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Navagraha in the Orissa Style

tadyatha om gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha


Jyotishavidya Practice

" ... That child was already being schooled for the complexities of his adult predicament, a future where he would have to adjudicate among promptings variously ethical, aesthetical, moral, political, metrical, skeptical, cultural, topical, typical, post-colonial and, taken all together, simply impossible."

~~Nobel Lecture, Seamus Heaney , Nobel Prize in Literature 1995

Voice of the Interior Narrative

Astrological charts show geometric patterns created by the angles between the Seven Planets that most directly influence our Earth, along with the Moon's nodes named Rahu and Ketu.

  • of these nine major earth-influencing spheres, seven have energy that is partly converted into mass.
  • , the familiar planets Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn - plus Earth's Sun and Earth's Moon - are partly solid, liquid, and gas.

Q: Namaste Mrs. Pijan.

... Often in Vedic astrology, ... This yoga has very negative connotations (causing things like deceit, cheating, lying, etc.).

On your site though, you tend to take a very different perspective on it, it seems.

You seem to convey that Rahu tends to amplify any planets conjunct with it and the lord of the house in which it occupies. Ex. Guru with Rahu will enhance the effects of Guru. This seems to be a far more logical approach to me.

Whether or not this is a good yoga it seems would depend on the dispositor and the location of Guru (bhava and rashi). ...

Is this correct logic?

A: Namaste,

One of the consequences of maintaining the knowledge tradition of Jyotishavidya over the millennia via shloka-memorization lineage has been a tendency for the interpretive principles of Jyotisha-vidya to sound rather overly formulaic.

This apparent stiffness is at least partly the consequence of the syllabic meter of the Sanskrit verses in which the shloka were composed. The telegraphic minimalistic style of the messages allowed the essential contents of the vidya to be transmitted across the centuries of darkness with relatively little corruption.

Modern recipients of this historic body of knowledge (vidya, wisdom) may experience some frustrating consequence of this chanting-metric preservation method.

Firstly, the instructions for how to apply the principles often seem excessively prescriptive . Secondly, on the rare occasions when teaching examples are provided in the shloka, they can seem almost comical in their imagery. It can seem like the ancient tradition is representing caricatures of humans, rather than real humans!

But remember - the Preservers were desperate. The darkness was closing around them. They had to develop a rote memorization method and they had to do it fast. There was going to be some data loss. They knew that. They could only preserve the skeleton of the vidya - not more. They hoped that IF the transmission survived, it could be reconstituted at the end of the quarantine.

And here we are. The long-forecast precession of the equi-nocti has occurred. The quarantine has been lifted. Blessedly, the skeleton survives! Modern Jyotiṣika may look back with extreme gratitude for the wisdom of the Preservers in deploying the containment power of rhythmic sound.

Their genius produced the decision to use sound as the retention device for preserving the memory of the Jyotisha samayavidya, the science of Light and Time. Singing was one of the very few elements of human civilization which remained sustainable during the quarantine period of the Age of Meena. Now, following centuries of dutiful, largely non-comprehending, repetitious chanting by the honored-ones of the priestly orders, the samayavidya in several iterations is available to be rehabilitated and restored.

The modern Jyotiṣika, appreciating the scientific networking caoabilities of the present Age of Kumbha, can set about the task of reviewing the often fragmentary instructions and articulations of the core principles, rebuilding theinterpretive framework, and regenerating a body of illustrative examples.

Wishing you and your family every happiness, healing from sorrow, guidance by inner light, and success in all of life's endeavors,


Barbara Pijan Lama, Jyotishavidya


The remaining two classical Jyotisha personalities, which are the upagraha Rahu and Ketu, have intense energy. Yet none of their energy is converted into human-visible mass.

The human perceptual filters block Rahu and Ketu from the five-senses perceptual dimensions; However, Rahu and Ketu are easily detected via subtle psychic senses. Also their presence can be detected using quantum-physics methods that are used to detect subtle particles such as quarks: via their effects.

  • Thus Rahu and Ketu are invisible to the human physical eye.

Positivistic astronomers whose machinery is not (yet) designed to detect more subtle vibration cannot locate Rahu and Ketu.

However, astronomers are aware that Earth's Moon does " wobble" unaccountably when it passes through the two magnetic zones that Jyotisha calls Rahu andKetu.

However, Rahu and Ketu aredetectable with the "Third Eye" (pineal) used by modern human clairvoyants as well as the ancient vaidik Rishi * Seers * whose visions form the mystical core of the Veda.

Interactive patterns formed by the nine major earth-influencing spheres (not all of which spheres have mass, but all of which do have energy) surrounding Earth's Sun and reflect the psychic patterns in the Astral Body, including the relationships between chakras.

Astral patterns include hopes, dreams, emotional memories, presumptions and expectations.

Astral patterns will - if not interrupted through conscious intervention - eventually percolate down into the Physical Body.

Jyotisha Readings as Narrative

The events of modern life, driven by anxiety for"success ", often seems to have no rhyme or reason.

Old methods of marking and interpreting the life path, such as coming of age ceremonies, marriage betrothal, and speaking religious vows, have minor relevance in the modern lifestyle

Jyotisha readings give voice to the interior life

The etheric, interior life consciousness flows uninterrupted through each incarnation, Yet, its voice is rarely heard.

The exterior lif behavior of material productivity, based in the mental process which drives economic choice-making, is widely celebrated.

Five-senses input = disconnected

Most folks are unaware of their core being. The average person is convinced that the physical body is the self.

The five-senses physical perceptions are not only very limited, they are also not very well connected. Once the flow of interior imagery and dialog becomes conscious, one may be surprised how jarring and disconnected the physical sense-flow really is.

The physical senses are simply missing a lot. When my five-senses perceptions dominate, I have no sense of the great stream of life as I do in meditation. I act and re-act, but I'm following pre-programmed brain signals (including"critical thinking" ) that tell me how to respond to the sense input.

Meditative, interior, etheric awareness = flowing stream of life

By contrast to the smooth flow of meditative awareness, strictly five-senses input reminds me of film techniques such as jump cuts, that involve sudden non-sequitur shifts and disruptions, or some sequencing of visual images not connected by a narrative thread.

It's possible to enter stimulus overload while living a"full life" of constant sensual assault, while never ever understanding the soul narrative which connects it all.

Jyotisha readings take into consideration not only material outcomes, but also the psycho-emotional effects of the psychic-etheric or astral body. (These two energy bodies are distinctly different but for introductory purposes they can be considered two layers of the physic atmosphere which surrounds and interpenetrates every human fleshbody.)

Jyotisha view of life event sequencing can reveal the connecting narrative thread

The Jyotisha reading, which refers to interior astral patterns as frequently as to physical-material patterns, may be the native 's first chance to hear the patterned narrative of one's inner life.

The first serious reading or "life reading" usually take 1-3 hours, which sounds like a long time. But consider: 1-3 hours to present the native 's entire life story?

The Jyotiṣika must pick and choose among thousands of salient events. Only the barest skeleton will be revealed in this short time.

" story of the soul" Yet, if the Jyotisha reading is the native 's first time to hear the story of the soul, it may be a profound revelation.

Q: Dear Ms. Lama,

If two people are born in the same location, at the same time down to the second, would their charts not be identical?

And if so, then how can Jyotish account for the differences in their lives?


According to the rules of time and space, only one person at one time can be born in single time-space location.

If two people are born very close to each other in time-space, such as twins born within minutes of each other, their lives are much more similar than people generally realize. In particular, their thoughts are very similar. As humans we tend to dramatize relatively small differences between us, but in reality when all factors conscious and unconscious are accounted for, the similarities between most peoples lives far outweigh the differences.

However, if birth times can be recorded with precision, even very small birth time differences are recognizable in the Jyotisha varga. For example, the Shastyamsha lagna changes every 15 seconds.

There have been ongoing discussions during the past 30 centuries as to when to measure the event of birth.

The discussion includes whether it could be measured at the moment of conception (perhaps for very conscious parents) or should it be counted from the moment when the cervix at the top of the birth canal is fully open and the mother gives her first laboring push, whether birth occurs at the baby's first breath of Earth's atmospheric air, or whether (as in some cultures) the child is not really"of the Earth" until their tiny feet touch the earth, which might not happen until their 12th month of life or even later.

I personally measure"time of birth" from the event of the baby's first breath.

Best wishes for your success in Jyotisha studies,


BP Lama, Jyotisha


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