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Graha * Bhava* Amsha * Rashi

Nakshatra of Rahuvan

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ardent passion * storm surge

"Vutavabya Vabatprabhu"

Theva suboojitha sathkuna varshini aarthraathevi sahaayakrub

Arudra * Raudra

Aridra * Ardra * Aruda


Kalin * Ridya * Rudhira

Thiruvaathira * Tiruvaatira * Thiruvaadhirai * Tiruvaatirai * Trinetra


Chandra in Arudra * comforted by exciting signals * protectors of stormy wildness, undulating entrancement, sensitive swaying seduction

contributions coming to Earth

from the civilizations of

Betelgeuse (alpha Orionis)

= the center of the vast constellation of Orion (Oriel, Osiris)

Medieval Bestiary Manticore * animal body with a human head (wild, feeds on humans)

preserved in the vast Bodleian Library collection at Oxford * MS. Bodley 764, Folio 25r


Rudra Kills Vetrasura ** from The Huntington Archive

the Sixth Nakshatra (new system)

  • 06:40 until 20:00 Mithuna
  • Pada-21, 22, 23, 24 of total 108

Arudra Nakshatra Celestial Location ~~ The Circle of Stars

Regional Names for Arudra

  • Arudra * Aardhra * Aridra
  • Rudhra * Rudhira * RaudraPada * Raudrarksha
  • atigaNDa * having large cheeks or temples (6th nakshatra)
  • kAlin * bringing death
  • Zaamkara * Zamkararksha
  • zivadaiva
  • Trinetra * Shiva's nakshatra, three-worlds, trident
  • Thiruvaathirai * Thiruvaathira * Thiruvadhirai Tamil

Johannes Hevelius, Prodromus Astronomia, volume III: Firmamentum Sobiescianum, sive Uranographia, table QQ: Orion, 1690

Arudra the Wild Storm is a pattern invested into Human behaviors by the donor races from Orion

BPL commentary upon Arudra

Arudra = Anima = innate, animated enspiritment of humans into the animal-body chassis.

Arudra folks love the wild storm. Usually a hormone-storm, related to the animal thrills of hunting, dancing, mating.

Shrewd (and persistent) with an exciting, invigorating sense of Style

Earth-nature and all of its nerve-pulsing life-forms, especially what in (Latinized) modern English are called the animals. Arudra directly understands and engages with the fiery animal-nerve sheath that makes humans think-feel-act like animals during their time of Earthly embodiment.

For the period of Kali Yuga which is closely supervised by Lord Shiva, virtually all humans emerge from physical-body reproductive mating. During this heavily gravitational, thickly clouded and perceptually filtered era, all humans are born with some bondage to the animal body with its hungers and lusts. The Arudra nativity is well-suited to life in Nature as it is richly connected to the experience of biological animation. Since the reptile brain (Rahu) is extra-activated, the Arudra native is often found engaged in instinctive bodily behaviors such as dancing, running, eating, hunting, predating, embracing, burrowing, excreting, mating, etc.

Arudra is ardent. Similar to the beasts whose survival depends on instant, intense response to subtle nuances in their natural environment, Arudra is often gifted with magnified sensitivity of the five material senses. Arudra enjoys a distinctively heightened perception of light-and-color, sound, smell, taste, and touch which amplifies both pain and pleasure.

Arudra understands the Creatures; thus creativity is natural for this instinctive nakshatra. Arudra's over-reaching (Rahu) sensual intelligence may create a great artist as a painter, sculptor, photographer, or choreographer who can render themes of animal life, innate desires, and the wildness of nature particularly storms. Developing the communicative arts of Budha, when Rahu casts empowering drishti, Arudra can produce a great artistic stage performer. An intellectualized Arudra personality could develop expertise in animal biology, zoology, natural history, species evolution, etc. If drawn to scientific studies, Arudra may be enticed by the opportunity (Rahu the opportunist) for enlivening the mental process via fieldwork in the wild.

Arudra may feel entirely natural in wild environments that are free from the artifice of human morality. Thus access to outdoor living and engagement with the Earth's inherent wildness is essential to their well-being.

As a general rule humans of the Arudra birth are more suited to a rural or semi-rural environment where they can interact with animals. If trapped in a city deprived of contact with the animal nerve-consciousness, Arudra may resort to creating wildness between humans (thus their reputation for dangerous lifestyles).

The outcome of Arudra's animated sensitivities depends upon the roles of Rahu and Budha in the nativity. Because Budha is mentalized and prone to high-frequency repetitive communications patterning, and Rahu is a master of camouflage, the Arudra native is often a living barometer of their immediate environment. They fit in surreptitiously (Rahu sur-rept-itious) via the patter of normal daily life so that few may know the depth of their passions.

Being talkative and instructional (Budha) as well as notably ambitious for privilege (Rahu) Arudra are typically project-oriented thinkers and doers. Arudra are generally able to articulate their passion for sensual experience and fulfillment of immediate desires through conversation, commerce, writing, and the crafting (Budha) of imagery such as painting, photography and choreography. Barring interference from Shani, they know what they want and following the nerve-impulse is usually a key to success.

Their liability is a tendency to snarl, dominate and bully when threatened or insecure, as animals often do .


Gochara Surya receives a special honorific name when Surya transits via the nakshatra of Arudra.

When Professor Surya enters the classroom of stormy, cloudy Arudra nakshatra in order to deliver His brilliant lectures there, Surya is called "Regent of Clouds ".

Sacred tree for Arudra

see nakshatara gardens at:

  • western botanical name = Piper longum
  • Sanskrit: Pipali Rasayana
  • Tibetan:
  • common names = Long Pepper, Pippali

Piper Longum tree = sacred to Arudra Nakshatra

Sanskrit Vocabulary for Arudra


  • wet, moist, damp; dampness, moisture
  • fresh, not dry, succulent
  • green (as a plant), living; fresh, new

soft, tender, full of feeling, warm; loose, flaccid

The fourth or sixth Nakshatra or lunar mansion

fresh ginger

zamkara - zamkararkSa

  • relating or belonging to Shiva
  • relating to or derived from or composed by Samkara
  • A bull
  • the Nakshatra Arudra (presided over by Shiva)


  • The Nakshatra Arudra when under Rudra
Shakti of the Arudra Nakshatra

commentary by Pdt. David Frawley

Rudra desired, "May I become the lord of the animals."

One who makes the appropriate offering to Rudra, to Arudra, becomes the lord of the animals.

  • Rudra is the lord of the wild animals
  • and all things wild, strange or disturbing .

These come through Arudra, which therefore needs to seek control over them."

Shakti of the Arudra Nakshatra

QUOTATION from Dennis Harness

"6. Arudra: The Star of Sorrow

(Gemini 06 40'to 20 00')

The primary symbols for Arudra are a human head , representing thinking, and a teardrop , which represents overcoming suffering.

It is an excellent rising nakshatra because it reflects brilliant mental abilities .... Rudra, the Lord of the Storms, is the deity of this lunar mansion.

The ruling planet is Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, denotes the sharp, fierce activity of this asterism. Arudra can represent the clarity and emotional cleansing that occurs after the storms of the soul recede.

The temperament is manushya and its primary motivation is artha, or wealth. The shakti of Arudra is "the power to make gains in life thru greater effort".

Arudra Career Interests:

  • Hospice work, pain management and hospital work.
  • Writers, teachers, sales, public relations and social services.
  • Political and humanitarian projects.
  • Engineers, mathematicians and atomic research.
  • Butchers, thieves and drug dealers and chemists.

The fixed star Betelgeuse in the constellation of Orion, and Sirius, the Dog star are associated with this lunar mansion."

Features of Arudra nakshatra

wikipedia: Arudra

Characteristics of Rahu expressed via stormy Arudra

  • self-elevation, calculated risk

  • Great Leap Upward * Ambitious, always moving
  • looking for opportunities * cleverly disguised

Indo-European language Cognates

  • Span. ruidoso, Eng rude

Arudra * Rulers of the four pada

  1. Guru
  2. Shani
  3. Shani
  4. Guru

Arudra Nakshatra Planetary Ruler

  • ruled by arrhythmic Rahu

Arudra Nakshatra Meanings

  • "The Moist One"
  • The Storm, The Wind, and The Hunt
  • ardent passions

Arudra Nakshatra Deity * bhapa * bheza

  • Rudra , Raudra, "The Stormy Wild One" -- later manifest as Shiva

Arudra Nakshatra Tibetan Tradition

  • Lak * Dragshul Chen * the ferocious
  • Magpon Dra * the Hostile
  • Goddess Nagmo * the Black (feminine)

Arudra Nakshatra Symbol

  • Moist, damp, wet, dew - fresh, not dry, succulent, green
  • Human head
  • teardrop

Arudra Nakshatra Body Part

  • Eyes of the nakshatrapurusha * Kala-purusha

Arudra Nakshatra Gana * group:

  • Hu-man * Man-ushya

BPHS Auspicious activities

  • Fighting
  • tying or binding with rope
  • controlling enemies
  • dealing with poison
  • things relating to fire
  • exorcising spirits
  • having first lessons


  • Applies to nakshatra of radical lagna AND nakshatra of Chandra. For emotional relationships, nakshatra of Chandra is more influential in determining compatibility and ease of interaction.

Psycho-socially compatible with Arudra * Thiruvatira

Nakshatra of Rahu or Ketu * whether highly exciting (Rahu) or deeply observing (Ketu) the fascinating yet disruptive nodal styles are well suited to partner with each other. Rahu-Rahu, Rahu-Ketu, and Ketu-Ketu pairings are found in environments that require irregularity, social non-conformism, opportunism, adventurous excitement, challenge to existing standards, cultural mixing, and spiritual detachment..

Psycho-socially neutral with Arudra * Thiruvatira

Nakshatra of Mangala * Kuja and Rahu share an interest in provocative challenge. Mangala prefers to move vigorously and directly toward the goal, while Rahu's pathway tends to be deflecting and diverting. Nevertheless certain combinations of Rahu with Mangala can be explosively exciting, albeit these pairings lack endurance.

Nakshatra of Brihaspati * Brihaspati's ever-expanding realm of inclusive doctrinal understanding can be amplified by Rahu, and Guru-Rahu combinations can reflect an ambitiously missionizing pair. However the principled methods of Guru's outreach preaching are typically incommensurable with the exotic, arrhythmic methods of Rahu's disruptive eclipses. These expedient pairings arerarely long-lasting.

Psycho-socially uneasy with Arudra * Thiruvatira

Nakshatra of Budha * Rahu and Budha do not naturally bond. Budha repeats a script of message delivery that depends on a logical mental process. Rahu is fascinatingly weird, exceptional, and illogical.

Nakshatra of Zukra = Zukra is all about equal matches, pleasures, and partnership. Rahu is all about mixed environments, opportunity and ambition. This couple is not adversarial. Rather, it finds no mutual purpose. The Zukra partner seeks harmonious, wealth-accruing unions whereas the Rahu partner seeks excitement, desires, and exotic events. Potential for temporary agreements based on short-term pleasures.

Nakshatra of Shani * Shani makes the rules and Rahu breaks the rules (or ignores the rules or avoids the rules). Generally Rahu folk are unwelcome in Shani's fixed-role, orderly environments. Rahu tends to find Shani people as rather irrelevant in Rahu's opportunistic exploitations of chaotic or shifting-role

Most catalytic (challenging) nakshatra for Arudra * Thiruvatira

Nakshatra of Chandra * Rahu and Chandra form an inherently uncomfortable union. Lunar eclipses must occur periodically due to the laws of nature, but these events are unsettling. Chandra takes the role of passive reflector and Rahu takes the role of eclipsing shadow demon. This pairing is rare, and when it occurs the Chandra partner may perceive Rahu as unpredictable or even threatening.

Nakshatra of Surya * Rahu and Surya form a death-mimicking union. Solar eclipses must occur periodically due to the laws of nature, but these events are associated with negative power. Surya takes the role of Divine Light and Rahu takes the role of eclipsing shadow demon. This pairing is rare, and when it occurs the Surya partner may perceive Rahu as an agent of dangerous power.


Rising Nakshatra

Feminine Nativities

Arudra * Trinetra

BPL commentary:

For Arudra natives, the disposition of mesmerizing, hypnotic, shadowy, privilege-seeking Professor Rahu considerably affects the outcome.

Exotics, ethnic mixers, opportunists, charlatans, masters of smoke and oils, and entrancingly ambitious persons may be especially influential.

Guided by the instructional forces of Orion.

Arudra Feminine Nativities are often the 'diva' type: sensuously fascinating (Rahu) but demanding.

QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra, p 93.

"A critical fault-finding disposition is apparently conferred ...

Her disagreeable disposition,

coupled with a sarcastic manner and speech,

  • makes it difficult for other people to tolerate her.

Although she is extremely clever in her conversation

and many people will be impressed by her speech,

  • while still disliking her.

She is extravagant to the point of wastefulness,

  • but on herself rather than on others,

  • although at times she will be grudgingly generous
  • to those with whom she comes in contact.

She has weak lungs and should be careful of colds and coughs,

  • as there is a tendency towards tuberculosis."

Feminine Nativities

  • Arudra radical lagna
  • see also: Chandra in Arudra * comforted by exciting signals * protectors of stormy wildness, undulating entrancement, sensitive swaying seduction

Feminine nativities:

Arudra swamsha


Radha and Krishna, surprised by a Storm

Rising Nakshatra

Masculine Nativities

Arudra * Trinetra

BPL commentary:

For Arudra natives, the disposition of mesmerizing, hypnotic, shadowy, privilege-seeking Professor Rahu considerably affects the outcome.

Exotics, ethnic mixers, opportunists, charlatans, masters of smoke and oils, and entrancingly ambitious persons may be especially influential.

Guided by the instructional forces of Orion.

QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra, p 81.

"Corresponds with a healthy, robust body and nature.

  • the attitude and outlook of this individual is entirely physical.

  • Mental effort is foreign to him.

He depends entirely on his muscles and his body to meet the demands of existence.

Such being the case, laborers, professional athletes

  • and other persons whose occupations are wholly physical

  • may be found to have Arudra rising.

Since such people are invariably exploited

  • by those whose mental abilities are greater than theirs,

  • it is extremely unlikely that they will be wealthy or even well-to-do.

In fact, poverty is predominant among them."

Masculine Nativities

  • Arudra radical lagna

  • see also: Chandra in Arudra * comforted by exciting signals * protectors of stormy wildness, undulating entrancement, sensitive swaying seduction = janma lagna

Masculine Nativities: Arudra swamsha POTUS-18 Civil War 1822-1885 Ulysses S. Grant

Savitri 1872-1950 Shri Aurobindo Ghose

Be Here Now 1931- Baba Ram Dass

Superman 1952-2004 tetraplegia Christopher Reeve

General Description of Arudra characteristics:

QUOTATION Das / Behari commentary:


"1. Physical features: there may be variations in physical structure,

  • from the slim and short structure to fat and lengthy structure.

2. Character and general events:

You will undertake any work entrusted to you in a responsible manner.

  • In the public meetings you will create an atmosphere of humor

    • and keep everybody attracted to you.

    You will have intuitive perception.

  • You may be a good psychologist

  • Your dealings with friends and relatives will be very cordial .

  • You may be thankless to the persons who have given you help.

  • You may not have a constant type of behavior.

3. Education, sources of earning/profession:

You have the capacity to acquire and keep knowledge of almost all subjects.

  • However, in spite of these good qualities you cannot attain much fame or reward out of such knowledge.

  • It is advisable that you must meditate regularly.

  • If you do so, you can overcome the above inherent affliction.

  • Since you may be overly sincere in work and to other persons,

  • even the slightest problem which may be confronted could land you into mental agony.

However, even during the time of extreme hardships both financial and mental,

  • you can keep your head cool,

  • and behave in a most respectable and attractive manner.

Because of this quality, you will be very much involved in others hearts.

  • You will not stick to one line of work;
  • you may enjoy working many different jobs at a time .

Even when you come to know that the line of action or thought which you have taken is the correct approach,

  • you will not hesitate to respect others if their opinions differ.

In the case of research work on any particular line, you will be successful.

In the business field you will attain much success.

It has been noticed that most of the selfless social workers are born with the moon under this star.

You have the capacity to successfully undertake any number of jobs at a time .

  • Complete perfection in all the fields can also be obtained.

In the case of travel for a specific job,

  • you will oversee other connected work

  • which can be carried out simultaneously.

Normally, you will earn your livelihood away from your home and family.

  • In other words you may be settled in foreign places.

the period between 32 years and 42 years of age will be the golden period for you.

You may be employed in transport, shipping, communication departments or industries.

  • You may also earn as a book seller or finance broker.

4. Family life:

Your marriage may be delayed.

In case marriage takes place early,

  • you feel compelled to live separately from the family,

  • either due to difference of opinion between the couple

  • or due to other circumstances beyond your control.

You may have to face several inherent problems of life.

But you will not reflect your problems outwardly.

When the marriage takes place at a late stage, your married life will be good.

  • Your spouse will exercise full control over you.

5. Health:

  • You may have some diseases which may be serious .

  • You may be prone to asthma, dry cough, ear trouble ."

Description of the Pada = four quarters * four steps * of Rahu-ruled Arudra

Arudra Pada-1 * Dhanuzya swamsha

* 06:40-10:00 Mithuna Rashi

Masculine Nativity

Feminine Nativity

~~ from Das - Behari

  • You may be prone to an irritable temperament.

QUOTATION from For Masculine Nativities ONLY, Description of the Four Pada (quarters) of Arudra, by Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra .p 106.

"Handsome and dark,

  • but with a weak, sensuous face.

Has a good memory

  • and moderate education.

Is critical

  • and somewhat deceitful"

BPL Arudra Pada-1


Mithunaya-Dhanuzya = influence of opposites = communicative + humanistic

Generous Guru rules the pada, whilst taboo-breaking Rahu rules the nakshatra and broadcasting Budha rules the rashi. The Guru-Rahu pair tends toward extravagance and expansion of the privilege-seeking ambitions. However Guru aids the wisdom acquisition and Rahu does facilitate Guru's objectives albeit by irregular methods.

The main issue for Arudra-pada-1 is the natural hostility between inclusive Guru versus critical, detail oriented, argumentative Budha.

Arudra-pada-1 receives a humanistic education via Guru, and may work as a teacher, but lives a life of unsatisfied craving for higher material privilege which produces a bitterly sarcastic worldview.

Nonetheless witty due to Budha; can be a raucously funny comedian. Moderately deceitful as typical of roguish Rahu, particularly as the native is likely to take teaching or guidance positions in schools under auspice of Guru. For example, using school equipment in one's own business or billing the educational institution for time spent on personal ambitions.

Criticizing others can reduce their power to impede one's own progress toward the higher entitlements, and Arudra-pada-1 is noted for biting sarcasm. Extremely helpful placement for entertainers such as comedian, impersonators, mimics, social essayists, comic scriptwriters. Arudra can always make people laugh at the extreme pretentiousness of human 'civilization'.

The darkness is in the wild soul, not always in the weathered complexion.

Arudra Pada-2 * Makara = swamsha

10:00 -13:20 Mithuna Rashi

Masculine Nativities

Feminine Nativities

~~ from Das / Behari

You tend to be good with mechanical things.

this placement indicates some difficulty with bronchitis or asthma.

QUOTATION from For Masculine Nativities ONLY, Description of the Four Pada (quarters) of Arudra, by Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra .p 106.

  • same as pada-1

"Handsome and dark,

  • but with a weak, sensuous face.

  • Has a good memory and moderate education.

Is critical

  • and somewhat deceitful"

BPL Arudra Pada-2

Mithunaya-Makara pair = communicative + status-seeking

Shani rules the pada, whilst Rahu rules the nakshatra and Budha rules the Mithunaya rashi. Shani-Rahu form a pair that tends to work at cross-purposes and this pair poses a significant management challenge to those born under Arudra pada-2. Shani wants tightly regulated, careful step-wise movement (and ideally, no movement at all).

Yet kama-karaka Rahu the Rebel is motivated to take ambitious, privilege-gaining risks. Arudra pada-2 suggests some tendency to manipulate (Budha) deceitful but legal loopholes (Rahu) in order to promote an expedient interpretation of the social law, or to take the law into one's own hands .

Arudhra pada-2 may be very successful in matters of regulated ascending movement, physical patterning, music and dance. Rahu's instinct for mobility distinguishes the native as one who takes chances with an aim to ascended social prestige. Shani however regulates the psychic intuition. Shani carefully moderates Rahu's risk-taking in a way that may occasionally make the native feel pinched but Shani's underlying structure gives a work-ethic and a capacity to self-regulate.

This anti-conformist approach to social protocol is internally disruptive to the personality, yet not normally socially harmful. It may indicate a career (Shani) involving an instrumental or self-promoting use of the law (such as an attorney who defends criminals, especially polluters = Rahu). Or perhaps a moderate show of disrespect for convention which lies at the outer bound of normal but is not exceedingly offensive.

As patron of swamsha, Shan tends to win most contests with Rahu. However in some nativities Rahu is inordinately strong.

  • Oklahoma City Bomber 1968-2001 Timothy McVeigh offers a sadly illustrative example of an inordinately strong radix Rahu paired with the 2nd pada of Arudra in lagna. A minimally educated man of primarily physical orientation, McVeigh was not accustomed to critical thinking. Having adopted an over-simplified anti-government stance, he sought to win the praise and admiration of other anti-government activists by exploding a deadly bomb inside a government office building. He killed hundreds of innocent people, including many children who were in a childcare center. Typical of Rahu, his brief moment of glory was followed by a huge fall. He was executed (Rahu) by the government (Shani) for his crimes.

Arudra pada-3 * Kumbha = swamsha

Masculine Nativity

Feminine Nativity

~~ from Das / Behari

"You are intelligent,

  • have a joyful disposition

  • and may be an eloquent speaker ."

QUOTATION from For Masculine Nativities ONLY, Description of the Four Pada (quarters) of Arudra, by Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra .p 106.

  • same as pada-1

"Handsome and dark,

  • but with a weak, sensuous face.

  • Has a good memory and moderate education.

Is critical

  • and somewhat deceitful"

BPL Arudra pada-3

Mithunaya-Kumbha pair * trine advantage * communicative + systems networking

Shani rules the pada, whilst Rahu rules the nakshatra and Budha rules the Mithunaya rashi. Arudra-pada-3 can often systematize the lifestyle so that Shani's lawful conventionality and Arudra's Rahu-driven animal wildness can co-exist. The physical nature is vulgar but the social status may rise high. In populist, scientific, theoretical, and distributive-systems environments, Arudra pada-3 may have "he right stuff for social success despite Rahu's animal cravings.

Arudra pada-3 is a socially integrative placement until Rahu overdoes it. Like all matters of Rahu it forecasts a somewhat fraudulent high rise into exalted privilege, followed by de-camouflage and tumble back to Earth.

Shani-Rahu are the co-rulers of networking Kumbha , and evangelical, articulatory Budha is a friend of pada-pathi Shani. Therefore whilst the native may act as if the law applies to others and not to oneself, the results can be socially positive via delivery of a cross-cultural message or the opening of new opportunities for social participation. Effective compartmentalization is the key.

One remains identified with the laboring, underprivileged, or darker classes (Shani) yet there is exhilarating movement via Rahu as one breaks "ceiling" barriers to participation in networks of elite social connection. Arudra pada-3 may be a fascinating foreigner or dark outsider in character.

if the key Shani punishment periods occur after the physical death, it is possible to escape Rahu's humiliating fall almost entirely.

  • The much admired public intellectual (Budha) German Christian theologian and pastor Paul Johannes Tillich enjoyed increasing glory (Rahu) via his systems (Kumbha) approach to social morality. Whilst maintaining a most upright and lawful facade (Shani) the Reverend Tillich's private Rahu world included addiction to violent pornography and a lifetime of chronic philandering. However no major public scandal erupted before his death; the Rahu-degradation occurred only later, via the shocking memoirs of his much aggrieved widow.

Arudra Pada-4 * Meena = *swamsha

= 16:40-20:00 Mithuna Rashi

auspicious Pushkara Navamsha

Masculine Nativities

Feminine Nativities

from Das / Behari


  • You may experience disrupted education.

  • You will acquire wealth through fair means.

However, you may not enjoy a happy family life

  • due mainly to the frequent disputes arising out of difference of opinion.

You may find that your spouse resents your lack of attainment of a higher position in life."

QUOTATION from : FOR Masculine Nativities ONLY, Description of the Four Pada (quarters) of Arudra , by Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra .p 106.

  • same as pada-1

"Handsome and dark,

  • but with a weak, sensuous face.

  • Has a good memory and moderate education.

Is critical

  • and somewhat deceitful"

BPL Arudra Pada-4 = Meena navamsha

public Figures

Mithunaya + Meena = 4/10 social dignity = communicative + visionary

Expansive, imaginative Guru rules the pada, whilst ambitious kundalini Rahu rules the nakshatra and media-message Budha rules the Mithunaya rashi. Guru form a hyper-expansive pair. The native is extravagant, and expediently generous, but not normally reckless.

Huge adventure, large-scale speculation, enormous animal fantasy (Arudra) scenarios, and potential for tremendous wealth if Guru is well disposed in the kundali. Rahu can be vulgar but not obscene. Unless ill-disposed, wise Guru keeps Rahu's expedient behavior within philosophically acceptable limits.

Generally a difficult placement for marriage due to the argumentative and critical 7th navamsha Kanya paired with the native's own Guru-Budha tendency to use sarcastic criticism as a form of self-promoting upward gain.

Despite abundance, the partners may argue considerably. However, if either Guru or Budha is well-placed, and the criticism can be converted into critical thinking-and-writing, intellectual critique, or deployed into other professional tasks that follow"rules of argument", the marital life may be eased somewhat.

  • fantasy film-maker Steven Spielberg whose"wild animal" imaginative (Guru) scenarios included the hugely popular movies "Jaws " (sharks) and"Jurassic Park" (dinosaurs).

For Arudra * Mithunaya lagna

Panna * Emerald

  • emerald supports physical vitality lagnesha-1 Budha + foundational education, patriotism, ethnicity, security bandesha-4 Budha
  • also supports the budha-ruled 4th+7th from Meena-Chandra (security + vows)

Hira * Diamond

  • diamond supports creative political intelligence vidyapathi-5 Zukra + clandestine-diplomacy ruler-of-12 Zukra
  • also supports the Zukra-ruled 3rd + 8th from Meena-Chandra (writings-communication + hidden forces)

Nilamani * Blue Sapphire

  • blue sapphire wise supports world-traveling dharmapatidharmesha-9 Shani + maintenance of confidence, secrets randhresha-8 Shani
  • also supports the Shani-ruled 11th + 12th from Meena-Chandra (friendships + sanctuary)


Like a natural creature instinctively tracking its prey, the female Arudra may resort to any sort of trickery but at the same time will easily commune with elemental spirits of a place.

There is a capacity for shamanism or animistic ritual pursuits.

  • Physically straightforward and psychically open. Constitutionally aligned to the foundational animal nature. Needs swaying, surging, gyrating, pulsating movement.

  • Beneficial placement for persons in political or entertainment professions which involve continuous touring and cycles of excitement followed by quiet then the Storm rises again.

Contrary to generalizations about Arudra being a hormone-driven brute, the 3rd pada is notably intelligent -- but scheming strategist of the highest order. Rahu-style ascent to the highest levels of elite praise and privilege - followed often by a tragic fall.

Self-promoting, height-craving kundalini- Rahu controls a territory of coupling, two-part, twinning, articulatory, sexual, manual, mental Budha.


  • Exceptionally ambitious, but often lacking skill to obtain the objective (except the 3rd pada, which gets to the goal Rahu-style)

  • Charmingly manipulative and cleverly disguising = associated with opportunistic, disingenuous Rahu

  • Loves the wildness of all creatures, and may feel attuned to wildlife

  • A distinctive feature of Arudra = the scripted-conversation, collaborative-cooperative mimic-behavior shell (Budha) that disguises a risk-embracing, surprisingly adventurous core

  • Arudra finds expression in irregular, arrhythmic, exotic, and sometimes lawless behaviors (Rahu) .

Arudra folk are much more complexly involved in taboo-breaking activities than they superficially might appear.

The nature of the Arudra taboo is often physical, instinctive, and primitive - for example, sexual, excretory, and eating behaviors.

  • When his locked desk drawers were opened after the death of greatly respected anti-Nazi Christian theologian Paul Tillich, author of numerous brilliant tomes of Systematic Theology, the locked drawers were found to filled with lurid Nazi-themed pornography.

Rahu-ruled Arudra =shrewd in character; mentally and manually clever

  • a master of the calculated (Budha) risk (Rahu)

  • scheming, alert, and opportunistic, but potentially self-destructive because human estimation of Risk can err

  • a capable administrator (Budha) and commercial business manager (Budha) the Arudra native generally has "communicative competence" in the workplace, with the family and friends. One is able to form collegial, sibling-level relationships with people from all social classes but particularly with out-cast or socially marginalized groups or with individuals who participate in socially disapproved activities.

  • For example, Arudra can be a successful criminal attorney or appellate judge (who reconsiders a criminal conviction);

  • also gifted in administrative handling of"exotic-outsider" topics such illegal immigration,

Arudra = much involved in the mental process of

Arudra seeks wild energy of the Storm = freshness of exotic air , tremendously exhilarating, dangerous excitements, original animus, primal energy

  • enters into detailed conversation with that wild force

  • Arudra = wild-animal trainer, uses both nourishment (rain) and punishment (wind) as methods of control

  • Arudra seeks a sexual (Mithuna) expression (but not always; can be simply verbal or manual);

  • the goal is to self-elevate via a conversational (Mithuna) pairing in the characteristic risk-taking style of Rahu taboo-breaking, exotic, foreign, bizarre)

Arudra narrative:

  • passion (Rahu) for the "primal wildness " that is built into the animal chassis of the human being

  • may produce excessive (Rahu = no limits) communication via the hands = behaviors of both healing touch (soothing, petting) and hurting touch (battering, bondage)

The target rank for Rahu-Mithunaya = self-elevation into, and recognition by, the class of word-smiths, hand-crafters, communicators, instructors and trainers.


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