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Varga * Amsha

D-1 Kundala - Kundali


the 1/1 Portion = First Divisional Chart

"fruits of the entirety"Deha

Arabe 1489, fol. 140v, Sch�ma(s) d'astrologie VarBr2S. iv, 15.

Bibliotheque Nationale de France

Caveat emptor

**Accuracy of divisional charts depends entirely on accuracy of birth time..**

Varga charts can be exceptionally useful.

However, if accurate birth time is not available, divisional charts are misleading, and should be ignored.

Sanskrit Vocabulary for Kundali-Kundala


  • a ring, ear-ring
  • a bracelet
  • a fetter, tie
  • the coil of a rope
  • a particular disease of the bladder
  • (in music) a kind of measure
  • of a Naga
  • a particular, dish (curds boiled with ghee and rice)
  • Cocculus cordifolius; Mucuna pruritus


  • a bowl shaped vessel, basin, bowl, pitcher, pot, water-pot
  • a vessel for coals
  • a round hole in the ground (for receiving and preserving water or fire = agni-kuNDa
  • pit, well, spring or basin of water (especially consecrated to some holy purpose or person)
  • an adulterine, son of a woman by another man than her husband while the husband is alive
  • of a Naga
  • a bowl, pitcher, pot
  • a particular appearance of the moon (surrounded by a circle)


Field of Psychic Expectation for Matters of

  • Vitality
  • Flesh-body appearance
  • social material field of experience

Social-material manifestations required by the flow-through of causal and astral imagery into the physical plane


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