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Nakshatra Attributes

table of degree range - auspicious activities - English name - Symbol - bhapa regent - Gana - Tibetan name adapted from Das

table of Caste - Direction - Goal - Quality - Shakti

adapted from Andrew Foss * Shri Jyoti Star

Nakshatra * Asterism, Bhasanta

Ruling Planet

Degree Range and Body Part

(on the body of Kala- purusha )

Auspicious actions during Moon's transit through this Nakshatra

English translation


protective Deity * bhapa * bheza Ruler / devata


1. Azwini (Azvini, Azvattha, Dasradevataa)


00:00 - 13:20 Mesha = Top of the Foot of kalapurusha Travel, taking medicine, making ornaments, beginning lessons, beginning architectural studies, buying or selling or starting a journey via elephants or other vehicles. [BPHS] possessed of horses, consisting of horses Horse head Azvini Kumaras Heavenly / Deva Takar - Goddess a Denma,

The Equine or Shining Daughter.


2. Bharani (Yameza)


13:20-26:40 Mesha = Sole of Foot of Kalapurusha Performing rash actions, doing cruel things, competition, things related to poison digging wells, things related to agriculture, things related to fire. [BPHS] bearing, maintaining Vagina [pudendum muliebre] / elephant Yama Human / Manushya Dranye - Goddess Gekmo, the Dancer
3. Krittika (Hautabhuja)


26:40 Mesha 10:00 Vrishabha = Head of Kalapurusha Rash actions, accepting fire (Brahmin ritual), competing, hot discussions (debates), working with metals. [BPHS] cutter; scissors Razor Agni Demonic / Rakshasa Mindruk - God Madrukpa" He who has six mothers," youngest son of Mahadeva.
4. Rohini (Rauhina)


10:00 - 23:20 Vrishabha = Fore-head of Kalapurusha Performing action to improve health, marriage, collecting money, construction of religious or government buildings or installing religious objects, all auspicious purposes, first wearing of ornaments. [BPHS] Red. Also,"to grow". Chariot Praja-pati,Brahma Human / Manushya Narme - Goddess Dalwe Lhadenma, The peaceful goddess, rules five star-gods in the form of a chariot. Connected with Kyegyu Dakpo, The Lord of all beings, or Brahma.
5. Mrigaziras= Mirashira, Mrigashirsha, Enaziras, Invaka, Indubha


23:20 Vrishabha - 06:40 Mithuna = Eyebrows of Kalapurusha Marriage, Brahmin receiving sacred thread, travel, construction of temples or other religious buildings or installing holy objects therein, laying foundation stones, braking ground. [BPHS] Deer's head Deer head

(a group of lotuses)

Chandra Heavenly / Deva Go - the stag-headed.
6. Arudra = Aridra, Arudra


06:40 - 20:00 Mithuna =

Eyes of Kalapurushaa

Fighting, tying or binding with rope, controlling enemies, dealing with poison, things relating to fire, exorcising spirits, having first lessons. [BPHS] Moist, damp, wet, dew - fresh, not dry, succulent, green Human head Rudra Human / Manushya Lak - Dragshul Chen, The ferocious; Magpon Dra, The Hostile general; Goddess Nagmo, The Black.
7. Punarvasu Yaamaka 20:00 Mithuna - 03:20 Kataka =

Nose of Kalapurushaa

Doing things to improve health, performing remedies, travel, making ornaments, laying foundation stones, starting fasts, construction or repair of vehicles, beginning agriculture, having first lessons. [BPHS] Of Kalapurusha

"restoring goods "; commencement of financial well-being

Archer's Bow Aditi (Surya/Sun) Heavenly / Deva Nabso: Goddess Jinme Lhamo, Godess of Gifts.
8. Pushya = Sidhya, Tishya


03:20 - 16:40 Kataka = Face of Kalapurusha Doing things to improve health, performing festivals or remedies, good for all auspicious purposes except marriage. [BPHS] "nourishment"; the blossom or flower the uppermost or best of anything; Flower / sheep Brihaspati [Guru/Jupiter]

priest of the Gods - brings rituals for prosperity, and structured learning

Heavenly / Deva Gyal - Goddess sinjema Jordenma" she who satisfies, she who harmonizes."
9. Azlesa (Ahidaivata, Ahideva, Bhujamgabha, Bhaujamga, Uraga)


16:40 - 30:00 Kataka = Ears of Kalapurushaa Fierce competition, things relating to serpents, as in serpent puja, things relating to poison, rash actions, starting a business, money exchange. [BPHS] Embrace / entanglement

"serpent asterism"

Serpent Sarpas (Snake that became a God)

hypnotizing, poisoning, destruction of the victim

Demonic / Rakshasa Kak - goddess Dengchen Lhamo, Dragon-tailed goddes
10. Magha


00:00 - 13:20 Simha = Lips/Chin of Kalapurusha Honoring the deceased, activities concerning water, marriage, wars, and other hazardous undertakings. [BPHS] A gift, reward, bounty; wealth, power Palanquin The Pitris (Fathers) Demonic / Rakshasa Chu - Lord of the 8 bonds, the poet; a Chen The great horse
11. Purva Phalguni


13:20 - 26:40 Simha =

Right Hand of Kalapurushaa

Bondage (ensnaring) and other cruel deeds, construction, warlike acts, deception[BPHS] Purva= front-side, former


Front legs of cot Bhaga Human / Manushya Dre - Tau, Ta Chung, The little horse; sokye, Lake-born, Lotus
12. Uttara Phalguni (Aryamna, Bhagadaivata, Yonidevataa )


26:40 Simha - 10:00 Kanya = Left Hand of Kalapurusha Marriage, sacred ceremonies, Brahmin rituals, taking vows, wearing ornaments, starting house construction, house entering ceremony, ribbon cutting [BPHS] Uttara= back-side. latter

fruits; conferring conjugal felicity

Back legs of cot Aryaman Human / Manushya Nakshatra Wo - Trawo, Multicolor; Chimo, Grandmother; Nyime, Lhadenmo, Lady of the Sun
13. Hasta


10:00 - 23:20 Kanya = Fingers of the hand (a closed hand) of Kalapurusha ravel, beginning of learning, marriage, wearing new clothes and ornaments, starting a house, installation of essential objects. [BPHS] holding in or by the hand Palm Savita (of the famous poem, Savitri) Heavenly / Deva Mezhi - Chama, Messenger; Rigje, knowledge
14. Chitra (citra)


23:20 Kanya - 06:40 Tula = Neck of Kalapurusha Applying remedies, actions to improve health, architectural actions of a mechanical nature, auspicious performances connected with architecture, first wearing or ornaments and clothes, sacred ceremonies, as in thread ceremony for Brahmins, agriculture. [BPHS] conspicuous, excellent, distinguished; bright, clear, bright-colored; bright-sounding; variegated, spotted, speckled; agitated; having many varieties; strange, wonderful Pearl vashtri Demonic * Rakshasa Nakpa, The Black; Janakpa, black bird
15. Swati


06:40 - 20:00 Thula = Chest of Kalapurusha Construction of religious buildings, auspicious activities, sowing seeds, warfare, making tools or weapons. [BPHS] Sapphire Vayu Heavenly / Deva Sari - Goddess Lunggi Lhamo, Goddess of the Wind; Lunggi, Mighty Lord of the Wind; Namthong Gong, High Celestial Vision
16. Radha = Vishaka = Indraagni)


20:00 Thula- 03:20 Vrizchika = Breasts of Kalapurushaa Activities relating to house or land, making ornaments, architecture (sculpture, construction) making chariots and other vehicles, taking medicine. [BPHS] Radha = prosperity, success, gift, favor; lightning;

(branched / forked)

potter's wheel Indra-agni Demonic / Rakshasa Saga - Goddess Wangpo Denma, She who has power; Namthong Og, Lower Celestial vision
17. Anu-raadha = Maitra Nakshatra


03:20 - 16:40 Vrizchika - Stomach of Kalapurusha Weddings, beginning vows, travel, ascending new elephants and horses (entering new vehicles or driving for the first time), all auspicious acts both movable and immovable. [BPHS] following Radha; causing welfare, happiness Umbrella Mitra ( The Divine Friend) Heavenly / Deva Lhatsam - lakpa, The Hand; Dzawo Lha, The Friendly God
18. Jyeztha


16:40 - 30:00 Vrizchika - Right Torso of Kalapurusha Facing one's foes directly, performing actions for subduing one's competitors, apologies, metallurgy, architecture, heating oil and other things. [BPHS] most excellent, pre-eminent, first, chief. best, greatest; best in speech; more excellent than; the eldest brother Umbrella Indra Demonic / Rakshasa Nrön - Dubu, Bracelet; Lha Wangden, Divine Might
19. Mula = Moola)


00:00 - 13:20 Dhanushya = Left Torso of Kalapurusha Making parks and gardens, beginning war, treaties and breaking treaties, digging wells tanks or ponds, agriculture. [BPHS] Root crouching lion Nirriti (Goddess of destruction)

Nirriti = Alakshmi = denial of Lakshmi (abundance and prosperity) = Kali = negative effect of time

Demonic / Rakshasa Nub - Tsawa, root; Sokpa,Vitality
20. Ashadha


13:20 - 26:40 Dhanushya = Back - Dorsal of Kalapurusha Digging wells tanks or ponds, agriculture, making religious objects, releasing from bondage, forgiving others, cruel deeds, cutting trees. [BPHS] former - victorious one front of square Apah Human / Manushya Chutö - Higher water, measure of water
21. Uttara- Ashadha


26:40 Dhanushya - 10:00 Makara = Waist of Kalapurusha Establishing or embellishing home or land, entering houses, sowing seeds. [BPHS] latter - victorious one back of square Vishva Human / Manushya Chume - Phul, Natsok, Perfect, Accomplished
22. Shravana (HariNakshatra a)


10:00 - 23:20 Makara= Genitals of Kalapurusha Installations (as in installing a new appliance), establishing a home, sacred ceremonies, performing remedies, improving health, and other auspicious actions. [BPHS] streaming, flowing, flowing off; causing to flow, shedding; premature abortion; sweat, perspiration; urine;

(Ear / listener)

Vishnu Heavenly / Deva Drokhin - Trokje, God of the Wind or Sun; Jizhin, Ngag Nyenpa, Pleasant-voiced
23. Dhaniztha (Zravishthaa, Bhutinidhaana)


23:20 Makara - 06:40 Kumbha = Anus of Kalapurusha tonsure ceremony (hair cutting), sacred ceremonies, warfare ascending new elephants, horses or vehicles, preparing a garden plot. [BPHS] very swift, very rich,"receptacle of prosperity" drum The Vasus ( Gods of abundance) esp. Basudaibata = wealth-giver of jewels, precious articles, gold, etc. Demonic / Rakshasa Möndre - Thobden, he who attains; Drog Tö, high friend.
24. ShataBishaja = Shatavisakhya, Shata-taraka


06:40 - 20:00 Kumbha = Right Thigh of Kalapurusha Making chariots and water borne vehicles, ascending new elephants, horses or vehicles, house and land rites (especially dealing with contracts), warfare actions involving silver or bamboo. [BPHS] 1000 healers; 1000 stars flower Varuna ( God of the cosmic waters) Demonic / Rakshasa Möndru - Goddess Chü Lhamo, Goddess of the Water; Drokme, Lower Friend
25. Purva - bhadraPada


20:00 Kumbha - 03:20 Meena = Left Thigh of Kalapurusha Architectural activities,, hazardous undertakings, cutting, farming business, buying buffalo, camels or other livestock, buying, making or installing water machines. [ BPHS ]

front-side of Good / Beautiful Feet

bhadra= blessed, auspicious, fortunate, prosperous, happy, good, gracious, friendly, kind, excellent, fair, beautiful, lovely, pleasant, dear, skillful...

Ajaikapada - Aja Ekapada

(the one-footed serpent; celestial form of Agni / sacred fire)

Human / Manushya Trumtö - Goddess Ri Lhamö, Goddess of the mountains; Nema, Goddess of the Place; Palang Kang, Bull' s Foot
26. Uttara - bhadra Pada


03:20 - 16:40 Meena = Lower Legs = Calves of Kalapurusha Marriage, making vows, installing sacred objects, beginning houses, anointing, christening. [BPHS]

back-side of Good / Beautiful Feet

Ahir Budhnya

(benefic serpent who brings the rain; serpent of the depths of the Atmosphere)

Human / Manushya Trume - Trülching, Snake Net
27. Revati


16:40 - 30:00 Meena = Abdominal Cavity = Groin of Kalapurusha Building houses, making jewelry, constructing religious buildings, marriage, making vows. [BPHS]

The financial wealthy ones; the shining ones.

(Applied to the cows and the waters.)


Pushan (keeper of Cows of the Gods)

Heavenly / Deva Namdru - Shepa Gyeje, He who makes knowledge grow; Goddess Sowe Lhamo, She Who Heals
28. [Abhi-jita] intercalary nakshatra of Kala-purusha intercalary nakshatra victorious

Name Caste Direction Aim Quality Shakti
Azvini * Dasra Merchant South Dharma Light Healing
Bharani * Yama Outcast West Artha Fierce Removing
Krittika Brahmin North Kama Mixed Burning
Rohini Shudra East Moksha Fixed Growing
Mriga-ziras Farmer South Moksha Soft Enjoying
Arudra-Orion Butcher West Kama Sharp Achieving
Punarvasu Merchant North Artha Mutable Revitalizing
Pushya Warrior East Dharma Light Sanctifying
Azlesa Outcast South Dharma Sharp Destroying
Magha Shudra West Artha Fierce Dying
Purvaphalguni Brahmin North Kama Fierce Procreating
Uttaraphalguni Warrior East Moksha Fixed Prospering
Hasta Merchant South Moksha Light Gaining
Chitra Farmer West Kama Soft Creating
Swatika Butcher North Artha Mutable Transforming
Vishaka Outcast East Dharma Mixed Harvesting
Anuradha Shudra South Dharma Soft Abundance
Jyestha Farmer West Artha Sharp Heroism
Mula Butcher North Kama Sharp Clearing
Purvazadha Brahmin East Moksha Fierce Invigorating
Uttarazadha Warrior South Moksha Fixed Victory
Shravana Outcast North Artha Mutable Connecting
Dhaniztha Farmer East Dharma Mutable Joining
Shatabhisaja Butcher South Dharma Mutable Healing
Purvabhadrapada Brahmin West Artha Fierce Upraising
Uttarabhadrapada Warrior North Kama Fixed Stabilizing
Revati Shudra East Moksha Soft Nourishing