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Jyotisha Traditional Remedial Ratana

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Nilam * Blue Sapphire


when the gem has no effect, Seva will help

Aum sham shanaiascaraya namah



Purple Quartz *"non-in-tox-icated"

vayu-calming = Sobriety

Upa-ratna (lower power)

traditional remedial gem for Professor Shani


wikipedia: Amethyst

A-meth-yst = "not intoxicated"

Regional names for amethyst

  • Hindi: katela

Vocabulary for Shani-Ratna:

sphatika * quartz, glass ornaments

kacamani *"glass Jewel"

dhumra *"purple"

Krishnalohita *"dark-red, of a purple colour"

neelalohita *"a dark purple colour"


  • dark blue and red, purple
  • dark-red
  • a mixture of blue and red
  • a purple colour
  • sphatika-prabha = transparent crystal
  • achcha = colorless crystal
  • lohita = purple
Amethyst is a very common gem, found in many places in all continents. Its common-ness forms the association with plebian, pedestrian Shani.
  • In its purest form, Amethyst has no color.
  • more precious varieties of Amethyst = medium-to-dark vividly rich purple.
  • The color range of the prized violet varieties which are associated with the sahasra-nama chakra (top of head) = reddish purple to bluish purple.

Geologically, amethyst = silica mineral quartz

It contains more iron oxide Fe2-O3 than any other variety of quartz. The iron content creates Amethyst's purple hue.


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