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the 1/2 Portion

Second Divisional Chart

fruits of the genetic treasury of language and memory

basic distribution of solar (ida) and lunar (pingala) balance


Caveat emptor

**Accuracy of divisional charts depends entirely on accuracy of birth time..**

Varga charts can be exceptionally useful.

However, if accurate birth time is not available, divisional charts are misleading, and should be ignored.

Sanskrit Vocabulary

  • ~~ Koeln Digital Sanskrit Lexicon


  • to fly or rush together (in a friendly or hostile manner),
  • encounter, meet any one
  • to fly along, fly to, hasten towards, arrive at, reach
  • to fly or fall down, alight on
  • to go or roam about
  • to come to pass, take place, happen, occur
  • to cause to fly or fall, throw or hurl down

commentary from Pandit David Frawley

  • Astrology of the Seers

" The Hora chart is simple as it is the most basic of the harmonic charts.

The first 1/2 of odd signs like Aries is ruled by the Sun,

  • the second 1/2 by the Moon.

Conversely, the first 1/2 of even signs, like Taurus, is ruled by the Moon

  • the second 1/2, by the Sun.

For example,

  • if Mars is located in 20 degrees of Virgo, as it is in the second half of an even sign,
  • it would be in the Hora of the Sun.

Hence, the Hora chart only gives solar or lunar status of planets

  • and does not place them in signs like the other harmonic charts."
BPHS Sarga 6: Shloka 5-6
"The Rashi owned by a Graha, is called its Kshetra.
  • The first half of an odd Rashi is the Hora, ruled by Surya.

  • While the second half is the Hora of Chandra.

The reverse is true in the case of an even Rashi

  • Half of a Rashi is called Hora.

These are totally 24, counted from Mesha

and repeated twice (at the rate of 12) in the whole of the zodiac.


Field of Psychic Expectation for Matters of

  • Herds and Hoards
  • Treasuries of financial well-being
  • Knowledge of History and Languages

  • Acquisition of jewels and coins

  • Seed, Food and Wine Storage

  • spoken stories and songs transmission of lineage values-fulfillment

D-2 = Hora = distribution of historic assets, conserved merit, hoarded resources.

Confirmation of the characteristics of those sections of the Learning Pathway which require akashic memory + stored values.

moveable wealth such as cattle and"currency" the coin of the realm = the type of treasuries that is not fixed to a place.

the fruits (11) of the treasury of knowledge (2) and gains (11) from the family history(2)

Wealth in the form of owned-stewarded properties that are fixed to a place = Chaturamsha = D-4.

  • wealth in the special form of 'moving shelters' = vehicles such as automobiles, trucks, airplanes, ships, rail-cars, ox-carts, bicycle rickshaw = Shodashamamsha -10 = D-16.



Predictions that can be partially confirmed via analysis of Hora

  1. Hora indicates liquid assets such as cash cintamani * mani * money , moveable feasts, moveable collections of art, music, food, wine, or other valuables, and the knowledge-treasury that moves with its knower. Hora does not indicate wealth multiplied (11) by the material value of lands or buildings but it can indicate the moveable value of livestock and modes of transportation in a general way. For matters of vehicles the D-16 is more precise.

  2. As a very general principle, the two parts of the Hora display the distribution of Spiritual Confidence ( Surya = creativity) vs. Emotional Conservation (Chandra = nurturing). Both are necessary in life: ideally in balanced proportions.

Both Surya and Chandra can produce wealth.

Surya is in general more favorable for moveable wealth in the forms that can be developed via Intelligence, which often involves creating or inventing something new.

It is considered auspicious for the production of moveable wealth when the warm, productive (masculine) graha = friends of Surya = occupy the hora half-portion of Surya.

When located in the Hora portion of Surya, graha which signify creative power to generate new wealth include

  • Mangala = innovation, engineering, heat and motion = wealth from tilling the fields

  • Guru = wisdom and spiritual education = wealth from knowledge of Nature, wise planting-and-storage choices from reading almanacs and sacred scriptures et-cetera.

  • Surya = confidence, divine intelligence, genius, games = wealth from foods which grow in the Light of the Sun

  • Rahu disregards conventional boundaries. He is associated with great storms and the influx of foreigners. Rahu in Surya's portion may show wealth from foreign migration and nourishment by meats and intoxicating liquors .

  • Collapsing Ketu neither contributes nor interferes. Ketu may prosper in Surya's portion where wealth is obtained by the action of scattering such as threshing also wealth from sharp and sudden cutting-off, such as scything. Also acts of beheading including animal butchery .

Chandra is more favorable for fixed wealth in the forms that can be developed via habitual cultivation and parenting, which often involves protecting or conserving something that already exists (such as lands, shelters, cultural roots et-cetera.)

It is considered auspicious for the production of moveable wealth when cool, receptive (feminine) graha = friends of Chandra = occupy the hora half-portion of Chandra.

When located in the hora portion of Chandra, graha which signify protective power to conserve existing wealth include

  • Shani = regular routines, respect for law and persistent hard work

  • Shukra = appreciation of beauty and attraction * akarshana * to sensual pleasures, especially food-drink

  • Chandra = patience, nurturing, following natural cycles = especially nourishment from the sea

Other important assessments regarding treasury

To determine the prognosis for treasury in the marketplace (via salary, bonus, dividends, rents, royalties, returns on investment) look first to conditions of labha bhava.

The angle of commerce = 3/11.

  • 3 = communications empowerment
  • 11 = marketplace network

The bhava occupying a 3/11 angle from labha-sthāna is the dhana bhava provisioned of stored food-wealth.

    Examine dhana bhava. Will dhanabhava generate the community support (11) and personal courage (3) necessary to realize its goals?

  • Outcome depends on the relationship between the 3/11 rulers and their occupants .


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