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Graha * Bhava* Amsha * Rashi

Nakshatra of Budhan

Graha in Azlesa = Space Invaders

outspoken * fixation * need to restrain

the Leash, the Lashing: Binding, Tension, Holding, Embrace, Fixation, Lease

Nag Champa = Sacred tree for Azlesa nakshatra

traditionally, Shri Ketu was born in Azlesa

False Rescue * unwilling to relinquish * holding-on * leash, lash, laissse, liaison, lease, tie, tackle, thong


Seekra balapratha bava bayahaarini suba aayilyathevi sahaayakrube

Azlesa * Azresas

Naga * Sarpa * Azreshasha

Hydra * Aayilyam *

Bhujamaghabha * Bhaujamga

* Uraga * Vaba

the Squeeze

defensive communications, familiar folk messages, emotional evangelism, narrative of ethno-cultural boundaries

Chandra in Azlesa-Naga * comforted by restraining embrace

Graha in Azlesa

contributions coming to Earth from the star-civilizations

in the constellation Hydra


Rama and Laxmana Bound by a Serpent

from the Huntington Archives


The constellation of Hydra from Richard Dibon-Smith

Azlesa Nakshatra general boundary added in red by BP Lama

Earthly astronomers reckon Hydra as the largest constellation

Azlesa = a specific region = δ, ε, η, ρ, and σ Hydrae = delta, epsilon, eta, rho and sigma Hydrae

the Ninth Nakshatra * 7th nakshatra in the old system that started from Krittika

  • 16:40 until 30:00 Karkata

  • Pada-33, 34, 35, 36 of total 108

Azlesa Nakshatra Celestial Location

  • Hydra, the water-snake
  • "the head of Hydra"

  • δ, ε, η, ρ, and σ Hydrae == delta, epsilon, eta, rho and sigma Hydrae

wikipedia = Azlesa

Regional Names for Azlesa Nakshatra

Asalesha * Aslesa * Azlesa

Aayilyam Tamil

Ahideva * Ahidaivata

bhujaMgabha * Bhujamaghabha * Bhaujamga


tapas * warmth , heat, the 5 fires to which a devotee exposes himself in the hot season: 4 fires lighted in the four quarters and the sun burning from above. Pain, suffering, religious austerity , bodily mortification, penance, severe meditation, special observance (e.g. sacred learning with Brahmans, protection of subjects with Kshatriyas, giving alms to Brahmans with Vaisyas, service with Sudras, and feeding upon herbs and roots with Rishis. Father of Manyu.




Dengchen Lhamo * Dragon-tailed goddess


Shakti of the Ashlesha Nakshatra

commentary of David Frawley,

"The Gods and the Demons were at war .

  • The Gods made an offering to Ashlesha.

  • This drove away the Demons.

One who makes the appropriate offering to the Serpent God, to Azlesa, drives away his hateful opponents .

  • In Ashlesha one can defeat one' s enemies.

  • Through it one gains the poison of the serpent to use on others.

Those born under Ashlesha make powerful warriors with powerful weapons."

Shakti of Ashlesha Nakshatra

QUOTATION from Dennis Harness

"9. Ashlesha: The Clinging Star

(Cancer 16 40'to 30 00')

The symbol for this intense nakshatra is the coiled serpent at the base of the spine, reflecting the potent kundalini energy that resides here. Ashlesha means "the entwiner" and denotes the challenges of our addictions to sensory attachments.

It is a very mental asterism ruled by Mercury and located in the sign of Cancer ruled by Moon.

The main deities are the Nagas, the Serpent Kings. The shakti revealed here is the "power to inflict poisonous venom". Ashleshans have a rakshasa temperament with a primary motivation of dharma. Great mystical talents and enlightenment can be experienced if the primordial energy of this lunar asterism is harnessed.

The Buddha had this nakshatra rising under a benefic full Moon during his blessed birth. The King Cobra protected the Buddha from the storms of life as he performed his tapas (spiritual austerities) under the bodhi tree.

Ashlesha Career Interests:

  • Writers, teachers, lawyers.
  • Astrologers, psychics and mystics.
  • Snake charmers, zoologists.
  • Stock market, speculative ventures, business skills.
  • Drug dealers, chemists, prostitution and gambling interests.
  • Sex therapists, addiction counselors.

The nakshatra Ashlesha is formed by six stars in the constellation of Hydra, the Water Snake."

Nakshatra Vana

see nakshatra gardens at:

  • western botanical name = mesua ferrea

  • Sanskrita namah: Naga (kez-ari)

  • Tibetan (bodkye):

  • Common names: Naga Champa, Ceylon Ironwood, Indian rose chestnut, Cobra's saffron


Mesua Ferrea = Nag Champa = ironwood tree = sacred to Azlesa Nakshatra

Vocabulary for Azlesa


  • intimate connection, contact
  • embracing, embrace
  • entwining, entanglement
  • Adherence, clinging to
  • the seventh Nakshatra
  • serpent


  • "breast-going"', a serpent, snake, a female snake
  • A Naga (semi-divine serpent usually represented with a human face)
  • The Nakshatra Azlesa (presided over by the Nagas)
  • lead


  • A bending, curve
  • the arm, the breast, the hand
  • the trunk of an elephant
  • a branch, bough
  • coil of a serpent


  • serpent-asterism name of the Nakshatra Aslesha


  • slit, the vulva

Azlesa Nakshatra

BPL Commentary

Azlesa Fixation = Useful for bindings, lease-leash, mooring, anchors, tethers, swaddling, wraps. Masters of holding-on.


Hercules and the Lernaean Hydra: c. 1876

Azlesa are sensitive and seek protection in small spaces. They are Budha-ruled administrators, writers, planners, schedulers, documenters, publishers, managers, media-messengers, evangelists, announcers, reporters, secretaries, scripters, explainers, describers, signalers, information-technology specialists, or security officers. Azlesa may develop professionally into cinematic directors emphasizing scenes of extortion, bondage, or entrapment. Many Azlesa find their way into local government administration, especially schools and transportation.

Azlesa's genius is fixation.

In home, school, and business environments, they are masters of close management.

Azlesa people often bind and tie their friends to try to keep everyone very close and dependent. Azlesa try to lock the embrace in a state of tension, even with partners that Azlesa does not really like! It is their wrapping, swaddling nature to prevent the release of bonds.

Azlesa-born folk may be control freaks who need to maintain tight control over a small space.

  • POTUS-45 Play to Win 1946- Donald J. Trump exhibits tight control over the small, quick-response, high-frequency, instant, topical, micro-detailed communication space of his Twitter account. (Budha)

Hydra nativities generally malfunction when their area of management or expertise becomes too large to micromanage. They flourish when the scale of operations is local, populated by familiar faces, and rooted in the place of settlement. However when allowed to exercise the micro-control that they need, Azlesa can reward their colleagues and employers with admirably managed environments.

In political environments, Aslesa often specialize in local issues related to security, border-control, immigration, safety, and ethnicity.

Azlesa can flourish as a government administrator who controls a local village, a small commercial shipping port, or a small town transit system. They may relish working in small colleges where they can control the micro-environment of classrooms, curriculum, and hiring. Hydra may find their way into the Budha-ruled area of information systems, and establish a fiefdom in some well-boundaried area of control such as resource management.

Having a maritime affinity, Hydra may be found in shipping ports, especially dealing in the appliances of strapping, binding, and containment such as anchors, ballast, lashing, lines, ropes, ties, and freight containers. They are masters of topical areas of boundary control such as customs regulations, border policing, immigration/emigration.

The management (Budha) of international trade and travel markets call Azlesa's attention because matters of shipping and water-transport are Azlesa specialties, but the focus is always upon an immediate conversation, announcement, or message (Budha) rather than a broader or longer-term approach involving principle, theory, or doctrine (Guru).

Typically with Azlesa the micro-focus behavior means that Azlesa may succeed when a specific event, specific contract, or specific declaration must be emphatically decided. Issues of broader policy, longer-term implications, and higher principle generally lie outside the Azlesa scope of understanding.

Much depends on the placements of both the verbal, articulate Professor Budha and Budha's enemy. the intuitive, comfort-seeking Professor Chandra.

Budha-yuti-Shani may stabilize Azlesa who is otherwise prone to change opinions rather mercurially.

Hydra is a splendid nakshatra for all purposes of restraint, strapping, binding, fixing to a place, applications of sticky substance such as glue and mortar, wrapping especially temporary sealants and tight covering such as tarps, shrink-wrap and "gift-wrap", infant swaddling, use of mechanical tension (such as architectural and engineering materials tests) mooring, tethering, high-tension wires, chains, manacles, devices of temporary restraint, leashes, animal-tethers, ties and cords including umbilical cord, tying watercraft to a fixed spot, boat-anchor-chains, tethered rafts and docks, buoys and tethered signal-devices.

Binding agreements, restrictive guidelines, squeezing extractions, financial and emotional extortion, strangling, guilt, manacles and shackles, snares, belts, ropes, chains, guy-lines, seismic retrofit, tie-downs, stabilizers, and border-control are all Azlesa specialties.

Azlesa folk can be challenging parents. Seeking tight control over their children, they tend to prefer to micromanage the behaviors that are permitted in the home while binding the children close via manipulative tactics. Once the children are grown and out of local range, however, Azlesa may seem to suddenly lose interest in the parenting.

If Azlesa owns a commercial business, the adult children are typically hired into the business and given special privileges as a device for keeping the adult children bound to the Azlesa native. If grandchildren come to live in Azlesa's home, the cycle of securely tight management can revive. Grandchildren, like their parents before them, may feel both profoundly manipulated and securely protected.


Sarpa-Satra scene from the Razmnama, Birla edition c. 1605

Azlesa Nakshatra Symbol:

  • coiled snake

Azlesa Nakshatra Gana * group

  • Demonic * Rakshasa

Azlesa Nakshatra Tibetan Tradition

  • Kak goddess

  • Dengchen Lhamo = Dragon-tailed goddess

Azlesa Nakshatra protective Deity * bhapa * bheza:

  • Sarpa (a Snake that became a god) == Naga

BPHS Azlesa Nakshatra Auspicious events

  • Fierce competition,
  • things relating to serpents, as in serpent puja,
  • things relating to poison,
  • rash actions,
  • starting a business,
  • money exchange

Azlesa Nakshatra Meanings

  • "All the snake-like associations of clinging, creeping, and poison; of embracing and sexual union." ~~ Valerie Roebuck, Circle, p. 107

  • intimate connection, contact; slight contact

  • "the Clinging" *"the Embracing" *"Strangulation"

  • embracing, embrace; intertwining

  • adherence, clinging to

  • Hypnotizing, poisoning, seducing, squeezing - entrapment of the victim.

cognate Latin tenire = 'to hold ' = intense, tension, tenacious, attention, intention, contention, retension, retain, entertain, maintenance, sustenance, tenet, tenant, lieutenant, appurtenance, countenance, concatenation

Azlesa Nakshatra Body Part

  • Earsof the nakshatrapurusha * Kala-purusha

Azlesa Nakshatra group

  • Moola

Moola = root

Azlesa belongs to the group of six nakshatra called Moola = Azwini, Azlesa, Magha, Jyestha, Mula, and Revati

  • of these six, Azlesa is called the Sarpa Nakshatra

  • Traditionally, birth in Azlesa the leash is considered less benevolent due to implications of binding, involuntary holding, snakes, unsavory attachments, and entrapment. Therefore certain rituals are performed 27 days after the birth to eradicate these images from the front line of the subconscious image inventory.


  • Applies to nakshatra of radical lagna AND nakshatra of Chandra. For emotional relationships, nakshatra of Chandra is more influential on compatibility and ease of interaction.

Psycho-socially compatible with Azlesa * Naga =

Nakshatra of Budha * mercantile, conversational, collaborative

Nakshatra of Surya * center-stage, sparklingly exceptional, brightly self-reflexive Surya-style is pleasantly compatible with bantering Budha's chatty messaging style

Nakshatra of Zukra = materialistic, accumulating, sensual

Psycho-socially neutral with Azlesa * Naga =

Nakshatra of Shani * materialistic, structuring, status-oriented Shani has no natural conflict with bantering Budha's need to explain, instruct, describe, and diagram. Mercantile, conversational, collaborative, shopkeeper Budha is friendly with economic-systems regulator Shani. Budha may indicate the junior partner, the salesperson, the explainer while the Shani partner is more concerned with longevity and continuity of the operation.

Psycho-socially uneasy with Azlesa * Naga

Nakshatra of Mangala * Budha considers Kuja to be neutral; however Moving Mangala sees Blustering Budha as an enemy. Kuja likes to get things done whereas Budha is not a doer but rather a talker. This pair has too much friction to be truly compatible.

Nakshatra of Brihaspati * Guru and Budha are mutually neutral. Brihaspati welcomes every experience into the full totality of awareness, and Budha provides the messaging mechanism to preach the good news. Budha looks at Guru and sees a neutral. All would seem to be well with this pairing. However, when Guru looks at Budha, Professor Brihaspati sees Budha as an arch-enemy. Guru likes to preach on the widest humanistic principles whereas Budha chats about the technical details. This pair has too much friction to be truly compatible.

Nakshatra of Rahu or Ketu * whether highly exciting (Rahu) or deeply observing (Ketu) the fascinating yet disruptive nodal styles are acceptable to neutral news-announcer Budha who is always open to an interesting story.

Most catalytic (challenging) nakshatra for Azlesa * Naga

Nakshatra of Chandra * caretaking Chandra's rhythmic, parenting, routinized style recognizes only intuitive and emotional sources of knowledge, and this conflicts with Budha's focus on logical argument and unbiased information delivery. Broadcasting Budha considers Professor Chandra to be His arch-enemy

Special complexities for Azlesa, even within the Nakshatra trikona of turn-taking, coupling, manipulative, Broadcasting Budha:

Azlesa Nakshatra belongs to the Nakshatra Trikona of Messenger Budha the Announcer: Azlesa+ Jyeztha+ Revatika

those born into these three nakshatra are particularly gifted in all varieties of communicative endeavor, to name only a few:

  • conversational, narrative, signaling, reporter, announcer
  • itinerary, planning, scheduling
  • coupler-joiner, sexual, manipulative, interactive, collaborative
  • cohort, teamwork, ensemble, management, commerce, business
  • logical, explanatory, instructional, explanatory, interpretive,
  • diagramming, drafting-drawing, handcraft, technology-tools
  • inter alia

However in each case Professor Budha holds an unfriendly relationship to the razi-pathi, and this often results in the communicated messages being somewhat adversarial or abrasive in nature:

  • Azlesa * Karkata ruler Chandra. Although Chandra the Glow has no enemies, and Somana is patiently parental toward young whippersnapper Budha, the quietly rhythmic, intuitive, routine-loving Chandra is disliked by chatty conversational Budha. Azlesa are often willing to represent, describe, discuss, or write about squeamish sexual-emotional (Budha-Chandra) topics, particularly matters of sexualized parenting, or binding, leashing, or tied restraint. Azlesa-Naga the Coiling Ones are famed for their remarkable capacity to mentally manipulate (Budha) the feelings (Chandra).

  • Jyeztha * Vrizchika ruler Kuja. Although Professor Budha feels neutral toward do-it-now Kuja, Professor Mangala is supremely frustrated by Budha's habit of talking rather than doing. Mangala explicitly dislikes Budha. Unless Budha is very well placed, Jyeztha natives are not known for their interest in entertaining alternative points of view nor do they normally feature a tolerance for ambiguity. However Jyeztha excel in matters which combine words with vigorous movement, such as action-cinema, politically motivational writing, inspirational talk that provokes an active response (such as change-oriented psychological counseling), and preaching mixed with physically energized liturgies (for example, declaiming rituals, glossolalia ritual. lit-urgy = "words with actions".)

  • Revatika * Meena ruler Guru. Brihaspati, the Professor of Theory, Principle, and the Big Picture, explicitly dislikes detail-oriented, technology-fixated, scripted and chattering "street-talker" Professor Budha. Revati may struggle to precisely express one's ideas in normal conversational mode, where one's signal may wander off-message. However, Revati can flourish in way-showing communications by using big-picture sensing modalities, such as imagistic, dreamlike fine-arts painting and sculpture, or any variety of music (often splendid singers and dancers).


Hercules and Iolaus slaying the Hydra, 1545

woodcut by Hans Sebald Beham (1500-1550): from The Labours of Hercules (1542-1548)

General Description of Azlesa characteristics -- from Das / Behari

General results of being born in Azlesa Nakshatra :

  • You will possess the quality of a penetrating glare.

Character and general events:

  • You will have difficulty showing gratitude.

  • You may be of a duplicitous nature.

  • You will possess the gift of intriguing speech.

You have the qualifications of a leader, possibly as a politician.

  • You will be very intelligent.

  • There is also an indication of being soft spoken and meek.

  • But your external shyness may be misunderstood by others as arrogance.

  • You are not easily swayed by others.

  • Be cautious of this trait when dealing with those of questionable character.

You do not keep any distinction between rich or poor, good or bad.

You work well independently

  • and would be suited towards managerial positions.

You are not of a cheating nature,

  • but are often mistaken by others.

You have difficulty distinguishing

  • between those who are truly in need and those who are not.

  • You enjoy being recognized for your good deeds.

You will be lucky and popular, but have difficulty controlling your temper.

  • You may lose it at inappropriate times

  • and remain silent when it may be necessary.

  • You will have difficulty enjoying your fortune, mainly due to poor association.

You will be the recipient of anonymous donations.

3 . Education, sources of income/profession:

  • You may have your education in arts or commerce.

  • In the professional field, you will get speedy promotions and sudden reversals.

  • A heavy loss of money at the age of 35-36; unexpected and unearned income when you are 40 years of old.

4. Family life:

  • You will have to shoulder much of the family responsibilities, due mainly to your being the eldest

  • You may experience some miscommunication with your spouse in the realm of finances.

5. Health:

  • You may suffer from intestinal disorders.

  • Be aware of addictive tendencies with intoxication.

Rising Nakshatra

Feminine Nativities

Azlesa * Naga

BPL commentary:

For Azlesa births of a feminine valence, the condition of conversational, discursive, explanatory, instructional, argumentative, commercializing Kumara may considerably affect the outcome.

Siblings, cousins, schoolmates, bandmates, team-mates, entourage, ensemble, neighbors, managers, cohort, coterie, collaborative group, publishers, messengers, merchants, commerical agents, reporters, writers, scripts, plans, schedules, instructions, radio-television-internet, news-media, conferences, committees, discussions, travel itineraries, and texts may be especially influential.

Instructional guidance provided by emissaries from the civilizations of Hydra. Their purpose is to hold securely, twist, and control.

Applies also to Chandra in Azlesa

QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra. p 94

"... this person is careless and unclean about herself and the manner in which she dresses.

  • She is not good-looking but indeed rather homely.

  • She is distinguished by some disfigurement on face or body

  • and is rather miserable and unhappy.

She has a secretive and rather bitter nature

  • and is somewhat harsh and unkind in her dealings with others,

  • where opportunity presents itself.

If she cultivated kindness and tact,

  • her shortcomings might be forgotten by those with whom she comes in contact.

But her attitude and appearance are not conducive to popularity."

Feminine Nativities

  • Azlesa governs the radical lagna

  • See also: Chandra in Azlesa-Naga * comforted by restraining embrace * protector of defensive communications, familiar folk messages, emotional evangelism, signaling ethno-cultural boundaries

Feminine nativities:

Azlesa swamsha

Rising Nakshatra

Masculine Nativities

Azlesa * Naga

BPL commentary:

For Azlesa births of a masculine valence, the condition of conversational, discursive, explanatory, instructional, argumentative, commercializing Kumara may considerably affect the outcome.

Siblings, cousins, schoolmates, bandmates, team-mates, entourage, ensemble, neighbors, managers, cohort, coterie, collaborative group, publishers, messengers, merchants, commercial agents, reporters, writers, scripts, plans, schedules, instructions, radio-television-internet, news-media, conferences, committees, discussions, travel itineraries, and texts may be especially influential.

Instructional guidance provided by emissaries from the civilizations of Hydra. Their purpose is to hold securely, twist, and control.

Applies also to Chandra in Azlesa

QUOTATION from: Shil-Ponde.(1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra. p 82.

"Outstanding characteristic of these people

  • is their rather unpleasant and unsociable disposition.

They are awkward and gauche in their manners

  • and are not quick to profit by their mistakes

  • because of their inability to adapt themselves to their surroundings

  • and their apparent reluctance to be gracious or kind to others.

This attitude militates against success in life

  • and is a barrier to progress.

These people should live less introspectively

  • and learn to appreciate the good in other people.

They should cultivate the habit of doing things for others."

BPL comment

Mr. Ponde often repeats his particular aversion to Azlesa nativities. Yet whether male or female, Azlesa "the leash" produces many of the world's great writers, poets, and lyricists.

As well, Azlesa often show mastery of Budha-type mental manipulation skills including verbal acuity in public speaking, literary publishing, business administration, and clever handcraft. When twisted under emotional (Chandra) pressure, this handiness could become Azlesa's notorious squeezing, choking, strangling, or extortion -- but rarely.

Azlesa are typically eccentric Budha-ruled creatures who are tightly focused on their information (choreography, lyrics, sequencing, plots, characters) ...

This feature of their mentality does not naturally parlay into unkindness or uncleanness ... only a rather grumpy intolerance for people and things irrelevant to their task.

Masculine Nativities:

  • Azlesa radix lagna

  • see also: Chandra in Azlesa-Naga * comforted by restraining embrace * protector of defensive communications, familiar folk messages, emotional evangelism, signaling ethno-cultural boundaries

Masculine Nativities:

Azlesa swamsha

Description of the Four Pada (quarters) of Azlesa

Azlesa nakshatra pada-1 * Dhanuzya = swamsha

BPL Commentary


Kanya-Parthya rules the 10th navamsha suggesting Budha-profiled careers in clinical medicine, treatment planning, logical argumentation, aid to the suffering, pharmacy and medications, herbalism, curadado, addictions, service ministry, military, supply chain, logistics, servitude, helping professions, social work, exploitation, poverty, pollution, toxicity, social marginalization, victimhood, labor-relations, peasantry, prostitution, litigation, accusation, disagreement, crime, criminal justice, professions that attempt to remediate conflicts and imbalances


Mithunaya-Dvamdva = the 7th navamsha, broadly suggesting Budha-profiled spousal characteristics of conversational nature, mercurial tendencies, mental quickness, preference for administrative and management processes, instructional orientation, collaborative attitude, teamwork skills, manual and handcraft abilities, and communicative perspective. D-1 Kumara can indicate the lifemate's social context and position. Graha residing within the 7th navamsha ++ graha-yuti-Budha in D-1 can contribute more specific behaviors.

Masculine Nativities

Feminine Nativities

QUOTATION Das / Behari :

"You are rich, kind and intelligent.

  • You will earn your living through automobiles.

  • You will be respected by your community.

  • You will be amiable and cause no trouble to others."

QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939).Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 107, for the male only:

"Usually laborers and people of the service type...

  • Bold, daring, thoughtless and cruel;

  • ungrateful, easily angered, and quite stupid.

Cause of great anxiety and misery to the mother;

  • may sell and use drugs;

  • quite often contracts venereal diseases

  • Drug peddlers are found in the first quarter."

Azlesa nakshatra pada-2 * Makara-Draco = swamsha

BPL Commentary


Thula-Vanika rules the 10th navamsha suggesting Zukra-profiled careers in trade, diplomacy, bargaining, advocacy, peer-advising, counseling, contracts, alliances, marriage, trusts, justice, fairness, match-making, deal-making, exchange, equity, promises, covenant, legal settlement, balance, scalable measurement, arts of proportion, design arts, architectural engineering, interior design, arts of beautification, fashion modeling, musical harmony, arrangements, visual beauty, alignment, adjustment, attunement


Karkata- = the 7th navamsha, broadly suggesting Chandra-profiled spousal characteristics of protective nature, nurturing tendencies, emotional responsiveness, preference for rhythmic routines, defensive attitude, sheltering skills, householding abilities, and culturally familiar perspective. D-1 Somana can indicate the lifemate's social context and position. Graha residing within the 7th navamsha ++ graha-yuti-Chandra in D-1 can contribute more specific behaviors.

Masculine Nativities

  • POTUS-45 Play to Win 1946- Donald J. Trump * multiple large-scale bankruptcies, avoided repayment

Feminine Nativities

QUOTATION from Das / Behari commentary:

"You will have difficulty saving large amounts of money.

  • Be mindful of serious curable and preventable diseases."

QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939).Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 107: for the male only:

  • "Thieves or people who borrow money with no intention of returning it are found in the second part"

Azlesa nakshatra pada-3 * Kumbha = swamsha

BPL Commentary


Vrischika rules the 10th navamsha suggesting Mangala-profiled careers in healing, mysteries,, secret-keeping, surgery, rejuvenation, discovery, drilling, plumbing, invasive and penetrating actions, mining, diving, explosion, eruption, surgery, covert operations, professions that handle confidential knowledge, hidden resources, camouflaged assets, undisclosed environments, identity transformation, espionage, poisons, death, sudden changes, tantric arts, mysteries, occult


Simha-Leya = the 7th navamsha, broadly suggesting Martanda-profiled spousal characteristics = partner charismatic, political, , creative, enjoys celebrity, cheerful, entertaining, romantic, likes games and amusements, skilled in drama.. D-1 Surya can indicate the lifemate's social context and position. Graha residing within the 7th navamsha ++ graha-yuti-Surya in D-1 can contribute more specific behaviors.

Masculine Nativities

Feminine Nativities

QUOTATION from Das / Behari :

"You may experience some discord with your relatives.

  • You may suffer from venereal diseases.

  • This moon placement indicates a troubled relationship with your mother."

QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939).Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 107, for the male only:

  • "And when the third and fourth parts are rising, the father of the native will suffer much financially thought the native's acts."

Azlesa nakshatra pada-4 * Meena-Antya = swamsha

BPL Commentary


Dhanuzya rules the 10th navamsha suggesting Guru-profiled careers in inspirational wisdom-teaching, preaching, sacred scripture, religious hierarchies, philosophy, principled interpretations, worldview, dharma, convictions, catechesis, guru-roles, patriarchy, father-figures, patronage, presbytery, punditry, proselytizing, doctrine, indoctrination, credenda, dogma, discussions of higher thinking, theory, theology, ideology, paradigms of belief


Kanya-Parthya = the 7th navamsha, broadly suggesting Budha-profiled spousal characteristics of logical nature, argumentative tendencies, management of detailed information, medical and pharmacological orientation, analytical attitude, critical thinking skills, preference for evidence-based discussion, and strategic perspective. D-1 Kumara can indicate the lifemate's social context and position. Graha residing within the 7th navamsha ++ graha-yuti-Budha in D-1 can contribute more specific behaviors.

Masculine Nativitiess

Feminine Nativities

QUOTATION from Das/ Behari :

"There is difficulty for both the father and mother together in a short span of time.

  • Also, you may find that sometimes you earn your money in ways which you must keep somewhat secret ,

  • and that also may take place far away from your place of birth."

QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939).Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 107, for the male only

same as Azlesa nakshatra pada-3

  • ... when the third and fourth parts are rising, the father of the native will suffer much financially though the native's acts.

Azlesa Nakshatra

BPHS, Ch. 94: 11-13

  • Ranjan edition, 1995, p. 1035 Vol 2.

  • "Remedies from the Effects of Birth in Jyeztha Gandanta"

QUOTATION BPHS, Ch. 94: 11-13

"A boy or girl born in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th quarter of Azlesa Nakshatra destroys his/her mother-in-law, and

  • A boy or girl born in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th quarter of Moola Nakshatra becomes the destroyer (cause of death) of his/her father-in-law.

Therefore, suitable measures, as may be possible within one's means, should be taken at the time of the marriage of such boys and girls.

There will be no evil effect if the husband has no elder brothers."

BPL comments on Azlesa Nakshatra

Budha = mandus = hand; e.g. command, mandate, manual, manage, manipulate

Azlesa Feminine Nativities are often misunderstood due to their natural shyness, which can be perceived as haughtiness. They are however very empathetic. Azlesa may use self-defensive words as a shield against emotional vulnerability. They especially fear deprivation and disappointment.

Wordsmiths, messengers, and evangelists due to Budha-ruled nakshatra, they work best in command programming, literary and communicative settings. Azlesa has produced some of the world's most influential and admired female literary writers.

Due to their ongoing challenge to contain the personality conflict between empathetic, needy Chandra lagnesha versus logical, chatty nakshatrapathi Budha, the task of managing social relationships at work can consume too much energy.

Azlesa folk are generally more productive when allowed to work alone, few of distractions to their carefully controlled information sequencing behavior. One may not care to invest too much life-force energy into trivialities unless the career demands it.

Presuming that Professor Budha is reasonably well disposed, Azlesa is a splendid placement for crafters of song lyrics, "hooks "and jingles, or any type of communicative device which serves to capture and hold the attention of the audience.

Azlesa = penetrating, invasive qualities driven by profound need for binding embrace and control.

Regardless of one's factual material situation, Azlesa = feels financially, emotionally, and spiritually impoverished . A narrative of poverty and unfulfilled need may inform their thoughts, writings, and public discourse. Azlesa are exceptionally sensitive to the fear of kidnapping or being bound against one's will.

Even when the native has obtained abundant financial well-being , Azlesa feels sympathy for the extremely poor and deprived, since the Azlesa ego-membrane remains painfully defined by the perception of unmet need. Often this narrative involves a lost parent, particularly a lost mother.

If a parent * especially mother * is indeed 'lost' via separation such as passage to the Other Side, Azlesa may hyper-bond with a sibling (Budha). The hyperbond can be very intense if Chandra joins Budha (siblings) or Mangala (brothers) or Zukra (sisters).

Rhythmic, emotionally forceful, sloganizing speech characterized by emotional "hooks "

naturally affinity for activities which involve economic, political, educational, emotional, psychological or physical bondage,

  • binding, bands, contraband, bandaging, holding, securing, leash, lease, lashing, backlash, straps, reinforcement, vise, screw, tight embrace, braces, brassiere, control of hands or arms, tightening, straits, strain, restraint, constraint, maintaining, retaining, containing, attention, intention, retention, tension

Q: when I searched for Aslesha, most of the articles mentioned overwhelmingly negative things about it. If I am cursed, this life is cursed, there is seemingly nothing I can do about this misery.

Please tell me about this evil nakshatra. If I cannot help myself then at least I can avoid harming others.

IMO the idea of a curse is superstitious;

the idea of a lifetime curse grants ultimate power to some entity (fate) which stands (stitia) above (super) the self. I have no patience with superstition and as an educated person I hope that you also eschew this disempowering delusion.

In reality, there is no power outside of oneself.

Azlesa is a karmically inherited set of subconscious emotional expectations and partly conscious behaviors. Due to the profundity of its unmet need for holding, soothing embrace (which is a carry-over from previous lives) Azlesa begins life in a state of extreme childhood neediness and develops manipulative skills to attempt to get the physical-emotional needs met.

Unfortunately in the process, Azlesa the Naga may become self-obsessed,"pining for entwining" so that a major portion of the life force may be directed into the behaviors of manipulation, cajoling, and surreptitious quest for embrace.

of course Azlesa at birth indicates a fixed starting point for the incarnation. However as the native develops a more conscious awareness of the nature of the unmet need and of one's own characteristic but often unsuccessful style of trying to fulfill the need. consciousness gains power and authentic changes in both understanding and behavior may easily be accomplished.

Once the Azlesa"leash" syndrome is brought into sharp and realistic focus, healthy ways of engaging in therapeutic touch can be developed such as healing massage, or working with needy children, or other non-predatory touch modalities.

Every nakshatra indicates the emotional starting point f or the incarnation. Permission to move past the starting point into greater emotional health is granted by no outside power. Permission to heal is granted by the self, to the self.

The karmic "curse" is largely resolved at the moment of granting to oneself Permission to Heal.

You were born in Azlesa, for a specific and intended spiritual reason, according to the agenda set by your spirit. That is true, you chose Azlesa as a defining start point.

Now the question is whether you are willing to grant yourself permission to heal.

In truth, you are not cursed at all.

However freedom requires a conscious decision to move forward. The decision is yours. No one else, no external object, controls the power to seek conscious healing. Only you.

The people who talk about curses are themselves victims of the 'spell' of ignorance. All features of the Jyotisha nativity are starting points only.

of course, most people are sleep-walking through their incarnations, caught in a dream-state of vague and shifting desires. These people remain lashed to their starting points. For them, there has been no change since the moment they emerged from their mothers birth canal and drew their first burning breath of Earth's atmospheric gas. That is why Jyotisha nativities are so easy to read!

If you are ready to step out of the dream into a realistic view of Self, the healing change can begin.

Azlesa Nakshatra Naga Behaviors

Azlesa is not a Rahu-ruled Nakshatra, but Azlesa = ruled by Naga kings (sarpa).

  • Azlesa-Naga has traits of snake-like slipperiness

  • Naga qualities of invasiveness , pretense, deception, surreptitious control

Azlesa Nakshatra Parents

Azlesa are born to inattentive, distracted parents (Karkata) who do not overly value the child.

In childhood, the Azlesa was effectively discarded by parents.

In adulthood, Azlesa may be engaged in reclaiming value from discarded articles. The native generally feels bound to return to the same failed situation, again and again, in the hope of justifying oneself and regaining imagined lost benefits.

Q: this Azlesa condition seems hopelessly evil. Every commentator says it is bad. How can one live a good life when born in Aslesha? Why would I choose this type of birth?

A: When applied to human relationships, the behavior of binding, leashing, lashing, strapping, holding, fixing is often judged as anxious and psychologically predatory. However, every human behavior has positive and negative applications.

Azlesa can be a manipulative controller surreptitiously (Rahu) seeking to squeeze loyalty or affection from an unwilling Other, to the point of strangling.

Alternatively, Azlesa provide nourishment, protection and safely fixed shelter to those desperately seeking respite from a frightening unpredictable insecure world.

In a terrible storm, Azlesa can be the anchorline which holds the boat securely in place. Once the storm has passed, Azlesa needs to unlash the holdings and lift the anchorline so that the boat can sail forward into better weather.

Azlesa flourishes in protective, holding, grounding, binding roles such as parenting, elementary schoolteaching, and nursing. However Azlesa are often challenged to release their adult children into lives of self-determination. Unconscious Azlesa parents may be persistently, even deviously, controlling of their adult children, slithering into every nook and cranny of their children's adult lives and over-manipulating all family decisions.

Azlesa are also gifted in psychology, often as addictions specialists. They are past masters of guilt and can use every trick in the book to keep an addict bound to their promise to stay clean.

It is really a genius of Azlesa to hold people, whether physically or emotionally, to a fixed place or fixed idea such as a promise, contract, or vow.

Azlesa flourishes in roles such as probation officer, 12-step sponsor, pastoral counselor, and those responsible to help others keep their vows such as abbots of monasteries.

Azlesa binds and anchors in times of turbulence. They are generally a source of stability and security to those who seek Azlesa's help in getting settled, getting established, getting planted, grounded, rooted, dug in, set in place. Azlesa brings people back to a fixed place.

Azlesa can capture runaways and recover lost objects. Azlesa can recover monies owed from evasive debtors. They can bind and reinforce broken families; heal personalities damaged by trauma and abuse.

Azlesa engineers can design binding and strapping systems to protect buildings in high winds and earthquakes. As scientists, Azlesa are careful to manipulate the test group separately from the control group.

They are genius massage healers who manipulate the long sinews of the binding muscles. Azlesa's tentacles have a broad reach like the "long arm of the law" which can find people who think they are successfully hiding - but no one can hide from Azlesa for very long, if Azlesa really wants to find them! Therefore anyone who needs to bind, capture or trap an elusive prey should hire an Azlesa who are the best in the world for holding down, lashing, strapping, and restraint.

Like each of the 27 nakshatra, Azlesa has a characteristic set of behaviors. When directed toward service to others, the holding, binding, securing, stabilizing talents can be skillfully applied to produce beneficial results.

When overly self-focused, Azlesa can develop a convoluted pattern of increasingly obsessive unmet need for attention and embrace.

When conscious, Azlesa are protective parents, steady and reliable schoolteachers, reputable and responsible builders, productive farmers with an intuitive knowledge of plant-roots, and patriotic citizens bound to the land they love.

As always, consciousness makes the difference and a conscious Azlesa can be a great healer indeed.

Azlesa Traits

Compulsively Manipulative but caring. Due to childhood deprivation, Azlesa may psychologically needs to squeeze information, Attention, affection, Agreement, or other value from a person or object.

Cheapness and compulsive re-use of personal items.

Pretending to be subsistence-poor and crippled by debt.

Azlesa-sarpa = secreting away piles of money, all the while"squeezing" money and favors from sympathetic others by pretending to be terribly poor.

Ironically, Azlesa capable of supervising greed and waste of corporations and governments on a massive scale. Azlesa compulsiveness = strictly in the personal sphere.

Pretending to be Poor

  • Compulsive value-squeezing frugality - even when one is quite financially privileged

  • Obsessive need to extract value from merchants by asking for low-income discounts, "sliding scale".

  • Obsessive need to extract value from government support services by (fraudulently) claiming that one lives in poverty.

Embezzling, False Billing, and Stealing

Azlesa may overtly or covertly steal resources from others in the compulsive belief that there is "no other viable way" for one to obtain these life sustaining essentials.

  • Azlesa-sarpa is very quiet and is rarely detected in the act of theft. Azlesa does not intend to harm anyone. One is simply following an inner directive to get what one desperately needs. This Nakshatra does not engage in violent crime; and the Serpent almost always works alone in its manipulative schemes. Does not join gangs or crime syndicates, and waits in darkness for the opportunity to "extract value". No direct attack.

  • Azlesa professionals such as physicians, psychologists, accountants or attorneys may feel a compulsive need to squeeze profits from large "parental" organizations such as insurance agencies, charities and governments, via false invoicing or billing for services not rendered. (See Chandra in Azlesa for the core emotional trauma profile.)

  • Azlesa are very quiet and unassuming during their"squeezing" operations; they have skilled record-keeping knowledge (Budha-ruled) and endurance to pursue small-dose, long-term accumulations. Azlesa are famous shop-lifters, pick-pockets, and embezzlers. Even the very financially privileged Azlesa may steal food.

Control Fixation on small, personal objects

Azlesa = famous for writing (quite long) letters on scraps of multiple old envelopes and in the margins of already-used correspondence. But this is not just a modern recycling ethic! Azlesa the Leash may feature an obsessive need to hold-back, constrain, restrain, strain, extract, extrude, to squeeze more usage out of a resource or an object.

Compulsive bargain-shopping for household items. A case of Surya in Azlesha:

  • Entertaining 1941- multimedia Martha Kostyra Stewart 's daughter writes that her millionaire mother compulsively shops "tag sales" at which less marketable items are sold at a deep discount. Her daughter remarks that her entertainment-mogul mom hoards hundreds of bargain-buy tablecloths.

Addiction = a behavior which damages or interrupts one's ability to perform one's normal tasks. Azlesa may exhibit an addiction or OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) fixation re: the normally productive habit of reclaiming value from discarded articles.

  • Azlesa may be unable to release from active use the sorts of small, personal-use objects which are normally disposed as waste, or washed and dried, or otherwise cleansed, reprocessed, or repaired before another use cycle is undertaken.

  • The unique Azlesa trait is not the habit of recycling materials. Recycling is culturally normalized.

  • What is unusual is the habit of using the personal materials in a way that either interrupts which are normally (writing paper, drinking cups, plastic water bottles, tea-bags, razor blades, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, shoes, undergarments)

Azlesa illnesses

The Azlesa native can make oneself quite sick from toxicity or infection, due to compulsive reuse of intimate personal items without being able to relinquish the item for long enough to wash or replace the item. Hygiene may be less important than control.

Azlesa Happy Habits

Azlesa feel comforted and delighted with activities that squeeze more value from small amounts of material.

Azlesa ladies may enjoy "quilting" which is an artisanal sewing art that re-uses scraps of old household cloth from discarded garments, old linen, worn curtains et-cetera.

The clever crafter re-assembles these scraps into a sewn coverlet for the bed or into a coat or other covering. Quilting is now a hobby in the USA; but not so long ago it was an essential skill of scarce-resources housekeeping. Quilting involves intensive handwork (Budha-ruled Azlesa) and a quilting "bee" is a highly conversational event (Budha).

Similarly Azlesa folk may be expert "scrappers" such as the rag-and-bone masters of past centuries

Azlesa the leash compulsion vs. Azlesa socially responsible practice

In the modernr era of shrinking natural resources and astronomically expanding global population, the ethic of "reduce, reuse, recycle" is commendably promoted throughout the modern world.

Choosing to "squeeze" more utility from a resource or an object, before disposing of it, or "going without" an environmentally expensive luxury such as air-conditioning, is a noble social practice in many cases.

What makes Azlesa's behavior different from modern and traditional conservation practices is (1) the compulsive quality and (2) cheap, tight control on personal items (drinking cups, razor blades) while happily allowing the greater world to "run amok".

Azlesa rarely has a rational, altruistic global conservation motive. Its concerns are strictly personal. Also, Azlesa is unable to stop hoarding, stealing, scrimping, saving, and obsessively re-using -- even in the face of abundant natural resources or personal wealth.

Socially responsible practices such as reduce, re-use, recycle are rational programs of social behavior change that are sensible responses to limitations in global environmental resources.

Reusing one's razor blades until the face bleeds with shaving, or drinking from an unwashed teacup after red mold has grown around the rim, or compulsively over-billing for professional services when the legitimate billing would still create a very substantial profit, are not rational responses to environmental stress.

Rather, Azlesa are compulsive behaviors, connected with Azlesa's deep trauma of not being able to get the attention of the distracted parent, without slithering into their lap and squeezing to get approval or affection.


Dear Barbara Pijan Lama Gi,

I bow to ask a question about the Ashlesha Nakshatra,

A lot of what you write in your articles about the Nakshatra seem very intense and powerful. I also read that it sometimes manifests as a psychic vampires.

My question is how do people control this energy so you do not harm others? The feelings are intense to not ignore.




Azlesa are superior healers, psychological writers, and security specialists. That is because they have the Naga-power to enter another person's energy field and understand another's deepest emotional needs. Azlesa are distinguished by their mastery of contortion and twisting.

Azlesa's restraining, embracing power can be used to cause harm, but it can also be harnessed into compassionate service to guide, protect, and heal. The difference between harm and help is professional focus (including training in professional ethics) and intention.

A splendid example of an Azlesa native who has become a tremendous healer is the fiction author Stephen King. He has not always been a happy man himself, but he became happy when he understood his gifts for explaining the twists and turns of the human psyche. His fiction explores the underworld twists (Azlesa twist, torque) of the human mind. He brought a dark world into the light and healed millions of reader from their fear of that lower astral darkness.

Azlesa offer their genius of capture, restraint, and bonding in many professions.

Many Azlesa people are not famous because they work better in private conditions. In the computer world, Azlesa are noted security specialists. They think about predators and design software that can protect against unwanted movement (Azlesa protects).

In the commercial and financial world, Azlesa specialize in tying, lashing, fixing, restraining and ensuring control. Many Azlesa work in engineering and the trades doing work that stabilizes, contains, anchors, and prevents construction from damage caused by unwanted movement.

Azlesa are deeply caring. When Azlesa folk work as teachers, physicians, and social workers, they are super-protective of their students, patients, and clients. Azlesa are the sort of health and education workers who follow up on a vulnerable case to ensure that the person is receiving care, and being housed, nourished,. Azlesa are also frequently found in police work, defending neighborhoods and apprehending criminals.

Azlesa have the skill of persistence combined with emotional engagement. Some of the greatest healers are Azlesa massage therapists, who combine their deep intuitive sensitivity with Azlesa's famed sense of penetrating touch. If a therapeutic healing method involves holding, twisting, restraining, and embrace (using the arms = brace). Azlesa Healers have a unique gift for working with some of the most deeply afflicted and disturbed populations, such as those suffering from violent outbursts, sensory confusion, or psycho-kinetic disorders.

Considering all of the many ways that Azlesa help others, heal others, and serve others, it may be apparent that the difference between the helpers and the harmers is intention. The trained helpers use their powers to help others. The helpers use their Azlesa abilities of restraint, holding, binding, and squeezing in ethical, professionally prepared ways, with a clear intent to serve others. Whether Azlesa's skills are physical, psychological, or financial, the difference is intention. Consider always the motivation, the purpose, and the goal. You are a helper and a healer. How will you serve?

Wishing you every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life's endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q:I should be getting more out of this relationship than I am getting. He needs to pay more attention to me, and I need to be treated better.

I'm going to hold his feet to the fire so that I can get his attention. I know it sounds like blackmail, and maybe it is... but he needs to know that if he spends every single night working until the security guard throws him out, I'm going to complain to his boss.

He's avoiding me... I deserve better. He married me.

He needs to respect that vow - and if he can't or doesn't want to, if he loves his job more than he loves me - I'll get my due in court.

A: "should" statements are guilt statements expressing that one feels owed some unpaid debt of allegiance or affection.

Extraction of a fee, bribe, or extortion is a specialty of Azlesa!

Hold his feet to the fire? Azlesa is known for 'involuntary holding' and passive-aggressive acts of affection.

If it is truly desired for the marriage to work, find out what is driving hubby's workaholism. It's possible that he perceives you as impossibly needy and grasping, and has retreated into the pathological resistance of workaholism in order to avoid dealing with your insatiable emotional hunger for attention that he can't conceivably satisfy.

of course his resistance response makes your marital dissatisfaction so much worse ... but manipulating him with threats of professional embarrassment is highly unlikely to bring you that "respect for the vow" bind him closer to you. It's likely to frighten him, then alienate him from an untrustworthy partner.

So, caution on that Azlesa instinct to tighten the noose. Counseling might be a better approach than blackmail.


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