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Amsha * Varga

Vocabulary for Varga

amsha * amza * amja


"Amsha" * "portion" * section

Hindi 'ans'


Lagnamsha = lagnans

= the *rashi* of the radix lagna .

E.g., if radix lagna is Vrischika, then Scorpionis in Dwadazamamza-10 is called"lagnamsha".

Planets placed in Lagnamsha activate the Lagna during their periods or the days ruled by them. Also, planets transiting lagnamsha activate the lagna.

For POTUS-43 Decision Points 1946- George W. Bush , the D-1 lagna = Karkata.

  • Therefore in GW's D-12 which has a lagna of Dhanushya, Karkata = 8th dwadazamamza-10 = lagnamsha.

  • It is revealing that lagnamsha in GW's D-12 which represents his parents = the secretive 8th dwadazamamza-10 that is very well stocked with an uttama-Guru in D-12's randhra bhava.

  • His parents are powerful guides * Guru * for him and they provide him with very abundant (uttama- Guru) hidden money (8) and confidential information (8). Guru represents the father more strongly than the mother.

  • GW's father POTUS-41 All the Best 1924-2018 George HW Bush was a tremendously supportive influence for his son, but the secret aspect of the support is only seen clearly in the D-12.

Vargottamsha = Vargotan = Vargotanya = Vargottama

= graha occupies the identical rashi in both the radix chart and any one of the varga charts

Exempli gratia, if radix Guru occupies Simha in both radix and navamsha, Guru is called "vargottamsha".

The implication is strengthening, which is usually favorable.

In practice, these two (or more) identical amza will receive the same transits at the same time, and these two (or more) amza will be evoked by the same Vimshottari period lords at the same time. Therefore vargottamsha graha produce a double (or triple or more) empowerment, at the particular times that they are being stimulated by dasha time-lords or gochara visitors .

  • China-Dictator 1893-1976 Mao Ze Dong "Chairman Mao" was during his lifetime the Draconian leader of the most populous, poorest, and most punitively regulated country in the world. Mao has a (putative) Vargottamsha uttama-Shani(law, punishments, justice, social order, social balance, social justice, social reform) in D-1, D-3, D-4, D-7, D-9, D-10, D-12.

Parivartamsha * parivartans * parivartan

= two Graha which exchange the other's portions, thus exchange of signs

E.g., if Shani occupies Vrizchika and Kuja occupies Kumbha, the native enjoys the exchange of signs between Kuja and Shani. (read for Kuja and Shani as if they occupied their swakshetra.)

Uttamamsha * attamamza * uttamans

uttama * higher, superior, more northerly


= the *planet* which rules the radix lagna

Example: If lagna = Mesha, lagnesha = Kuja


Surya's Portion, Surya's sector = the rashi in which Surya resides in D-1


if Sun occupies Kanya rashi in D-1, then Kanya rashi in the varga charts may be addressed as "Suryamsha".

Also, depending on the author and the topic, Surya's natural rashi which is Simha may be referred to as "Suryamsha".

  • Planets placed in Suryamsha activate Ravi during their periods or the days ruled by them.

Also, planets transiting Suryamsha activate the Sun.


Guru's Portion, Guru's sector = the rashi in which Guru resides in D-1

Exempli gratia,

if Guru occupies Leo in D-1, then Simha rashi in the varga is called Guramsha,"Guru's portion".

Also, depending on the author, Brihaspati's natural rashi = Dhanushya and Meena = sometimes called"Guramsha".

  • Planets placed in Guramsha activate Guru during their periods or the days ruled by them.


"Ketu 's Portion" = the rashi in which Ketu resides in D-1


if Ketu occupies Taurus in D-1, then Vrishabha rashi in each varga is called Ketvamsha


= the rashi of the navamsha lagna

Exempli gratia, if Karkata = the first navamsha, the rashi of Cancer gains special significance in the native 's life.

when discussing this person's varga charts swamsha can be used as an alternative name for Cancer , or as an alternative name for the navamsha lagna.

"Swa""self". The rashi that matches the navamsha of the D-1 lagna = D-9 first bhava. Swamsha indicates that the true self is the product of one's priestly activities in parallel lives . Any planet occupying the swamsha is more attuned to spiritual reality.


= "in the best possible location".

Usually, the best location for a graha = exalted + kendra, accepting the incoming drishti of benefics


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