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Jyotisha Traditional Remedial Ratana

Nava Ratna

Nine Jewels for Nine Planets

Chart of Gems to Use for Strengthening of Weak Benefic Graha


1- Manika, 2- Moti, 3- munga, 4- Gomedha, 5- Nilam, 6- Vaidurya, 7-Pushkaraja, 8- Panna, 9- Hira

Regional Names for Nava-ratna


Dharma-Chakra by Richard Brown from wikimedia

The seven planets with the dragon's head and tail = nuh hujra

The nine precious stones,

  1. turquoise * fīroza
  2. hyacinth * yaqūt
  3. ruby * laʻl
  4. diamond * al- mās
  5. sapphire * nīlam
  6. emerald * zumurrud
  7. cornelian * ʻaqīq
  8. pearl * durr
  9. coral * marjān
Dr. G.S. Kapoor. (1994).

Gems and Astrology . Ranjan Publications, New Delhi. p. 104

"... red, white, bloodlike red, green, yellow, variegated, [and dark blue] are the colours from Sun to Saturn, in this order."
Vocabulary for Nava-ratna Navaratna

"9 precious gems

viz. pearl, ruby, topaz, diamond, emerald, lapis lazuli, coral, sapphire, and Go-medha

they are supposed to be related to the 9 planets

the 9 jewels

the 9 men of letters at the court of Vikramaditya,

viz. Dhauvantari, Kshapanaka, Amara-sinha, Sanku, Vetala-bhatt, Ghata-karpara, Kali-dasa, Vara-ruci, and Varahamihira"


Boudhha-nath in Kathmandu Nepal

Quotation from

Dr. G. S. Kapoor. (1994). Gems and Astrology . Ranjan Publications, New Delhi. p. 122-123

"Ring with all the nine planetary Gems set in it.
  • The substitute stones should not be used for the Nav Ratna Ring.
When it is very difficult to decide about a suitable gem on account of the confused disposition of planets, in a birth chart it will prove beneficial to use a Nav Ratna Ring.
  • If in any birth chart there are several planets in their own signs or in signs of their exaltation Nav Ratna Ring will enhance the good effects of these planets.
  • Nav Ratna Ring can be worn by any person of every nativity.
It is believed that by wearing a Nav Ratna Ring one gets abundant wealth, happiness, long life, comforts. property, prosperity, renown, honour, and mental peace.
  • No weight is prescribed as the Gems used are very small in size but the Gems used should be genuine and flawless.
Rituals for wearing Nav Ratna Ring:
  • An auspicious time and auspicious day should be determined for wearing the ring in consultation with an astrologer.

  • Afterwards necessary Pooja and Havanshould be got performed by a qualified person for propitiation of all the nine planets before wearing the ring.

The nine Gems should be set in a prescribed order which is well known to the goldsmiths who make the ring.

The ring can be of gold and/or silver according to the choice of the wearer. ."

For all remedial gemstones, be sure to cleanse the stone energetically with extreme attention to proper mantra. Flawless gems are expensive and hard to find. Use only a trusted Vedic-trained gemologist. It might be easiest to start with single gem and combine them as your finances allow.

According to

Dr. G.S. Kapoor (1994, p 91)

" It is very important for all gem stones that before wearing them

  • they should be kept immersed for sometime in unboiled milk or Ganges water.

  • Afterwards the stones should be worshipped with flowers and incense,

  • and the Mantras of the planets should be recited 108 times."


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