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the 1/40 Portion

Fortieth Divisional [Harmonic] Chart


Caveat Emptor

* * Accuracy of divisional charts depends entirely on accuracy of birth time. * *

Varga charts can be exceptionally useful.

However, if accurate birth time is not available, divisional charts are misleading, and should be ignored.

BPHS Sarga 6: Shloka-2 9-30.

  • Khavedamsha or Chatvarimshamsha

  • 1/40th part of a Rashi

QUOTATION " in respect of Khavedamsha (each of 45-degree of arc):

For odd Rashi

  • count from Mesha

and for an even Rashi

  • count from Tula

  • Vishnu,
  • Chandra,
  • Marichi,
  • Tvashta,
  • Dhata,
  • Shiva,
  • Ravi,
  • Yama,
  • Yaksha,
  • Gandharva,
  • Kaala
  • and Varuna

repeat successively, as presiding deities, in the same order for all Rashi."

In general, Professor Chandra is the leading significator of the D-40 varga. Chandra's qualities in D-40 should be assessed.

The 4th-amsha relates to locality, sheltered comfort, attunement to the earth-pulse, a sense of belonging to a place protected by deities, and Mom.

D-40 Khavedamsha [Chatvarimshamsha] = two patterns can operate in D-40.

The most common is 4-10 concerning the mother and her social status. Government-controled real-estate, government-regulated education, local policing, and agricultural policy can be here too.

Look for the D-1 bandhesha within the D-40.

The secondary pattern is 5-8, concerning children and the continuity of their life in the ancestral village.

Lineages which must disband their agricultural roots and raise their children in the city may see evidence in D-40 that their ancient place or their ethno-nationalist rituals are not essential to their children's identity [8 transformation].


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