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Varga - Amsha


Ekadamsha * Ekadamasam* Rudramsha

11th Portion

Eleventh Divisional Chart


D-11 = a Tajika (Persian) Chart = not Parashari


Woodcut from the 16th century History of the Nordic peoples, by Olaus Magnus, supposedly depicting the astronomical clock in Uppsala Cathedral(Sweden).

Caveat Emptor

* * Accuracy of divisional charts depends entirely on accuracy of birth time .**

Varga charts can be exceptionally useful.

However, if accurate birth time is not available, divisional charts are misleading, and should be ignored.

D- 11 = Field of Psychic Expectation for Matters of:

  • the 6th-from-6th = amsha-11 =

  • joining, joints, connections, economies, systems, marketplace participation, interlinkage

  • a prime number!


I was told that if You surgically open the 11Th House with D-11 Chart you can find Out How much Cash Income Gains and What you should do to to earn this Cash in this lifetime in What Career. This 11th House determines what Cash results will be from your Efforts from the 10th House and D-charts.

How much Money I can accumulate on my own and How much money I'm willing to make through their life. Income and gains House. How much gain I will have No matter what Im doing in life for career from your efforts in 10th House.

Also What is the House sign, planet and what the planet is aspecting in 11th house and where the Lord of the 11th House is placed.

Secondly what nakshatra is the planet sitting in in order to judge weath prospects.

Thridly, Dahas period that I'm going through and what planet is ruling that period is what I will be atracting and associated with planet and houses.

Lastly, source of Income oe Profesion is 11th House should tell what i should be doing in this Life. Finding Self What career to Into.

A: Caution on confusing 11th amsha versus the professional leadership vocation.

Profession = capacity to regulate a socially orderly social environment, Usually, via speech "fess ".

Career emerges in Jyotisha from 10th amsha, especially the 10th navamsha. Leadership is not related to income -- in fact, 10th = 12th from 11th thus the fastest way to lose income is to take on a highly demanding socially responsible position!"Career" literally means "running the course" (it is related to English 'car' and 'carry') and yes it has to do with what is done"for a living" but it is important to distinguish between the work (10) and the hoard produced by the work (2nd from

Caution on the presumption that the D-11 (or any varga )"surgically opens the 11th house". A varga chart is a graphic representation of the fact that each rashi can be divided into 11 portions, and each graha's degree at birth will fit into one of those portions.

The D-11 is not exactly a micro-magnification of the 11th bhava. It is a graphic representation of the relative 1/11th portions of the rashi into which each of the graha is placed at birth. The 11th portion result for each of the graha is arranged in a"graphic organizer" that sets the baseline (lagna) the 1/11th portion of the degree = the eastern horizon of Earth at the time of birth.

Also caution on the presumption that the 11th amsha - whether the 11th bhava, 11th drishti, 11th rashi, or 11th varga portion - automatically produces "wealth". It is true that a primary signification of the 11th bhava is material gain. 11th bhava is called labha bhava, or vriddhi bhava "increase". However, it is not only financial well-being as in cintamani * mani * money .

The job of the 11th amsha is to build linkage, connection, networks, associative and distributive economies. Therefore, the gains are measured in terms of participation and regulated extension of the social-economic network -- not necessarily in PERSONAL accrual. Shani the natural lord of 11 is concerned with social order and He explicitly disregards individual concerns. Individuality is the province of Shani's bitter enemy Surya!

To estimate the ease of access to material resources in this lifetime, the luck in speculative finance, and the amount of the material hoard, consider ALL of the finance and treasuries bhava = 1, 2, 3, 5, 9, and 11.

11 = cintamani * mani * money coming in via marketplace gains - but is any amount the income retained after expenses? If 11 is strong but 2 is weak, the native earns high but cannot save thus all income is converted to expenditure and there is no mani-money "in the bank".

If 11 is strong but 9 is weak - remember 9 = 11th from 11th and 9 is the ultimate gain = gain of wisdom -- then with 11 strong and 9 weak, the native may be materially gainful in the short term but quite ignorant, and thus accumulate much akashic-memory pattern for future lives by one's thoughtless and harmful actions.

If 11 is weak but 2 is strong, even on a pittance income, the native will be able to conserve resources and build a hoard.

if 11 is weak and 5 is strong, here is a gambler that will drive himself into penury by gaming away mani-money he has not earned. This includes members of the luxury class who request bank loans to invest in stock market without much of a 'system' (11) and cannot sustain a profitable investment scheme despite their flamboyant activity. Similarly strong 11 but weak 5, a hard worker with regular earnings who is loathe to gamble and risk-averse investments yield only minimal gains.

And so it goes. Material gain is not the only outcome of the economic activities that are indicated via bhava-11, and strength in 11 does not guarantee"wealth". Gains may be social or material. Most successful social-progressive activists and charity"fundraisers " have a well disposed 11th house. They may have very modest lifestyles with no hint of opulence or luxury despite handling millions of dollars in their profession.

11 is a bhava of Shani who does not favor conspicuous consumption. Sensual luxury is the province of Shukra who rules the hoarding bhava-2. If you are looking for accumulated personal wealth, look into bhava-2. If you are looking for the"commonwealth" (which these days includes the global economy) look into bhava-11. It's true that 11th amsha signifies social-material gain. However, many other factors must be in place in order to develop that gain into a treasury of stored values that English speakers call the"weal" - our wellness fund of well-being = food and pleasure [Shukra]."weal" = "well" = "wish-want-will".

Wishing you all possible 'weal' in this life,

Sincerely, BP Lama, Jyotisha

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