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the portion of plenty

Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra:

Sarga-35, Shloka-7 4-85

Vocabulary = 'Prana':

~~ Koeln Digital Sanskrit Lexicon

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  • Pra = the breath of life, breath, respiration spirit vitality
  • a vital organ vital air = 3 in number = prana, apana and vyana
  • the 5 organs of vitality or sensation = prana, vac, caksus, zrotra, manas
  • air inhaled, wind
  • breath (as a sign of strength).
  • vigour, energy, power
  • with all one's strength"' or, all one's heart"
  • a breath (as a measure of time, or the time requisite for the pronunciation of 10 long syllables
  • the spirit
  • the spirit identified with the totality of dreaming spirits
  • poetical inspiration
  • myrrh
[Begin BPHS

s74. "If Pranapada is in the ascendant,

the native will be

  • weak, sickly, dumb, lunatic, dull-witted,

  • defective-limbed, miserable, and emaciated.

s75. If Pranapada is in the 2nd,

the native will be

  • endowed with abundant grains (rice, wheat etc.),
  • abundant wealth, abundant attendants,
  • abundant children and be fortunate.
s76. If Pranapada is in the 3rd,

the native will be

  • injurious, (or mischievous), proud, hard-hearted,
  • very dirty and be devoid of respect for elders.
s77. If Pranapada is in the 4th,

the native will be

  • happy, friendly, attached to females and elders, soft and truthful.
s78. If Pranapada is in the 5th,

the native will be

  • happy, will do good acts, be kind, and very affectionate.
s79. If Pranapada is in the 6th,

the native will be

  • subdued by his relatives and enemies, be sharp,

    will have defective digestive fire,

  • be wicked, sickly, affluent and short-lived.
s80. If Pranapada is in the 7th,

the native will be

  • green-eyed, ever libidinous, fierce in appearance,

    be not worth respect and be ill-disposed.

s81. If Pranapada is in the 8th,

the native will be

  • afflicted by diseases, be troubled and
  • will incur misery on account of the king, relatives, servants and sons.
s82. If Pranapada is in the 9th,

the native will be

  • endowed with sons, be very rich, fortunate, charming,
  • will serve others and be not wicked but be skillful.
s83. If Pranapada is in the 10th,

the native will be

  • heroic, intelligent, skillful,
  • be an expert in carrying out royal orders,
  • and will * worth-ship * worship gods.
s84. If Pranapada is in the 11th,

the native will be

  • famous, virtuous, learned,
  • wealthy, fair-complexioned and attached to mother.
s85. If Pranapada is in the 12th,

the native will be

  • mean, wicked, defective-limbed,
  • will hate Brahmins and relatives
  • and will suffer from eye diseases or be one-eyed.
TO calculate Pranapada,

instructions from BPHS Cha-3, Shloka-7 1-74:

see also Jaimini Sutra Ch 4, Shloka-2 2, and 41 until 52.

Convert the given time into Vighati and divide the number of Vighati by 15.

The resulting Rashi, degrees etc. should be added to Surya if Ravi occupies a Movable Rashi, which will yield Pranapada.

  • If Surya occupies a Fixed Rashi, add 240 degrees to obtain Pranapada
  • if Ravi occupies a Dual Rashi, add 120 degrees to get Pranapada.

The birth will be auspicious, if Pranapada falls in the bhava 2nd, 5th, 9th, 4th, 10th, or 11th from the natal Lagna.

In other Bhava, Pranapada indicates an inauspicious birth.


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