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traditionally, there are eight forms of marriage [aṣṭavivāha] |


OM shum shukraya namah

OM dram drim draum sah shukraya namah

Kumbha Vivah

getting married to an empty clay pot [kumbha]

a historic folk remedy for less benevolent first-marriage prediction

The value of this practice is as empty as the pot!

Vocabulary for Kumbha Vivah

  • Koeln Sanskrit Lexicon

IE cognates:

  • Latin cymba;
  • Welsh cym, coomb (modern mountain-climbing terms)
  • English comb


  • to bear or carry off, remove

  • to lead away (the bride from her father's house), take in marriage, marry

  • to marry or form a matrimonial alliance together

  • to marry (a girl) to

  • to lead home, take to wife


  • a jar, pitcher, waterpot, ewer, small water-jar

  • a perforated pitcher

  • a jar of unbaked clay

  • a golden ewer

  • a water-pot

  • an urn in which the bones of a dead person are collected

  • the sign of the zodiac Aquarius

  • a measure of grain (equal to twenty Dronas, a little more than three bushels and three gallons; commonly called a comb; some make it two Dronas or sixty-four Seers)

  • the frontal globe or prominence on the upper part of the forehead of an elephant (there are two of these prominences which swell in the rutting season)

  • a religious exercise, viz. closing the nostrils and mouth so as to suspend breathing

  • a harlot

  • a small jar or pot, earthen cooking vessel

Kumbha Vivah

= a historic remedy for uncomfortable Jyotisha marriage prospects that is practiced in some traditional Bharati cultures.

An empty clay pot, or Kumbha, stands in for the spouse, and the native is "married" to the pot.

  • Then the pot is broken and thus the 'curse' of a bad first marriage is considered to be broken.

In some cultures the hapless native will be 'married' to a sapling tree, such as a pipal.

  • The tree is then destroyed.

There are many variations according to custom and climate.

IMO this custom = absolutely the height of superstition, and cannot possibly produce the least advantage in the quest to transform ignorance into wisdom.

Genuine karma = obligatory actions which have been designed by the spirit to enforce, through repetition of the lesson-gift, an awareness of the relationship between thoughts and actions. Karma is a purposeful system which facilitates the conversion of ignorance into wisdom.

Karma is inescapable via superstitious methods because superstition transfers the locus of responsibility to an outside agent. If a challenging first marriage is on schedule, what would be the point of running away from it? The idea of karma is to face the planned misalignments requiring realignment attention and learn from them.

Yet supposedly educated persons often ask whether the kumbh-vivah puja will resolve forecast marriage challenges.

The answer is: no it will not. Nor will dancing in a counterclockwise circle with 108 strips of red fabric tied to one's head (a popular "remedy" for Kuja Dosha, Kala Sarpa Yoga, and various other "curses "!)

Nor will wearing a ring of a certain gemstone, set in the metal form of a snake. Nor will any other act of sympathetic magic which is intended to run away from karma rather than work through it.

IMO there is no harm in doing puja of any type, so long as one understands that by performing the ritual one's power has not been usurped by outside agencies (deities, naga, spirits, a guru or the pujari).

The power to change lies within the power to understand , and the power to understand is a part of conscious acceptance of the path as one finds it.

  • If a puja shall be performed, that is lovely, but the puja can only confirm one's intention to make the necessary inner changes in attitude.

  • The puja cannot alter the process of manifestation of one's own thoughts, beliefs, expectations due to upbringing, psychological and emotional reactions etc. as these emerge into the interactions of human-to-human relationships.

  • One must be willing to accept personal responsibility for the communication and understanding within marriage.

  • a marriage be considered completed when the couple is unable to establish a balance Only after the pair has exhausted all available negotiation options and Only after using every possible intelligent strategy to discover a path toward harmonious agreement.

Breaking a clay pot will not create the least molecule of progress toward the goal of self-knowledge through the vehicle of marriage.

However *any ritual * including the ceremonial breaking of a clay pot, can help to confirm one 's intention

The power of change IS THE POWER OF INTENTION.

Intention to eradicate the most fundamental ignorance may be enacted by asking for help from the divine when marriage challenges become severe.

Breaking a clay pot can serve as a sacrificial ritual which does affirm one's commitment to breaking through barriers of misunderstanding and psychic mismatch to reach a common respect.

Rituals are lovely, confirming, materially tangible, and emotionally engaging.

  • However, it is important to continuously remember that a ritual per se has no power. The true power of consciousness is the power of honest personal conviction, personal intention, and personal commitment to accept responsibility for the situation.

  • It is necessary to do one's neutral and compassionate best work to make it better while negotiating the piece-by-piece conversion of resentment, blaming, accusations, and despair into the bright light of trust and knowledge.

Breaking a clay pot or pulling up a tree sapling will do absolutely nothing to assist the consciousness and in fact if such rituals are undertaken from a power-exhausting superstitious perspective, rituals increase ignorance which increases the scale of the pre-incarnationally planned learning curve.

Rituals should not be performed unless the personal commitment to forgive and release is already in place.

Kumbha Vivah can be validating and it can be fun...

Kumbha Vivah = absolutely a performative act of affirmation of personal responsibility.

  • Kumbah Vivah can seal a promise and signal a release of fear.

Although a ritual is never a release of liability for working through one's own cloud of darkness, it can help conscious people to commit and re-commit to to goal of bringing an avowed marriage agreement into the bright light of truth.

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