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BPHS Chap. 3 Shloka-4 1-44.

" Rahu rules the outcaste,

  • while Ketu governs mixed caste.
  • Shani and the nodes indicate ant-hills.
  • Rahu denotes multi-coloured clothes
  • and Ketu rags.
  • Lead and blue gem belong to Rahu and Ketu.
  • Surya, Chandra, Mangala, Budha, Guru, Shukra and Shani in their order
  • govern red silken, white silken, red, black silken, saffron, silken and multi-coloured robes."


red silken robes copper red-colored


rosy white silken robes Sphatika * Rock Crystal rosy white-colored


red robes red santala wood (sandalwood) wearing red robes


greenish black silken robes gold wearing yellow garland


saffron robes gold yellow-golden complexion


silken robes silver pale-whitish complexion


multi-colored robes iron



luster, like that of Indraneela

[ Rahu]

multi-colored clothes glass

metallic lead


[ Ketu]


blue gem

bell metal smoky color

This list is adapted from Valerie Roebuck The Circle of Stars p.27

As Roebuck notes, color names are notoriously difficult to translate across languages; and there are variations in traditional lists. Still, the following is generally useful.

[Mesha - Arya] * Kriya * Aries

red [BPL dark red, bright blood red]

[Vrishabha - Urisha] Staurin * Taurus

white [BPL light pastel blues]

[Mithuna - Dvamdva] * Jaimini * Gemini

green [BPL pale green like new plant shoots]

[Karkata - Kadaga] * Kulira * Cancer

pale rose [BPL misty-dusty pink]

[Simha - Leya] * Leya * Leo

pale yellow [BPL bright golden yellow]

[Kanya - Parthya] * Paranya * Partha * Virgo

multi-colored [BPL medium green like more mature plants]
[Tula - Vanika] * Vanika * Libra blue-black or dark blue [BPL pale pastel hues, whitish rainbow colors]
[Vṛścika - Thriketta] * Kaurpi * Scorpio reddish-brown or darkly golden [BPL black, dark blood red]
[Dhanus - Haya] * Taukshika * Sagittarius red or yellow-brown [BPL golden orange]
[Makara - Draco] * Akokera * Capricorn dappled [BPL medium-to-dark blue, medium-to-dark grey, stone-color, bone-color, charcoal]

[Kumbha - Ghata] * Ghata * Aquarius

reddish-brown (presumably terra-cotta) [BPL dark blue-purple, range of browns such as wooden brown, dirt brown, dark chocolate brown, not reddish]

Meena - Antya * Antya * Pisces

crystalline or white [BPL light-flecked olden orange, glittering aurum]

Q: For my Tula-Chandra Tula-lagna nativity, why is black color normally not recommended? Isn't black a color of diamonds, and diamonds are for Tula?

I did ask about colors to wear I know, and thank you for answering my question... but really what is the value of preferring certain colors? Isn't it just fashion?

A: Black is the color of Mangala. Mangala who activates bhava-2 and bhava-7 = a marana karaka for the Tula nativity.

Jyotishavidya draws from a 3000+ year tradition that marks a correspondence matching the visible spectrum of light to astrological influences. Therefore astrological factors such as graha, lagna, and drishti can be matched to colors.

For those who are sufficiently sensitive to visual energy signatures, colors speak a language rich with symbolic meaning. For others, colors are important for fashion coordination and providing a socially attractive appearance. For others, colors have psychological implications and harmonized colors may contribute to a sense of emotional well-being.

In ascribing effects to the astrologically matched colors, much depends upon your level of consciousness.



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