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2000-2008 * VPOTUS

with POTUS-43 Decision Points 1946- George W. Bush

Cheney is often cited as the most powerful Vice President in American history

1995-2000 * CEO of Halliburton (Defense Supplier)

1989-1993 Secretary of Defense

1979-1989 * USA Congressmember from Wyoming

1975-1977 * White House Chief of Staff with POTUS-38 Time to Heal 1913-2006 Gerald R. Ford

Dick Cheney

a.k.a. Richard Bruce Cheney

Earth-birth 30-Jan-1941


USA-Sec of Defense + VPOTUS-43 = 2000 until 2008 * Richard "Dick" Cheney

birth data from * tentatively rectified by BP Lama Jyotishavidya

charts + graphs + tables = produced by Shri Jyoti Star * adapted by BP Lama

this nativity is subject to rectification

Rising Nakshatra

Masculine Nativities


Yamuna * Apa-bharanishe * Varni

BPL commentary

For Bharani births of a masculine valence, the condition of sweetly musical, artistic, harmony-seeking, negotiating, balancing, diplomacy, designing, matching, pairing, sensually pleasuring akarshana-karaka Bright Bhrigu may considerably affect the outcome.

Due to the definitive influence of kalatra-karaka Zukra, gentlemen born into the realms of Bharani-Yamya, Purvaphalguni-Yoni, or Purva-azadhamay find that their worldview is greatly shaped by the character of the feminine companion.

For those born into the Zukra-ruled paradigm of Yamya, feminine figures such as sisters, aunts, and wives, along with partnerships, sensual pleasures, arrangements, valuation, pricing, equity, bargains, trades, treaties, trusts, adjustments, justice, finance, artistic beauty, treasuries, alignment, attunement, harmonies, and music, may be especially influential.

Guidance provided by instructors from the civilizations of Apis. Their purpose is acquisition of treasuries, carrying of beautiful objects , and preservation of values across the generations.

Burdened Banker Busy Bee

Zukra-ruled Bharani masculine-figures are the Money Guys. Yamuna-born are often found in the worlds of banking, valuation, capital markets, currency-trading, mints and coinage. Connoisseurs of pricing and aggressive deal-makers, they vigorously seek acquisition of precious objects. In addition to their financial abilities, due to their intuitive understanding of sound-and-color values, Bharani males may also pursue careers in music and arts. Most Bharani men can sing beautifully.

The harmonious arrangements of Apa-bharanishe may be lovely even while they vigorously compete for dominance. Their expertise in the fields of preservation, containment, and collecting may extend to wines, perfumes, fine textiles, works of art, and any commodity which may capitalize or increase in value. Like all Zukra-governed births, they must take care to avoid the misuse of drugs and alcohol.

Themes of competitive acquisition, precious sounds and song, and investment in cherished values may contextualize Bharani's terrestrial experience. Applies also to Chandra in Bharani.

QUOTATION from Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 79

"A very vital character,

  • a quality which quite often leads this individual into all sorts of trouble

  • because other people are apt to be jealous, resentful and antagonistic to him.

The morals of this man are not above reproach .

He will be distinguished in many cases by some slight physical defect

  • on the lower part of the body,



Dick Cheney's junior-year photo from University of Wyoming at Laramie (DC age 23)

Dick Cheney speaking at a defense conference in 2014 (DC age 73)

Biographical details matched to the Vimshottari Dasha

Guru Mahadasha * age birth until age 9.3

30-Jan-1941 Earth-birth in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA * Guru -Budha bhukti * businesslike Budha rules 3 + 6 mental-physical health

Shani Mahadasha * age 9.3 until age 28.3

Nov-1962 (DC age 21) criminal conviction for drunk-driving, followed by a second DUI in 1963 * Shani-Chandra bhukti * Budha-yuti-Chandra = Budha rogesha crimes, intoxication

1962 with failing grades for three semesters, DC leaves Yale College and returns to Wyoming * Shani-Chandra bhukti * Budha-yuti-Chandra = Budha disappointment, dissolution of agreements

29-Aug-1964 (DC age 23) Marriage to Lynne Vincent Cheney * Shani-Rahu bhukti * R-K gochara Dhanuzya-Mithunaya contact Zukra-Dhanuzya ++ Sade-Sati

1965 earns B.A. in political science from University of Wyoming * Shani-Rahu bhukti ++ Sade-Sati

1966 earns M.A. in political science from University of Wyoming * Shani-Rahu bhukti ++ Sade-Sati

28-Jul-1966 (DC age 25) celebrated the birth of first child * Shani-Rahu bhukti ++ Sade-Sati

Budha Mahadasha * age 28.3 until age 45.3

1969 (DC age 28) abandons Ph.D. studies, moves to Washington D.C., joins the staff of Donald Rumsfeld * Budha-Budha svabhukti * Budha management

07-Nov-1972 re-election of POTUS-37 Watergate 1913-1994 Richard Nixon * Budha-Zukra bhukti * Zukra rules 7-consulting

Feb-1973 begin executive role at WDC financial investment firm * Budha-Zukra bhukti * Zukra finance rules 10th-from-10th profession

05-Nov-1975 appointed Chief of Staff under with POTUS-38 Time to Heal 1913-2006 Gerald R. Ford * Budha-Surya bhukti * Budha-11 profits ++ Surya rules 5-politics

02-Nov-1976 defeat of incumbent Gerald R. Ford ++ surprise election of Jimmy Carter pushes DC out of politics * Budha-Chandra bhukti * Budha-yuti-Chandra = 6, dissolution of contract

1978 first heart attack during Congressional campaign. Formerly a heavy cigarette smoker, DC quits smoking, continues the campaign, and wins the seat (DC age 37) * Budha-Mangala bhukti * Mangala-Vrischika--8 sudden transformation, dangerous events

Nov-1978 DC elected as Congressional Representative from Wyoming (served until 1989) campaign, and wins the seat (DC age 37) * Budha-Mangala bhukti * Mangala lagnesha

04-Nov-1980 election of POTUS-40 American Life 1911-2004 Ronald Reagan * Budha-Rahu bhukti ++ Shani Ashtamsha-6

Ketu Mahadasha * age 45.3 until age 52.3

Aug-1988 quadruple bypass heart surgery * Ketu-Chandra bhukti * Budha-yuti-Chandra = 6 medical procedures ++ Rahu in bhava-6 medical risk

08-Nov-1988 POTUS-41 All the Best 1924-2018 George H.W. Bush elected. * Ketu-Chandra bhukti * Chandra-11 friendship rules 4-security, stability

10-Mar-1989 appointed Secretary of Defense by POTUS-41 All the Best 1924-2018 George H.W. Bush * Ketu-Mangala bhukti* sudden identity changes, eruption of unexpected power

03-Nov-1992 election of POTUS-42 My Life 1946- Bill Clinton puts DC out of work. * Ketu-Shani bhukti * Shani rules withdrawing 12th-from-Chandra

Zukra Mahadasha * age 52.3 until age 72.3

1993 starts executive role at oil industry corporation, Halliburton * Zukra-Zukra svabhukti * Zukra rules 2-banking, finance, assets ++ Sade-Sati

20-Dec-1993 grieves the decease of mother * Ketu-Budha chidradasha * Budha rules 2nd-from-4 ++ Sade-Sati

23-May-1999 grieved the decease of his father * Zukra-Chandra bhukti * Chandra rules 7th-from-Surya

Nov-2000 after a contentious national debate and a Supreme Court ruling, POTUS-43 Decision Points 1946- George W. Bush declared POTUS-43 * Zukra-Guru bhukti * Guru rules 9-fortunate elections

02-Nov-2004 POTUS-43 Decision Points 1946- George W. Bush re-elected, Cheney earns another 4 years as VPOTUS * Zukra-Guru bhukti * Guru rules 9-fortunate elections

11-Feb-2006 on a bird-hunting trip, DC fired a gun full of birdshot into an elderly fellow hunter's face * Zukra-Guru bhukti * Guru rules Ketu-12 scattering, private environments

27-Feb-2006 (DC age 65) national approval rating drops to an unprecedented low of 18% * Zukra-Guru bhukti * Guru rules 12 diminished vitality

04-Nov-2008 = election of POTUS-44 Audacity of Hope 1961- Barack H. Obama, ending Cheney's political career. DC retires into a lucrative speaking and writing consultancy. * Zukra-Shani bhukti * Shani rules 12th-from-Chandra ++ Shani in Bhava-1 = retreat with dignified authority ++ Shani Ashtamsha-6

Feb-2010 fifth heart-attack * Zukra-Shani bhukti * Shani rules 12- hospitalization, sleep ++ Shani Ashtamsha

Jul-12010 by DC's own reckoning, he was in end-stage heart failure with transplant being the sole remaining remedy. Final arrangements are discussed with his family. * Zukra-Budha bhukti * Budha rules 6-medical events ++ Shani Ashtamsha

Sep-2011 publication of the memoire In My Time *In the book, Cheney publically announced the he "had been the real president all along." with POTUS-43 Decision Points 1946- George W. Bush requesting and receiving instruction on how to govern. * Zukra-Budha bhukti * Budha-11 profits from publications

24-Mar-2012 heart transplant (DC age 71) * Zukra-Budha bhukti * Budha rules Rahu in bhava-6 risky medical treatment

Surya Mahadasha * age 72.3 until age 78.3

Chandra Mahadasha * age 78.3 until age 88.3

Distinctive features of the Nativity

Surya * pitri-karaka (father) * jyoti-karaka (light)

  • Surya-Makara-Draco * Savitra * the stimulator * brightly charismatic confidence of Center-stage Surya radiates through the hierarchical structuring rashi of Shani
  • Surya in bhava-10 * digbala * bright center of hierarchy * confidently governing * legislative intelligence * focus on social order * regulatory entitlements * political authority * brilliant career * eye on elite positions * radiant reputation * sparkling center of the leadership drama * father may be a governor-regulator-boss

Dad = Richard Herbert Cheney, a government soil-conservation agent working in rural Wyoming Surya in bhava-10 government official

Chandra * matrikaraka (mother) * garha-karaka (village)

  • Chandra-Kumbha * comforted by networks * sensitive to connectivity * needs community
  • Chandra in Purvabhadra-Pegasus pada 1-2-3 * soothed by expansive understanding * protectors of philosophical doctrine * preaches a broad perspective on human needs
  • Chandra in classroom-11 * comfort in networks * calmed by earnings * familiar with fellowship * routine associations * accustomed to distributive systems * settled into community rhythms * acculturated to social participation * needs popularity * feels the repeating pulse of connectivity * soothed by profitable linkage * socializing mother * undulating friendships
  • Somana-yuti-Budha * Emotionally communicative * sensitive to sibling figures * sheltered by workmates * calmed by a chatty cohort * talkative mother * needs to evangelize * makes empathetic gestures * soothed by conversation * feels like a messenger


Somana-yuti-Budha bonded to Budha the ruler of rogabhava-6, Kumbha Chandra in classroom-11 becomes the profit-seeking (11) companion ruler-of-6 residing in 6th-from-6th .

Intuitively networking Chandra-Kumbha rules the emotionally challenging 6th-from-Chandra -Kumbha which is Karkata-bhava-4 = security and national defense.


A challenging situation produced by Chandra-Kumbha + rogesha Budha Both mom and son = frequently ill. Despite their similarities, the mother-son pair are largely adversarial. DC was the only child of his parents.

CAREER in defense, defense, defense

A proponent of local authority (Chandra rules 4) who wanted the national government to focus on weapons (Mesha) for military defense, DC consistently argued for reduction of federally funded social services (6, aid to suffering) in favor of giving social-ministry responsibility to the fifty states. Weapons dealers generally prefer a divide-and-conquer strategy with low transparency, and the simple bookkeeping strategy of moving social-services funding into the national defense purchase column strongly appealed to financially astute Bharani-Yamya Cheney.

Kuja * bhratru-karaka (brother) * virya-karaka (virile)

lagnesha for Mesha radical lagna

  • Mangala-Vrizchika * svakshetra * vigorous pursuit of hidden assets * proactive exploration * energetic initiation * exposure of shocking secrets * plunges the tantric depths * push toward discovery * champion of emergency action
  • Mangala in bhava-8 * drive toward discovery * pursuit of rebirth * revolutionary dynamics * aggressive approach to emergency events * energetic transformations * urge to dig-drill -dive-excavate-plumb-explode-explore * vigorous revelations * explosive eruptions * unexpected force * pushes through camouflage * mysterious conquests * pro-active rejuvenating surgeries


Budha * jamayah-karaka (sibling) * sandeza-karaka (message) * zisya-karaka (student)

  • Budha-Kumbha * connecting communications * systematic pronouncements * articulation of social-scientific networks * descriptive inter-webbed definitions * diagrams the marketplace linkages *futuristic conversations * messages about communities * discusses economic transactions * explains social participation linkage * large-scale logic * skilled weaving * deft knitting * hands-arms-shoulders make connective gestures, distributive gestures
  • Budha in bhava-11 * narrative of information systems * describes ecological gridwork * calculates economic profit * reports on revenues * describes distributive networks * talks about social participation * sibling-type friendships * conversations about voluntary connections * announces achievements * delivers interlinking instructions * discussion in large assemblies * defines the webworks of community
  • Budha-yuti-Chandra * explainer of feelings * mentalized caretaking * communicative parenting * familiar rhythmic phrasing * ancestral instruction * writes sensitive speeches + songs * soothed by scheduling * needs to plan * describes the comfortable routines * responsive siblings * intuitively talkative mother


Busy Budha rules Kanya Svamsha

Budha in bhava-11 rules 3-reports, management + 6-conflict, war, exploitation, disagreement, animosity, distrust,accusation

  • SHANI drishti to bhava-5 ++s RAHU drishti to bhava-5
  • Budha vidya-pati yuti rogesha Chandra

Guru * dhava-karaka (husband) * bahuta-karaka (variety)

  • Guru-Meza * warrior dharma * philosophy of direct movement * many competitions * broad scope of pioneering action * permission to dominate * doctrine of conquest * invigorating guidance * expands the range of championship * believes in innovation
  • Guru in bhava-1 * dig-bala * much vitality * philosophical personality * permission for unrestricted action * generous disposition * numerous identities * expands the scope of competition * many cheerful sporting activities * believes in birthright * expansive aura * extra height-or-girth * embodiment of tolerant cheer * a patron of personal benefit * in a wifely nativity, husband-figure may be an expander-philanthropist-benefactor
  • Guru-yuti-Shani atta-karaka * multiple elder-figures * permission to hold respected positions * abundant structure * numerous law-makers * expansive hierarchies * tolerance for diverse systems * optimistic philosophy of social regulation * large-scale responsibilities

Zukra * svadu-karaka (sweet) * kalatra-karaka (wife)

Atmakaraka deals, arrangements, bargains, trades, relationships, negotiations, diplomacy

Zukra rules Bharani radical lagna

  • Zukra-Dhanuzya * appreciation of humanistic belief * advocates for theory * attracted to teachers * agrees with priests * pleased by broad perspective * prefers inspiring partners * dogmatic arrangements * enjoys indoctrination * delighted by philosophy * aesthetic of shared worldview
  • Zukra-9 * seeks pleasure via philosophical doctrine * enjoys wide worldview * believes in beauty * feminine-figures preach-teach on higher principles * broad scope of negotiations * expansive musical taste * pleasing designs to adorn the pelvic floor * graceful hips * balanced femoral sockets * sweet sacral plexus * appreciation of theory * father may be financier-bargainer-artist


Suave Zukra rules

  • 2- finance
  • 7-bargains, Negotiations * DC excels in political consulting-advising-negotiating-middleman roles (Zukra)
  • 9th-from-Chandra


  • As of 2017, DC's estimated net worth = USD_100 million, attributable to Zukra-9

Wife-figure Zukra-9 rules 2-assets, finance ++ 7-contracts, arrangements, sharing

  • Elizabeth Cheney = a college professor and academic literati until her retirement Zukra-9 university culture
  • Zukra rules 9th-from-Chandra. Among her numerous accomplishments, Mrs. Lynne Cheney, Ph.D. English Literature, served as politically powerful chair of the National Endowment for the Humanities 1986-1993.
  • Lynne Cheney also served as board member at Lockheed Corporation, a major weapons contractor

Shani * duro-karaka (endurance) * jara-karaka (years)

  • Shani-Meza * nichha * old blood-feuds * brain cramp * blocked bloodflow * muscle seizure * limits innovation * heavy old aggressions * fierce resistance * freezes new ideas * law of the winners * proletarian battles * must maintain dominance * contempt for independence * burdened by championship * bitter competitions * endurance contests * at times, survival requires great effort * obligation to fight * normalizes war * structural pressure upon head-brain * lurching forward push * conquest brings oppressive duty * must sustain physical supremacy * scarce vital resources
  • Shani in Bhava-1 * steady time-structured personality * mature conduct * must produce under pressure * strictly orderly movement * regimented appearance * grim determination to survive * tense competition * muscular fatigue * required activity drills * chronically impeded self-expression * bodily seizures * identified with heavy responsibility * resists unnecessary change * often looks older * lives to work * elders preserve class-conscious identity
  • Shani-yuti-Guru * social resistance to generous expansions * slow elder teachers * pragmatic philosophy * limited scope of understanding * doctrinal discipline * constrained growth * conventionally regulated beliefs * optimism limited by resistant old structures * faith in the rule of law * class-hierarchical ideology


Shani in Bhava-1 drishti to

  1. 3-siblings, teamwork * Cheney's parents had only one child, little Richard. No siblings
  2. 7-contractual agreements, alliances, advising partnerships
  3. 10-governance duties, public authority, lawful social roles

Rahu * rajyalobha-karaka (ambition) * picchala-karaka (slippery)

  • Rahu-Parthya * shimmering illusion of humility * craving for crime * mask of exploitive assistance * ambitious physicians * intriguing addictions * mirage of medication * fascinating injuries * over-reaching accusations * amazing illnesses * extraordinary arguments * may be obsessed with servants-and-servitude * seeks special importance via apparent (but perhaps not authentic) conflict management * shrewd dealings in sickness * ingenious divorce * extravagant litigation * seeks privilege via victim-roles
  • Rahu in bhava-6 * (beneficial placement) passion for conflict-and-remedies * in svabhava of Busy Budha, the Shadowy Specter seeks privilege via unfair environments * glamorous ministries of service * unusual servants * exotic arguments * thrilling accusations * medications for miseries * fascinating injustices * outsider who cleverly insinuates into military-medical-ministry roles * craves disagreement * fascinating mistreatments * desires an important role in litigation * exciting injuries * opportunistic warfare * mesmerizing slaveries * marvelous assistance to the disadvantaged * seeks self-promotion via betrayal * may pose as a problem-solver * wears the mask of a laborer * appears as a helpful relative of the mother's people


Rahu in bhava-6 occupies the camouflaged, undisclosing, non-transparent 8th-from-Chandra

Ketu * kavandha-karaka (headless) * chidra-karaka (gaping) * vasana-karaka (vacuum)

  • Ketu-Meena * sleepily dissociates from isolated ashrama * incomplete gestalt * unlimited visionary insight * wandering spirit guides * unsustainable sanctuary * dissolution of private prayer * foggy boundaries of distant worlds * permeable understanding of cetacean cultures * ignores restrictions on clairsentience * disarrayed dreams * releases a golden oceanic cloud of wisdom into the misty abyss
  • Ketu in classroom-12 * (beneficial) * eccentric research * limitless imagination * scattered intuitive insights * ambivalent toward foreigners * peculiar paternal grandmother * blurs fantasy boundaries * unstructured meditations * passive isolation * foggy clairsentience * releases invisibility * dissolves privacy * abandons the veil between perceptual worlds * ignores imprisonment * unless other graha in 12, may prefer to live free from father's mother + mother's father



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