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Jyotishavidya Practice

" The subtlety of nature is many times greater

than the subtlety of the senses and understanding."

~~ Francis Bacon

Practical Astrology


the Mystical Order

" There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are Dreamed of in your Philosophie."


Ki Gompa, Spiti Valley, Indian Himalayas

photo: Himachal Pradesh Tourism

Eliphas Levi, quoted in Esoteric Astrology by Bepin Behari

" God sows the Idea of the infinite,

and the rays of the suns

bring to birth the germs of the Plan."

Practical Astrology and Mystical Order

Astrology is an encrypted language. Astrology's holographic codes contain information about the structure of the universe. One born as an astrologer is assigned the duty of decrypting this Awesome Information . Will the tiny human astrologer succeed or fail?


Esoteric Principles of Vedic Astrology by Bepin and Madhuri Behari

" The process of Cosmic Ideation, the transmission of the Idea to the planetary regents, from them to the terrestrial system and then, to the human individuals is indeed a very complicated one which could be effectively explained only in the language of allegories, mythologies, and symbols."

Astrology is the art of interpreting The "allegories, mythologies, and symbols associated with the planetary regents (those planets orbiting around the local logoi-sun ) as they affect the terrestrial system (gaia) with particular attention toward individual humans.

Assuming an accurate recording of the infant's first in-breath, it is fairly easy for humans to construct a snapshot of the planets at the moment of birth, based on straightforward geometric calculations.

What is not easy for humans is to understand, and clearly articulate, the greatness of the Plan revealed in those geometric patterns.

Practical astrologers know that:

  • All reality begins with God.

  • God's Plan extends even into such obscure nooks and crannies of the universe as the Milky Way galaxy.

  • the Plan reaches into this remote little 12-planet solar system supervised by the deity Ra. We call it Home.

  • the Plan moves with absolute order into the "terrestrial system," of our beloved planet Earth * Terra * Telluris.

  • the Plan creates an ordered Life Experience for each tiny human.

It's awesome.

But can they communicate it, especially at the level of daily human experience?

Usually, not.

In the present dimensional consciousness, few would claim to completely understand Jyotisha. Not with better Sanskrit and not with more Seva. Not even with more puja and purification.

Progress, yes. Completion, unlikely. No lifetime Jyotiṣika, whether scratching glyphs in the dirt floor of a banana-leaf hut in Sri Lanka or typing notes to clients on an electronic transmitter from a seat on a 747, will tell you any different.

Not only are there major obstacles to understanding in the tangle of ancient and medieval texts; interpretive conflict due to major unresolved linguistic and historical issues; and all the expected complexity of a subjective-objective vidya which spans the border between mysticism and mathematics.

There is also the undeniable experience of religious awe . Jyotiṣika spend their waking hours like astronomers, contemplating of the galactic spectacle. In modern times Jyotiṣika are not considered astronomers. Jyotiṣika generally view the world through paper, pencil, and software screen rather than via high-powered telescopes. A portion of the astronomical phenomena that Jyotiṣika perceive is still unknown to astronomers; the sky described by the samayavidya is richer even than what the telescopes reveal.

Its massive size - and this is only one little galaxy! - paralyzes the rational mind. Of course, at the most mundane level, Jyotisha is rule-driven computational mathematics. Software can be written because the connections between planetary interaction and human experience can be defined and entered into tables of correspondence.

Jyotisha works well as a divination and prediction system. But why? Simple" synchronicity? Even if synchronicity is the reason, the very fact that synchronicity is occurring on multiple (countless?) numbers of perceptual levels is itself mind-boggling.

The predominant patterns are inescapable. The more subtle patterns are discernable with study, and more study.

For some practitioners, the predominant patterns are those which captivate the personal memory. For others, a guru has selected the priorities for study. Some Jyotiṣika are good at predicting disasters or foretelling the outcome of wars. Some are brilliant marriage matchers. Others specialize in business decisions, financial speculation, horse-races, politics. The understanding lies in the synchronicity between the diviner and the Divine.

Common queries include marriage, children, education, spirituality, treasury and career. Some, looking for inspiration, have a focused interest in the lives of saints and world leaders. There is abundant diversity in the plenum of the Jyotishavidya.

Mysticism in Astrology

Fortunately or unfortunately, astrology works as a Truth Vehicle only to the extent that the Astrologer comprehends the duties of the planets executing the Intention of Source **and* * accurately explains those duties (if not that Will!) to the querent.

This is a tall order, indeed! So, generally, due to human limitations, an astrological reading is not intended to reveal complete truth.

However, thinking about Big Systems for a prolonged period of time will transform just about anyone into a mystic. A mystic is a spiritual person who seeks and finds a penetrating truth in all of Life.

Mystics are intuitive, which means they receive teachings through meditation, reflection, and certain kinds of prayer.

A mystic is someone like Albert Einstein who could understand, in some small way and from personal experience,"how the Old One thinks."

And as Einstein knew very well, it's incredibly difficult to explain mystically derived knowledge to people who are not themselves mystics.

" Cosmic religious very difficult to anyone who is entirely without it, especially as there is no anthropomorphic conception of God corresponding to it. ...

How can cosmic religious feeling be communicated from one person to another, if it can give rise to no definite notion of a God and no theology?"

-- Lecture on"Religion and Science"

in The World as I See It - p. 27, Citadel anthology

The language of astrology is hard to decrypt. The language of astrology is hard to interpret.

But if the astrologer is an educated, reflective mystic, and the person receiving the reading is truly looking for knowledge and substantially intuitive, Astrology can reveal a shockingly accurate slice of the Awesome Truth.

It does happen, often enough, to keep all us astrologers sufficiently hopeful, and increasingly enchanted, with the possibility of full revelation.


updated: 14 March 2023

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