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Careers in Divinity and Doctrine




Joseph Smith circa 1842


Clairsentient Messenger, Listener

Founder of the Mormon Church

Joseph Smith

Lightbody Descent into Fleshbody (birth) Monday-23-Dec-1805

fleshdeath 27-Jun-1844 (murdered, age 38)


Founder of the Church of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon Church) * 1805-1844 * Joseph Smith

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Rising Nakshatra

Masculine Nativities

Zravana * Hari

BPL commentary:

For nativities of Zra-vana * The Listener, the condition of reflective, sheltering, undulating, rhythmic, routinized, culturally rooted, boundary-defending, security-seeking, nourishing, parental, matrikaraka Chandra considerably affects the outcome.

Mother-figures, protectors, guardians, gardeners, farmers, fisher-folk, caretakers, foundation-builders, police, schoolteachers, parents, providers of nourishment , and defenders of the root culture, may be especially influential.

Guided by instructors from the civilizations of Aquila

QUOTATION from: Shil-Ponde(1939). Hindu Astrology Joytisha-Shastra. p 86.

"An excellent character, the keynote of which is kind heartedness and generosity,

  • particularly to those less fortunate than himself.

This man will always be able to accumulate the good things of life

  • without injuring anyone else to do so.

He will be disposed to share his belongings with the poor and needy.

  • The extent of his activities in this direction,

  • will of course depend on his station in life.

Many social workers and philanthropists have Shravana rising.

He will also be very religious

  • and will participate in church activities

  • if his environment permits."

Biographical data matched to Vimshottari Dasha periods

Surya Mahadasha * age birth until age 7 months

Monday-23-Dec-1805 Lightbody Descent into Fleshbody (birth) * Surya-Zukra period

Chandra Mahadasha * age 7 months until age 10.7

Mangala Mahadasha * age 10.7 until age 17.7

Rahu Mahadasha * age 17.8 until age 35.8

21-Sept-1823 first clairsentient contact with the angel Moroni * Rahu-Rahu swabhukti * nichha-Budha-yuti-Rahu 12 clairsentient opportunities

18-Jan-1827 Joseph Smith married Emma Hale in Ohio (his age 22) * Rahu-Guru period * Guru rules navamsha-7

22-Sept-1827 Smith and his new wife Emma Hale discover the golden plates * Rahu-Guru period * Guru rules 12-imagination, 3-announcements

15-Jun-1828 child-1 (lived only a few hours) * Rahu-Guru period

June-1829 Testimony of the Eight Witnesses * Rahu-Shani period * Shani rules 2-historical record

March-1830 publication of the Book of Mormon * Rahu-Shani period * Shani lagnesha rules 2-historical record

6-April-1830 Church of Christ formally declared * Rahu-Shani period * Shani-uttama-10 order hierarchy

1830 first plural wife * Rahu-Shani period * Shani rules 2-second marriage

Guru Mahadasha * age 35.8 until decease age 38

14-Sept-1840 decease of father Joseph Smith Sr.

27-Jun-1844 Lightbody Lift-off by assassination, Nauvoo jail * Guru-Shani period * maraka Shani rules-2

Distinctive Features of the Nativity

Surya * pitrikaraka * jyotikaraka

Surya rules-8 occupies-12 = Sarala Yoga

Chandra * matrikaraka * garha-karaka

Chandra rules Shravana rising nakshatra

The Maraka pada 2-3-4 of Surya-ruled Chandra in Uttara-azadha are highly occult-sensitive .

Uttarazadha pada-4 = Meena navamsha* Pushkara navamsha ** Shil-Ponde says: "Fixed religious ideas , with a tendency to occult study, and a capacity for intensive reading".

Kuja * bhratru-karaka * virya-karaka

Budha * bandhava-karaka * zisya-karaka

Budha rules-6 occupies-12 = Harsha Yoga

Guru * dhavakaraka * bahuta-karaka

Zukra * svadhu-karaka * kalatra-karaka

Shani * duro-karaka * jara-karaka

Shani-10 * Sasya Yoga = disciplined in leadership roles + karmic obligations to be iconic, to be highly visible in public roles

Rahu-Shani period * Shani rules 2-historical record

June-1829 Testimony of the Eight Witnesses young Smith and his father along with seven men sign a document saying they had personally lifted and seen engravings on the gold plates *

Rahu * rajyalobha-karaka * picchala-karaka (slippery)

  • Rahu-Meena * mask of dreamlike Other Worlds
  • Rahu in bhava-12 * privilege via glamorous or unusual retreat, withdrawal, sanctuary; seeks private guidance, imagination, isolation, enclosure
  • Surya-yuti-Rahu * amplified confidence, tricky drama
  • Kuja-yuti-Rahu * * amplified competition, tricky innovation
  • Budha-yuti-Rahu * amplified articulation, tricky signals

Marriages during Rahu Mahadasha * age 17.8 until age 35.8

17-Jan-1827 Joseph Smith married Emma Hale in Ohio (his age 22). In 1830, upon Divine Admonition, he took a first plural wife. During the period 1830-1844, Joseph Smith acquired 40 wives ceremonially married in the Mormon Church.

Rahu-Rahu swabhukti = first contact with clairsentient channel Moroni and his revealed teachings

  • I stood alone, an unlearned youth, to combat the worldly wisdom and multiplied ignorance of eighteen centuries, with a new revelation, which . . . would open the eyes of more than eight hundred millions of people, and make "plain the old paths." ~~ Joseph Smith's reckoning word recorded in History of the Church, 6:74.

Ketu * kavandha-karaka * chidra-karaka


Wife of Joseph Smith , Mrs. Emma Hale Smith painted in the1830's, photographed in c. 1844 (via wikicommons, from LDS archives).

SmithJoseph_SeerStones.jpg SmithJoseph_SeerStone_smallAgate.jpg

Seer Stones used by clairsentient Joseph Smith, from the book "Joseph Smith Papers "


Temple of the Church of of Latter Day Saints (Mormon LDS) in San Diego, California

"And now my friends,

all that is true, all that is noble,

all that is just and pure,

all that is loveable and gracious,

whatever is excellent and admirable -

fill all your thoughts with these things."

~~ Epistle to the Philippians 4:8

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