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Professor Budha 's

Two Teenage Rashi

Budha's "Teenage" Mentality

The mentality of bhava-3 has Mithuna - Dvamdva qualities of constant conversation within a small and tight-knit group, interactive and relational thought, extraordinary speed of repetitive looping thought, and facility with local, immediate, short-term events.

  • Matters of bhava-3 are rarely harmful. Yet, Bhava-3 is considered a semi- dushthamsha. bhava-3's less than ideal reputation arises from bantering Budha's youthful focus on speed and intensive small-group validation. Graha residing in bhava-3 may become trapped in a cycle of repetitive, superficial communications with highly temporary content.

  • The mentality of bhava-6 has Kanya - Parthyaqualities, which also express adolescent characteristics of Lord Kumara. Ari bhava exemplifies the more difficult teenage behaviors of vehement argumentation, along with their typical state of hormonal and mental imbalance.

  • bhava-6 satkona = maha-dushtamsha. Ripu bhava features a constant state of disagreement and discomfort, originating in Budha's relentless inner mental problematizing. Budha's influence in bhava-6 is also repetitive and fast, but communication here lacks the relational focus of Mithuna.

  • bhava-6, as the natural uttama house of Budha, represents mentalization taken to its farthest extreme: words for the sake of words, argument for the sake of argument. Naturally, events in this bhava, and the fortunes of the domain lord, are generally sick and unhappy.

  • Bhratru Bhava and Ripu Bhava = upachaya bhava. Tenants and Lords of domains 3 and 6 begin the incarnation in a state of impatient, superficial, immature nervousness.

However, with Time and the stable drishti of the larger graha, the adolescent mentality of Budha and His svabhava will de-accelerate and mature somewhat.

  • the exception to upachaya improvement occurs when a hyperactive graha such as svakshetra Budha or an energized Kuja would reside in the teenage houses.

  • In that case, the result is a perpetual adolescent mentalization, repetitive and superficial reasoning style, and a short-lived, immature personal relationships.

  • However, the native typically does quite well in business.

The World of Your Mind

QUOTATION from Tenzing Gyatso. (2000). The Dalai Lama's Book of Wisdom

"Within the body there are billions of different particles.

Similarly, there are many different thoughts and a variety of states of mind.

  • It is wise to take a close look into the world of your mind and to make the distinction between beneficial and harmful states of mind.

Once you can recognize the value of good states of mind, you can increase or foster them."

Transforming Mind through Repetitive Discriminating Thought

Tenzing Gyatso. (2002). The Buddhism of Tibet.Jeffrey Hopkins (Trans. Ed.).

"The way of beneficially transforming the mind is as follows.

  • First we must think about the disadvantages of bad states of consciousness , identifying them from our own personal experience.

Then we must recognize the good states of consciousness.

  • If familiarity with them is developed through thinking again and again about their Advantages and about their supporting validators , then the various types of good states of consciousness will become stronger.

This occurs through the force of familiarity And through these good states of consciousness having valid foundations and beings qualities dependent on the mind [and thus capable of limitless development ].

  • Then, it is natural that the defective states of consciousness will decrease in strength.

Thereby, in time, sure signs of goodness will appear in the mind ."

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