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Mangala Mars Ars Angarika

Martial Aggression, 'Alpha' Domination, Competitive Sport, Innovation, Engineering, Energetic Vitality and Sexual Pursuit

see also Kuja Dosha (mangalika)

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Avestan Avestan"Angra Mainyu" * Ahriman * the"angry mind" deity of Zoroastrianism.

As a general rule, Kuja Dosha does not show full effect in the psycho-emotional dynamics of marriage unless it applies to BOTH 7th from indriya-lagna AND 7th-from-Chandra.

Kuja Dosha is formed when Angarika resides in radical bhava-12, bhava-1, or bhava-4 .

The competitive, domineering, penetrating, and warlike (win-or-die) behaviors of Kuja thus cast drishti upon radix yuvati bhava

Chandra lagna * janma lagna

If Mangala also casts drishti upon the 7th from Chandra (for first marriage ) then Mangalika effects are fully realized.

If Mangala also resides in 6th, 7th, or the emotionally dignified , social-ordering, leadership-seeking; 10th-from-Chandra, then Kuja-dosha can become an exceptionally strong adversarial agent in marriage.

  • When Mangala casts drishti upon Chandra, aggressive words or actions are directed toward one's own sensitive emotional core.

  • This native is already competitive or critical toward oneself, having internalized aggression from a parent (probably Mother), and thus the compounding effect of the spousal aggression (overt or covert) may be quite unbearable.


If Kuja Dosha exists in radix, then Kuja's placement in the 12th, 1st, or 4th navamsha will strengthen Mangala's competitive-domineering effect.

Mangala in bhava-7. .. provides a competitive, sporting, and physically instinctive character for the spouse. Kuja in bhava-7 does not indicate Kuja Dosha. Exception = Kuja-yuti-Chandra -7 wherein Kuja drishti reaches 7th-from-Chandra.

As a matter of advice to those with Kuja in any rashi in bhava-7, but particularly when Kuja is strong, the spouses should take care to maintain their own rooms within the home. Whether male or female, the spouse needs "a room of one's own" with private sleeping quarters such as an artist's studio, private library, sewing room, guest house, or other space in which the warrior can rest without interference while preparing for next day's battle. If this space is provided, Kuja will maintain sexual interest in the marriage, all can be well.

Mangala in bhava-7 will cast drishti upon bhava-2, thus the second lifepartnership is often affected by criticism, aggression, or warlike behaviors of the native directed toward the second spouse.

Hora Sara , Ch. 25, Shloka 40

"If Mars is in its own house in the 7th bhava or in the 7th amsha, gives a poor husband who is addicted to other women."

Mangala in bhava-2 or bhava-8

Parashara states that Kuja's drishti from dhana-sthana or randhra-sthana will also create Kuja dosha because it agitates bhava-8 for death of spouse / Divorce .

Therefore Angarika in bhava-8 or bhava-2 provides a different variety of Kuja Dosha.

From bhava-2,

natural maraka Kuja exacerbates any existing threat of death of spouse. Should Kuja also function as a temporal maraka, the risk of spousal death during Vimshottari dasha periods of Kuja is increased.

From dushthamsha bhava-8 , a number of marital problems may arise.

Conditions of one's own death are sudden, and involve heat, metal implements, weapons, and penetrating or aggressive movement. Increased likelihood of the spouse's dying together in a battle with the forces of nature or with each other.

Conflict whether verbal or physical may occur in regard to management of the joint assets of marriage (, arguing about money).

the native was raised in a family-of-origin culture that supports a certain amount of conflict and arguing. The 7th drishti of Kuja is not overly strong, so this is not such a problem for the native oneself. However, the spouse and in-laws may increase the amount of conflict within the native 's family history(2) up to a point where the native becomes angry (during Kuja periods)..

Some disruption to the second marriage (if any).

Kuja's graha drishti strength

Mangala aspects the houses which are 4th, 7th, and 8th from Himself.

Kuja's graha drishti strength =

  • 100% upon the house 4th-from His position

  • 100% upon the house 8th-from His position

  • 25% upon the house 7th-from His position

Therefore, the most severe"Kuja Dosha" effects occur when Mangala occupies either bhava-4 or bhava-12.

Kuja Dosha is very common:

  • About 30% of all nativities have Kuja occupying houses 1, 4, 7, or 12.

  • If bhava-2 and bhava-8 are included are included as causes of Kuja Dosha, 50% of all nativities will display the Kuja Dosha.

  • Drishti from a strong subha (happy) planet upon radix bhava-7 can buffer or even neutralize the imbalance-seeking-a-remedy of Angaraka Dosha.

  • Additional buffering occur when Kuja is aspected by a benefic graha.

  • Kuja's 4th and 8th rays give 100% drishti.

  • Most severe angles:

    • 4th-from-radix-lagna

    • 12th-from-radix-lagna

    • the defensive, culturally-rooted, seasonal-calendar, routinized, patriotic, ethno-nationalistic, comfort-seeking, home-loving, foundational, property-owning 4th-from-Chandra (less)

    • 12th-from-Chandra (less)

  • Kuja is particularly difficult in Kanya rashi (sarcasm and criticism) and Karka rashi (emotional anger)

  • Mangala'slow-dose 7th ray, giving 25% drishti to bhava-7 or 7th-from-Soma, may also be felt by sensitive people.

Childhood home and personal mentality:

We imitate our parents' marriage dynamics in our own marriage, especially the first marriage.

Natal Mangala in bhava-4 :

Psychologically it makes sense that a person who was raised with adversarial parents, or in a warlike home environment would carry the familiar home culture of their upbringing into their new home in marriage.

Natal Mangala in bhava-12:

Similarly a person who experiences powerful internal discord within the sanctuary of their own mind - violent memories Or harassment by spirits -- will also find that this private mental condition spills over into their marriage environment.

The much lighter influence of Mangala in lagna, or Mangala yuti Chandra, gives vitality to the physical body and causes the native to be a competitive, aggressive, sporting or warlike personality integrity (depending on the rashi and drishti to Kuja).

  • the native with Kuja in lagna casting drishti upon their bhava-7 does not necessarily experience marriage disturbance.

  • he marital culture will be vigorous and competitive, with both partners needing plenty of exercise!

  • However, if Kuja is healthy the marriage can be active and healthy too.

Effect from Chandra lagna

Chandra-Mangala Yoga is famous for encouraging innovation and prosperity.

Although Kuja's drishti to 7th-from-Chandra may signify a physically energized, argumentative, selfish, immature, or even overtly confrontational spouse, the financial results can be highly desirable.

As always, the smart spouse provides plenty of healthy outlets for Kuja energy, including well-timed personal departures from a home that sometimes feels too small.

Multiple marriages:

On a practical level, the nativity featuring Kuja in bhava-4 or Mangala residing in bhava-12 will probably have additional planetary significators for multiple marriages.

The good news = if Kuja casts drishti upon Yuvati bhava, Mangala will not also cast drishti upon dhana bhava, the domain of the second marriage.

Thus a nativity suffering severe Kuja dosha in the first marriage is completely "paid up" after the struggle with disagreements and selfishness in the first marriage. They are often able to enter a second marriage on much more agreeable and generous terms.

Dennis Harness, The Nakshatra : Lunar Mansions of Vedic Astrology (p. 134)

"When natal Mars is placed in certain houses a challenging condition called Kuja Dosha occurs which can results in difficult karma for early marriage.

It is generally considered better if both partners have Kuja dosha (Mars in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eight, or twelfth house) to balance or mitigate the negative interpersonal energy."

Competition, domination, sexual pursuit, invasive energy

Mangala is creative, productive, competitive, athletic, warrior energy.

Kuja dosha happens when Mars shoots a ray of warlike, self-promoting , psychologically or physically penetrating, competitive energy into the marriage house.

Kuja Dosha can make the native fight for superiority with their spouse -- and other important partners like professional advisers and collaborators.

  • On the plus side, Mars energy can keep sexual vitality levels quite high in long-term relationships. And Kuja Dosha does invigorate partner sports like squash and doubles tennis.

  • On the minus side, Kuja can be a powerfully invasive, animal-instinct, physical and psychological energy force that requires considerable self-awareness to control..

Career advantage

drishti of Kuja to kalatra bhava can be put to good use in careers involving negotiation, alliance-crafting, deal-making, bargaining, arbitration, and most types of competition-between-equals energy.

Higher consciousness folk use Mars energy to fight for truth and justice.

But, the key word really is "fight" -- so this energy will be tricky to use well in marriage.

Das commentary : IF

Mercury is aspected by Mars.

You will have an active and fiery mind. You may become aggressive, mentally agile and possibly argumentative. Even if these attributes are not expressed outwardly, you will still possess this kind of energy internally.

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