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Randhra Bhava

Rashi - Gochara - Bhava - Graha - Ratna - Nakshatra - Amsha - Varga


OM kram krim kraum sah bhaumaya namah

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra


Randhra * Ayur


1. Long Life.

" O excellent of the Brahmins, listen to me speak on the effects of Randhra Bhava.

Long life is indicated

  • If Randhra's Lord is in an angle.

2. Short Life.

the native will be short lived.

  • Should Randhra's Lord

  • join Lagna's Lord, or a malefic

  • and be in Randhra itself,

3. Shani and Karma's Lord about Longevity.

Similarly consider Shani and Karma's Lord in the matter of longevity.

  • If Karma's Lord is in Randhra with malefic Graha and Lagna's Lord .

4-7. Long Life.


There will be long life,

  • if Ari's Lord is in Vyaya,

  • or, if Ari's Lord is in Ari, as Vyaya's Lord is in Vyaya,

  • or, if Ari's Lord and Vyaya's Lord are in Lagna and Randhra.

the native will enjoy a long span of life.

  • If the Lords of Putra, Randhra and Tanu Bhava are in own navamsha, own Rashi, or in friendly Rashi.

the subject will live long.

  • Should the Lords of Lagna, Randhra and karma-bhava and Shani are all disposed severally in an angle, in a trine, or in Labha Bhava.

Like these, there are many other Yoga, dealing with the issue of longevity.

The strength and weakness of the Graha concerned be estimated in deciding longevity.

8-13. Short Life. combinations

One's span of life will be between 20 and 32 years,

  • if Lagna's Lord is weak, while Randhra's Lord is an angle.

the native will only be short-lived,

  • if Randhra's Lord is in fall, while Randhra Bhava has a malefic in it and Tanu Bhava is bereft of strength.

Death will be instant at birth,

  • if Randhra Bhava, Randhra's Lord and Vyaya Bhava are all conjunct malefics.

this Yoga will cause immediate end

  • Malefics in angles and/or trines and benefics in Ari and/or Randhra Bhava, while Tanu Bhava has in it Randhra's Lord in fall.

the life span will be very brief.

  • If Putra and Randhra Bhava and Randhra's Lord are all conjunct malefics.

Within a month of birth, death will befall the child,

  • if Randhra's Lord is in Randhra itself, while Chandra is with malefics and be bereft of beneficial Drishti.

14-15. Long Life (again).

One will be long-lived,

  • if lagnesha is in exaltation,

  • while Chandra and Guru are, respectively, in Labha and Randhra Bhava.

If lagnesha is exceedingly strong and receives a Drishti from a benefic,

  • which is placed in an angle,

  • the person concerned will be wealthy, virtuous and long-lived."


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