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Rashi Drishti

Sphuta Drishti

see also: Graha Drishti

Drishti [Skt dRSTi]= glance, gaze [Eng]

expression of visual focus or concentration.

The three main forms of Parashari Drishti:

  1. Rashi Drishti = aspect sent by a sign

  2. Graha Drishti = aspect sent by a planet

  3. Sputa Drishti = aspect sent by a degree

Sphuta drishti

In practice Sputa Drishti is not used very much, but it does allow the calculation by degree of aspects upon non-graha items in the chart such as

  • Aspects upon house cusps,

  • aspects upon special lagnas,

  • aspects upon Upa-graha, etc.

Sputa drishti is a very fine tuning which is primarily of interest to researchers.

Rules for Rashi Drishti

  1. ALL of the Chara signs aspect the three Sthira rashi, EXCEPT that fixed rashi which is immediately adjacent to it

  2. ALL of the Sthira signs aspect the three Chara rashi, EXCEPT that moveable rashi which immediately adjacent to it

  3. All of the Ubhaya signs aspect all of The other three Ubhaya-Dvisva signs EXCEPT their own rashi

  4. Aspects apply even when the rashi are untenanted by a planet

  5. All rashi drishti casts full 100% aspect (different from graha drishti, where planets can cast 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25% aspects.)

Chara rashi:

Cardinal signs

Mesha casts rashi drishti upon Simha, Vṛścika, and Kumbha - but not upon Vrishabha (which is immediately adjacent to it).

Sthira rashi:

Fixed signs

  • Vrishabha casts rashi drishti upon Karkata, Tula, and Makara - but not upon Mesha (which is immediately adjacent to it).

Dwisvabhava rashi:

Ubhaya rashi

Dvisva Rashi

(Dual signs)

  • Mithuna which is a Dual Sign casts rashi drishti upon all three other Dual Signs: Kanya, Dhanus, and Meena (but not upon itself).


Sanskrit Vocabulary = Drishti

~~ Koeln Digital Sanskrit Lexicon

  • seeing, viewing, beholding (also with the mental eye)

  • sight, the faculty of seeing

  • The mind's eye, wisdom, intelligence

  • regard, consideration

  • view, notion

  • Theory, doctrine, system

  • eye, look, glance

  • turn the eye to / look at / the pupil of the eye / aspect of the stars


BPHS Sarga-8, Shloka-1-9

1-3. Rashi Drishti

O Maitreya, now detailed are the drishtis emanating from the rashi Mesha, etc..

" Every movable rashi casts drishti upon the 3 fixed rashi leaving the fixed rashi adjacent to it.

  • Every fixed rashi gives drishti to the 3 movable rashi barring the adjacent movable rashi.

  • and a common rashi gives a drishti to the other three common rashi.

  • The graha in a rashi gives the same drishti as the rashi (in which the graha is) does.

4-5. Drishti of the Graha:

  • A graha in a movable rashi gives a drishti to the other 3 fixed rashi leaving the fixed rashi next to it.

  • A graha in a fixed rashi does not give a drishti to the next movable rashi, but the remaining 3 movable rashi.

  • The one in a common rashi gives a drishti to the remaining 3 common rashi.

  • Simultaneously, a graha in the rashi that receives a drishti is also subjected to the drishti concerned.

6-9. Diagram of Drishti:

As depicted by Lord Brahma, I now narrate the diagram of drishti, so that drishti are easily understood by a mere sight of the diagram.

Draw a square or a circle marking the 8 directions (4 corners and 4 quarters thereof).

Mark the zodiacal rashis as under:


Mesha and Vrishabha

in east



in the north-east


Karka and Simha

in the north



in the north-west


Tula and Vṛścika

in the west



in the south-west [end quote]


Makara and Kumbha

in the south


Meena - Antya

in the south-east.


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