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30.5-year cycles of Shanicarya

samchara - gochara


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Shani Gochara Transit-Tables

descriptions: Gochara Shani in 12 bhava

"Professor No"

Head of School of Blockage, Resistance, Rules, and Law

Professor Shani ia an expert specialist on the topic of anti-motion . He instructs on methods of resistance and impedance. He is a stalwart agent of anti-change .

Professor Shani's teaching job is to slow-or-block movement, prevent innovation, and generally hold back all progress UNTIL one can successfully transform ignorance into wisdom.

That is, until the lesson is learned and mastery is proven.

There is usually an experience of frustration, limitation, and oppression related to the portfolio of the bhava through which Shani transits.

The harshest results of Shani's " freeze-frame" behavior occur when the bhava presently afflicted by the gochara Shani is also simultaneously a bhava which has an awkward relationship = 6/8 or 2/12 to a major lagna such as the radical lagna of the kundali, Chandra-lagna, navamsha-lagna or the respect-and-recognition navamsha-10th.

How to predict effects: baseline (lagna) and counting steps

The most important selection of lagna (base line) from which to measure gochara effects =

  • radical lagna,

  • Chandra lagna,

  • Svamsha ,

  • lagna of the mahadasha pati,

  • various of the Arudha lagna (lagna-pada)

and some other baselines indeed depending on the question.

Awkward angles

see also: shad-ashtamsha 6/8

The most awkward angles represent incomplete course-corrections in matters of harm done to others in parallel lives .

  • argumentative-victimized (6th)
  • traumatized-terrorized (8th)
  • devitalizing-disintegrating (12th)
Shani gochara the 8th-angle [8th-amsha]

Shani gochara the 8th-angle relative to any lagna indicates a freezing, stoppage, seizure, blocking of transformative recycling rebirth energy.

Professor Shani in 8th angle prevents physical and personality regeneration relative to the lagna.

Professor Shani also prevents widowhood, stops disasters, and generally blocks all suddenly released movements whether those actions would be judged positive (mysterious healing, secret sources of wealth, rejuvenation, recycling, new identity) or negative (terrifying eruptions, violent revolution, damaging explosions, dangerous surgeries etc.)

However Professor Shani is never sleeping. Scarcity-imposing Shanaicarya is one of the Nine Great Teachers and He is always teaching. And teaching. And teaching. Shani the taskmaster teaches several difficult school-courses on matters of hidden trauma patterns, deep healing therapies, surgery, secrets, extramarital affairs, tantric mysteries , and other matters of and other matters of "open-close aperture" randhra bhava.

Shani gochara 8th from Surya

Gochara Shani puts a temporary freeze-order, temporary stop-work, temporary halt, upon the normal processes of discovery and self-redefinition which normally prevent Surya from stagnating in ego-maintenance mode.

Surya represents males of all types, one's own father in particular, and also for any gender Surya represents creative intelligence, charisma, political excitement, center-stage roles, and celebrity.

Depending on whatever else constitutes the bhava which is 8th-from-Surya, one may experience stop-action either as an oppressive resistance to healthy change or as a welcome slow-down in the hectic pace of new ideas and tasks, or some pressure in between those two extremes.

Surya = karaka for male figures of all types. The father and other male figures such as a male spouse, male boss, a male professor, a male religious authority, a male government official, grandfather, father-in-law, etc, may be experienced as being"stuck"and unable to adapt to new information, new cultural trends, new movements on spiritual, mental, social, financial, emotional, or physical levels.

Particularly if these males hail from a fearful conservative background or if they are elderly, Shani can seize their forward movement quick successfully, albeit only temporarily for 2.3 years during the transit.

gochara Shani contact natal Mangala placement

When lagnesha Shani transits gochara via the rashi of Mangala, Shanicarya may deliver a strong "pinch" of resistance to innovation and stiffened physical movements.

When gochara Shani freezes the action, preventing forward movement and forcing a long effortful and apparently unproductive engagement with some pre-incarnationally planned person, place, or thing, it can be very painful.

Professor Shani can induce mental pain from self-doubt and self-criticism when the life-force movement seems to have died and one cannot extricate oneself from the problem.

Professor Shani's classroom laboratory can induce physical pain of paralysis, pinching, austerities such as starvation or nearly so, cramping, lack of blood flow, coldness even near-fatal freezing, dryness, parched, thirsting, scarcity, insufficiencies in all reserves such as lack of hormones, steroids, or glandular pump-stop.

Professor Shani's lessons can induce emotional pain from trauma that is frozen in time, intractable, unable to move or heal, immensely oppressive, abuses of government, heavy punishments, an absence of mercy or compassion, emotional coldness, social isolation, and a universe of emotional consequences of terror and fear.

  • There is spiritual pain from ignorance and doubt, inability to solve problems or even envision a time when solutions might be revealed --and from annihilation of consciousness enforced by Professor Shani's relentless and brutal scientific materialism.
Traits Professor Shani the Lord of Time and Space teaches on the experience of environments that are cold, slow, and harsh.

See Gochara Shani in 12 bhava for more detailed traits of each transit to each bhava.

14th Dalai Lama 1935- Policy of Kindness Tenzing Gyatso. (1997).

A Policy of Kindness: An Anthology of Writings By and About the Dalai Lama

" Progress comes by maintaining constant effort in daily practice."


Galaxy located 13.8 billion light years from Earth.

From the distance of this remotest galaxy, using Big Bang cosmological principles, the approximate age of the universe is presently estimated at 13.8 billion light years. (New data, when discovered, can change this estimated age. Universe-dating is not an exact science - yet!)

Also, note that AGE is not the same as SIZE. The size of our universe, in its current cycle, is constantly expanding.


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