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Graha * Bhava* Amsha * Rashi

Om dram dreem droum sah Zukraya namah

Om Grinih Suryaya Namah





the 12 Bhava

Venus conjunct Sun in the twelve houses

Zukra-yuti-Surya in 12 Razi

Zukra-yuti-Surya * Romance Relationships


Bhava-6 * Public Figures

Zukra in bhava-6 + Surya in bhava-6

UK-PM Finest Hour 1874-1965 Winston Churchill * Surya-yuti-Zukra in Vrischika-6 war, conflict, terrorism. Zukra suffers no dagdha-dosha. Zukra enters Meena 5th navamsha, showing his remarkable artistic talent .

His atmakaraka Zukra-Jyeztha suggests that Churchill's wife would be a an independent woman, prone to assert her own incontrovertible seniority in matters of communication and entourage (Surya L-3) . True to Jyeztha Mrs. Clementine Churchill did what she wanted, when she wanted.

Sir Churchill's Surya-Anuradha and Zukra-Jyeztha are far enough apart that Zukra does not suffer moudhya-dosha. Budha ruler of Jyeztha = yuti Ketu while Kuja lord of Vrizchika occupies Kanya-4, a position of verbal criticism and complaint in the home and school environments.

His alcoholism (Zukra-6) was chronicled in the literature written by him and about him. Yet the addiction did not encumber or cripple his leadership performance, his magnificent writing, or his fine arts painting. It does not therefore qualify as an addiction that harms one's life. It was simply his taste in sugar.

Totem and Taboo 1856-1939 neurologist Sigmund Freud = Zukra-yuti-Rahu-6 in Azwini and uttama-Surya-6 in Bharani and Zukra-6 not ashtangata

  • In the world of medicine (6) Freud displayed a magnificent scientific ego * uttama-Surya-6 is the karmesha. His authoritative (uttama-Surya) medical practice broke the taboo (Rahu) against treating sexual dysfunctions. His medical arguments challenged the customary definition of love relationships and sexual passions * yuvatipathi Zukra-yuti-Rahu. His explanations have turned out to be rather weak in clinical practice, suggesting that Freud's intellectual ego-membrane (Surya) may have dominated his more delicate understanding of the undisclosed worlds * Zukra vyayapthi.

  • Zukra + Surya-yuti-Rahu-6 suggests that the wife (Zukra) is dominated by her own father's will (Zukra yuti uttama-Surya). She may be a highly idealistic woman, perhaps cloistered or living in her imagination * Zukra rules 12. Her own radiant intelligence (uttama-Surya) might be undisclosed to the public (12 invisibility).

  • Professor Freud's long-running affaire du coeur with his wife's younger sister who shared their home is signaled by Zukra's rulership of Chandra-yuti-Budha-7 * Budha siblings. it is alleged the Dr. Freud was involved with numerous other ladies as well Also consider the five graha affiliated with Zukra = Ketu, Chandra, Budha, Rahu, and Surya.

Bhava-7 * Public Figures

Zukra in bhava-7 + Surya in bhava-7

  • balladeer poet Bob Dylan

balladeer poet Bob Dylan was a great idealist with Surya + Zukra in Rohini. He developed into a great love poet whose central theme was the need for adoring attention in relationships paired with the classic Rohini finding fault and disappointment in the qualities of the wifely partner (Zukra).

  • Nevertheless karako bhavo nashto applies when swakshetra Zukra occupies yuvati bhava; the wife no matter how beautiful or idealized by her husband is sensually willful and dominated by her father's beliefs for her and about her.

  • Despite producing a prodigious number of children, marriage becomes difficult due to the wife's strong sensual entitlement.

Bhava-8 * Public Figures

Zukra in bhava-8 + Surya in bhava-8

Germany-Nazi 1889-1945 Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler

Zukra retrograde + moudhya-doshawithin 14 degrees of Surya. This combination suggests a complex and problematic struggle for ego-membrane dominance in all partnering relationships, particularly with women.

  • Love of politics (Surya) tremendous but human-flawed idealism (Surya oppressed by Zukra), sensual/sexual love and artistic appreciation of beauty (Zukra) are inseparable from competition, hunting, and massively destructive blood war (Mangala/8).

  • Violence toward women (murdered his young niece whom he had impregnated), sex involves threats and bodily harm. Marriage during Zukra bhukti, occurs only minutes before death by poisoning.


Love and the Maiden by John R.S. Stanhope, c. 1877

Bhava-9 * Public Figures

Zukra in bhava-9 + Surya in bhava-9

Macedon-King o-Megos 356-323 BCE Alexander-III yuti Ketu

Women do 'marry their fathers' as it is said, meaning that a woman's subconscious will often attract men similar to her father particularly the man who can fill the husband role.

When Surya + Zukra occurs in bhava-9, the husband = a very close match to her father indeed. She may feel a need to resist both of these men in order to establish her own identity.

Bhava-10 * Public Figures

Zukra in bhava-10 + Surya in bhava-10


POTUS-03 Declaration of Independence 1743-1826 Thomas Jefferson married a first wife who had been born into the leader class. She was strong-willed and idealistic; and so was he.

  • Zukra in Krittika is not within the 15-degree range of ashtagata-dosha* combustion from his self-centered, heroic Surya in the first degree of Azwini. However, Zukra + Surya = amplified by taboo-breaking, social-boundary-crossing Rahu.

  • After the death of his first wife, Jefferson purportedly maintained a common-law marriage (Zukra) and fathered six children with his African household slave Sally Hemmings. Sally was a 'quadroon' half-sister of his deceased first wife. More specific evidence of taboo (Rahu) love relationship (Zukra) with exploited classes is found in Jefferson's 6th navamsha containing the Rahu-Zukra pair in fertile Dhanushya.

POTUS-pair-42 + USA Secy State 1947- Hillary Rodham Clinton * Zukra + Budha + nichha-Surya-Vanika-1. Neither Zukra nor Budha suffer from the ashtagata-dosha of Surya.

Zukra in Vishaka occupies 14 degrees distance from Surya in Swati, and Zukra is not retrograde * vakri.

The willpower, intellectualization and love of politics which characterize Surya + Zukra are visible.

  • randhresha-8 Surya = rogesha-6 from Chandra = often in conflict with masculine figures including her father and her husband.
  • Surya-yuti-Budha + Surya yuti Zukra * Physically attractive in high visibility leadership venues = swakshetra Zukra in bhava-10 + radiant Surya dig-bala-10.
  • Yet she has a longstanding reputation for stubborn willfulness (nichha-Surya) and notable reluctance to compromise her ideals .

Bhava-11 * Public Figures

Zukra in bhava-11 + Surya in bhava-11

Gracious social networking + political intelligence

POTUS-02 Thoughts on Government 1735-1826 John Adams married his cousin and wife POTUS-pair-02 Letters 1744-1818 Abigail Adams. His Zukra-Thula is not a friend of the Guru-ruled Dhanuzya lagna, but Zukra is neutral toward Mangala ruling his Mesha-Chandra while Zukra is also sending drishti into Mesha-Chandra-5. It is a complex marriage both emotionally and socially. Yet in the nativity of a husband-figure, Zukra in bhava-11 generally assures that the mate remains an essential friend, usually a lifelong friend and a key person in one's social network. His Chandra-5 shows an emotional grounding via drama and politics, where he feels comfortable in the role of innovator and pioneer. Her social-networking skills proved essential toward his political success, as is typical when Zukra opposes Chandra-5 in a husband's nativity.

However it would be an unsupportable overstatement to claim that this couple agreed on all points. Readers of their storied correspondence can instantly see that Abigail thinks clearly and precisely on matters of social and interpersonal justice (Thula) such as women's rights, putting her arguments centuries ahead of their time. John Adam's Chandra in Bharani being naturally concerned with wealth conservation in the new nation would itself lead him toward conservation of historical values including royal rule (5). Abigail infused a constant dialogue of balance, equity, and fair agreements into his centrist presumptions.

In the husband's nativity, Surya-yuti-Zukra is the mark of an independent mate who is significantly influenced by her father. Abigail Adams was shaped by her preacher and councilman father to promote the doctrines of equality and fairness embedded into the Christian doctrine of their New England sects. Abigail was a friend and counselor (Thula, Zukra) to John but she was also an advocate (Thula) for the rights (Surya) of all those who participated in their social community (11) and a counterbalance to John's incipient royalist inclinations to recreate a single, center-stage authority (his Mesha-Chandra-5) within the new order.

The couple endured many long separations due to his public service duties and while Surya with Zukra suggests the possibility of other interests during his years-long absences, his Shani-6 in 8th-from-Zukra effectively prevents divorce. Mrs. Adams was in frail health from the start, via rogesha-6 combust Zukra. The gap between Zukra and Surya = only 9 degrees. She predeceased him by 16 years.

Gospel of Wealth 1835-1919 Andrew Carnegie had Ketu-yuti-Zukra + Surya-yuti-Mangala in Vrischika-11. Professor Zukra is combust = 13 degrees distant from Surya,

Bhava-12 * Public Figures

Zukra in bhava-12 + Surya in bhava-12

God's Dream 1931- Anglican Archbishop Desmond Mpilo Tutu

  • endured many, long lasting, separations from his wife and has expressed a lifelong compassion for the plight of deeply oppressed women due to his vargottamsha nichha combust Zukra + Surya.

POTUS-11 Manifest Destiny 1795-1849 James Knox Polk + nichha-Surya-12. Surya-12 suggests a completely invisible indiscretion such as a conception with a slave-woman (very likely as a social reality in those times). Polk is often reckoned as sterile because he did not produce children with Sarah. However, Surya yuti Zukra suggests a first wife (Surya having the lower degree) before Zukra representing Sarah Childress. Surya is very weak as nichha in 12, but still yuti yuvatipathi-7 and still capable of producing a union.

Overall public strength due to yuvatipathi-7 yuti karmesha-10 . However they spent much time living distantly due to his governance career and her managing their Tennessee plantations. Sarah liked (Zukra) time alone for private prayer.

  • Polk has a uniquely career-supportive marriage situation. Zukra-Vanika yuti Surya-Vanika * nichha * yuvatipathi-7 with karmesha-10 signals a substantial public career. Bhava-7 advising contains Shani-7 dig-bala in Karakamsha ruled by Zukra, suggesting that his steady, cautious adviser wife Sarah played a pivotal role in his career. Polk was generally uneasy in social situations, due partly to his Anuradha abhorrence of "wasting time". Luckily for his career prospects, Polk married the diplomatic, agreement-crafting Sarah Childress. Historians consider her to have been the main reason for his political (Surya) and financial (Zukra) success.


Hermitage Saint Petersburg * Throne Room of St. George's Hall

"And now my friends,

all that is true, all that is noble,

all that is just and pure,

all that is loveable and gracious,

whatever is excellent and admirable -

fill all your thoughts with these things."

~~ Epistle to the Philippians 4:8

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