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from Nacozari near Sonora, Mejico

Aum kem ketave namah

Upa-ratna * lower power

remedial gem for Ketu

Turquoise * Turkois

See also Vaidurya = the full ratna for Ketu


Regional names for Turquoise

wikipedia: Turquoise

  • haritazma * haritazmaka

  • peraja * peroja

  • firoza (Hindi)

  • phirouzeh (Persian)

  • turquoise (French = "from Turkia")

  • tuerkis (Deutsche)

  • callais

  • Teoxihuitl (Aztec)

Sanskrit Vocabulary for"Turquoise"

haritAzma - haritAzmaka

  • green-coloured stone, a turquoise or emerald, sulphate of copper or blue vitriol, a turquoise

peraja - peroja

  • A turquoise

quotation from Dr. G. S. Kapoor.

  • (1994). Gems and Astrology . Ranjan Publications, New Delhi. p. 58

"Turquoise in our opinion is not useful for protection of any planetary afflictions but it is believed to possess occult power for protection against evils and is one of the most respected gem stones by Muslims.

It is also used as a birth stone."

  • "Hardness 6, specific gravity 2.60-2.82, refractive indices 1.61 to 1.65.

  • Turquoise is one of the few opaque stones that are of appreciable value, as it is a most sought after colour. A sky blue, is comparatively scarce.

  • These stones are generally blue green to apple green. It retains its colour in artificial light.

  • Turquoise is of a very complex composition, being a hydrous phosphate of alumina coloured by a copper compound on account of its containing a certain amount of water.

  • It is a stone that requires care in handling . All stonesfade in colour in course of time and wear. It should not be immersed in water.

The best stones of blue colour are found in Iran. They are also found in Egypt, Mexico, in some parts of USA, Australia and Afghanistan."


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