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Kamadhenu, the Wish-Fulfilling Cow

Stella Kramrisch Collection at the Philadelphia Museum of Art


Kamadhenu with a Sage, circa 1820 * British Museum


Material-Wealth Combinations

Quotations written by

300 Combinations 1912-1998 Jyotiṣika, Shri

Bangalore Ventana Raman

emphasis via HIGHLIGHT, bold, and italic print is from B.P. Lama


Gilted Kamadhenu

QUOTATIONS from B.V. Raman's 300 Combinations ** # 59 until # 70

Raman's Combination # 59. Vidyuta Yoga

BP Lama adds

  • uttama Vriddhi-pati-11 yuti Shukra in kendra from lagna



When the

  • 11th lord is in deep exaltation
  • and joins Venus
  • in a Kendra from the lord of the lagna,

Vidyuta Yoga is caused.



Depending upon the exact strength of the two lords causing the yoga, the person either be a king or equal to him.

He will control wealth and he will be a man of generous instincts.

Here Venus, the 11th lord and Lord of Lagna are required to be disposed in a particular manner.

Venus is the planet of pleasure and comforts, whereas the lord of the 11th indicates gains.

Naturally, when the Lagna is strong and the house of gains and lord of comforts and luxuries is equally strong, one is bound to be well off in life.

Raman's Combination # 60. Gandharva Yoga

BP Lama adds




  • the 10th lord is in a Kama Thrikona,
  • the Lord of Lagna and Jupiter are in association,
  • the Sun being strong, is exalted
  • AND
  • the Moon Occupies the 9th

Gandharva Yoga arises.


The person will attain unparalleled skill in fine arts, will be strong, will be pleasure-loving, will be well-dressed, will become famous and will live up to 68 years.


Gandharva Yoga as the name implies makes one a connoisseur in fine arts such as music, dancing, painting, etc.

Kama Thrikona means the trinal houses from the 7th, viz., 7th, 11th and 3rd.

The 10th lord must occupy one of these houses in conjunction with Jupiter, the Sun being strong

should be exalted and the Moon should remain in the 9th house. If all these conditions are present, then the Yoga will be in full swing.

Otherwise, a trace of

Raman's Combination # 61. Shiva Yoga

BP Lama adds




  • the lord of the 5th is in the 9th
  • the lord of the 9th is in the 10th
  • AND
  • the lord of the 10th is in the 5th

Siva Yoga is caused.


The person will be a big trader, a conqueror and commander of armies; he will possess divine wisdom and will lead a virtuous life.


The combination seems to be simple but full of significance.the 5th and 9th are powerful trikonas and the 10th is a powerful kendra.

Disposition of the lords of these three in a particular order as adumbrated in this combination fortifies the houses of fortune and Karma so that the person is supposed to become a beneficiary in respect of fortune, trade, philosophical knowledge and other activities.

In estimating the strength of this yoga, due importance must be given to the mutual relations of the lords of the 9th, 5th and 10th.

  • thus, in respect of Mesha indriya-lagna, Siva Yoga can be caused by the presence of the 5th lord (Sun) in the 9th, and Saturn in the 10th or 5th, because of the ownership Of the two adjoining houses by Saturn.

The Sun being placed in the 9th, and Saturn in the 10th, is a stronger Siva Yoga than the Sun and Saturn exchanging their houses.

In the latter circumstance while no doubt Siva Yoga is caused by the Sun (lord of the 5th) occupying the 10th (a house of Saturn) and Saturn (lord of the 10th) occupying the 5th, both the planets are such bitter enemies that the combination, though on account of Parivarthana between the 5th and 10th lords some kind of Yoga is generated, is full of evil indications.

  • In other words, Siva Yoga, as far as this writer's study goes, is not of much consequence in respect of Mesha indriya-lagna unless both the Sun and Saturn have acquired sufficient Moolathrikonadi Bala

Raman's Combination # 62. Vishnu Yoga

BP Lama adds




  • the lord of Navamsha in which the 9th lord is placed,
  • and the 10th lord
  • joins the 2nd house
  • in conjunction with the 9th lord

Vishnu Yoga is caused.


the person will lead an enjoyable life, acquire fortunes from various countries, earn in lakhs, will be strong, well-versed in discussions, witty in conversations, a worshipper of Vishnu, praised by the rulers and will live up to one hundred years free from disease.


All the results attributed to the Yoga may not happen.

But the native will enjoy most of the blessings of Vishnu Yoga. The Navamsha in which The 9th lord is placed plays an important part in the formation of this yoga.

If per chance such a lord of the Navamsha happens to be the strongest planet, having obtained the requisite quantity of shadbala, then the Yoga will operate practically throughout life.

I know an instance of Vishnu Yoga operating powerfully in the horoscope of a close associate of mine. But unfortunately, the lord of the Amsha occupied by the 9th lord happened to be Saturn and his shadbala strength was not much. Consequently, the Yoga could operate with certain restrictions, the various results happening on a moderate scale.

In all such cases, where big results are attributed The astrologer should be very careful in Assessing the real strength of the main lord causing the Yoga.

  • The combination of the 9th and 10th lords constitutes in itself a powerful Raja Yoga

  • And this occurring in the 2nd,

  • combined with the Amsha lord,

  • is indeed a powerful Dhana Yoga

  • so that there is a blending of Raja and Dhana Yogas.

The combination implies that the 2nd house must be occupied by at least three planets and hence not of very frequent occurrence.

Raman's Combination # 63. Brahma Yoga

BP Lama adds



If Jupiter and Venus are in Kendras respectively from the lords of the 9th and 11th, and

Mercury is in a similar position from the lord of either Lagna or the 10th, Brahma Yoga is caused.


The person will enjoy luxurious foods, will be respected by Brahmins and learned men, will be highly learned, long-lived, charitable and always bent on doing good deeds.


The Yoga in question seems to bestow highly beneficial results implying that the native would command health, wealth, fame and above all instincts for serving others.

It will be seen that in The formation of this Yoga, all the natural benefics are involved.

Even here, the exact strength and signification of the Yoga rests to a large extent upon a number of other horoscopic factors.

  • For Mesha indriya-lagna, for example this yoga cannot be deemed to be formed in all its aspects inasmuch as ruler of the 9th is Jupiter so that Jupiter's disposition in a Kendra from the 9th lord is entirely ruled out.

  • Similarly when Cancer is the Lagna, two conditions of the yoga would be absent as lords of the 9th and 11th respectively become Jupiter and Venus.

  • Again if Lagna is Virgo or Sagittarius the yoga can­not be full, because in regard to Virgo.

Mercury becomes lord of the 10th while in regard to Sagittarius, Mercury and Venus become lords of the 10th and 11th so that the disposition of Venus and Mercury respectively in kendras from the lords of the 11th and 10th is not possible.

  • So far as Dhanus is concerned, in the place of the 10th lord, Lord of Lagna may be considered.
Therefore we may assume that Brahma Yoga is possible to the full extent in respect of all the signs except Aries, Cancer and Virgo.

However, it does not seem erroneous to assume that even in respect of Aries, Cancer and Virgo, this yoga could be deemed to be present with a slight modification. If, say, three factors are necessary to make up a certain yoga, the presence of even one or two cannot but suggest that the yoga does operate, may be feeble.

Raman's Combination # 64. Indra Yoga

BP Lama adds



If the lords of the 5th and 11th inter change their houses and the Moon is in the 5th, Indra Yoga is caused.


Highly courageous, lasting fame, a King of Kings, good enjoyments and living up to 36 years.

Remarks: Unless the house of longevity is powerful, one has to assume that Indra Yoga does not confer longevity.

  • Professor Rao has offered very suggestive remarks on his Sata Yoga Manjari in suggesting that Christ, Shankara and Alexander are examples of short life but of lasting name and I would refer the readers to these notes.

Though classical writers have attributed highly favourable results to this Yoga, I have my own doubts.

Raman's Combination # 65. Ravi Yoga

BP Lama adds



Sun should join the 10th and the lord of the 10th must be in the 3rd in conjunct ion with Saturn.


Respected by rulers, well-versed in sciences, becoming famous after the 15th year, highly passionate, liking simple food, possessing lotus-like eyes and well-developed che Saint

Remarks: Each rule has an exception. Although Saturn's association with any favourable horoscopic element is not desirable, under this Yoga, the 10th lord should occupy the third in conjunction with Saturn.

In the course of his Dasa, Saturn, under such a combination, would be capable of giving highly favourable results.

Ravi Yoga comprehends a point Of contact between the Sun, Saturn, the 10th and 3rd houses.

The Sun should occupy the 10th, while The 10th lord should be in the third with Saturn.

  • For Mesha, Vrishabha and Vṛścika indriya-lagnas, Ravi Yoga cannot at all be said to exist in its real sense.
  • For Dhanus, Makara, Simha and Kanya Lagnas, Ravi Yoga would be almost impossible because in these cases the 10th lord happens to be either Mercury or Venus;
  • when the Sun is in the 10th, Mercury or Venus cannot be in the 3rd from Lagna as it implies a distance of nearly 150 to 180 degrees from the Sun which is astronomically impossible.
In view of the above explanations, one can easily see that Ravi Yoga is indeed of rare occurrence.
Raman's Combination # 66. Garuda Yoga

BP Lama adds



The lord of Navamsha occupied by The Moon should be exalted and birth should occur during daytime when the Moon is waxing.


Respected by the pious, polished speech, feared by the enemies, strong and facing danger from poison in the 34th year.


Importance is given to the Moon.

  • The lord of the Moon's Navamsha should be exalted.

  • The Yoga cannot occur in regard to people born during night times or when the Moon is waning.

Why the native should meet with danger from poison in his 34th year is not at all clear.

A lot of practical experience must have guided the framers of this combination in coming to the conclusions they have done.

The danger should not be predicted when the house of longevity is strong enough.

Raman's Combination # 67.

Go Yoga


Strong Jupiter should occupy his

Moolathrikona with the lord of the 2nd house and the Lord of Lagna should be in exaltation.


Hailing from a respectable family, a king or an equal to him, wealthy and strong.

Remarks: Jupiter is Dhanakaraka or indicator of financial wealth .

He should occupy his Moolathrikona with

The lord of the 2nd and the ascendant lord must remain in exaltation .

The Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, respectively have, as their Moola-Thrikonas, Leo, Taurus, Aries, Virgo, Sagittarius, Libra and Aquarius.

  • For Scorpio and Aquarius, since the second happens to be owned by Jupiter,

    The question of association with the second lord does not arise.

Jupiter's Moolathrikona being confined to the first thirteen degrees of Sagittarius, Go Yoga can be present only in respect of those born when Jupiter occupies his particular arc in the heavens.

In other words, this yoga, unlike Gajakesari, Vasi or Vesi, is subject to a law of periodicity, coming into effect only when Jupiter occupies the constellation of Moola.

Raman's Combination # 68.

Gola Yoga

BP Lama adds




  • the Full Moon is in the 9th
  • in conjunction with Jupiter and Venus,
  • and Mercury joins Navamsha Lagna,

Gola Yoga is produced.


Polite, learned, Magistrate or head of A village, long-lived and eating wholesome food.


The yoga can come into effect provided the Moon is full and not otherwise.

Mercury must occupy Navamsha Lagna.

Such a Full Moon should be in the 9th with Jupiter and Venus.

In other words, even Gajakesari Yoga gets merged into Gola, inasmuch as when Jupiter and the Moon are in conjunction, they would be supposed to be in a kendra from each other.

Raman's Combination # 69.

Thrilochana Yoga

BP Lama adds



The Sun, the Moon and Mars should be in trines from each other.


Great wealth, a terror to his enemies, highly intelligent and good longevity.

Remarks: Irrespective of the presence of any particular kind of Yoga, dispositions of planets in mutual trines is always held to be highly favourable.

One born in such a combination will have A smooth career and will not have to contend against unfavourable forces

Raman's Combination # 70.

Kulavardhana Yoga

BP Lama adds



All planets should be in the 5th from Lagna, the Sun and the Moon.


Unbroken line of successors, wealthy, healthy and long-lived.

Remarks: As the name implies, one born when the benefics are disposed in 5th from Lagna, the Sun the Moon will have plenty of children and the family traditions will be perpetuated by his children, grand-children and so on in an unbroken fashion.

The fifth house becomes the focal point.

The man will also be capable of producing a large number of children.

Raman's Combination # 118-143

B.V. Raman 300 Combinations ** 118 to 122 *** Yoga for bhava-5 and bhava-11

B.V. Raman's notes:


The above five Yogas caused by the disposition of certain planets in the 5th and 11th houses are really significant as they indicate great riches.

It will be seen that all the five combinations given Above have reference to the fortification of the 5th and 11th houses.


In all the cases [118-122] the native will acquire much wealth.

Raman's Combination # 118.


svakshetra Shukra in bhava-5 with Shani in bhava-11

Makara indriya-lagna or (weaker) Mithuna lagna only


If the 5th from the Ascendant hap pens to be a sign of Venus, and if Venus and Saturn are situated in the 5th and 11th respectively, Dhana Yoga is caused

In the first case, the Lagna must invariably be Capricorn or Gemini.

When Makara is the Ascendant Saturn will have to be in Scorpio, the 11th. Lord of Lagna in the 11th is indeed a fine combination.

Similarly when Gemini is Lagna, Saturn will have to be in Aries. This cannot be as powerful as in the first instance unless Saturn gets nichhabhanga.

Raman's Combination # 119.


svakshetra Budha in bhava-5 with Kuja/Soma in bhava-11

Kumbha indriya-lagna or Urisha indriya-lagna only


Mercury should occupy his own sign which should be the 5th from Lagna and the Moon and Mars should be in the 11th

In 119 Lagna must fall either in Aquarius or in Taurus.

In regard to Aquarius, the combination in the 11th will be due to the lord of the 10th and 6th while for Taurus, the location in the 11th would be of The lords of the 3rd and 7th.

The degree of financial wealth would be the same but the sources of getting it would be different.

Raman's Combination # 120.


BP Lama adds


svakshetra Shani in bhava-5 with Kuja/Budha in bhava-11

Kanya lagna and Tula indriya-lagna only


Saturn should occupy his own sign which should be the 5th from Lagna, and Mercury and Mars should be posited in the 11th

Combination 120 has reference to Virgo and Libra .

  • If Virgo is Lagna, then Mercury lord of the 10th will be in the llth.

  • If Libra is Lagna, then the 9th lord will be in the llth.

Both the dispositions are highly favourable though, in the first instance, Mercury being Lord of Lagna also in addition to the lordship of the 10th would certainly have greater significance.

Raman's Combination # 121

. Dhana

BP Lama adds


svakshetra Surya in bhava-5 with Guru/Soma in bhava-11

Mesha indriya-lagna only

the Sun must occupy the 5th identical with his own sign and Jupiter and the Moon should be in the 11th-

Combination 121 is applicable only to Aries in which case the Sun as ruler of the 5th would be in the5th and the Moon lord of the 4th and Jupiter lord

of the 9th would be in the 11th. MoonandJupiter combination itself comprehends two powerful Raja Yoga, because firstly they are lords of a kendra and thrikona respectively, and secondly, Gaja-kesari would be formed and all occurring in the 11th house.

121 would indeed be a powerful Dhana Yoga.

Raman's Combination # 122. Dhana

BP Lama adds


svakshetra Guru in bhava-5 with Kuja/Soma in bhava-11

Simha indriya-lagna and Vṛścika indriya-lagna only

If the 5th from Lagna happens to be a house of Jupiter with Jupiter there and Mars and the Moon in the 11th, Dhana Yoga arises

If Jupiter could be in the 5th identical with his Own sign (as required in combination 122) in respect Of Scorpio and Leo, the Yoga could be expected to be more powerful in respect of Scorpio, because when Mars and the Moon occupy the 11th, they do so As lords of 1 and 9 and hence of considerable significance.

Raman's Combination # 123 to 128. Dhana Yogas (Contd.)

Results. In all the above cases, the subject acquires immense wealth.

Remarks: In the (below) six combinations, planets from the Sun to Venus are to occupy Lagna which should be the own sign of the planet concerned and it should be conjoined or aspected by certain other planets as per details given below :and

Planet Ascendant Conjunction or Aspect of

Sun Leo Mars, Jupiter

Moon Cancer Mars, Jupiter

Mars Aries and Scorpio Moon, Venus, Saturn

Mercury Gemini and Virgo Venus, Saturn

Sagittarius and Pisces Mars, Mercury

Venus Taurus and Libra Mercury, Saturn

It will be seen that except Capricorn and Aquarius, the rest of the signs have been taken into account. In all the above cases, the Lord of Lagna must be in his own sign identical with Lagna and aspected by or associated with certain favourable lords.

Raman's Combination # 123. Dhana

svakshetra Surya in lagna; drishti or yuti Kuja and Guru

Simha indriya-lagna

Definition: If The Sun is in Lagna identical with Leo, and aspected or joined by Mars and Jupiter, Dhana Yoga is formed

Raman's Combination # 124.


BP Lama adds


svakshetra Chandra in lagna; drishti or yuti Kuja and Guru

Karkata indriya-lagna

If the Moon is in Lagna identical with Cancer and aspected by Jupiter and Mars, Dhana Yoga is


Raman's Combination # 125.


BP Lama adds


svakshetra Mangala in lagna; drishti or yuti Soma, Shukra, and Shani

Mesha indriya-lagna or Vṛścika lagna

Mars should be in Lagna identical with Aries or Scorpionis and joined or aspected by the Moon, Venus

And Saturn

Raman's Combination # 126.


BP Lama adds


svakshetra Budha in lagna; drishti or yuti Shukra, and Shani

Mithuna lagna or Kanya lagna

Mercury should be in Lagna identical with his Own sign and joined or aspected by Saturn and Venus

Raman's Combination # 127.


svakshetra Guru in lagna; drishti or yuti Budha, and Kuja

Dhanau lagna or Meena indriya-lagna

Jupiter should be in Lagna identical with his Own sign and joined or aspected by Mercury and Mars
Raman's Combination # 128.


svakshetra Shukra in lagna; drishti or yuti Budha, and Shani

Urisha indriya-lagna or Tula indriya-lagna

Venus should be in Lagna identical with his own sign and joined or aspected by Saturn and Mercury

Each of the above combinations can have a number of variations as could be seen from the following explanation. Take for example the Sun. Leo is Lagna, And the Sun is there.

The Dhana Yoga in question may be caused by:

(a)Jupiter and Mars being in Lagna.

(b)Jupiter being in Sagittarius and Mars in Capricorn.

(c)Jupiter being in Sagittarius and Mars in Aquarius.

(d)Jupiter and Mars being in Aquarius.

(e)Jupiter being in Aries and Mars in Taurus.

The same variations can be seen in regard to the Dhana Yoga arising out of other planets also.

Raman's Combination # 129.

Bahudra -vyarjana Yoga

+ lagnesha in bhava-2

+ dhanapati-2 in bhava-11

+ Vriddhi-pati-11 in lagna.


Lord of the Lagna in the 2nd, lord of the 2nd in the 11th and the lord of the 11 thin Lagna will give rise to this Yoga.


The subject will earn lot of money and will amass a fortune .

A point of contact is established between the Lagna, 2nd and 11th houses and the lords of these three houses interchanging their respective positions. (Here again, the real value of the Yoga depends upon the strength of the lords concerned and how they Are disposed in regard to the general scheme of The horoscope.

Raman's Combination # 130 to 132. Swaveeryad-dhana Yogas

Raman's Combination # 133.

Madhya Vayasi Dhana Yoga


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