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Guru-based planetary Yogas

Gajakesari * Hansa * Saraswati * Adhi * Sakata * Chamara * Khalanidhi * Guru-Chandala Yoga

Classical planetary yogas: modern interpretation and perspective

This page is quoted directly from

"Jupiter: The Guru and the Priest" in Behari 's Introduction to Esoteric Astrology.

~~ Bepin Behari and Madhuri Behari, Introduction to Esoteric Astrology . (1986, second ed.) Sagar Pub. New Delhi. p. 225


[begin direct quote] Jupiterian Yoga


Some of the best yogas in a horoscope are accomplished as a result of the Jupiterian influence.

The most outstanding yoga relating to Jupiter is known as Gajakesari .

  • If the Moon is in angle or kendra position from Jupiter,

The person is

  • formidable to his opponents,
  • he is eloquent in speech, intelligent and able .
  • He occupies high status in life
  • And is famous.


Hansa yoga occurs when Jupiter

  • Occupies his own house or exaltation
  • And is located either in trine or in Angle from the ascendant.

The result of this yoga is

  • A beautiful body
  • And the person also enjoys status like that of a king
  • And is liked by persons
  • And he is religious in disposition.


Saraswati Yoga occurs when

  • Jupiter, Venus snd Mercury
  • Occupy 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th or 10th either jointly or severally
  • while Jupiter is in his own, exalted or friendly sign.

Results of this yoga are that

  • the native becomes a poet, famous. learned in all sciences,
  • skilled, rich, praised by all,
  • And having a good wife and children.


Adhi Yoga is formed when Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter are placed in such a way that they are

  • in 6th, 7th, and 8th position from the Moon Or from ascendant.

The person born under this yoga

  • will be polite and trustworthy,
  • will have an enjoyable and happy life,
  • surrounded by luxuries and affluence,
  • will inflict defeat on his enemies,
  • will be healthy and will live long.


(BPL note," Sakata yoga" not to be confused with the"Sat-kalatra" yoga which gives a noble and virtuous spouse)

Sakata Yoga is one of the dreaded yogas formed by the sixth-eighth relationship between the Moon and Jupiter , especially if none of them is in a kendra position.

As a result of [Sakata] yoga, the native

  • loses fortune but may regain it ,
  • he will be Ordinary and insignificant .
  • He will suffer from poverty, privation and misery .
  • He will be stubborn and hated by relatives."


B.V. Raman . (1992, 4th ed.). A Catechism of Astrology. Part II, p. 48: Q. 72.

Define Chamara Yoga. Guru Chandala Yoga and Budha-Aditya Yoga.


"Chamara Yoga :

When an exalted lord of the 1st, aspected by Jupiter, occupies a quadrant, we get Chamara Yoga.

In Jataka Chintamani , the following combinations are given :

(a) When the lord of the 1st Jupiter Aspected by Venus And Occupies the 2nd, the 5th, the 8th or the 11th.

[BPL: possible for Dhanau lagna or Meena indriya-lagna only]

{b) When the Lagna is Chara (moveable) and the lord of the 1st occupies the 9th or the 10th.

(c) When Lagna is aspected by Jupiter and the Navamsha lord of Jupiter occupies an exalted position.

(d) When the lord of the 1st is strong and the 3rd house or 11th house is joined by either benefics or malefics exclusively. Sukha-graha and malefics should not join together.

(e) When the Sun is in Vargottamshamsa (occupying the same sign in Navamsa), the lord of the 1st is exalted and Mercury occupies the 5th or the 9th house.

(f) When Lagna is Chara, and the lords the 4th and the 7th are strong.

(g) When Lagna is in Chara Rasi, the lord of the 1st is in the 12th, Jupiter in a kendra. and birth occurs in Sukla Paksha (bright half).

{h) When the lord of the 1st is exalted, the lord of the 11th is in the 9th. and the Ascendant is in Sthira Rasi (a fixed sign).

(i) When birth is in daytime, the Moon is strong and full and when the lord of the 1st is exahed and Lagna is conjoined by any one planet.

(J) When the Sun, Mercury and Venus Occupy mutual kendra houses.

(k) When the lord of the 1st is in Chara (moveable) Navamsa and the lord of the 10th occupies Chara Rasi, and the lord of the 4th is in the 7th.

(/) When the lord of the 1st is in the 9th, the lord of the 4th is exalted and occupies kendra positions, and another planet joins the kendra houses of the lord of the 4th."

B.V. Raman . (1992, 4th ed.). A Catechism of Astrology . Part II, p. 50

Guru-Chandala Yoga

"When Jupiter combines with a weak Saturn or when he joins Rahu or when he is along with Gulika , we have Guru-Chandala Yoga.

Some authors take that when Jupiter becomes Gulika Bhavadhipa (lord of sign held by Gulika) or Rahu Rasyadhipa(lord of sign held by Rahu), we have Guru-Chandala Yoga.

Note that in all these cases, Jupiter must be weak and debilitated."

B.V. Raman . (1992, 4th ed.). A Catechism of Astrology . Part II,

Q, 73. What are the cumulative effects of Guru-Chandala Yoga? Are any remedies prescribed for neutralising the evil influences ?


The cumulative effects vary with reference to the strength of Guru and Rahu, the nature of the sign involved and the Bhava position. Therefore no general results can be ascribed.

When the yoga is strong, and when the conjunction say is exact,

  • the subject will have no regard for spiritual values or he will have perverted views.

  • The conscience factor will be absent and the subject will be carried away by momentary considerations.

If the combination occurs in the 10th house, the person lacks moral courage;

  • if in the 12th house, spiritual aspirations will be directed in wrong channels;
  • in the 11th, the sting is removed;

  • in Lagna, moral character will be questionable

  • in the 5th house, lacks consideration and there will be sorrow through children.

The yoga in general does not obstruct material prosperity.

Its importance is only in regard to to the spiritual, moral and religious aspect of human existence.

When Jupiter is strong, the yoga naturally becomes defunct.

No remedial measures are prescribed to alleviate the evils due to Guru-Chandala Yoga but regular practice of pranayama under a suitable Guru (preceptor or teacher) will doubtless act as an antidote."

B.V. Raman . (1992, 4th ed.). A Catechism of Astrology . Part II,

49. Kalanidhi Yoga

"Definition: Jupiter must

join or be aspected by Mercury and Venus

  • either in the 2nd or in the 5th house;

Jupiter must occupy the 2nd or 5th identical with the svakshetra of Mercury or Venus.

Results: Highly passionate, good-natured, revered by kings, commanding different kinds of conveyances and all sorts of aristocratic paraphernalia and immune from disease.

Remarks: Kalanidhi Yoga , based on our own humble observations, seems to arise not so much by the disposition of Jupiter with Mercury or Venus in their signs as by the conjunction of Mercury, Jupiter and Venus in the 2nd or 5th. Moreover, where Kala­nidhi Yoga is really powerful, the subject seems to enjoy alternate periods of adversity and prosperity.

There is no suggestion to this effect in any of the Ancient writings but I am venturing an opinion based on my own observations.

This is a pucca Raja Yoga because of the conjunction of three benefics in the house of financial wealth or fortune. I have also been able to observe that Kalanidhi Yoga could result if Jupiter is either with Mercury or with Venus or with both Mercury and Venus not only in the 2nd and the 5th but in the 9th also inasmuch as the 9th is the house of fortune."


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