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Jyotisha Practice

Tool of consciousness ?


Terror of superstition ?

There are many ways

to gain knowledge of the subconscious inventory of expectations

and skills for managing it.

E.g., awareness meditation, tantric practice, non-petitionary prayer, selfless service/seva, bhakti/karma/jyapa yoga, many forms of divination, etc. Many, many ways.

One way is Jyotisha.

According to the rule:as above, so below :

Jyotisha is a form of divination (reading the Divine) which uses the patterns of planets in the sky, and their complex interrelationships, to reveal patterns in the subconscious inventory.

Using the mirroring patterns of the planets' movements :: the individual reality, Jyotisha can predict the timing of major releases of subconscious expectation into the field of consciousness.

This major release is called an"event". Jyotisha can predict events.

There is however Absolutely no spiritual benefit to being able to predict the timing of events unless one wishes to use the information to learn what's in the subconscious warehouse (at least, the top level of storage that is active in the current lifetime), the timing of the projection mechanism, and (ideally) how to manage it.

Lacking a spiritual motivation, the user of Jyotisha and any other type of divination falls into destructive misuse of the information as a further encouragement to disempowerment through superstition.

Thus, some moral responsibility rests with the Jyotishi for ensuring that with every dose of predictive information comes strong suggestion for how to use this gift most beneficially.

Remind the querents frequently that:

  • we are looking into their OWN life path

  • they really do own it,

  • they can have full control over it -- when and if they wish to claim that control

  • but that gaining control does take skill and dedication to the goal.

(Ask any yogi in a cave exactly how MUCH skill and control. A lot!!)

Q: Hi Barbara,

I was curious as to what you mean when you say that Jyotish is part of your spiritual practice? Do you mean that your practice of Jyotish is a type of karma yoga? Or that the Jyotish texts serve as sacred scripture? Thanks.

A: Namaste,

Nice question!

I mean that Jyotisha practice constantly reinforces awareness of the presence of Divine intelligence in all things, both within and without the framework of linear time.

Wishing you best success in Jyotisha studies,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya

Q: Respected Madam, Namaskar.

Kindly explain me this confusion.

Q) Astrology gives an insight what events one will face in a lifetime. It also indicates the weakness and strength of an individual. His/her reactions and actions, leading to the events creating our own destined realities.

Q) Kindly clear what is the fixed portion in astrology, is it the events or the reaction to the events because both work together. Who is empowered to control the events and who is empowered to control the reactions.

Best Regards Jai Ganesha.

A : Namaste,

Material events have no genuine substance. Events are merely projections of the mind.

If one can control the mind, and one will gain control over the projection-machine which manufactures the events.

Individual mind interacts with collective human mind which interacts multitudinous levels of cosmic mind. It is not possible for most humans in our current level of evolution to gain complete control over every level of mind. But we can make progress toward neutrality and cessation of reaction to the projections. Each step forward in spiritual progress will result in a deeper peace.

Even a little baby step forward in releasing ego-membrane attachment to the projections of the mind will result in less worry and greater harmony with the flow of projected events.

Astrological charts are maps of the mind.

As above, so below.

There is only one who is empowered to control the events and only one who is empowered to control the reactions, and that is oneself. There is no Other.

This only makes sense if one is able to comprehend that Oneself is fully identical to the Divine. It is all One.

Illusions which split and separate the Divine into many mirrors and networks can be enjoyed like mental toys. So long as one is not experiencing terrible pain from believing in illusions, it is possible to enjoy playing with the beliefs and sensations that are the projections of the mind. However do be careful since the mind will follow the path of habit. Whatever one thinks of most frequently, whichever image or narrative is repeated and dwelt upon, those expectations form grooves in the mind and that subconscious expectation will be projected upon the material world and it will"come true". Be careful what one believes, thinks, wishes, dreams, and expects. All these will manifest.

I strongly recommend the simply-written book"The Power of Your Subconscious Mind" by Joseph Murphy (1966).

Sincerely, Barbara Pijan Lama


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updated:01 November 2019

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