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Henry David Thoreau

fleshbirth 12-July-1817 * fleshdeath 06-May-1862 (age 44)

"He chose to be rich by making his wants few, and supplying them himself. In his travels, he used the railroad only to get over so much country as was unimportant to the present purpose, walking hundreds of miles, avoiding taverns, buying a lodging in farmers' and fishermen's houses, as cheaper, and more agreeable to him, and because there he could better find the men and the information he wanted.

There was somewhat military in his nature not to be subdued, always manly and able, but rarely tender, as if he did not feel himself except in opposition. He wanted a fallacy to expose, a blunder to pillory, I may say required a little sense of victory, a roll of the drum, to call his powers into full exercise."

~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson's eulogy"Thoreau" in The Atlantic Monthly (August 1862)




abolitionist, "Walden Pond" author * lived 1817-1862 * Henry David Thoreau

birth data from * tentatively rectified by BP Lama

charts, graphs, and tables produced by Shri Jyoti Star * adapted by BP Lama



  • Shil-Ponde. (1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra . p 84

BPL commentary: For Azvini nativities, the condition of Ketu considerably affects the outcome

"... a happy carefree disposition,

  • very intelligent,

  • in fact a rather above average person in this respect.

He will be quite successful and his financial status will be such that

  • he will seldom have to worry about money matters.

In spite of his ability to achieve success,

  • he will be modest concerning himself and his achievements."

Biographical details matched to Vimshottari dasha


Mangala Mahadasha

12-July-1817 fleshbirth enter the earthbubble * Mangala-Budha period * Budha bhratrupathi-3 writing, announcements

Rahu Mahadasha

1833 begin Harvard College * Rahu-Zukra period

1937 earned A.B. diploma Harvard College * Rahu-Mangala period * lagnesha * chidra-dasha

Guru Mahadasha

Shani Mahadasha

03-Feb-1859 death of father * Shani-Budha period * Budha rules maraka-7 from 9

inherited his father's pencil making machines and factory building.

06-May-1862 fleshdeath exit the earth-bubble (age 44) * Shani-Zukra period * Shukra maraka rules-7

12-Mar-1872 death of mother * Shani-Guru period * Guru ruler of 7th-from-Chandra

Distinctive features of the Nativity

Walden 1817-1862 abolition Henry David Thoreau


drawing made from the 1861 photograph

Surya-Mithunaya * Surya in bhava-3


Chandra in bhava-3 * Chandra in Mithuna * Chandra in Mriga-ziras

Mangala in bhava-1 * Mangala-Meza * Ruchaka Yoga *

Mangala receives the exact drishti of Shani at 14 degrees

Budha in bhava-3 * Budha-Mithunaya


Walden 1817-1862 abolition Henry David Thoreau was a vigorous anti-slavery activist during the 1830's-1850's antebellum abolition movement in the USA. He also ran a profitable commercial business making graphite pencils.

Guru in bhava-8 * Guru-yuti-Ketu * Guru in Vrizchika

Zukra in bhava-2 * Zukra-yuti-Rahu * Zukra-Vrishabha

Shani in bhava-11 * Shani-Kumbha * mulatrikona

Rahu in bhava-2 * Zukra-yuti-Rahu * Rahu-Vrizabha * uttama

Ketu in Bhava-8 * Guru-yuti-Ketu * Ketu-Vrizchika

  • Walden 1817-1862 abolition Henry David Thoreau spent most of his adult life speaking and writing to the public on abolition of slavery. His dedication to the moral and legal task of ending slavery in the United States eventually produced firm national anti-slavery laws, after his death from lung disease (grief).

Walden 1817-1862 abolition Henry David Thoreau Although he lived only 44 years, he was able to write and public many speeches and articles against slavery. The distribution of these writings eventually had a powerful influence in the abolition of slavery


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