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Guercino c.1650 Personificazione dell'astrologia

Blanton Museum at the University of Texas at Austin

Intellectual taboo vs. Critical thinking

Virtually all highly educated modern world citizens reject or ridicule astrology.

Self-respecting western rationalists with university educations, have likely accepted the post-Enlightenment intellectual taboo against astrology and divination at face value.

Most western-educated persons accept this /can't know/ stop-action intellectual barrier without legitimate inquiry into its institutional origins.

Has there been compelling research which proves the absence of significant correlation between Jyotisha predictions and the actual events?

No, a methodical disproving has not occurred on any type of sustained scientific basis. Educated folks reject astrology and most other forms of divination (except economics :)) because it is the custom to do so.

Habitual routines, folkways, ancient customs, established cultural norms vs. rational inquiry

In any culture, not following the popular custom causes embarrassment. In the modern western /scientistic/ cultures, one may be laughed out of the room for being superstitious or succumbing to a debased, vulgar, un-scientific mentality.

Astrology is intellectually unfashionable;

that is true. However, the decision to avoid critical inquiry into any subject is the result of social conformity behavior - not an act of science.

Jyotisha has not been subjected to adequate post-modern rational inquiry, and it has yet to be systematically disproved.

Our modern scientific method for discovering the world depends on a mechanism of forming hypotheses and testing them according to various methodological standards.

testing the claims of the samaya-vidya

Have astrological assertions been tested against contemporary truth standards? Does the native achieve education, wealth, or fame; marry; produce heirs; attain leadership; and leave their body at the time Jyotisha would predict?

Typically, Jyotishavidya claims are rejected out of hand, under pressure of social conformity within westernized intellectual culture. It would be more consistent with actual modern truth standards test these historic वैदिक (vaidik) assertions, in a systematic program of scientific inquiry, to determine how well the predictions hold up. The predictions should use specific language and rely on as few /black boxes/ as possible.

In several decades of Jyotisha practice, the practitioner has been intellectually rewarded with a very positive correlation between prediction and outcome.

Large scale studies would be better. These be undertaken as soon as educated people abandon the /scientific/ taboo against traditional divinatory practices.


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