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Jyotisha Traditional Remedial Ratana


substitute traditional jewels

of lower transmission power

but more affordable

At subconscious levels, the remedial effect depends upon a very high quality signal

At conscious levels even low quality gems can work

pragmatic REMINDERS of conscious intent can be any:

  • sacred color ,

  • sacred sound ,

  • sacred image .

As always, Seva is effective whether or not gems are used.

Vocabulary for Upa-ratna


  • a secondary or inferior gem


The Waters of Lethe, Thomas Benjamin Kennington, 1890

Q: Are the uparatna as effective as the primary gems?

A: Yes and No .

  • Only the primary gems have full transmission capabilities. The lesser gems have a slower transmissive structure and are not so psychically attunable.
  • However the reason we use pure gems is to selectively reinforce one's most positive thoughts.

Depending on the strength of one's conscious intention, a focused intention combined with a visible symbol of the target-intention such as the graha-colored stone can be very effective in reinforcing a vow or promise made to oneself.

  • Therefore if your budget is constrained, don't worry.

  • Even a piece of colored cloth or the thought of a color can be significant. You can adjust your thoughts and expose subconscious expectations via the mind alone without the gem appliance.

For example

  • if a person of limited finances would like to bring more order and legitimacy, more social approval and regularity, into one's life,

  • then choosing Shani's dark-blue colored clothing or thinking of the beauty of a fine piece of lapis-azuli

  • could easily be effective in encouraging more order in the native 's life.

Gems are merely conduits for thoughts.

Q: My present finances restrain me from buying a pure ruby and hence am planning to be happy with a purplish red garnet (about 1.2 carats) on right hand ring finger.

When things improve, I'll buy a ruby. Do you think this is a good approach to get sun's effect started?

A : You could purchase the purplish garnet if you were attracted to the stone, and you felt good when wearing it. However, the signal-repeating effects of garnet crystal are quite limited.

  • Nearly all of the remedial efficacy of gemstones arises from their power, when energized by the religious intention of properly performed puja, to RE-MIND the native of one's core intention to follow the path of spiritual truth.

  • As humans, we live under constant threat of forgetfulness.

  • One makes a commitment to travel the spiritual path with both eyes open, steady in compassion, treating others as one would be treated oneself, keeping the faith... but soon enough, the senses and their fears can overwhelm even the most fervent intention to practice truth.

Gemstones offer one method, amongst others, to be often re-minded of higher intentions. Gems function as signal repeaters that can send a small but reliable, constant stream of reminder messages through the psychic nerve system.

Flawed or lower capacity stones will not carry these largely unconscious, subtle signals very effectively.

Flawed or inferior (affordable) stones do have good uses however. First and foremost, wearing them brings pleasure.

But perhaps most importantly, a gemstone or any object can serve as a symbolic reminder of one's spiritual intentions in this life.

One can quite effectively re-mind oneself consciously of the contents of a vow, by choosing a particular color or song or flag or statue or absolutely any significant object as the designated reminder of a committed intent.

  • For example, many people wear wedding rings. Seeing the wedding ring on one's finger can serve as a daily reminder to renew the loyalty oath of marriage.

  • Some people have a status of Buddha on their altar. Seeing the image of the historic Gautama Buddha can remind the native to re-commitment to feeling peaceful and grounded.

  • Some people choose to wear bright red when going into a business meeting. Aside from the known psychological impact that red has upon the other meeting members, the native may be consciously reconfirming, as one wears the garment, to uphold the highest standards of intelligence and confidence when involved in a political contest.

Therefore it can be said that even small or impure stones, even those which do not conduct the unconscious psychic signals, can be equally efficacious to the larger or more pure stones. However the efficacy will depend entirely on the conscious intent.

When I was a child being educated in the Roman Catholic religion, school children were given Holy Cards with the picture of a saint and a very short prayer. We were told that whenever we were tempted by immoral options, to look at the saint's picture and repeat the little prayer as a protection. We were told that the holy cards were blessed by important priests.

  • Did these five-cent pieces of mass-produced color-inked paper in a plastic sleeve have supernatural powers of"protection"? Of course not.

  • Did each holy card work perfectly, as an expression of conscious intention to use it as a reminder of moral vows? Yes. Perfectly. For those who wanted them to work, touching the Holy Card, or just thinking about the Saint depicted, could create a thought-shield against the possibility of harmful action.

  • Those who wanted their vow to be stronger than their temptations, got what they wanted.

(If folks only realized that we are, all all times, getting exactly what the deepest subconscious desires are begging for ... the whole concept of Victim would disappear. One always gets what one truly wants. )

Similarly one may choose a holy symbol, color , tone, or other REMINDER

So, yes, gemstones even flawed and psychically ineffective ones may acquire great power simply via the desire that they become effective.

If one wishes to amplify the power of Surya, one may emphasize red colors in the wardrobe, wear red stones, and drink water from red drinking glasses left in sunlight for nine days.... it will all work if one wants it to work!

The most effective method is always Seva.

  • Second to serving others is meditation upon one's true goals and expectations .

  • It's fine to wear garnet stones as a constant reminder of intent to know Lord Ravi.

  • It is even more effective to work directly with the thoughts reflected by Surya in the Jyotisha tradition: have reflective meditation on confidence, true faith (not ceremonial religion, but personal faith grounded in the heart), and work to energize the positive flow of Divine Intelligence throughout your body - focusing on the masculine solar nadi channel = pingala.

This level of work on your thoughts and psychic energy will give dramatically stronger results than wearing a garnet of any size. However for some folks the world is a complex place and one may not yet have adequate control over one's thoughts so that meditation is not yet an option. Garnets and other red-purple things can be effective, attractive, amusing, and charming reminders. Just remember that they are reminders only and that there must be a commitment vow behind the reminder. The stone itself has no inherent power.

Q: I would like to know if the 5ct Green Onyx I am wearing is good as a substitute for the Emerald which is normally prescribed for Gemini Rashi and Virgo ascendants.

Is the weight fine as far as the quality is concerned the green onyx has been purchased from a trusted jeweller and other jewellers are of the opinion that green onyx is never sold fake in India as it is an"Uparatna" hence low in cost

(and I think it has reduced my neck pain a lot although there could be other reasons for that).

A: thanks for your note. The short answer is:

  • Yes, if you use it properly;

  • No, if the expectation of remedial ratna functions is based in superstitious belief.

In my view, the primary function of Jyotisha ratna is to help to focus the thoughts . All experience is the result of thoughts and expectations (many or most of which are subconscious.)

The color green is sacred to Professor Budha . Budha is a top guide in matters of analytical, logical, discursive, narrative, conversational, argumentative, accusative, explanatory, expository, instructional, interpretive thought. Professor Budha controls our ongoing, relentless inner self-conversation during which one argues the merits of different courses of action, explains oneself to oneself, and interprets the manifested world which seems to"surround" one.

The main utility of any green gem like Green Onyx would be as a reminder-to-self that one intends to clarify a particular type of thought . Budha-ratna particularly assist the intention to clarify the internal logic of one's thoughts and assumptions. Budha-ratna can support the intention to improve the coherence of internal relationships within the database of thoughts, to eradicate illogical and emotionally reactive thoughts, and to pursue reasonable interpretations of complex phenomena (dharma) in life. Thinking is a big business in the modern world, and Professor Budha is there to help improve the function of this business.

However, a Jyotisha ratna of any quality - even the high-quality type such as pure emerald for Budha - is a transmitter of existing thoughts, not an originator of new thoughts. Ratna are signal-repeaters which can function similar to routers and switchers on telecommunications networks. Even the purest, best-quality ratna can do nothing more than re-focus, intensify, and amplify the existing instructional thoughts during their travels along the psychic nerve network.

A fairly low-throughput, dense and blunt material structure such as Green Onyx will not be able to conduct much energy along the psychic nerve network. Higher-grade gems like sapphires are needed for that more delicate purpose. However, a lower-grade gem can be just as effective for the thought-improvement purpose if it is used properly.

The proper use is explicitly not superstitious. Rather, the proper use = "as a psycho-mental reminder".

Thus, whenever one looks upon the hand that contains a finger-ring of green onyx, one might be able to say to oneself, 'a-hah, there is my reminder! I have set a psycho-mental intention to observe my thoughts more diligently, to purify my communications with siblings and coworkers, to organize my writing and messaging behaviors more effectively, to eliminate reactive responses. Thanks for reminding me, Green Onyx!"

That, IMO, is the legitimate use of lower-grade Jyotisha ratna. They work beautifully when properly employed as reminders. The same benefits could be obtained via intentionally wearing an article of green clothing, painting a room wall with green tint, or offering * worth-ship * worship to a lovely green tulsi (basil) bush.

The key is to"see and remember". The utility of green-ness is related to the frequency of encounters with the green thing. If every time one encounters the green object, one says to oneself 'oh yes now I remember, I had set that intention in my meditation to correct and clarify my thoughts' then the results can be very successful indeed.

Now, if you are having negative thoughts about someone in your environment who is giving you a mental"pain in the neck"and the green object reminds one to switch from passive-aggressive denial of the problem to a more direct and straightforward analysis of the relationship that is giving you the pain, then indeed the Green Onyx can apparently fix the pain in the next.

But remember, the Green Onyx was only a reminder. Ratna have no inherent generative originating powers! The problem was fixed by correcting the causative thoughts.


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