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Humanism, Community Activism



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POTUS-39-partner [1977-1981]

Habitat for Humanity [1984-

Caregiving + Mental Health Advocate [1977-

Rosalynn Smith Carter

a.k.a. Eleanor Rosalynn Smith

Earth-birth Thursday, 18-Aug-1927


Caregiving + Mental Health Activist

champion of the vulnerable

Elderly + Addictions Support

POTUS-39 partner = 1976-1980

Mrs. Rosalynn Smith Carter


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potential parallel incarnation of POTUS-14-pair 1806-1863 Temperance Jane Appleton Pierce

Rising Nakshatra

Feminine Public-Figure Examples


Shrona - Hari - Śrāviṣṭha - Apramaya - Azvattha


For Zra-vana births of a feminine valence, the condition of reflective, sheltering, undulating, rhythmic, routinized, culturally rooted, boundary-defending, security-seeking, nourishing, parental, matrikaraka Chandra may considerably affect the outcome.

For those born into the Soma-ruled paradigm of Apramaya, mother-figures, protectors, guardians, elemental spirits, natural environments, waters, roots, eggs, gardeners, farmers, fisher-folk, caretakers, foundation-builders, police, schoolteachers, parents, providers of nourishment , and defenders of the root culture, may be especially influential.

Instructional guidance provided by emissaries from the civilizations of Aquila. Their purpose is sensitive, parental leadership and maintenance of the comforting rhythms of the social orderr.

The Listener* Shaman

Śrāviṣṭha ladies are exceptionally concerned with their social reputation. Orderly personalities who often conduct high-visibility careers, they are dedicated to family life and naturally comfortable with motherhood. Shrona-born often assume caretaker roles in social organizations and at all levels of government.

Apramaya-born are often found operating charitable agencies, teaching school, or protecting their cultural foundations. Hari-born attend to the needs of mothers and children, often using the slow and indirect bureaucratic methods that might intimidate a less patient leader. Yet, in their care it is quietly effective.

Śrāvaṇa-born are highly skilled listeners. Due to their exceptional sensitivity to rhythm, pace, and tone, Śrāvaṇa can be music and dance performers. Whether professionally or socially, Śrāviṣṭha ladies are typically superb dancers who delight in the orchestrated flow of gracious dancing.

Measured, appropriate tone

The primary aim of Apramaya-born is to deflect any unfavorable public opinion from themselves and their family. A secondary aim is to socially structure the regular flow of seasons in the lunar cycle. Thus, they are often engaged with the comforting rituals of the liturgical calendar.

Combining Chandra's orientation to the past with Shani's need for reliable rules of conduct, Shrona folks may appear to be rather old-fashioned. Misbehavior is upsetting for them. Śrāvaṇa mothers bask in the glow of their children and grandchildren's accomplishments. Being a grandmother, or a grand-dame in some socially respected way, is perhaps their most cherished role.

Themes of propriety, politeness, security, seasonal flow, and the soothing rhythms of homelife may contextualize Śrāvaṇa's terrestrial experience. Applies also to Chandra in Śrāvaṇa

QUOTATION from: Shil-Ponde.(1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 99r.

" Denotes a charitable and benevolent person of

  • strength of character

  • and calmness of demeanor .

She gives courage to others.

  • The nervous and needy come to her for help,

  • and get it.

These women make good designers and interior decorators ."


07-Jul-1946 - Rosalynn and Jimmy on their wedding day [JC age 21 + RSC age 18]


Rosalynn Smith Carter circa 1975 [RSC age 48]


Rosalynn Smith Carter official Whitehouse photo c. 1977 [RSC age 50]

Biographical details matched to the Vimshottari Dasha calendar

[Shukra Mahadasha] [age birth until age 8.3]

18-Aug-1927 Earth-birth in Plains, Georgia, USA * Shukra-Guru bhukti

[Surya Mahadasha ] [age 8.3 until age 14.3]

[Apr-1939 until Jun-1941] Janma Sade-Sati Mesha

  • [4, household, schooling, parents, cultural foundations, worship, routines]
  • [Shani-nīcha]
  • [age 8-11]

1940 [RSC age 13] grieved the decease of father Wilburn Edgar Smith, via leukemia * Surya-Ketu bhukti ++ janma Sade-Sati

[Chandra Mahadasha] [age 14.3 until age 24.3]

07-Jul-1946 [RSC age 18] consecration of marriage 1-of-1 with Jimmy Carter * Chandra-Shani bhukti * Shani rules Makara 7th-navamsha ++ samchara Rahu-Ketu via Vṛṣa-Vṛścika contact Shani-Vrischika

03-Jul-1947 [RSC age 20] celebrated the birth of child-1, son * Chandra-Shani bhukti * Shani lagnesha

[Mangala Mahadasha] [age 24.3 until age 31.3]

1953 [RSC age 26] decease of husband's father obliges RSC to undertake financial management of the Carter Family peanut farming operations * Mangala-Rahu bhukti * Rahu-6 servitude

1953 against RSC's deep objections, JEC resigns from his naval officer rank, returning to civilian status * Mangala-Rahu bhukti * Rahu-6 military

1956 [RSC age 29] surgery to remove a uterine tumor, considered to be blocking conception. * Mangala-Ketu bhukti * Ketu excision

[Rahu Mahadasha] [age 31.3 until age 49.3]

06-Nov-1962 [RSC age 35] husband Jimmy Carter elected to first term in Georgia Senate * Rahu-Guru bhukti *

19-Oct-1967 [RSC age 40] fifteen years after the birth of her previous child, RSC gave birth to a daughter, Amy * Rahu-Budha bhukti * Budha rules 9-children ++ dvadasa Sade-Sati

[Jun-1968 until May-1971] Janma Sade-Sati Mesha

  • [4, household, schooling, parents, cultural foundations, worship, routines]
  • [Shani-nīcha]
  • [age 38-41]

03-Nov-1970 [RSC age 43] husband Jimmy Carter is elected Governor of Georgia * Rahu-Shukra bhukti * Shukra-9 rules 5-elections ++ janma Sade-Sati

02-Nov-1976 [RSC age 49] following RSC's extensive organizing and detailed campaigning, lifepartner Jimmy Carter is elected POTUS 39 * Rahu-Mangala svabhukti * Mangala rules Mesha 10th-navamsha

[Guru Mahadasha] [age 49.3 until age 65.3]

04-Nov-1980 [JEC age 56] Following perceived failed presidency, incumbent JEC lost POTUS-39 re-election to the corporate-conservative, Ronald Reagan. * Guru-Shani bhukti

1985 RSC age 58] publication of autobiography // First Lady from Plains // * Guru-Shukra bhukti * Shukra-9 rules 5-autobiography

[Shani Mahadasha] [age 65.3 until age 84.3]

[Apr-1998 until Jun-2000] Janma Sade-Sati Mesha

  • [4, household, schooling, parents, cultural foundations, worship, routines]
  • [Shani-nīcha]
  • [overlaps Shani-Budha bhukti]
  • [age 71-74]

03-Apr-2000 [RSC age 72] grieved the decease of mother * Shani-Shukra bhukti * Shukra rules 7th-from-matribhava ++ janma Sade-Sati

Nov-2014 until Jan-2017 = Shani Ashtamsha Vṛścika [11]

[Budha Mahadasha] [age 84.3 until age 101.3]

[Jun-2027 until Aug-2029] Janma Sade-Sati Mesha

  • [4, household, schooling, parents, cultural foundations, worship, routines]
  • [Shani-nīcha]
  • [overlaps Budha-Shani chidradasha]
  • [age 100-103]

[Ketu Mahadasha] [age 101.3 until age 109.3]

Distinctive Features of the Nativity


pitri-karaka [father] jyoti-karaka [light]


[shocking-transformative randhresha for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]

[undisclosed center of dangerous political games]

[secret healing intelligence for heart-and-spine]

[focused into flamboyant drama of mysterious initiations]

[regally radiant presence in crisis intervention environments]

[father may be con-man or surgeon of eye-heart-spine]

[father or self, may be brilliantly clairsentient yet camouflaged from view]


[champion-challenging Magha-1] [mūlatrikoṇa] [navamsha Surya-Mesha-uchcha] intuitivel confident innovation-competition


  • [Surya-Simha] Khaga * Khagaya - air-moving * brightly charismatic confidence of Center-stage Surya radiates through the regally entitled sparkling displaying game-playing rashi of Surya
  • [Surya in bhava-8] center of revelation * spectacular explosions * heart of rebirth * splendid emergence * intelligence for trauma healing * political secrecy * confident rejuvenation * brightly transformative * focus on discovery * initiatory entitlements * eye on hidden assets * sparkling center of mystery * father may be healer-undercover-disguised
  • [Surya-yuti-Kuja] confidently progressive * bright warrior * moves in alignment with the spiritual rays of the Sun * creatively intelligent brother-figures * self-reflexive political pursuits * champion of brilliant ideals * competitive father-figure * entitled to conquer * focused on winning * radiantly pioneering


camouflaged, hidden, undisclosed, healing [Surya in bhava-8] rules

  • 8-occult, transformation, revolution, sudden upheaval, rebirth, initiation, identity-change


[Surya-Simha] center-stage roles in politics and ceremonial displays, primarily symbolizing mothers, caretakers, homemakers, stabilizers, custodians, protectors [Surya in bhava-4].


[Surya-yuti-Kuja] engines, plows, harvesters, heat-driven or cutting machinery of all kinds

Dad = Wilburn Edgar Smith Dad worked as a farmer, bus driver, and automobile mechanic

Dad died of leukemia when RSC was 13 years old, plunging the family into dire straits, during her * Surya-Ketu bhukti ++ janma Sade-Sati


matrikaraka [mother] * garha-karaka [village]

[dikbala] [svabhava]

[balancing-bargaining jaya-pati for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]

[folk reputation 10th-from-Chandra = hierarchical Makara - Draco indriya-lagna] [comforted by stable habitual innovative vitality]

[culturally sensitive to new starts]

[needs to sense the engine pulse of hot muscular movement]

[protector of the ancestral pioneering folkways]

[emotionally aligned to vigorously negotiating rhythms]

[environmentalist feelings attuned to fiery life-force deva]

[anchoring mother may be an energetic schoolteacher-householder-local inventor]


[contractual-diplomatic Bharani-3] [navamsha- Chandra-Tula] intuitively sensitive to gracious diplomacy [Pushkara Navamsha]

  • [Chandra-Mesha] comforted by forward pursuit * settled into warrior rhythms * needs vitality

  • [Chandra in Bharani] needs to carry valuable burdens * safeguards the treasuries * protects precious values
  • [Chandra in classroom-4] [dikbala] comfortable with familiar routines * calmed by caretaking * seeks continuous oscillating motion * sensitive to ethnic folkways * contented by recurrent rituals * soothed by customary habits * tranquilized by rhythmic waves * needs pulsation * nurtured by gardening * follows local pathways * feels rooted into the land * settled into home-keeping * undulating patriotism * mother may be a farmer, fisher, builder, schoolteacher, border-defender


[Chandra in classroom-4] rules

  • 7-relationships, contracts, advocacy, fairness, legal judgments, lawcourts, appeals, representation, equity, diplomacy, bargaining, partners, negotiations, justice

Soothing Chandra rules routinized, soothing, customary, defensive Karkata Svamsha

MARRIAGE partnership emotional equity support expectations


  • Bhava-10 elite executive roles, peak positions, public respect
  • Tula diplomacy, fairness, equity, balanced alliance, negotiation. Tula = justice, satisfaction, rebalancing, contractual agreements, peerage. RSC's marital union has invoked the narrative of equal partnership.
  • POTUS-39 Talking Peace 1924- Jimmy Carter - single term Governor of Georgia, post-presidential career in executive roles [10] for non-profit organizations, including Elections Monitoring for emerging democracies

Although the two spouses have clearly not agreed on every issue, they have served several generations as robust role-models for marital cooperation, voluntary association, and public demonstrations of mutual respect


mom = Frances Allethea "Allie" Murray Smith. Mom was a teacher [Chandra in classroom-4] dressmaker, and worker in the USA Post Office.

[Chandra-Mesha] rules 7, schoolteaching

[Chandra in classroom-4] often signifies a supportive, protective, sheltering, grounded mother. Although RSC's dad died when RSC was only 13 years old, Mom provided RSC with a lifetime of stability. Mom lived until RSC was 73 years old.


bhratru-karaka [brother] virya-karaka [virile]


[homebound-anchoring bandhesha for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]

[gainful-friendly labha-pati for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]


[diplomatic-accommodating Pūrvaphalgunī-3] [navamsha Kuja-Tula] intuitively competitive diplomatic championship


[Atmakaraka direct action, competition, championship, vigor, innovation, speed]

  • [Mangala-Singha] vigorous pursuit of fame * creatively moving political theatre * proactive drama * push toward celebrity entitlement * champion of pageantry * military parades * brilliantly energized celebrations * invigorating parties * charmingly dominating at games * Sexually active romance * flamboyant gambling
  • [Mangala in bhava-8] drive toward discovery * pursuit of rebirth * revolutionary dynamics * aggressive approach to emergency events * energetic transformations * urge to dig-drill -dive-excavate-plumb-explode-explore * vigorous revelations * explosive eruptions * unexpected force * pushes through camouflage * mysterious conquests * pro-active rejuvenating surgeries
  • [Kuja-yuti-Surya] sparkling kinetic creativity * glorious innovator * high-energy confidence * dynamic genius * dominating force joins willful charm * fiercely competitive politics * brilliant winner * invigorating routines * physically active father-figure * self-referential championship * vigorously moving theatrical display

OUTCOMES - KUJA penetrating, discovering, therapeutic, surgical, drilling, exploratory, secretive, disaster-responding, emerging [Mangala in bhava-8]

  • 4-stability, cultural foundations, childhood, household, parenting, caretaking, nourishment, protection, safety, routines, rhythms, familiarity, localism
  • 11-community connections, distributive systems, marketplace rules, earnings, friendship networks, gains-and-goals, revenues, economics


jamayah-karaka [sibling] sandesha-karaka [message] shisya-karaka [student]

[inimical-accusing rogesha for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]

[believing-principled dharmesha for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]


[optimistic-dogmatic Aśleṣā-1][navamsha Budha-Dhanus]

  • [Budha-Karkata] comfortable communications * hand-arm-shoulders make protective gestures * rhythmic articulation of root culture * discusses ancestral morality * prescriptive routines * argues for foundational stability * describes protective fencing * parochial talk * converses about caretaking * environmental wardens * issues customary pronouncements * delivers land-use information * patriotic declarations * habitually chats about the local settlement
  • [Budha in bhava-7] narrative of partnership * discusses contracts * debates on deals * analysis of relationships * discourse on trusts * banters about betrothal * crafting of covenants * delivers negotiating instructions * explainer of arrangements * talks about fairness * advocate for justice * gestures toward settlement of quarrels * mentality of marriage * formulates alliances * defines equity * balanced bargains


[Budha in bhava-7] rules

  • 6 unfair conditions, servitude, animosity, illicit behavior, divorce, disagreement, betrayal, injury, accusation, ailment, injustice, criticism, crime, scapegoating, blame, mistreatment, exploitation, ministries of service, medication, military
  • 9 faith, father-figures, patriarchal beliefs, worldview, preaching, sacred understanding, public spiritual guidance, globalism, philosophical convictions, priesthood, patronage

From an advocating, bargaining, attorney's position, Budha makes announcements, delivers instructions, provides explanations about [6] disagreements, accusations, imbalances [9] sacred beliefs, principled understanding

Rosalynn Smith Carter = a lifetime advocate for the imprisoned, the mentally ill, the addicted, and those held in righteous contempt by an ignorant societyr.


dhava-karaka [husband] bahuta-karaka [variety]

[busy-managing vikrama-pati for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]

[retreating-contemplative vyaya-pati for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]


[ministering-strategic Andromeda-2] [navamsha Guru-Kanya] intuitively expansive service-ministries

  • [Guru-Meena] much sleep * theoretical understanding * broad inner guidance * optimistic imaginings * inspirational dreams * intuitive beliefs * doctrine of esoteric understandings * expands the scope of contemplative awareness * multiple prayers * permission to envision
  • [Guru in bhava-3] many messages * extensive commerce * many photographs * numerous publications * several collaborators * multiple transactions * many tours * frequent business trips * many sales * numerous discussions * much detailed interaction * extensive planning operations * variety of ensemble performances * evangelistic growth * so many meetings * patron of communications technologies * in a wifely nativity, husbandly-companion may be a businessman-writer-announcer


[Guru in bhava-3] rules

  • 3- pronouncements. RSC public career consistential engaged in ensemble speaking tasks such as delivering announcements+ presentations, attending meetings, and writing publications.
  • 12-incarceration, hospitals, isolation, invisibility

Graha in 3 often show the topics of conversation, discussion, presentation.

  • RSC's public discourse focuses on Guru's bhava-12 = vulnerable and socially invisible [Ketu-12] incarcerated and permanently hospitalized populations [12] .


svadu-karaka [sweet] kalatra-karaka [wifely companion]

[Yogakaraka dutiful-exective karmesha for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]

[Yogakaraka displaying-creative vidya-pati for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]

[preaches on service ministry]

[argumentative exegesis of sacred teachings]

[higher understanding of injustice]

[sisterly-figure may be a philosopher]


[governance-regulatory Aryaman-2] [navamsha Shukra-Makara] intuitively hierarchical lawful conventional balanced arrangements

  • [Shukra-Kanya] appreciation of service ministries * likes logical argument * attracted to subordinates * delighted by animals * accepts unbalanced agreements * prefers exploitable partners * pleased by pain relief * enjoys humility * graciously accommodates unfair contracts * sweet alliance with victims * litigious bargaining
  • [Shukra-9] seeks pleasure via philosophical doctrine * enjoys wide worldview * believes in beauty * feminine-figures preach-teach on higher principles * broad scope of negotiations * expansive musical taste * pleasing designs to adorn the pelvic floor * graceful hips * balanced femoral sockets * sweet sacral plexus * appreciation of theory * father may be financier-broker-arbitrator-artist * in a husbandly nativity, wifely-companion may hold a guidance position


[Yogakaraka] Shukra-9 rules

  • 5-politics, speculation, games
  • 10-public duties, reputation


duro-karaka [endurance] * jara-karaka [Jahre, years]

[energizing-identifying lagnesha for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]

[conserving-acquiring dhana-pati for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]

[Dhanayoga Shani-11 rules 2]

[lawfully acquired treasury]

[must regulate secret earnings]


[minstering-logistical Anuradha-2] [navamsha Shani-Kanya] intuitively ordering calculating logical helper

  • [Shani in Vṛścika] burdened by puzzling enigma * obliged to uncover the camouflaged realities * heavy responsibility for mass transformation * must regulate the occult identity changes * must explore masked trauma * must resist self-destruction * mandatory recycling * bodily stress zone = ovaries + testes + anus * imposes strict confidentiality rules * cautiously exposes hidden knowledge * must regulate the threat of disaster * must work with sudden eruptions * must accept the healing systems of elder shamans * respects the slow-moving cycles of proletarian revolution * scarce healing resources * maintainer of old secrets
  • [Shani in Bhava-11] steady time-structured achievements * must maintain connections * sustainedeffort toward realistic aims * must regulate economic linkage * cautiously conventional accomplishments * class-conscious social network * chronic pressure on nerves-skin * few friendships * limited revenues * works hard for earnings * resists new associations * supports lawful distribution systems * accepts marketplace rules * salary worker fatigue * rigidly dutiful socialite roles * elders maintain community responsibilities


economic, systematic, community-obliged [Shani in Bhava-11] ruled

  • 1-personality, appearance, unique style of movement, embodiment vitality
  • 2-banking, family heritage, collections, historical values, face, voice, knowledge, preservation, assets


rajyalobha-karaka [ambition] picchala-karaka [slippery]

[for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]

[Rahu-6 casts passionately adversarial ministering drishti into 10-12-2]

check Budha for defining source of Rahu's communicative flair

[passionately amplified publicity about service in times of distress]

[ambitious craving for mixed-caste conversations]

[seeks prestigious opportunity via interaction with military or medicine]

[shrewd management of conflicted narratives]

[successful taboo-breaking communication with mistreated, marginalized, criminal, impoverished, diseased, or victim audiences]


[administrative-explaining Mriga-3] [navamsha Rahu-Tula] intuitively over-reaching passion for diplomacy

  • [Rahu-Mithuna] shimmering illusion of cooperation * craving for conversation * mask of messaging * boundary-breaching broadcasts * extraordinary explanations * ambitious administration * preposterous propaganda * extravagant commercial transactions * marvelous advertising * thrilling photographs * unusual ensembles * exciting cohort * mesmerizing instructions * over-reaching management * seeks special importance via apparent [but perhaps not authentic] attributes of information delivery * sensational scripts * exaggerated announcements * exceptional business methods *seeks privilege via communicator-roles
  • [Rahu in bhava-6] tricks the enemies [beneficial placement] * passion for prestige conflicts* in svabhava of Busy Budha, the Shadowy Specter chatters cleverly in hostile environments *glamorous ministries of service * unusual servants * cunning arguments * thrilling surge of rule-breaking assistance * treats misery with unorthodox medication * astonishing accusations in criminal lawsuits * fascinating outsider insinuates into military-medical-ministry roles * craves the delusion of disagreement * mesmerizing mistreatment of laborers and animals * desires an important role in litigation * exciting injuries * opportunistic warfare * disguised as a victim * marvelous assistance to the disadvantaged * entrancing claims of alleged misdoing * may pose as a poor-sick-harmed patient * may appear as a helpful relative of the mother's people * social mobility sought via appearance of servitude


Spokesperson [Mithuna] for for tough, taboo cases [Rahu]. advocate for compassionate, effective care provisioning for mentally-ill and self-medicating addicts, along with elders and other contempt-provoking marginalized citizens

mentally ill, elderly, addicted, and other vulnerable exploited groups.

lifetime activism, focused upon elevating the discussion [Mithuna] about human rights for the marginalized [6] and access to treatment [6] for mentally-ill, addicted, incarcerated citizens

The Carter partnership moved through phases of civil governance from 1962 until 1980 [Rahu cycle].

After JEC was voted out of POTUS-power, their mission shifted permanently into global service. Their seva encompassed housing, stable elections, and protection of vulnerable citizens [elderly, mentally ill, addicted, marginalized].


kavandha-karaka [headless]* chidra-karaka [gaping] vasana-karaka [vacuum]

[beneficial placement for Makara - Draco indriya-lagna]

[disengaged from isolated theological roles]

[few/no boundaries within doctrinal private spaces]

[no barriers to inspirational movement between foreign lands]

[release from ideolologically-caused imprisonment]

[unencumbered meditation upon dematerialized essence of inner faith]

[unlimited theoretical fantasy worlds]

[may perceive non-verbal intuitive philosophical guidance]

[passively fixated on ambitiously messaging-commercial Rahu-Mithuna-6 enemies, animals, assistants, servants]


[champion-challenger Mūla-1] [navamsha Ketu-Dhanus] intuitively surrendering doctrinal personality

  • [Ketu-Dhanus] philosophically dissociates from sacred convictions * odd professors * dissolves indoctrination * empty paradigm of belief * dispersed worldview * martyr's faith * not limited by conventional beliefs * eccentric teachings * peculiar convictions * ignores restricted catechesis * releases a warm golden cloud of broad inclusivity into the misty abyss
  • [Ketu in classroom-12] forsaken by ghosts [beneficial] * eccentric research * limitless imagination * scattered intuitive insights * ambivalent toward foreigners * peculiar paternal grandmother * blurs fantasy boundaries * unstructured meditations * passive isolation * foggy clairsentience * releases invisibility * dissolves privacy * abandons the veil between perceptual worlds * ignores imprisonment * unless other graha in 12, may prefer to live free from father's mother + mother's father


resides in 9th-from-Chandra

advanced ministry in support of incarcerated, isolated, invisible populations [Ketu-12]


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