Graha- Bhava- Gochara

Gochara Shukra

transit via Dhanus


Janaki Mandiram in Janakapuram, Nepal. Photo by Abhishek Dutta


What is the typical duration of a Shukra transit?

Professor Shukra travels through approximately one rashi per Earth Month.

How does Shukra behave in transit?

Shri Shukra = first and foremost a negotiator, match-maker, deal-maker, bargainer, harmonizer, balancer.

Wherever He travels, the Deva-Shukra brings

  • qualities of balance, value, equity, equality, equanimity, pairing, peerage * paréage, partnering, parity, participation, coordination, advice, counsel, design, beauty, pleasure

What environments is Professor Shukra able to pleasure, harmonize, balance, negotiate or arrange during His visit?

Kuja forces the war for truth. Shukra gochara Vṛścika guides and preaches: when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Shukra and Mangala = good strong friends toward each other

Shukra will expand the karaka portfolio of Vṛścika, which includes expressions of secrecy, upheaval of hidden forces, emergence of profound truths and emergencies of medical, financial, and marital nature. Widowhood, sudden and unpredicted actions of the marital in-laws, eruptions of force such as volcanoes, tsunamis, and childbirth; secretly harmful actions such as intentional poisoning and undetected but widespread epidemics caused by environmental poisoning are all included under the aegis of Vṛścika the Scorpionisn.

Vṛścika is a distinctively vital and regenerative environment. Whereas Mesha controls birth, Vṛścika is rebirth. Mesha control fresh blood and bloody warfare; Vṛścika is menstrual blood and clandestine rituals of drinking blood.

Vṛścika's activities can be frightening whether concerning the uncertainty of emergency childbirth, intermediate poisonings and surgeries, or the disastrous conditions of the end of life. Vṛścika concerns the veiled, the secret, the hidden, the explosive, the occult , the obscured, the unknown - a terrain which is understood only by a few.

Vṛścika governs surgeons , miners, psychiatrists, all varieties of healers, midwives, tantriki, divers, plungers and plumbers, diggers, drillers , dynamiters, oisoners, stinging insects , bites and cuts, depth, tunnels, wells, alchemy, and certain varieties of sorcery. (However, Most sorcery, magic, and shamanistic spirit channeling belongs to bhava-12.)

The range of unknown things tends to expand when Shukra transits Vṛścika. Healing increases, transformation expands , secrets unfold (for those who are ready). On the material plane, the joint marital assets may increase. On the spiritual plane, great mysteries may be revealed.

Features of human life that Shukra pleasures while traveling through Vṛścika include:

more healing

  • expansion of knowledge of secret cycles of rejuvenation, regeneration, and rebirth

expanded knowledge of poisons

development of more varieties of surgical techniques

  • every variety of surgically created transformation, including gender reassignment, restoration of eyesight, fertility implants, and other invasive procedures which induce conditions that create a new identity, a new cycle, a new birth.

  • The hidden parts of the sexual-reproductive system benefit most from Shukra's expansion of knowledge of the workings of the glandular and hormonal river pumps-and-flows.

Will Shukra's balancingl harmonizing, pleasuring attempts be successful?

That depends on the role of Dhanus-Haya in the individual nativity (including the nativities of nations).

Mangala and Shukra have a mutually friendly planetary relationship .


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