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Lightbody Lift-off * Varga * Amsha

Circumstances of Flesh-Death

According to the Rashi of the 22nd Drekkana

[BPL note: 22nd drekkana = rashi upon the 8th dreshkamsha D-3 ]

Contents of this chart copied from the generous offerings of Sri Sarajit Poddar, Jyotish Guru, Sri Jagannath Center


" In the absence of aforesaid conditions the nature of death is to be judged from the 22nd Decanate which falls in the 8th house."

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Shiva Carrying Sati * Dakshayani * on His Trident, circa 1800, India, Himachal Pradesh, Kangra, South Asia from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Painting; Watercolor, Opaque watercolor and gold on paper

First Decanate

Second Decanate

Third Decanate


Water, Snake-poison, Bite

[Simha] Water, worms, Snow, Forest.

[Dhanushya] Falling into the tank or well


Elephant, Horse, Camel

[Kanya] Bile, Fire, Wind, Thieves

[Makara] Fall from a vehicle, seat or horse or through Weapons in Battle


Cough, Asthma

Buffalo, Poison, Typhoid

wild animals, Mountain, Snakes or elephants, Forester or forest


Crocodile, Liquor, Thorns, Sleep

Blows, Drinking poison

Birds, Diabetes, Tumor, Blood vitiation, Sleepiness.


Water, Poison, Disease of the feet

[Dhanushya] Dropsy, Diarrhea, Forest

[Mesha] Poison, Instruments, (Operation), Curse, Fall


Head or brain disease

[Makara] Wild Elephant, Snake, Forest, Mountain, Prince’s displeasure

[Vrishabha] Chasm, Food and Drink, Woman, Weapon, Water, Donkey, Elephant


Young woman, Animal, Fall

Stomach disease

Snake, Water


Poison, Weapon, Woman, Food

Clothes, Load, Fall, Disease

Pain caused by Clods and stones, Fracture of the shank


Disease of Anus, wind complaints

[Mesha] Poison, Wind disease.

[Simha] In water or water complaints, Stomach diseases


Torture at the hand of king; tiger; breaking of thighs; aquatic animal; poison; snake; animals of uncloven hooves

[Vrishabha] Fire, weapons, Thieves, Fever, Piercing by a non-human agency

[Kanya] Women


Woman, Water, Stomach complaints, Savages

Woman, Venereal diseases

Sexual excess, Quadrupeds, Facial Diseases


Tumor; diarrheoa; diabetes; young woman; disease of the shanks; water element; evil spirits


Fell Diseases

He has made everything beautiful in its time.

He has also set eternity in the hearts of men;

yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.

-- Book of Ecclesiastes * Koheleth, 3:11

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