commentary: For Anuradha natives, Professor Shani considerably affects the outcome.

Elder persons, old rules, rigid structures, and corporate or hierarchical officials may be especially influential.

"Usually robust and healthy,
  • yet the native of Anuradha gets very little enjoyment out of life.
Probably because he consciously strives after happiness
  • but with continual discontent and bitterness in his heart.
He has a deep secretive nature
  • and because of his attitude and outlook on life, he is somewhat unscrupulous .
"a sweet tongue but poison in the heart" aptly characterizes him."

Masculine Nativities

Radix Lagna in Shani-ruled

Anuradha social structure * Shani-social pressure-bones

* Shani mulatrikona * Kumbha 4th from Vrizchika * schooling, vehicles-transportation, security, parenting, patriotism , homeland, housing, home-craft, housekeeping, republicanism, citizenship, foundations of a nation, agriculture, care of elderly, folkways, established patterns, predictable cycles, protection of the homeland, Habitual Rhythms of Life, "end of things"

Masculine Nativities:

Anuradha swamsha

Barbara's comments on Anuradha nakshatra:

the immovable object (Shani) + the irresistible force (Kuja) = stalemate. Slow progress with many setbacks. Naturally, the portion of Mangala-ruled Vrizchika which is controlled by Shani is a difficult area, full of oppression and delay.

One does generally achieve those social-material goals set earlier in the lifetime, but success is bitter.

Even having entered the higher echelons of material-social power one feels resentful of those who seems to hold more power than oneself, especially those suspected of having "secret" dominating or controlling powers.

Anuradha must be ever watchful against a tendency to fall prey to "conspiracy" thinking, and it's mentally dangerous extension, paranoia.

Nevertheless, Anuradha folk are successful in life. So long as they develop a capacity to work with the aggressively 'alpha' and often rather primitive personalities (Kuja) who surround them; and also to work within an orderly (Shani) and usually government-influenced or highly regulated institutional context. Anuradha's purpose = To restore order, after there has been a shock or a threat.

  • Anuradha is the nourishing, quieting rain which follow the thunder and lightening of a big atmospheric storm.
  • Anuradha natives are welcomed as master craftsmen of the regulatory deal.
  • After the terrible shock of Vishaka, Anuradha are calming agents of peace through legislation and makers of treaties.
Under the auspices of Mithra, Anuradha is known for "friendliness ".
  • Yet "friendliness " is often just a presenting attitude, adopted to ease the approach into a difficult discussion.
  • Anuradha's mind is not friendly in the cheerful, light-hearted sense.
  • Rather Anuradha is friendly in the serious, goal-oriented sense of being committed to a business relationship.
Mithra's goal is to achieve an alliance; reaching this goal may require bitter compromise (Shani).
  • Varuna rules the dark half of the sky; ruling "dark skies " Varuna is also a god of Rain.
  • On Varuna's side, there is darkness - a dark churning ocean, a dark threatening sky.
  • During the discussion itself, there are many fears to articulate, many grievances to air.
  • Will the parties to the agreement be tricked in the dark, and a new threat arise? Will the rain become a catastrophic deluge?
Despite Anuradha's reputation for amiability and loyalty , Anuradha is not always Mr./Ms. Nice Guy.
  • Mithra needs to"hammer out an agreement"and Anuradha will try every possible method to achieve the goal.
  • Naturally, his process may be frustrating and exhausting - at rare moments, indeed, impossible.
Anuradha can be a glorious deal-maker . Often found in diplomacy, law and legislation, international finance and trade.

In public life, Anuradha is guided by Shani's cold realism, and Kuja's competitive thrust .

  • Material, political results of Anuradha's world-class alliance-crafting skill are often excellent.
In private life, Anuradha's compulsion to"reach agreement"and"craft a treaty" can lead to chronic, restless negotiating which reveals an underlying lack of trust in the motives of the Other.
  • Anuradha may suffer a restless anxiety about about the inherent instability of human agreements. Anuradha may need to forge new lawful agreements day after day, month after month. Naturally, an excellent position for the most challenging work in labor arbitration, hostage negotiation, and other aggressive, dangerous craftwork in Forced Agreements.

  • After all, Anuradha is tasked to craft agreement not with the sweet sensuality of Zukra, but with blood-letting sharpness of Mangala's spear and the cold punishing force of Shani's Law .

  • The Anuradha native has many virtues in love and in work, but a settled ease of partnership is not one Anuradha's strong suit.

  • Anuradha is gifted in making contracts - not in sustaining them.

Anuradha is skillful at balancing conflicting goals, but ever suspicious. Loyalty is achieved through contractual obligation - not love.

General Description of Anuradha characteristics

  • from Das /Behari

General results of being born in Anuradha Nakshatra

1. Physical features:

  • You will have a beautiful face

  • with bright eyes .

2. Character and general events:

You are liable to face several obstacles in your life.

  • Even then you will possess a special aptitude to handle the most difficult situation in a systematic way.

  • However, a peculiar frustrated face can be noticed, this may be due to numerous obstacles.

there may be limited peace of mind in your life .

  • Curb your tendency towards revenge.

  • You will be very hardworking and ever ready to complete the task before you.

Your motto of life will to march on despite obstacles .

  • After several reversals you will ultimately achieve the desired result, and remain optimistic throughout.
  • You are a firm believer in God.

  • Although you wish to spend your life with someone, you may find yourself leading an independent life.

3. Education, sources of earning/profession:

  • You can be successful in the business field.

  • You will get along well with your superiors.

  • You will begin working at about 17 or 18 years of age. Life between the period of 17 years to 48 years of age may have trials.

  • Occasional benefits and favorable results will be definitely noticed.

  • the life after age 48 will be extremely good.
  • It is in this period you can settle down in your life to the desired way and become free from most of the miseries of the life.

4. Family life:

  • there may be strained relations with your siblings and parents.
  • Normally, you settle down away from the place of your birth.

  • You will enjoy a good married life and have a good spouse.

  • You may find yourself trying to give your children a better life than you had, this results in proper care of your children and at any cost you like to provide all necessities of life as far as possible with love and affection.

  • As a result your children will be very successful.

5. Health:

  • Your health will generally be good.

  • You will be prone to normal diseases of the human body, coughs, colds etc.

Description of the Pada (quarters) of Anuradha

Anuradha Pada-1 * Simha navamsha

Masculine Nativities

  • POTUS-21 Civil Service 1829-1886 Chester A. Arthur * famously loved parties, singing, food

Feminine Nativities

commentary from Das /Behari:

"You are expert in speech,

  • patient, honorable,

  • famous and powerful."

QUOTATION: For Masculine Nativities ONLY, Description of the Four Pada (quarters) of Anuradha , QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 110.

"Is very passionate;

fond of family life and loves his wife ardently.

Enjoys music and singing, and likes to go to parties .

  • Identified with society, clubs etc.

  • Must have female society particularly.

Is a heavy eater .

  • Has a penchant for doing and saying the wrong thing.

Should never speculate, as he has no luck in gambling.

  • Will have few, if any, children.

While not a mathematician himself, he has great respect for mathematics .

  • Likes string and reed instruments."

BPL comment:

Anu-radha-pada-1 radical lagna puts

The Anu-radha-pada-1 nativity shows many of the typical Simha traits of glittering intelligence, enjoyment of center-stage roles, interest in politics and drama, and natural self-centered authority.

Vrishabha on the 10th-navamsha suggests that the Anu-radha-pada-1 nativity is typically professionally engaged with matters of Vrishabha such as visual arts, illustration, beautification, women's ornamentation and fashion, eyes-hair-face, mouth-teeth, flowers, perfumes and aromatic oils, sensual pleasures, speech, song and music, facial beauty, eyesight, banking and financial treasures, sweets and liquors, dairy foods and cattle.

Any graha located in Vrishabha 10th-navamsha are definitive for professional portfolio and public service. The public career may be subject to revaluation and reassessment because Professor Bright Bhrigu indicates historical, financial, and aesthetic value.

If, within the Simha swamsha, the nakshatra of the navamsha-lagna lies between 13:21 and 26:39 (Purvaphalguni) then the Zukra-ruled artistic, musical, beauty. and finance indicators are further strengthened.

Anuradha Pada-2 * Kanya navamsha * Pushkara Navamsha

Masculine Nativities

Feminine Nativities

QUOTATION from Das /Behari

QUOTATION: For Masculine Nativities ONLY, Description of the Four Pada (quarters) of Anu-radha , QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 110.

same as Anuradha Nakshatra pada-1

"Is very passionate;

fond of family life and loves his wife ardently.

Enjoys music and singing, and likes to go to parties .

  • Identified with society, clubs etc.

  • Must have female society particularly.

Is a heavy eater .

  • Has a penchant for doing and saying the wrong thing.

Should never speculate, as he has no luck in gambling.

  • Will have few, if any, children.

While not a mathematician himself, he has great respect for mathematics .

  • Likes string and reed instruments."

BPL comment:

Anuradha-pada-2 radical lagna puts

The Anuradha-pada-2 nativity shows many of the typical Kanya traits of service-ministry and orientation to health care, unbalanced arrangements, and mitigation of pollution (cleaning).

The Anuradha-pada-2 nativity is typically professional engaged with matters of communicative Mithunaya such as writing and editing, publications, conversation, announcements, declarations, documentation, media-messaging, evangelism, cinema, radio-television-internet, books-magazines-journals-blogs, travel itineraries, scheduling, planning, meetings, business administration, project management, conferences, seminars, presentations, instructional delivery, description, explanation, diagrams, photography, drawings, hand-craft, tool-use, apprenticeship.

Any graha located in Mithunaya 10th-navamsha are definitive for professional portfolio and public service. The definition of the public career may be subject to re-describing and re-explaining because Professor Budha indicates chattering.

In Anuradha-pada-2 there is always an element of psychological tension between the adversarial agenda of Blustering Budha who rules both the 10th navamsha and the swamsha versus the agenda of Military Mangala who rules the radical Vrischika lagna. Professor Budha wants to argue and discuss while Professor Mangala the Initiator wants to Get Things Done. This tension often exacerbates the digestive ailments associated with Kanya.

Anuradha Pada-3 * Thula navamsha

Masculine Nativities

  • POTUS-11 Manifest Destiny 1795-1849 James Knox Polk * no children, devoted to wife

Feminine Nativities

QUOTATION from Das / Behari

"You will be learned in scriptures and are intelligent, and calm in speech.

  • You will be satisfied with small profits.

  • You may have a strong temper but still enjoy a good reputation.

this position of the Moon (or lagna) may cause problems with your parents.

  • You may suffer from diseases that cause burning sensations.

You may also suffer from upper respiratory disorders."

Description of the Four Pada (steps) of Chitra - for the Male only* - from: QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra .p 105:

"Inclined to the study of occult subjects,

  • religious but quite unorthodox.

Would be good at designing patterns and weaving in textiles.

Likes artistic work with the hands.

  • Usually a widower at the close of life.

  • Career is a changing one."

BPL comment:

Anuradha-pada-3 radical lagna puts

The Anuradha-pada-3 nativity shows many of the typical Thula traits of bargaining, trade, negotiation, match-making, deal-making, concern with the terms of the contractual agreement, and seeking of alliance.

The Anuradha-pada-3 nativity is typically professional engaged with matters of Karkata such as rhythms and routines of a settled people, folk customs, local environments, protective and nurturing behaviors, caretaking, parenting, guardianship, stewardship, nourishment, stabilization, groundskeeping, homekeeping, gardening, farming, fishing, ocean tides, estuaries, cultivation, protection of land and property, patriotism , safety, policing, homemaking, nursing, early childhood teaching, sheltering, defending, temple rituals, seasonal festivals, comforts. real-estate, building, transportation, infrastructural security of the settlement.

Any graha located in patriotic Karkata 10th-navamsha are definitive for professional portfolio and public service. The definition of the public career may fluctuate because Professor Chandra indicates Ebb and Flow.

Anuradha Pada-4 * Vrizchika navamsha

Masculine Nativities

Feminine Nativities

commentary from Das /Behari:

"You may travel extensively.

  • As a result of this you may have a unhappy married life

  • or remain independent."

QUOTATION: For Masculine Nativities ONLY, Description of the Four Pada (quarters) of Anuradha , QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 110.

same as Anuradha Nakshatra pada-1

"Is very passionate;

  • fond of family life
  • and loves his wife ardently.

Enjoys music and singing, and likes to go to parties .

  • Identified with society, clubs etc.
  • Must have female society particularly.

Is a heavy eater .

  • Has a penchant for doing and saying the wrong thing.

Should never speculate, as he has no luck in gambling.

  • Will have few, if any, children.

While not a mathematician himself, he has great respect for mathematics .

  • Likes string and reed instruments."
BPL comment:

Anuradha-pada-4 radical lagna puts

The Anuradha-pada-4nativity shows many of the typical Vrizchika traits of pursuit of hidden empowerments, sharp focus on the mysterious and confidential, drive to control, manipulative or intrusive nature, explosions and implosions, and energetic penetration of secrets.

The Anuradha-pada-4 nativity is typically professional engaged with matters of Simha such as politics and political elections, theatre, literary creativity, performance arts, celebrity, royal entitlements, pageantry, poetry, ceremony, entertainments, ceremonial dance, children, romance, courtly love, games, gambling, expressions of genius, applause, brilliant confidence, solar power, bright lights, Divine Intelligence, self-knowledge, ego, individuality, independence, non-conformity, exceptionalism, uniqueness, center of attention, brilliant red things.

Any graha located in glittering Simha 10th-navamsha are definitive for professional portfolio and public service. The public career may be brightly visible because Professor Ravi indicates self-referential radiance.

There is potential for the development of a splendid healer and brilliant symbol of intelligent transformation. But there is an equal potential for the development of a dominating, controlling, self-reflexivel political tyrant.

BPL commentary: Anuradha

In Anuradha, Mangala feels oppressed by Shani and Shani feels attacked by Mangala.

Anuradha often feels that in childhood, the parental discipline was harsher, the resources were scarcer, and one worked much harder than other kids.

Often focused on their restrictions, their workload, and the pinch of scarce time-and-money which seems theirs alone.

Anuradha often holds the bitter conviction that life must endure under severe pressure (Shani) at all times; carrying excessive responsibility under conditions of reactive violence or frequent pushback (Mangala); and everyone else is living like a king due to their unearned birthright privileges.

Anuradha is an excellent placement for institutionalized regulation (Shani) of violent dangers (Mangala) such as hazard control, armaments manufacturing, weapons inspector, hunting inspector, game warden, prison warden for violent populations, "peacekeeping" military assignment preventing (Shani) revolutions and upheavals (Mangala),


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