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OM graam greem graum sah gurve namah

OM jhram jhreem jroum sah gurave namah

OM hrim srim blim aim gloum grhadhipataye brhaspataye vim ta aim ta svaha


Chapter 20

Effects of Dharma Bhava


"O Brahmin, now listen to the effects of Dharma Bhava.

One will be fortunate (or affluent),

2. Affluent Self

;"One will be extremely affluent.

should Guru be in Dharma Bhava

  • + Dharma's Lord = in an angle

  • + Lagna's Lord = endowed with strength ."

3. Fortunate (Affluent) Father

"the native 's father = Affluent

If Dharma's Lord

  • with strength

  • + Shukra = in Dharma

  • + Guru = in an angle from Tanu Bhava"

4. Indigent Father.

"the native 's father = poor:

If Dharma's Lord = debilitated

  • and the 2nd or the 4th from Dharma Bhava is occupied by Mangala"

5. Long-living Father.

"the father of the native will enjoy a long span of life.

Should Dharma's Lord be

  • in deep exaltation

  • + Shukra = in an angle from Tanu Bhava

  • + Guru = in the 9th from navamsha Lagna."

6. Royal Status for Father.

"the native 's father will be a king endowed with conveyances, or be equal to a king.

If Dharma's Lord

  • = an angle

  • + receives a Drishti from Guru."

7. Wealthy and Famous Father.

"the native 's father will be very rich and famous:

Should Dharma's Lord be

  • in karma-bhava

  • + Karma's Lord receives a Drishti from a benefic"

8-9. Virtuous and Devoted to Father.

"the native will be virtuous, dear to the king and devoted to father.

Should Surya be

  • in deep exaltation

  • + Dharma's Lord = in Labha Bhava

the native will be devoted to his father

If Surya =

  • in a trine from Lagna

  • + Dharma's Lord = in Yuvati in yuti with, or receiving a Drishti from Guru,"

10. Affluence etc. after age 32

"Acquisition of fortunes, conveyances and fame will follow the 32nd year of age,

if Dharma's Lord

  • = in Dhana,

  • + Dhana's Lord = in Dharma."

11. Inimical to Father.

There will be mutual enmity between the father and the native,

if Lagna's Lord =

  • in Dharma Bhava -- but with the Lord of Ari.

  • Further, the native 's father will be of contemptible disposition .

12. Begged Food.

the native will go begging for his food:
  • If Karma's Lord and Sahaja's Lord are bereft of strength

  • + Dharma's Lord = in fall, or combust * ashtangata .

13-25. Combinations for Father's Death.

The father of the native would have passed away prior to the native 's birth:
  • if Surya = in Ari, Randhra, or Vyaya Bhava,

  • + Randhra's Lord = in Dharma Bhava, Vyaya's Lord = in Tanu Bhava

  • + Ari's Lord = in Putra Bhava.

the native 's father will pass away within a year of his birth:

  • Should Surya be in Randhra Bhava

  • + Randhra's Lord = in Dharma,

the native 's father will face his end during the 3rd, or the 16th year of the native :

  • If the Lord of Vyaya Bhava = in Dharma Bhava

  • + Dharma's Lord = in its debilitation navamsha.

grieved decease of father will occur in the 2nd, or the 12th year:

  • if Lagna's Lord = in Randhra Bhava

  • + Randhra's Lord = with Surya.

grieved decease of father will take place in the 16th, or the 18th year of the native :

  • Should Rahu be in the 8th from Dharma

  • + + Surya = in the 9th from Dharma.

the native 's father will die in the 7th, or the 19th year of the native :

the native in his 44th year will lose his father,

  • if Dharma's Lord = in Vyaya

  • + Vyaya's Lord = in Dharma.

the native in his 35th, or 41st year will lose his father.

  • If Lagna's Lord = in Randhra Bhava, as Chandra = in Surya's navamsha,

One will lose his father in the 50th year,

  • if Surya, being the Lord of Dharma = conjunct Mangala and Shani.

the 6th, or 25th year of the native will be fatal for father.

  • If Surya = in the 7th from Dharma Bhava

  • yuti Rahu = in the 7th from Sahaja Bhava.

the ages of 21, 26, or 30 will be fatal for the father.

  • If Shani = in the 7th from Randhra Bhava

  • + Surya = in the 7th from Shani.

the native will lose his father at the age of 26, or 30.

  • If Dharma's Lord = in its debilitation Rashi

  • + his dispositor = in Dharma Bhava,

Thus the Jyotishi may know the effects.

26. Affluence.

One will enjoy abundant fortunes,
  • if Shukra = in deep exaltation +

  • yuti Dharma's Lord

  • + Shani = in Sahaja.

27-29. Affluent Periods.

Abundant fortunes be acquired after the 20th year,
  • if Dharma has Guru in it,

  • as its Lord = in an angle from Lagna.

Abundant fortunes will be earned after the 36th year:

  • Should Budha be in his deep exaltation

  • + Dharma's Lord = in Dharma itself,

There will be gains of wealth and conveyances

  • Should Lagna's Lord be in Dharma,

  • + Dharma's Lord = in Lagna

  • + Guru = in Yuvati

30. Lack of Affluence.

the native be devoid of fortunes.
  • If Rahu = in the 9th from Dharma Bhava

  • + his dispositor = in Randhra Bhava

  • + Dharma's Lord = in fall

31. Food by Begging.

the native will acquire food by begging

32. O Brahmin, these are the effects related to Dharma Bhava.

I have explained briefly.

These may be estimated with the help of the state of the Lords of Lagna and Dharma Bhava and in other manners as well."

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